White House In Damage Control Over Trump's Comments On Election Interference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • Trump's remarks about accepting damaging information on a political opponent from a foreign power draw criticism from Republicans and Democrats and plunges the White House into damage control mode.
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    White House In Damage Control Over Trump's Comments On Election Interference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Comments • 4 096

  • joe sifford
    joe sifford Month ago

    JUST FLUSH the PEE-PEE prez trumpf-TURD 12 to 15 times...

  • Evelyn Goh
    Evelyn Goh Month ago

    the americans including nervous nancy think they are more righteous than everybody else - not realising that it has been grace that has kept them free today. Dont be enamoured - she could well be in prison too if somebody took the trouble to impeach her.

  • Marja Tikkanen
    Marja Tikkanen 4 months ago

    Prince Whales what about Trump Tump even Trump Skunk

  • james milton
    james milton 6 months ago

    This is Melchizedek a collector beautiful things he really is that I am that thing that governs and so what did the psychiatrist say or how can this be damage control I what is true strength in true power do you actually believe that govern according to the understanding of man it's true power but a drop of sand in the bucket it is did I not say that North and South Korea will become one flesh and how is that so now that is true power true strength and true govern and I'm that man that the book of life was written about so who can move my candle from its place only one and that is the father now behold the things that I collect and judge for yourself to see that they are truly beautiful you remember that commercial you can learn alot from a dummy so who should play around with the doll and who's playing puppet to the Puppet Master are is everything predestined but a drop of sand in the bucket now behold there are two he is my wisdom put your right hand over your right ear and shut it off from the Whisperer concentrate on the goodness of your heart and then you'll be able to see clearly from your right eye then you will know that I am indeed a collector of beautiful things

  • Mr.D Simpson
    Mr.D Simpson 6 months ago

    They are always in damage control with this nut.

  • Beverly Vinson
    Beverly Vinson 6 months ago

    No one trusts him anyway!! . Liar, fraud, fake, crook, and a danger to planet .

  • Dianne Hill
    Dianne Hill 6 months ago


  • Jane B
    Jane B 7 months ago

    This man is so dirty! Get him out.

  • TOM Lennie
    TOM Lennie 7 months ago

    He is going to the city of Atlantis and have a summit with Sponge Bob

  • American Dad x6
    American Dad x6 7 months ago

    Fake news! At 4:39 they said the key. Something of value! If you receive something of value you must report it. That is not what George Stephanopoulos ask the president. In fact MSNBC purposely cut out the part that Trump ask what kind of info are we talking about. G.S. said anything. Trump then said no he wouldn't call the FBI if is was no big deal. Not all information is important (or "of value") if it's not of value you would not call the FBI and waste their time. This is just another Democratic, media witch hunt twisting the truth to undermine the president and get reactions from people. The more upset you are, the more you will watch. Everyone listening to this trash should try thinking for themselves a little more.
    7:50 Trump in NO WAY said that he would accept assistance from Russia. He actually said in this interview that he is fully against any foreign power influencing our election. These guests are not just stretching the truth but out right lying to make it sound like what MSNBC wants to hear. SMH what a disgrace.

  • AB Mia
    AB Mia 7 months ago

    Worthless network.

  • c. j. macq
    c. j. macq 7 months ago

    and trump just keeps right on pretending to be president and making more and more unilateral decisions that damage out country. the GOP are irresponsible, spineless sycophants and the dems. led by Pelosi, are just irresponsible and spineless. the dems don't need Pelosi to start impeachment AND criminal proceedings against trump AND barr! they need to remove her from being majority leader, a position for which she should've never been re-selected, and DO THEIR DAMNED JOBS! and when mcconnall and graham interfere IMPEACH THEM! they're the ones obstructing justice now!

  • Baron Von Blue Eyes
    Baron Von Blue Eyes 7 months ago

    MSNBC fake news owned by the Soro's globalist circus. Trump 2020 !!!

  • mw3516405
    mw3516405 7 months ago +1

    Dems leak everything ? POTUS can listen to anyone from any country that's called personal relations genius!! If it's illegal he will involve criminal justice about that !

  • IW Nunn
    IW Nunn 7 months ago

    Trump is surrounded by a few smart people but his ego and megalomania will not allow him to listen to them. There's a mental disorder there. He needs to be under a doctor's care

  • IW Nunn
    IW Nunn 7 months ago

    Sanders FINALLY got smart. Don't walk, RUN!


    Someone is calling for the war and the president is intervening to cool the overheated situation in Iran.

  • davis davis
    davis davis 7 months ago


  • davis davis
    davis davis 7 months ago


  • Ralph Rotten
    Ralph Rotten 7 months ago

    The other day he was going to bomb three sights in Iran. Stable genius doesn't know site from sight. Uggghhh

  • Thanh Ly
    Thanh Ly 7 months ago


  • Sharon Bodimeade
    Sharon Bodimeade 7 months ago

    I’m just surprised trump hasn’t sold America to Putin yet!

  • GIspecialty
    GIspecialty 7 months ago


  • Buttcheeks
    Buttcheeks 7 months ago

    Damage control?. His fans are sheep, he could nuke D.C and they’ll say “that’s just trump being trump” or “he made the economy great, so it doesn’t matter”. Calling them sheep is an insult to sheep. At least sheep might actually have a mind of their own.

    DENNIS INTERSIMONE 7 months ago

    How can you drain the swamp when you're the swamp monster?

  • Michael McDonough
    Michael McDonough 7 months ago


  • Maria Valdes
    Maria Valdes 7 months ago


  • Kemich Garcia
    Kemich Garcia 7 months ago


  • ShadowFoxSF
    ShadowFoxSF 7 months ago +2

    Trump did solicit in that interview and admitted he would accept it... Get the cuffs ready.

  • RidersOn TheStorm
    RidersOn TheStorm 7 months ago

    I just dropped by to see how the leftest are doing. seems like your all doing well....bye

  • Ken Wilson
    Ken Wilson 7 months ago +1

    How many nuclear weapons does Russia have aimed at the USA Donald?
    Or did you miss the briefing?

  • Vernon Toews
    Vernon Toews 7 months ago

    I predict a purpose in all this with the left falling for it and further proving Dems would rather waste our time and money than prove themselves capable of actually helping to improve America.

  • Mike Pelligrino
    Mike Pelligrino 7 months ago +1

    Worst president ever? No morals but constant lies.

  • The Exmouth Group / Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty - Brokerage

    Keep looking for it! Keep looking for something, anything to trap your guy into something, anything illegal.
    So maybe it’s time for a heart-to-heart here!
    Have you morons not realized you’re not going to find it - ever?
    For those who watch MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC - have you not understood that these networks are lying to you Day-in and Day-out?
    Then there’s this moron, Brian Williams....he should have quit while he was ahead. How many lives does this compulsive liar have?
    These anchors are not the same ilk as their predecessors who actually cared about the ethical guidelines of being an actual journalist.
    I can’t wait until Trump absolutely trumps the Dems in 2020. Hopefully, it will draw the final nails in each of the mainstream media’s coffins. A well deserved end to them, God willing!

  • name name
    name name 7 months ago

    MSLSD is full of crazy, delusional, desperate people. Hey DEMS...try winning an election. Then you'll be in power. Easy, right?

  • ChristianCentury2000
    ChristianCentury2000 7 months ago

    Brian Williams, unfortunately, your news segment is biased. You show only one perspective. Go watch Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham and Judge Jeanine Pirro and Lou Dobbs. Listen to Mark Levin and Michael Savage and Michael Medved on the radio! You will get a VERY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE! You will learn about information that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN are not even talking about! The American people need to know the truth!
    The economy is doing better and only conservative talk radio and Fox News are informing the American people about this! In times past, back in the days of Peter Jennings and Ted Koppel and Sam Donaldson and Bernard Shaw... at least, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN would talk about this! IF Donald John Trump were a Democrat, ALL OF YOU, would treat him much better and your attitude towards him would be very much different! You would LITERALLY BE TRUMPETING THE GOOD ECONOMIC NEWS! But because he is a Republican, you are all going into overtime trying to focus on the negatives and make him look worse than he really is!
    What is happening to President Trump is very biased! Attorney General William Barr is looking into all the facts and events that led up to the Mueller Investigation and final report! Many rules may well have been broken along with ethics violations. The American people need to know the truth! What happened to Donald Trump would be like a massive witch hunt into Robert Wagner. Did he murder his wife, Natalie Wood? Suppose there was a massive probe into this case. And, after a couple of years, after so many hours of research, interviews, examining countless pages of documents,... the California Bureau of Investigations and California Highway Patrol and various Sheriff and Police department detectives and resources conclude that there is not enough evidence to prove that he murdered his wife. However, they did find out that he cheated on his taxes, and did some other unethical things like roll back digital odometers then sell his luxury cars at the higher prices than would have been kosher according to Kelly Blue Book, at the true odometer readings,... The California Governor and State Attorney General hear rumors that the massive witch hunt was triggered off by people who had personal animosity towards Robert Wagner and they invented false excuses to invade his personal life, wire tap him, spy on his family, etc... They want to investigate how this witch hunt got started especially because millions of dollars of state tax money was used in that investigation. This is the other side of this story which you are not talking about but Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio are talking about! Something is very biased. Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite would not be amused by such biased news reporting by all of you at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN...!
    The American people want to know the truth and they need to know the truth!

    • Greg Giles
      Greg Giles 7 months ago

      @ChristianCentury2000 you are going to be cured when tRump is in jail for his crimes, hopefully the blood of children will not be spent to much in tRumps presidential reign, your blinded by the anit christ.

    • ChristianCentury2000
      ChristianCentury2000 7 months ago

      Water in ice form, can easily be walked upon! NHL players play on ice all the time! From a physical standpoint, this is a common phenomenon. However, when water is in liquid form or gaseous state, then walking on water would require supernatural assistance.
      The Lord does not want anyone to put any human being on a pedestal. Before the Lord came into my life, and I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, I was a secular humanist. I idolized famous individuals like Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi.
      Human beings are human beings. The carbon atom in you and me is the same carbon element that was in Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. The laws of genetics in you and me are the same that occur in any other human being, past, present and future. The cytosine and thymine, adenine and guanine in you or me is the same in any other human being, past, present or future.
      Truly amazing to dwell on this! We all look so very different on the outside! My racial and ethnic background is Korean. You are probably European or White American or White Canadian? We all look so enormously different. Each and every human being is so very different in size or shape or hair color.... The languages and sounds... are so diverse as you go from the European continent to Africa to the Middle East to Asia to Australia to the Americas... Amazing to see the vast spectrum of different customs and traditions and clothing and culinary dishes and architecture...
      I hope you are not a Donald Trump worshiper! God does not want any body to worship or idolize any other human being... like that crazy dude in Florida who got arrested for making fake pipe bombs against liberals! That guy is demon possessed! Satan wanted him to destroy himself! God would never want any human being to ever think or behave like that!
      Greg Giles, I hope you will read Billy Graham's book, "Peace with God." The most important issue in life is Jesus Christ! Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? If you do, God will promise you eternal life. If you don't accept God's free gift of love, the alternative will be terrible.
      John 3:16-18 tells us:
      For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
      Romans 10:9-13 tells us:
      That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
      May Christ Jesus come into your life, Greg, and become your personal Lord and Saviour!

    • Greg Giles
      Greg Giles 7 months ago

      President Trump just walked on water, isnt that amazing.

  • mr hollands opus
    mr hollands opus 7 months ago

    What a fycking clown show the president and his eunuchs are putting on while our country just goes down down down. People wake the fyck up

  • megfunful
    megfunful 7 months ago

    Why did Giuliani, the President’s personal attorney, travel to Ucrania??? The foreign meddling in our democracy, seems to me, started.

  • megfunful
    megfunful 7 months ago

    He was not talking about James Comey who is out of the office for more than a year.

  • Gabrielle G
    Gabrielle G 7 months ago

    I am wondering if Pelosi read the Bible. Does really N.Pelosi knows what the difference between right and wrong ? The Truth is only to find in the gospel. Outside of it remain just vainglory and selfpride nonsense from arrogant and pretentious corrupt politicians.

  • Augusta Vaughan
    Augusta Vaughan 7 months ago

    Mueller Report Reveals Russia Backed Bernie Sanders, Will CNN Cover? - Big League Politics bigleaguepolitics.com/mueller-report-reveals-russia-backed-bernie-sanders-will-cnn-cover/?spotim_referrer=recirculation&spot_im_comment_id=sp_tiLraqOF_34550_c_aiY9bq

  • Augusta Vaughan
    Augusta Vaughan 7 months ago

    Democrats are all seditious traitors. Abolish the Democratic party, before they turn us into a socialist shithole.

  • Augusta Vaughan
    Augusta Vaughan 7 months ago

    Anyone who says otherwise is a LIAR! Lol...

  • davis davis
    davis davis 7 months ago

    Trump wants to put anyone in internment camps that are against him

  • Michael Irizarry
    Michael Irizarry 7 months ago

    bury trumpy boy...let's be done with this...plain & simple.

  • Chinue Phillips
    Chinue Phillips 7 months ago

    Oh please

  • Peter Washington
    Peter Washington 7 months ago

    Boy! Talk about White privilege. If this presidency was Obama's he would have been handcuffed and dragged out of the White House by his feet.

  • Chinue Phillips
    Chinue Phillips 7 months ago

    As usual

  • Phil Michael
    Phil Michael 7 months ago

    He was at a 2020 rally today. Total BS feed

  • Jackson Walker
    Jackson Walker 7 months ago

    Damage control? MSNBC has lost touch with reality. If anyone is in damage control it's the entire Socialist Liberal machine after his campaign rally in Florida.

  • Thomas Lloyd
    Thomas Lloyd 7 months ago +2

    And the GOP goes merrily on!

  • Peg202 XO
    Peg202 XO 7 months ago

    I wish people would stop using the word "truth" and use the word "facts." There is a difference. Truth can mean one persons belief in God. That is not a fact. That is their truth. God cannot be a fact. Facts can be proven.

  • Antonio Bocanegra
    Antonio Bocanegra 7 months ago

    Trump don't know when to keep his big mouth shut he's been doing this since 2016 and it's going to bit him in the rear just BEING honest

  • Berhane Gebriel
    Berhane Gebriel 7 months ago

    President Trump didn't waste 4-8 years studying law and ended up as a CROOK PUBLICLY ELECTED OFFICIAL. He is a self-made, self-employed, self-paid, self-sufficient businessman. So whatever opportunities it lands in front of him should have the right to grab it.

    • Richard Smart
      Richard Smart 7 months ago

      Um, no - "he" inherited a fortune from "his" father, then lost most of it, evaded income tax, and got help from Russia.

      How do you remember to BREATHE, you window-licking waste-of-a-cunt?

  • Frank Campolieto
    Frank Campolieto 7 months ago

    Trump cares about nobody but Trump. He is going to be crying like a toddler, when that cell door slam in his face. Good bye Donald. When you are nothing but Joe Blow citizen it good bye for life. Too bad you can't read or write, you would have plenty of time to write an auto biography. You could call it, "Liar"

  • billiey61
    billiey61 7 months ago

    wow , reading all your comments, now I NO WHY Trump will win.You are all a bunch of idiots.

  • Dutchy
    Dutchy 7 months ago

    Mr Trump Show us your tax returns like all previous presidents did. Blue people would go to jail if they didn't. Or is there anything to hide?

  • Stealth Attack
    Stealth Attack 7 months ago

    Dang, these CONS are shameless creatures.

    Is there anything, literally anything, that these rats will not defend?

    EL.ANTONIO GARCIA 7 months ago

    I began in to think trump helped Pelosi get elected somehow in exchange to stop any impeachment persidings he did offer her help I believe she made a deal with the devil.Im almost certain of this by the way shes protecting him lately from impeachment. So Sad That It Looks This Way

  • Shawn Strozyk
    Shawn Strozyk 7 months ago

    More fake news . Start looking into a real story . Like Obama Hillary treason .to the United states . An now Nancy . Your group is so far out there .it a joke he done what he said he do . Make are country great again .

    • Derek Brown
      Derek Brown 7 months ago

      "Make ARE country great again"? how about spelling for a start. Good proof that only the dumbest americans support this orange disaster MAGA = Morons Are Governing America