Is the SONY a7SIII Coming? My Predictions!!!

  • Published on Apr 29, 2018
  • 10 Years of Reviews:
    My thoughts and predictions on the SONY a7SIII!
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  • doveshouse
    doveshouse Year ago

    Based on recent updates I'm thinking spring of 2019 unfortunately :-(

  • Trump Messed Up
    Trump Messed Up Year ago

    I bet you there will be one card slot! LOL!!!

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago +1

    A7iii matches a7sii in low light imagine what a7siii brings

  • theory8sf
    theory8sf Year ago +4

    Don’t forget we also want a fully articulated touch screen and 10-bit 422

  • rrbarcarse
    rrbarcarse Year ago +2

    flipout screen for vlogging!

    • Michael Ma
      Michael Ma Year ago

      Canon got a patent in 1988. They'll never license rights to Sony as they are now a direct competitor. Same for Panasonic ful frame.

  • Zebulon B
    Zebulon B Year ago +1

    You missed 10bit internal

  • ClibanariiII
    ClibanariiII Year ago +1

    10 bit, external will do.

  • Tornado
    Tornado Year ago

    All I want is a back illuminated Global Shutter sensor, 4k 60fps recording low light monster...

    It's not too much to ask right?

  • Kevin J. James
    Kevin J. James Year ago +3

    My wants:
    10 bit output over HDMI
    Improved color science a la FS5 mk. II
    Better battery
    Dual SD cards
    4K 60 FPS
    The rest is just gravy.

  • Tyler Lee Kenyon
    Tyler Lee Kenyon Year ago +1

    Hoping it will be a 20mp sensor so that it will just barely reach 6K for downscaling and have the largest possible pixels for the sensor.

  • Iguana Divergent
    Iguana Divergent Year ago +2

    10 bit or no deal

  • Janis Brod
    Janis Brod Year ago +4

    I don't get why people always just talk about 4k/60p - if it doesn't have 10bit, I'll switch.

  • Rediscover Film
    Rediscover Film Year ago

    11:11 so you aren’t excited about the Canon G1X mk3? 🤣🤣

  • karacop78
    karacop78 Year ago +4

    Check your math sir, 6K out of 16mp is not possible.
    ~4,9K - 16mp is.
    6K - 24mp is also.

  • English Irish
    English Irish Year ago

    Show us some Sprits

  • Yifei Xue
    Yifei Xue Year ago

    What about the RX1Riii? :)

  • Lofote
    Lofote Year ago +2

    Some make absolutely no sense: "6k to 4k downsampling" but then "16mp"... huh? how does that compute? To have 6k you have to have ~6000 pixels in the width, so 24mp sensor.
    The reason why a A7S-III would have better lowlight over an A7S-II/A7S would be when they use the BSI sensor for a low pixel count.

  • Kevin Opar
    Kevin Opar Year ago +1

    A7m (monochrome)

    CODER QN Year ago +1

    I'm surprised you didn't mention BlackMagic releasing their new BMPCC 4K camera this summer. It was all over the news recently. It does 4K/60fps, RAW, Record direct to SSD, DaVinci Resolve Studio ($299 value) for $1295. I imagine some Sony and Panasonic will be interested in this camera.

  • Sam Garfield
    Sam Garfield Year ago +1

    I hope they don't pull an fs5 and just change the color of one of the dials and call it a new camera model.

  • Sam Garfield
    Sam Garfield Year ago

    In addition to your wishes, I hope they add scopes.

  • Geri Brn
    Geri Brn Year ago +2

    Flippy screen please!

  • Lucky Never
    Lucky Never Year ago

    A7sIII will have 4k 60fps, only with external recorder.

    • Dan Hopkins
      Dan Hopkins Year ago

      Yes, my predictions as well. The Atomos Ninja V would be a perfect, and affordable way to do this! Maybe even 4k 60p 10-bit to the recorder!

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle Year ago

    I hope for no recording limit and 10 bit 422.

  • ekphotography
    ekphotography Year ago

    An A7III with 60p 4K would be just fine for me in the A7sIII. No 60p 4K, no buy. Hopefully your prediction means it comes out this year.
    Just fix the A7sII down falls which were AF and give it 60p 4k and be done with it.

  • DeusExAstra
    DeusExAstra Year ago +3

    The MkIII cameras are so damn good, I cant even imagine how amazing the Mark IVs will be. Feel sorry for Canon and Nikon.

  • fiskpad
    fiskpad Year ago +3

    My prediction is Sony will release a new a7 iteration every 6 months.

    • Shahaaim
      Shahaaim Year ago

      A7, A7R and A7S are totally three separate categories.

    • Sera ElFín
      Sera ElFín Year ago

      moo a7s before 1 (ONE) year a7s II so maybe he is not wrong

    • moo
      moo Year ago +2

      fiskpad And my point still stands uncorrected.

    • fiskpad
      fiskpad Year ago

      moo I said all iterations. So between the a7,a7r and the a7s there is one coming out VERY frequently. Now add the a9 to the mix and it will be even sooner.

    • moo
      moo Year ago +1

      The A7 III came over 2 years after the A7 II. The A7R III came 2 years after the A7R II. The A7S III will come out way over 2 years after the A7S II.
      So yes, you are wrong.

  • Jim Horn
    Jim Horn Year ago

    Well Sony is going to have to catch up to the GH5s. Videographers have gravitated to this camera. If Sony wanted to jump ahead put a ND filter in the camera. That is what is needed in all of the cameras coming out. Variable NDS are marginal. Let the competition begin.

    • hercules too too
      hercules too too Year ago

      No one cares about the GH5s with its horrible autofocus and no stabilization.

  • rpgroome
    rpgroome Year ago +5

    How can you have 6K in 12 or 16 megapixel sensor? To have 6K on 3:2 ratio you'd need 24 megapixels, unless you went with pixels that are taller than they are wide like the Nikon D1x.

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Year ago +2

    If they bring it out with 16mp it will be my event camera. I don't print any about 24x36 and 16mp is just perfect, I usually add grain to my images.

  • Mick Petrak
    Mick Petrak Year ago +2

    I believe that they will pack a lot more in this camera with maybe inbuilt ND filters for when the light is too bright

  • Bengo Garcia-Azcue

    What's your prediction on it having the fully articulating(flip out) screen 😊

    • Elite Properties
      Elite Properties Year ago

      ekphotography you are probably right, about the a7 line but the a6000 line is in desperate need of a change.. We will probably see it there.. Just a guess.

    • ekphotography
      ekphotography Year ago +1

      Hope you get what you want. But since none of the last 3 cameras released in the last year do not have them, I would not count on a redesign by Sony. Good luck anyways.

    • Elite Properties
      Elite Properties Year ago

      Forgot to add just filled out the a7riii customer survey and one of the specific questions asked about an articulating screen, so Sony is aware that people are interested in it.. So it should be coming on one of their bodies in the next year or so.

    • Elite Properties
      Elite Properties Year ago

      ekphotography not just vloggers photographers like to shoot from different angles.. Low/high and in portrait mode I had a rebel for that reason alone.. The tilty screen is awkward, especially if you are in the corner doing architecture, fix the damn thing Sony and give most what they want, a fully articulating screen.

    • ekphotography
      ekphotography Year ago

      Who cares? Only Vloggers right? Plenty of options out there already.

  • Monty kufa
    Monty kufa Year ago

    24Mpix with duo ISO?

  • ThereGoesSpider
    ThereGoesSpider Year ago +7

    I think Sony releases the a7siii, a6700 and the RX100 VI all at Photokina in September.((((((Earth Shattering))))) Then, we will all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

    • Mike Jones
      Mike Jones Year ago

      Rx100vi released its a flop lol

    • ThereGoesSpider
      ThereGoesSpider Year ago

      D Mac Whats wrong with RX100 cameras?

    • D Mac
      D Mac Year ago

      Yeah, just what anyone needs.. More fucking RX100 cameras..