Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

An angry father runs over his son's video game collection with a lawn mower.
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Автор Kimi Perkovic ( назад)
His dad doesn't realise that he can earn money on Games!!

Автор GD Gabriel Gianatelli ( назад)

Автор Darren Ivano ( назад)
2::02 Mating call

Автор stocchinet ( назад)
1:11 it actually sounds like an hitmarker

Автор samster5677 ( назад)
watch with subtitles, it makes it 10x more funny

Автор Cheesy Ninja ( назад)
I've seen better acting on porn hub

Автор Metal_list ( назад)
Yeah... There goes a Lot of money and time He spent.. ^^ Would be really mad too.

Автор Harmonic Heart ( назад)
OMFG he sounded like lemongrab off of adventure time when hees like UNNNNACCEPTABBLEE !!!!! XD i almost pissedm yself llaughing at that

Автор RedSlenderMan 56 ( назад)
You have a bad life
I am cheering for you

Автор RedSlenderMan 56 ( назад)
Why don't you leave this family

Автор IRON WAREHOUSE ( назад)
dat dad dont know what he misses on pro gamers like him win around 200,000-400,000 USD PER YEAR

Автор Casey Escobar ( назад)
Who's watching this in their grave ✋

Автор Unknowngamer 300 ( назад)
damn crazy family

I'm subscribing

Автор hound po ( назад)
whats wrong with his brother?

Автор Mr. Brown ( назад)
Dam he really frecken Addicted to games like crazy addicted holy crap😄

Автор Aj Bryant ( назад)

Автор CODE JELLO ( назад)
I'm sorry that happened to u Jesse wish u luck stay strong

Автор Nolan Anderson ( назад)
If this was real, then I would be crying my eyes out.

Автор robert jones ( назад)
I feel bad for him, his dad is REALLY a phcyco. Don't worry I know how it feels

Автор Stewart Watson ( назад)
Always start cutting the lawn by shredding up your sons video game collection.

Автор norrenan ( назад)
i wish jesse's father was play a xbox one

Автор Nick Hays ( назад)
it felt good to see psycho dad bash the xbox with the hammer...one of those, ya know, ocularly gratifying moments.

Автор Jackie F. ( назад)
If this were actually real he could've saved those games before he ran them over. What's his dad gonna do, run him over while he's picking up the games?!

Автор Emilee Nooteboom ( назад)
Omg that just cruel I feel bad for the gamer

Автор Sky Woodard ( назад)

Автор Jonny Yates ( назад)
wow 35mill

Автор SalrazZ ( назад)
That's why we all use Steam

Автор Cooper Lake ( назад)
I fucking hate the camrea man and his dada

Автор Assassins gaming ( назад)
i wonder does all of this really happen

Автор P.G. Ferret ( назад)
Funny considering that you can make a living off playing "vidyagames" now, sooooo that dad denied his son a potential career

Автор CÁO ZUM ln ( назад)
it ok but ....:)

Автор Florent Vauxion ( назад)
An remember: Get a job, GET A LIFE!! Above all!!

Автор Florent Vauxion ( назад)
Lovely garden!!!

Автор Sonder Instruments ( назад)
I hate psycho dad

Автор SwimmingTo PuertoRico ( назад)
This mans sounds like he tryna be a super saiyen

Автор 23typical ( назад)
2:00 was that his mating call

Автор Sameera Syeda ( назад)
tell that psycho dad he's such a bitch

Автор kladdkaka 999 ( назад)
saddest anime moment 2014 ;((

Автор Cool Kid1021 ( назад)
At least he didn't shredded your video game system

Автор Cool Kid1021 ( назад)
And those stupid old games are no more so get ghost recon or call of duty or something

Автор FaZe Abood ( назад)
Imagine u live beside his house 😬

Автор Chaos Vs Sonic ( назад)
1:40 is what y'all are waiting for

Автор Ádám Tőtős ( назад)
psycho dad? com'on. it's clrear who's the pcycho here...

Автор フスマン ( назад)

Автор Zachary Corner ( назад)
This video was so awesome when it first came out. Now it's just a classic video to watch! Even if you don't really know who Mcjuggernuggets or watch his videos daily, this video is still a pretty classic video since it went soooo viral!!

Автор Playeronic ( назад)
Subtitles. Turn them on.

Автор Leon Vanderschaaf ( назад)
R.I.P Halo Games..
Killed by a angry father that wants Jesse to get a real job

Автор Heather Spiden ( назад)
it was so sad

Автор Mathias Scortecci ( назад)
focking dad

Автор Satzchen ( назад)
Psycho Son Shreds the head of his father

Автор Soul_Pro39 ( назад)
2:49 going in super sayain

Автор Crkveni gamer ( назад)
2:23 stand in dog shit

Автор Timothy Martinez ( назад)
yo drones stupid I hate you what if your dad do that to you

Автор Cool Kid1021 ( назад)
Aww man I feel bad to be honest and also you say some very bad language like bad words

Автор Abbie Marie ( назад)
2:49 is me when school starts

Автор Batman11838 ( назад)
I noticed after Psycho Dad runs the games over, you can still hear the mower going as Jesse has his emotional breakdown over his shredded collection.

Автор Batman11838 ( назад)
At least Psycho Dad is honest xD

Автор Kevin Xiong ( назад)

Автор Tom Tom ( назад)
Super saiyan transformation

Автор Trollivania 21 ( назад)
i would punch my dad until he started nose bleeding then i would get 2 sticks and stick them inside his nose holes until he bleeds more, then i'd force his jaw open until its broken and rip off his tongue, and then grab 2 knife and poke his eyes out, last i'll burn him but let him live, after i,ll throw him in the water so he drowns, iM mEnTaLlY iLl

Автор Peep Weeper ( назад)
he was like made for this lol

Автор Spooky Delirium ( назад)
And thats why you buy downloadable games XD

Автор ChesterCatGaming ( назад)
At 2:48 Jesse goes super sayan. Idk if I spelled that right

Автор Rayhan Nugraha ( назад)
I'm still thinking this is real lol.

Автор Reverse Dripp ( назад)

Автор Mr Gru The Shrek ( назад)
Yes! Brokens disc good job psycho dad! >: )
YES! Now broken disc xbox 360 coming psycho dad nice video correct anything yeah! Motherfucker! YAYAYAYAYA!
Now wraning something good evil psycho dad so kick your ass evil dumbshit! Now Tony another uneven to together! >: )

Автор DerpyDerp ( назад)
This dad needs to die. Seriously.

Автор Dean Montague ( назад)

Автор Blitz Prower ( назад)
my dead wife could do better acting better, and shes dead

Автор Bleachy Clorox ( назад)
Some of these are real and some arent

Автор Vyc Ðarkshådøw ( назад)
Playing games is one thing, and live streaming as a job is viable (with the right connections and partnerships), but you have to have a source of income while you do it!

This guy acts like a four-year old, and needs a serious reality check!

Автор Glitter Paw productions ( назад)
At 2:53 laughing so hard xx

Автор Cameron Paterson ( назад)
I feel sorry for you

Автор A Depressed Cunt ( назад)
(Mating Call)


(Super Saiyan Transformation)

Автор RyQeus Neal ( назад)
he is gonna turn to the hulk, stay clear!!!

Автор bun bun gaming ( назад)
u suck

Автор phantom gamer ( назад)
Everyone should be grateful of everything at least we have homes and have money some people have nothing I don't get to watch tv Monday through Friday but i still love my family😇

Автор flawless Ascend ( назад)
I don't see how this is funny

Автор Kara Martin ( назад)
are yous ever happy

Автор Jordnn Personal ( назад)
And to think this one vid made $35,000

Автор KerryPark Islanders2603 ( назад)
Please explain how you feel bad for him

Автор Merc tube ( назад)
if feel his pain cuz my dad broke my first psp

Автор suhaidy rico ( назад)
I'm so mad 😡

Автор kostis venikoudis ( назад)
θες να σου στειλο 10 σιντυ😁😁😁

Автор H20 Delirious ( назад)
I wish your Dad become nice to you because I Don't Think that He has a Brain for Thinking... I Think He is so Crazy... The Most Crazy in the world... Jeez

Автор Nate Estes ( назад)
your dad is a jerk a lot

Автор Sirtoaster Pizza ( назад)
Anyone kinda feel bad??

Автор Salven_The Ultima_Ice_Wolf ( назад)
If I where the guy, while the dad was giving the little lecture of getting a job I would've ran in the pile and take an armful of games and just run the hell outta there.

Автор GUY WITH A SWORD ( назад)
Calm down, it's only an xbox

Автор G.J.D. f ( назад)
I feel bad but I laughing like crazy

Автор Nice Terceptor ( назад)
McJuggerNuggets, You should buy the games on the console instead of buying discs so your dad won't destroy all your favorite games.

Автор ESTAndere ( назад)

Автор ESTAndere ( назад)
This was the beginning of a beautiful series.

Автор darth allzen ( назад)
spoiled little ish...

Автор Mibs ( назад)
start at 1:45 and turn on captions

Автор tina menhennet ( назад)

Автор Videos & More with Nick ( назад)
Oddly, I miss the series! I'm currently watching "Psycho Family" on go90! It's pretty good!

Автор chako yambayamba ( назад)
This stuff only happens in white families.

Автор TheDinoAction ( назад)
This is not cool to do this with him.
I think he is ill there a a lot of ways to help him but not this way.

Автор liNa LeRch ( назад)
I really had to cry
Cause I imagine if I was him

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