Proposal puzzle box

  • Опубликовано: 1 май 2014
  • How I asked my girl to marry me:
    She likes puzzles, so I made her a puzzle box. I invited her on a day out and came to pick her up early in the morning. I handed her the puzzle box and explained she had to solve the Sudoku-like puzzle on the bottom (it's just rows and columns, not squares). Once she had finished the 'Sudoku', she had the coordinates of the locations we were going to visit this day. We used a handheld GPS to find the locations.
    The first location was in a nature park with many animals. The coordinates led her to a tree at a lake with a heart carved straight through the trunk of the tree (I did not make that carving myself, it was already there). We had breakfast at this lake.
    The next location was at the Batavia, an old ship at a museum at a shipyard. She had to find out the length of this ship to finish the next coordinate.
    The next location was at the island Texel, at restaurant "De Zwaluw" (the swallow). It was a long drive and we hanged out at the beach first, then we had dinner at the restaurant.
    The next and location was the lighthouse at Den Helder. We arrived there around sunset.
    In the mean time my lady already noticed that the pictures on the puzzle box represented the places where we had been this day. I explained to her the flower on the front of the box is actually a combination lock, and each petal had a picture of the places we had been. Now all she had to do was turn the combination lock in the order we had traveled this day. Now the box was unlocked, the leaf could turn to the right and now the nautilus gears on top could be turned, to open the box. The ring was in the compartment on the right.
    I proposed to her and she said yes.
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    You are genius,your crush is genius but you know everyone's crush is not so intelligent , and that's the uniqueness of you both. I liked this.

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    I think you can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .

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    Love it! It's a maker's glass slipper - and she turned out to be the perfect fit!!

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    Wow! He is unlocking it so fast, wow!

    If you wach it in X2 speed...

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    Don't you have like a tutorial on how to this!> i want a box like this for me !!!!! please give me an idea!

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    Are they more likely to say yes after some frustration? Or maybe it's a way to get them to say no?

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    "Would you marry me?"
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    This is so sweet, congrats! Would love to share your proposal on Will you submit your story (and video)?! Here's the easiest way to do it: ❤

    • Bertine Steitner
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      Nora HowHeAsked thats Sweet! We probably will!

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    It seems like a riddle for the key to the pirates treasure....

    • Bertine Steitner
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      Ashish Sharma in some ways a ring is a Pirates treasure, so you're right!

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    I was looking at this to give me ideas for my safety lock box, but I think u just gave me an idea how to propose to my wife with the ring I got her......
    If only I had the craftsmanship that you do... In the end I'm hopeful it's not in a mish mashed, Elmers glue, popsicle stick-looking-thing.

    • Bertine Steitner
      Bertine Steitner Месяц назад

      Tommy P good luck, we love to hear if your idea worked out andere what her answer is!

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      harddhiik Mallikarjun gasikanti he designed the whole thing by himself

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      harddhiik Mallikarjun gasikanti he did,, using a lasercutter

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    Smash it on the floor!

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