Every Console In One Box - The Origin Big O

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • The Origin Big O 2019. A combo of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and RTX Titan Gaming PC in one box.
    Origin PC - www.originpc.com/big-o/
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Comments • 23 698

  • Ghost Nappa
    Ghost Nappa Hour ago

    where do i buy one

  • Milan Karmelić
    Milan Karmelić 4 hours ago

    can you play on pc and ps4 at the same time?

  • Colt3945
    Colt3945 7 hours ago

    Bruh, you could in theory have an entire fort nite squad run off this one system. Person on PS4, one on switch, another on Xbox, and the last on PC.
    Granted I think fortnite is a shitty game to say the least. But the possibility is there

  • Dante steve
    Dante steve 11 hours ago

    I think i died and went to heaven
    That so damn cool wish i had it

  • Санжар Мукажанов

    Я хочу. Xbox. Ps4. Nintendo. Swifth

  • Jacob Barrett
    Jacob Barrett Day ago

    Too bad it doesn’t have a disc drive, that would make this thing perfect 👌

  • dive gould
    dive gould Day ago

    Which I could afford this

  • rad135
    rad135 Day ago

    At least the video lenght is not just over ten minutes.

  • Bladez1992
    Bladez1992 Day ago

    @Origin Shut up and take my money!

  • Angelo John
    Angelo John Day ago


  • David Croteau
    David Croteau Day ago

    or you just get emulator for each console on one pc

  • Dillon Johnson
    Dillon Johnson Day ago

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. You can get all these games on PC and call it a day

  • Eddy Bear
    Eddy Bear Day ago

    I don't see the CD drive for any of the consoles.. So its all digital copy?

  • Tectonic Blxtz
    Tectonic Blxtz Day ago


  • Ian Lorenzo
    Ian Lorenzo Day ago

    its PSBox switch or xp4 switch

  • Tabish Khokhar
    Tabish Khokhar Day ago +1

    What about the physical disk for consoles ?


    I want all of them...

  • 101Mastersword
    101Mastersword 2 days ago

    The Avatar for the console war

  • Amadeus World
    Amadeus World 2 days ago

    I had to check the date , to see if it was April fools

  • Chadauw
    Chadauw 2 days ago

    Upvote for the Ghost shirt.

  • Mrallthewayforward
    Mrallthewayforward 2 days ago

    seeing that machine and knowing it exists garners the same reaction as to a female seeing a dick thats too big XD

  • android news
    android news 2 days ago

    Have led tapes in a room the lights off LED tapes on a nice desk to put this the desktop LG monitor screen wide angle with the light up colorful the gaming mouse the mouse pad the headphone stand and head phone and the the Nintendo switch already inside the console

  • AXELREX Monsef
    AXELREX Monsef 2 days ago

    The only thing i can afford in this video is the little dog..

  • masterseanu 123
    masterseanu 123 2 days ago

    Were do you buy it

  • Theo X Alexander
    Theo X Alexander 3 days ago

    Mom: which console do you want?
    Me: yes.

  • Christopher McClure
    Christopher McClure 3 days ago

    How much is this worth?

  • tog bot
    tog bot 3 days ago

    Big o more like bingo

  • abibasエイト
    abibasエイト 3 days ago

    swtch and Play Station are Japan video games!

  • someone
    someone 3 days ago

    0:05 that's what she said

  • HendrikXen
    HendrikXen 3 days ago

    Can it run minecraft ?

  • horizon games
    horizon games 3 days ago

    I really love it it is awesome

  • pravin thokal
    pravin thokal 3 days ago

    But can it run crysis ?

  • phoe thet
    phoe thet 3 days ago

    But can it run crysis?

  • Jake Parnell
    Jake Parnell 4 days ago

    Will this ever be publicly available

  • Samuel Walters
    Samuel Walters 4 days ago

    ok but how many organs do i have to sell to get this

  • CrypticScull13
    CrypticScull13 4 days ago


  • Sun Jara
    Sun Jara 4 days ago

    0:20 No duh.

  • It’s JusJess
    It’s JusJess 4 days ago

    Man can I buy this ?

  • Baburajan T
    Baburajan T 4 days ago

    I need this plsssssssssss

  • Fatal
    Fatal 4 days ago

    I'll take one so I can give console wars a big middle finger.

  • Dave Goff
    Dave Goff 4 days ago

    and i bet that not alot of people could even afford this

  • Alexis
    Alexis 4 days ago

    Who else saw the DEVIALET speaker in 9:16 ?

  • Gaming Culture
    Gaming Culture 5 days ago

    Where tf do u put game disks in

  • Navigator
    Navigator 5 days ago +8

    Origin: we made a pc that he’s a Xbox and a ps4 in it.
    Microsoft and Sony: Now this is an Avengers level type threat

  • L Schwanz
    L Schwanz 5 days ago

    Where can I buy this

  • Dragonbreak
    Dragonbreak 5 days ago

    5:45 - YEAH... So fast yet so much tearing...

  • Magnétar
    Magnétar 5 days ago

    Imagine combine this with the imperator Work Gaming chair ?? 😍😍

  • aby yuda
    aby yuda 5 days ago

    Can U review Best Small PC but High end Hardware.?

  • Ronny Castro
    Ronny Castro 6 days ago

    How much? 20k?

  • Cal Peterson
    Cal Peterson 6 days ago

    Wii U?

  • ZaryTsuu_
    ZaryTsuu_ 6 days ago

    Oh not again !
    I have to sell my left leg now :(


    Loved the dogs

  • Quinten
    Quinten 6 days ago

    The ultimate flex on all races

  • Darrin Miller
    Darrin Miller 6 days ago

    the next gen version of this has my attention! possible investment!

  • F3A4LESS
    F3A4LESS 7 days ago

    Ill just stick with my rtx pc for now, this seems a bit too extreme even for me

  • Steve Reyes
    Steve Reyes 7 days ago +1


    How much is it

  • mysticwolfYT
    mysticwolfYT 7 days ago

    Where can you buy that

  • James Fisher
    James Fisher 7 days ago

    let me grab my sword to open this mail

  • Joshua Hull
    Joshua Hull 7 days ago

    what about there cd drive how does that work

  • Abd Alkarim Albeik
    Abd Alkarim Albeik 7 days ago

    Do you have any problems with your games ????