The Lord of the Rings Cast: Where Are They Now?

  • Published on May 25, 2019
  • Ever wonder what the Lord of the Rings actors are up to now? We’re catching up with the stars of the hugely popular fantasy franchise to give you the scoop on where the cast of The Lord of the Rings are in 2019. From starring in Game of Thrones like Sean Bean, to winning Oscars like Cate Blanchett, this cast has done huge things since wrapping on the film series. Join WatchMojo as we look at The Lord of the Rings cast then and now. Which star’s post-LOTR career has surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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Comments • 353

  • Max Isola
    Max Isola 24 days ago

    How many LOTR/Hobbit actors have ended up in Marvel properties?
    Ian McKellen - Gandalf / Magneto
    Liv Tyler - Arwen / Betty Ross
    Hugo Weaving - Elrond / Red Skull
    Richard Armitage - Thorin / Heinz Kruger
    Lee Pace - Thranduil / Ronan
    Andy Serkis - Sméagol / Ulysses Klaue
    Evangeline Lilly - Tauriel / Hope van Dyne
    Martin Freeman - Bilbo Baggins / Everett Ross
    Benedict Cumberbatch - Smaug and Necromancer / Doctor Strange
    Cate Blanchett - Galadriel / Hela

  • Terre Cox
    Terre Cox Month ago

    John rhys-davies was in The shannara chronicles

  • wstine79
    wstine79 Month ago

    I worked with Hugo Weaving in The Key Man.

  • Isaac Hamilton
    Isaac Hamilton Month ago

    Elijah wood was also in the last witch hunter

    DANA SAEED Month ago +1

    viggo mortensen didn't failed to win the oscars the Assholes of the academy i don't know who the crap the are didn't gave him for what ever SHIT reason.

  • daiyoukai01
    daiyoukai01 Month ago

    6:17 Viggo Mortensen & Vincent Cassel? OMG I need to see it!!!

  • Marcie Heacox
    Marcie Heacox Month ago


  • Nutelko8
    Nutelko8 Month ago

    Orlando Bloom was also in Black Hawk Down playing Blackburn.

  • Tommy Beauchene
    Tommy Beauchene Month ago

    Sean Bean has a small role in LOTR. C'mon Mojo.

  • Drew Albritton
    Drew Albritton Month ago

    Arwen? Eowyn? If you do Elrond and Galadriel, how can you not do their iconic characters?

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver Month ago

    No Liv Tyler? 😂😂😂

  • Lukáš Vaník
    Lukáš Vaník Month ago

    Sean Astin - The big bang theory btw... No idea how could u missed that

  • SnappingTurtle801
    SnappingTurtle801 Month ago

    Dirk Gently 2016-17? It was canceled? 😭😭😭😭 Why do they keep axing the good ones?

  • Keshet Aylonit
    Keshet Aylonit Month ago +1

    I had the absolute honour and pleasure of seeing Sir Ian McKellen in King Lear last summer. It was honestly the highlight of the last decade.

  • TheJFerg24
    TheJFerg24 Month ago +1

    That time when Hulk's first girlfriend, Hela and her part time goon, Red Skull, a crazy vibranium thief and a Shield agent roamed Middle Earth...

  • TheJFerg24
    TheJFerg24 Month ago

    Sean Astin and Miranda Otto also had extended roles on 24.

  • TheJFerg24
    TheJFerg24 Month ago +1

    Billy Boyd was also in Master and Commander and was great in his role.

  • Ryan Pesch
    Ryan Pesch Month ago

    Thats Sir Ian McKellen to u!

  • Mathew Pearson
    Mathew Pearson Month ago +1

    If you are a true lord of the rings fan head out to and answer the new quiz on lord of the rings.

  • Entertainment arena
    Entertainment arena Month ago +2

    Lord of the rings was an awesome movie
    By an awesome director

  • Luzie Loeffel
    Luzie Loeffel Month ago

    How can you talk about Dominic and FUCKING NOT MENTION LOST??????????

  • Ilja Leunissen
    Ilja Leunissen Month ago

    you guys are saying it like the hobbit isn´t part of the lotr/middle earth trilogy

  • Jo jo
    Jo jo Month ago +2

    Bilbo and gollum in Black Panther 😱

  • Jordan Posvar
    Jordan Posvar Month ago

    These movies were my generations star wars. I was 11 when it came out

  • Cameron Steel
    Cameron Steel Month ago

    They didn't mention that Samwise was in the Big Bang Theory.

  • Sebou pham
    Sebou pham Month ago

    Sean Astin also played in a few episodes of the last season (season 12) of the big bang theory, he was great lol

  • Locky Almanza
    Locky Almanza Month ago

    You forgot Martin freeman

  • Fighting_Hussar
    Fighting_Hussar Month ago +5

    R.I.P to the man who was in LOTR and is no longer with us. Sir Christopher Lee

  • Brian Coon
    Brian Coon Month ago

    I've seen both movies I said.

  • Brian Coon
    Brian Coon Month ago

    You forgot two things from this video. First Sean Bean who played the role of Ian Howe in the first national treasure movie played a character who survived and Viggo Mortenson starred in the movie Hidalgo.

  • bubbaries
    bubbaries Month ago

    Love Andy Serkis. Dude is ridiculously talented.

  • Xayvion Frederick
    Xayvion Frederick Month ago

    first quality vid in a GRIPPP 🙌🏽💯

  • Divyendu Raina
    Divyendu Raina Month ago

    Cate Blanchett is a freaking shapeshifter 💕

  • Divyendu Raina
    Divyendu Raina Month ago

    you either can pronounce it shawn bawn or seen been. you don't get it both ways.

  • so bored
    so bored Month ago

    Dislike for not mention i dont feel at home in this world anymore

  • The CreepyPasta Reader

    Elijah Wood aslo played Kevin in Sin City. He was disturbing in that.

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez

    The matrix trilogy is better than LOTR


    If you could not give any got spoilers in a completely unrelated video. Thanks.

  • Gero Lindenberg
    Gero Lindenberg Month ago

    The acting career of Christopher Lee eclipsed even that of Ian McKellen.

  • Rodney Green
    Rodney Green Month ago

    Liv Tyler?

    WHIT3B0OY Month ago

    It's (leg-e-less) not (leg-a-lass) get it right mojo

  • Bernardo Salles
    Bernardo Salles Month ago

    After all, we all will remember Ned, forever.

  • Jeremy Brookes
    Jeremy Brookes Month ago +1

    can you do 2 seperate lists for the Harry Potter cast? (as there are so many)

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze Month ago

    Frodo was awesome is the movie "Maniac"

  • Logan Colbert
    Logan Colbert Month ago

    HA! LegolASS

  • Daninja
    Daninja Month ago

    Isn't Orlando Bloom in "Easy" (on Netflix)? pretty sure he's in the episode with the married couple looking for a threesome

  • Johnny Blade
    Johnny Blade Month ago

    John Rhys-Davies also played the part of Eventine Elessedil in the shannara chronicles. But then again, no one saw that show.

  • Month ago

    Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones..Who'd win? 🍻

  • Paul McCharmley
    Paul McCharmley Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Elijah looks like Eminem?

  • Chele K
    Chele K Month ago

    Sean Astin was on big bang theory

  • abdullah ridho
    abdullah ridho Month ago


  • Martynas
    Martynas Month ago

    Viko in Easter promises was really good. One of the most realistic knife fights ever.

  • Dylan Penev
    Dylan Penev Month ago +5

    Too bad you missed Christopher Lee. He also deserves to be mentioned. RIP Christopher Lee.

    • Jomaka
      Jomaka Month ago +1

      What would you expect? The title says "Where are they now". Lee is currently a resident of some graveyard.

  • Latest Toxic
    Latest Toxic Month ago +3

    Take Orlando Bloom and cast him in the game of thrones prequil that would be cool

  • Rick Neijndorff
    Rick Neijndorff Month ago +1

    You forgot: john Rey Davis, liv Tyler, karl urban, miranda otto and David weham.

  • XYZ Channel
    XYZ Channel Month ago

    More video like this please

  • Ida Berg
    Ida Berg Month ago

    You didn't mention Hugo Weaving in V for vendetta

  • Pravesh Alva
    Pravesh Alva Month ago

    Lord of the Rings movies are truly the best movies or the last 20 years. A modern masterpiece.

  • aj pat
    aj pat Month ago +1

    Some of the members of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit cast would end up having roles in Disney live-action adaptations:
    Christopher Lee as the voice of Jabberwocky in 2010's Alice in Wonderland
    Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine in 2015's Cinderella
    Luke Evans as Gaston
    Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth
    in 2017's Beauty and the Beast

  • Sara Samaletdin
    Sara Samaletdin Month ago

    Aragorn is a bit different in the books so Viggo seems to have put some of himself to the role.

  • Mustafa Abbas
    Mustafa Abbas Month ago


  • Amit Meena
    Amit Meena Month ago

    You missed Elijah in 'I don't feel at home in this world anymore' 🤦

  • LaFaJe
    LaFaJe Month ago

    You forgot that Elijah Wood also has toured worldwide as part of the DJ duo Wooden Wisdom.

  • Jiminy Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket Month ago

    Do a Married with Children top 10 episode list.

  • MrGameControler
    MrGameControler Month ago

    Seems strange to mention Astin's one episode appearance on Brooklyn 99 but then leave out his multiple appearances on the final season of the big bang theory.

  • Justin Bel
    Justin Bel Month ago

    Legend say that the arrow that shot Sean Bean was from Hawkeye.
    Maybe a myth or maybe true.

  • Amadia Stockbridge-garduno

    Does anyone think Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman were happy to work together again in Black Panther?

    • aj pat
      aj pat Month ago

      Everyone is happy about that. Black Panther, a cultural phenomenon.

  • Alan Acevedo
    Alan Acevedo Month ago

    LOTR is still the best out there!

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez Month ago +1

    And very a fond farewell to sir Christopher Lee forever engraved in history.

  • The One Man Who Beat You

    Were's Christopher Lee these days...oh wait

  • Bob Sanders
    Bob Sanders Month ago

    Lord of the rings show can’t wait

  • fahri zulfikar
    fahri zulfikar Month ago

    Andi Serkis is currently managing Manchester United FC
    Don't believe me? Just google current MU manager

  • Squid
    Squid Month ago

    You guys should do top 10 the office pranks!

  • panos pantazis
    panos pantazis Month ago

    Sean Astin was also in the last season of Big Bang theory and Elijah wood was in The last witch hunter

  • Aryan Panhale
    Aryan Panhale Month ago

    You want twice the no. of adds, no issue
    But restart listing your picks in the description, like before.

  • PewDiePie The Holy One

    Sean Astin was also in Big Bang Theory.

  • randomzier
    randomzier Month ago

    What about john noble?!

  • Plus size Broads
    Plus size Broads Month ago

    hi what video editor do you use?

  • Brian Harris
    Brian Harris Month ago

    Elijah Wood was at his creepiest in Sin City

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers Month ago

      @Brian Harris It's really funny, at least in my opinion. It's about the faculty trying to survive the zombie students, who are all in middle school. It's gory at times but what zombie movie isn't, except maybe Shaun of the Dead.

    • Brian Harris
      Brian Harris Month ago

      @Isaiah Albers I don't think I've seen that. I'll have to check it out

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers Month ago

      And his funniest in the zombie comedy movie Cooties, it also has Rainn Wilson from the Office in it.

  • Masterblook gaming
    Masterblook gaming Month ago

    Sean bean got beheaded by Jeoffrey

  • Mind Rules
    Mind Rules Month ago

    You Can Follow Me If You Like, But You DON'T Have To
    Follow Me To My Channel

  • Isaiah Albers
    Isaiah Albers Month ago

    I'd say Christopher Lee had a more divers acting career, Star Wars, numerous Hammer horror films, Shakespeare stuff, and many other things. C'mon, you didn't mention he (Elijah Wood) starred in a movie called Cooties, it's a great movie.

  • Krysta Davis
    Krysta Davis Month ago

    Oh! Sean Astin He's The Voice Of Raph

  • F. Rick Herr
    F. Rick Herr Month ago +4

    You guys forgot to accredit Elijah Wood in his role as Harry Potter.
    Easy mistake.

  • Nate
    Nate Month ago

    Elijah was in Green Street and Dom in Lost.

  • Abbey McLane
    Abbey McLane Month ago

    Please make a video of the villains of the Indiana Jones: Where are they now

  • Calum Hood
    Calum Hood Month ago

    Elijah wood was in the witch Hunter & was the main character in Green street.

  • Cade Herndon
    Cade Herndon Month ago

    You forgot that Vigo was in one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies lol

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers Month ago

      @Cade Herndon Oh, I might have to watch them.

    • Cade Herndon
      Cade Herndon Month ago

      Isaiah Albers the third one

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers Month ago

      WHICH ONE!? It might be the only one I'll see.

  • Tron v
    Tron v Month ago

    Vigo. realy.

  • JoKe ToNg
    JoKe ToNg Month ago

    most of them joined MCU casts...

  • smally1986
    smally1986 Month ago

    Top ten RUclip channels running out of idea's - number one: watchmojo

  • Matthew Barrett
    Matthew Barrett Month ago

    They didn't mention that everyone already made a video of this and where was the top ten I didn't hear no numbers this channel is way behind from what the viewers already know smh

  • baconkingx7 7
    baconkingx7 7 Month ago

    You forgot The Road

  • Aoife Mason
    Aoife Mason Month ago

    *only watches in hope of seeing Craig Parker*

  • billa69 bolla69
    billa69 bolla69 Month ago

    i liked samwaiswell ganja in stranger places 2

  • J Lyvren
    J Lyvren Month ago +2

    One name to note that wasn't mentioned (and for a good reason) is The Late/Great Sir Christopher Lee... Sad we lost a legend not so long ago...
    R.I.P. Sir Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers Month ago

      At least now he and Peter Cushing are reunited again to act side by side or against each other wherever they are. There will never be a better horror movie duo than those two.

  • Voidrick
    Voidrick Month ago +1

    Are you just not going to mention that Elijah Wood starred as Wirt in the CN mini-series "Over the Garden Wall"?

  • WeeFii
    WeeFii Month ago

    To all watchmojo fans
    Have an amazing day
    Full of joy
    I love you all

  • William Victory
    William Victory Month ago

    You forgot Ian Holm.

  • Dalton Crowley
    Dalton Crowley Month ago

    It would be awesome if Viggo came back to the Lord of the rings world on Aragon role, like how he became a ranger and what happen after he became king

    • Isaiah Albers
      Isaiah Albers Month ago

      I think the end of the book gives a brief summary of what happened to the main characters up until their deaths or until they pass over the sea. I would post them here but it would be incredibly long, J.R.R. Tolkien put so much detail into his books it's amazing.