• Published on Feb 17, 2019
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    Pee Army, welcome to the JPer segment where weird stuff happens all the time. Today we attempt to do something stupid. Enjoy!
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  • Valerie Maldonado
    Valerie Maldonado 4 days ago

    Poor string cheese

  • Beki Madden
    Beki Madden 7 days ago

    Please do a 100 layer pancakes and Up cleanup the micawave

  • SNM99
    SNM99 16 days ago

    This is very disappointing and click bait. This is not 100 layers of cheese.

  • pro gamingHQ yea
    pro gamingHQ yea 18 days ago

    100 layers of cheeseburgers

  • GreatneSsSmurf
    GreatneSsSmurf 19 days ago

    Instrumental pls?

  • AngelStar Robello
    AngelStar Robello 20 days ago

    How to clog your arteries in 10 seconds

  • Jocelyn Rivera
    Jocelyn Rivera 21 day ago

    No one:
    Julia: I don’t agree
    Also Julia: GET UP!

  • This Season of Life _

    Thanks. Mozzarella sticks are my weakness. 😖

  • Gia L
    Gia L 21 day ago

    I’m just curious... Is he gay, straight, are they lovers or just friends?!? 🤷🏿‍♀️

  • Sjay -
    Sjay - 24 days ago

    are just gonna ignore the fall

  • Gooey Bug
    Gooey Bug 25 days ago +1

    clean the microwave, NOW

  • KamikoInu
    KamikoInu 26 days ago

    I want that mozzarella stick!!! Yum!! That first cut after 5 layers was just so beautiful! After 10 layers it looked like tree rings.

  • Vida Manicia
    Vida Manicia 27 days ago

    Can you do a 100 layer of french fries if you can do it

  • Gaura Nitai
    Gaura Nitai Month ago +1

    9:25 looks like you just cut down a small tree 🥴

  • buyingthread 461
    buyingthread 461 Month ago

    Have you clean the microwave yet

  • Ivan Ibarzabal
    Ivan Ibarzabal Month ago

    Clean the microwave J.P

  • Pamella Peterson
    Pamella Peterson Month ago

    Whats the name of the song on 5:39???

  • Hannah Wilson
    Hannah Wilson Month ago

    If your looking for true beauty it's right here 5:25

  • _dance.moms_ _
    _dance.moms_ _ Month ago

    “ clear level 25 “
    *posts level 35 -*

  • The editor
    The editor Month ago

    goob job

  • Noelle Akala Assani

    24 layers because 6x4 = 24

  • ChinaMayback
    ChinaMayback Month ago

    You don’t put food on your clothes and eat it 😷

  • Toxichammertoe
    Toxichammertoe Month ago

    Top 10 delicious Ways to Die!

  • cach_the _gamer
    cach_the _gamer Month ago


  • Maddi Jedi
    Maddi Jedi Month ago


  • PrincessKawaii 170
    PrincessKawaii 170 Month ago


    VEERA KESHAV Month ago

    I’m also addicted to that game

  • brianna austin
    brianna austin Month ago

    At 7:01 in the video I herd BTS playing in the back ground 😂😂

  • 라이사Laiza
    라이사Laiza Month ago

    Here you guys making a hundred layers of mozarella while I cant even afford to buy one in my country 😭

  • Joarn Fe Dempsey
    Joarn Fe Dempsey Month ago

    I'm playing Cooking Diary also!!!

  • cheilsea bernier
    cheilsea bernier Month ago

    6:23 *I fell*

  • cheilsea bernier
    cheilsea bernier Month ago

    they need a soup pot to fit it

  • Weak Mill
    Weak Mill Month ago

    still frozen lol

  • McRobloxGT Muuskaz
    McRobloxGT Muuskaz Month ago

    There is literally just 6 layers dont say 100 layers just say the real numbers.

  • Mommy Babs
    Mommy Babs Month ago +1

    Yep came back 2 months later... And now I'm hungry all over again. Lol and I kept watching til the end 😭🤦🤷🤣

  • Aziza Benabdellah
    Aziza Benabdellah Month ago

    ARMY?? Omggg armys were are you

  • Bruna Fonseca
    Bruna Fonseca Month ago +1

    I love how your cereals are organised by colure

  • Everyday Goodies Series

    Your making me hungry

  • Mat L
    Mat L Month ago

    I luv eating apples😞

  • Oghomwen Ekenomaghele

    They could've just put oil in a pot.

  • Princesse Adenka
    Princesse Adenka Month ago

    When the man said what the hell is said oh sh*t.

  • Nicole Briant
    Nicole Briant Month ago

    kids don't do this at home
    Julia: I don't think they were going to
    me: *puts my cheese back into the fridge slowly*

  • Slice of Cringe
    Slice of Cringe 2 months ago +1

    JP: don’t this at home kids
    Me:* looks at giant mozzarella log* *shrugs* ...OHHHH WEELLLLL
    Cheese Corndogs??? SAY YASSSSS

  • Samantha Ryan
    Samantha Ryan 2 months ago +1

    6:22 ^crash^ “I felll

  • Jessica Fisher
    Jessica Fisher 2 months ago +1

    100 layer chicken nugget please do it for a little girl that love your Chanel

  • Jessica Fisher
    Jessica Fisher 2 months ago +1

    JP: kids don’t do this at home
    Me: well that gives me 10 more reasons to do it at home
    Like if u agree

  • Mr. Survival
    Mr. Survival 2 months ago

    100 layer fried chicken

  • Chris Harvey
    Chris Harvey 2 months ago

    intermediate fasting and watching healhyjunkfood is my new personal hell. why do i do this to myself 😭

  • Damian Montalvo
    Damian Montalvo 2 months ago


  • RC Pantsy
    RC Pantsy 2 months ago

    Next do 100 layer French frie please

  • RC Pantsy
    RC Pantsy 2 months ago

    Pleeeease never sing baby shark again

  • Aishah Subair
    Aishah Subair 2 months ago

    I’m hungry

  • Hufflepuff otaku
    Hufflepuff otaku 2 months ago

    Julia and jp are so cute
    I sooooooo want to meet them

  • EpicCoolPlayer TRS
    EpicCoolPlayer TRS 2 months ago +1

    *does the mozzarella stick 100 layer challenge*
    Cows: Am I a joke to you

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King 2 months ago

    🎂inside 🎂inside 🎂inside 🎂inside 🎂inside 🎂inside 🎂

  • Original Fire
    Original Fire 2 months ago

    100 layers of pizza if not 250 layers of churros

  • Dayshaa J.
    Dayshaa J. 2 months ago

    *THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!! But I love it !!!* 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bocky Mill
    Bocky Mill 2 months ago

    It looks like a cinnamon roll

  • them noice dose of dank memes

    I will buy ot

  • Bullwevul Archlord2Stull

    This is Epic!!

  • angel and jj mendoza
    angel and jj mendoza 2 months ago

    Play pockets mortys

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer 2 months ago

    This was........interesting

  • John Dom
    John Dom 3 months ago

    It looks like a dik

  • Ella Black
    Ella Black 3 months ago

    Did u ask lol

  • Telcia Jones
    Telcia Jones 3 months ago

    I love chesses like cheese heaven like if I'm sad and I eat cheese cheese just make everything okay and everything's better 😂😋🤫🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀

  • Telcia Jones
    Telcia Jones 3 months ago

    Do y'all live together and do y'all go out like if,GF😘🤩

  • Zak Playz
    Zak Playz 3 months ago

    6:22 is the best part

  • Zak Playz
    Zak Playz 3 months ago


  • ChozoSR388
    ChozoSR388 3 months ago

    Dear god, that thing weighs as much as I did when I was born lol Literally a food baby!

  • Absol Trainer
    Absol Trainer 3 months ago

    That's what everyone wants.

  • Alien Princess
    Alien Princess 3 months ago

    Threadbanger needs to try this she would die 💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lewis nicol
    Lewis nicol 3 months ago +1

    100 layers of dumpling please

  • UnicornGachaXD 4692
    UnicornGachaXD 4692 3 months ago


  • Gabrielle James
    Gabrielle James 3 months ago

    100 layers of lasagna

  • zoemczoface
    zoemczoface 3 months ago +1

    The super thick one looks like a piece of petrified wood.

  • Salama Ali
    Salama Ali 3 months ago

    It look like cinnamon roll

  • Salama Ali
    Salama Ali 3 months ago

    Giant cheetos please

  • Neat Release
    Neat Release 3 months ago

    Did u get demonetized? U don’t have any ads

  • Just Khaled
    Just Khaled 3 months ago

    Clean the microwave

  • DeviantMistake
    DeviantMistake 3 months ago

    her: if there’s 4 layers every layer and he’s on layer 6 what are we at now?
    him: yeah we’re at layer 42

  • Black Dragon 1232
    Black Dragon 1232 3 months ago

    That looks beautiful and delicious

  • Maniyah Ranga
    Maniyah Ranga 3 months ago

    A realy big cupcake please

  • Gummpy Gump
    Gummpy Gump 3 months ago


  • blAxFilms
    blAxFilms 3 months ago

    Jp has a big stick in his hands


  • Grant Newton
    Grant Newton 3 months ago

    Lol cheese looks like a condom

  • Jack Hatcher
    Jack Hatcher 3 months ago

    4.28 why is this thing so long that’s what she said

  • Ceramikco
    Ceramikco 3 months ago

    Make a 100 layers lasagna!

  • Vanekee
    Vanekee 3 months ago

    Bro I literally have been playing the game for so long and I keep telling my mom to play but she doesn’t play but literally I love it my name my girls name is Brooklyn NGC cool bro I literally have been playing the game for so long and I keep telling my mom to play but she doesn’t play but literally I love it in my name my girls name is a Brooklyn. And have you got the cake restaurant?

  • Xxxcameron_myers
    Xxxcameron_myers 3 months ago

    *jp clean that damn microwave*

  • Dorito
    Dorito 3 months ago

    This is my freaking dream!

  • Meghan Williams
    Meghan Williams 3 months ago

    6x4=42?! Ummmmm no? Lol come on.

  • Faze Crazyyy BTW
    Faze Crazyyy BTW 3 months ago

    The thumbnail looked like a cinnamon roll.

  • juan Antonio Desiderio
    juan Antonio Desiderio 3 months ago


  • John Peanut
    John Peanut 3 months ago

    In the thumbnail I thought it was a cinnamon roll

  • mashmanxeon
    mashmanxeon 3 months ago

    It kinda looked like a cinnamon swirl or whatever they’re called (we don’t really get them in England) in the thumbnail

  • kinetic sand ASMR SATISFYING

    I ordered mozzerela sticks because i wanted them soooooo much after this video.

  • Roger Collins
    Roger Collins 3 months ago

    You're gonna need a bigger deep fryer (#jaws)

  • Ylu Ft
    Ylu Ft 3 months ago

    If I ate that I probably would die of beaties

  • sanieyah Bethea
    sanieyah Bethea 3 months ago

    Giant pizza stramboli

  • Galaxy Unicorn Slimes
    Galaxy Unicorn Slimes 3 months ago