I Dressed According To My Zodiac Sign For A Week

  • Published on Dec 10, 2017
  • I've been seeing these posts all over Instagram that show different clothes and outfits for different zodiac signs, and so I decided to test them out and dress like my star sign for a week! I also consulted an astrology expert to help me in my quest! I tried out a LOT of different outfits this week, which one was your favorite?
    A big thank you to Miss Mermaid for helping me out!
    Here is her Yelp listing: www.yelp.com/biz/miss-mermaid-venice
    And her RUclip channel: ruclip.com/channel/UC0NdcDBgT9MvrvsCDzdkfOQ
    Voyage LA Article: voyagela.com/interview/meet-sirena-pendragon-miss-mermaid-venice/
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +12962

    HELLO FRIENDS!! whats up late night squad?? what is your zodiac sign?!

  • kaya119
    kaya119 4 hours ago

    As a cancer, I'm not feeling most of these cancer looks. Beige? Taupe? Uh, boring. Liked the corset top from the first one. I have a pair of black leggings with little pink flowers that would go so well with. The second outfit was cute...but not my style. Same with the third. The fifth is closest in overall look, but I'd go with a black top and black sandals. Why so much beige and brown?

  • I can’t think of a name dont ask

    I’m also a Cancer!!! And most of my friends

  • Livingdeadgirl Babygirl

    i'm an aries...... i'm very passive, have on and off depression and anxiety with a very low sense of self worth and self esteem, and my favorite color is black so i fit my sign basically not at all XD

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 13 hours ago

    'Cancers who are tall. With big, unwieldy feet' OMG ME!!!! 😂🙌❤

  • Cookie19
    Cookie19 23 hours ago +1

    I am Aquarius ♒️
    Like if your an Aquarius ♒️ as well

  • T Firth
    T Firth Day ago

    I am a cancer to

  • Meghan Hunt
    Meghan Hunt Day ago

    0:38 there is no December 21st 😂🤣

  • {kit kat gacha}
    {kit kat gacha} Day ago


  • Lucy Jenkins
    Lucy Jenkins Day ago +1

    Wow. Just wow. 😂♡♡♡

  • zanbudd
    zanbudd Day ago

    I’m also a cancer - I always look to you for classic batwing inspiration and something completely different🤗

  • Aubry Edwards
    Aubry Edwards Day ago

    I'm a cancer and when the zodiac expert said she wouldnt be surprised if she was wearing bunny slippers or was barefoot, I felt personally attacked

  • Yolanda Hines
    Yolanda Hines Day ago

    She's funny....

  • Sabrina Brown
    Sabrina Brown Day ago

    Gemini here and proud ❤️

  • Anwesha Gupta
    Anwesha Gupta 2 days ago

    Hey I am an Aquarius and I hate heels 😆

  • A T
    A T 2 days ago


  • elizadoesstuff
    elizadoesstuff 3 days ago

    We have the save birthday!🎂🥳

  • Kayla K
    Kayla K 3 days ago

    I’m obsessed with the maxi dress on day 4. Where was it from!?

  • Tessa Festekjian
    Tessa Festekjian 3 days ago +1

    At 2:56 there is someone is recording or taking a picture of her in the store

  • Megan Kelly
    Megan Kelly 4 days ago

    That first shirt looks the opposite of comfy XD

  • Avni Saxena
    Avni Saxena 4 days ago

    i'm an aries

  • Shopkin Slimes
    Shopkin Slimes 4 days ago +2

    I just found this out! Your b day is on July 16 mine is on 17th of July!

  • SageSurvival
    SageSurvival 5 days ago

    Hey ! we have the same birthday!!

    ALANA BIGGERSTAFF 5 days ago

    I am Aquarius, and the outfit that stitch fix recommended was almost the polar opposite from my style... am I truly an Aquarius?????

  • Black Dragon Shayy
    Black Dragon Shayy 5 days ago +1

    I think I'm meant to be a cancer not a leo

  • Sketch Horse
    Sketch Horse 5 days ago

    I'm a leo! 😁🙂

  • Alexandra Fallshaw
    Alexandra Fallshaw 5 days ago +1

    Weird... comfortable... the SOCK

  • thatoneweirdfangirl
    thatoneweirdfangirl 5 days ago

    watching old videos how did i never realize i have the same bday???

  • Shreya D
    Shreya D 5 days ago

    I do have most of those things, so I think they've nailed it. A white button down shirt + skinny jeans is my go-to outfit. I like pastel colors. No heels - so I think they've got that wrong .

  • Amber Lake
    Amber Lake 5 days ago

    I'm July 19

  • Thunder 05
    Thunder 05 6 days ago

    I’m A Gemini ♊️Anyone else?

  • Reanna Chapman
    Reanna Chapman 6 days ago

    I was born July 15th

  • Kim Payne
    Kim Payne 6 days ago

    I am also a cancer

  • Josie Joyner
    Josie Joyner 6 days ago +1

    i couldn’t do this everyone just gives aquarius those cringy ugly ass alien shirts

  • angles life
    angles life 6 days ago

    im a cancer too

  • Apatite Facet 24XJ
    Apatite Facet 24XJ 6 days ago

    Your trench coat style looks like you need a wide brim Fedora

  • Nicola Prusek
    Nicola Prusek 7 days ago

    Me: Born on 4th July. Im a Cancerian
    Specialist: Cancerians dont wear bright colours and dont like to stand out.
    Me again: well i do so mabey Im a Virgo in desgise

  • Michaela Rehm
    Michaela Rehm 8 days ago +1

    Cancerian here and I agree that heels aren't comfortable enough for me to wear unless I need to dress formally for something. The flatter the shoe, the better (and barefoot is best)

  • Kim Seungmin
    Kim Seungmin 8 days ago

    My zodiac sign is Libra and when you show pictures of outfits of every zodiac and i was happy that Libra has amazing style!😍 Any #LibraGang here? Comment if you're Libra and if you are different then Libra then.. You can like👍🏻

  • Z Wolff
    Z Wolff 9 days ago

    i think it would be cool if you tried dressing like each different sign for a day and seeing what you liked most!

  • Bleu 314
    Bleu 314 9 days ago


  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 9 days ago

    Cancers as the most over dressed person in the room??? Uh, no. Have they ever even met a Leo, Aries, or Gemini? I think Safiya is probably an Aries, were she to actually look at a sky chart of what was really happening at the time of her birth.

  • but really why
    but really why 9 days ago

    im a cancer and a leo aka cleo

  • Zazz May
    Zazz May 10 days ago

    Saf and I have the same birthday

  • Julie Silva
    Julie Silva 10 days ago +2

    5:55: are just slowly, casualy garpe vineing in a park?

  • Elyse Linzey
    Elyse Linzey 12 days ago

    Omg Im July 16th birthday to 💕💕

  • SavvyPlayz
    SavvyPlayz 12 days ago

    Aquarius squad where ya at?

  • Mary Rebecca
    Mary Rebecca 12 days ago

    So interesting!! I just tried that same chart website thing because I feel like I have VERY similar fashion sense to you. I am just the opposite. Aquarius but with Cancer as my ... house thing. I also wear batwings as frequently as possible, but usually they are bright, bold, or at least embroidered.

  • Hannah Lemon
    Hannah Lemon 13 days ago

    Those boots!

  • Dora Lendvaj
    Dora Lendvaj 13 days ago

    I guess the reason why they put a lot of heels and skirts is beacsue cancers are seen as feminine and traditional so maybe they went for a style that was something that would someone(maybe a bit older) would think a woman would look like. When more traditional people hear feminine they think about skirts and heels not pajamas. Hope this makes sense lol

  • MatildaPlayz
    MatildaPlayz 13 days ago

    Im cancer too!! I was born july 21st

  • salvish_ships
    salvish_ships 13 days ago

    I couldn’t help but laugh when safiya said Aquarius like to dress boldly and are alien like cause I definitely am an alien but I hate bold clothes I do love safiya’s fashion sense though since it’s stuff I would wear

  • sandruszka14
    sandruszka14 13 days ago

    You should make this a whole series where you dress like each zodiac sign!!! I would love to see that!!

  • Cinnamon Land
    Cinnamon Land 13 days ago


  • Celina Wong
    Celina Wong 13 days ago

    I am Scorpio who else are Scorpio ♏️

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi 13 days ago

    Any other ♌️’s (Leo’s) here??

  • inesita365
    inesita365 14 days ago

    I'm a cancer and that would totally be my style

  • Alexis Bayley
    Alexis Bayley 14 days ago

    I’m a cancer I never wear anything white (I’m too messy) and heels are the devil

  • Grace S
    Grace S 14 days ago

    oh shit, I'm also a cancer born on June 24. we respect each other my good friend

  • Devynn Munroe
    Devynn Munroe 14 days ago

    *sitting my cancer-ass in my pajamas at 12:39pm* I feel attacked.