"Transtrenders" | ContraPoints

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
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  • ContraPoints
    ContraPoints  3 months ago +16858

    If you're not subscribed to me, I'm sorry, but you're a trender. THE SANCTITY OF TRANSSEXUALISM MUST BE DEFENDED

    • Soul Mechanics
      Soul Mechanics 2 hours ago

      I do love your work though. Very well done.. unspecified person type.

    • Christen Smith
      Christen Smith 4 days ago

      Thank you boo! This is honest and we all take reality better in a comedic form! Please adopt me! Bahahaha!

    • Stefan Unicorn
      Stefan Unicorn 24 days ago

      @the Celtic Crone It is ! Also, no problem.

    • the Celtic Crone
      the Celtic Crone 24 days ago

      Stefan Unicorn
      That’s an absolutely HORRID Thing To Do!!!
      Thanks for the Definition!!! 😘

  • Ego Amatium
    Ego Amatium Hour ago

    Tiffany Tumbles embodies the arrogance, condescension, and possible heartless sociopathy of Blair White so well.

  • Ordinary Person
    Ordinary Person 2 hours ago

    Special delivery!
    Thanks for playing!

  • Lesley
    Lesley 2 hours ago

    Honestly, contra should just post this video in its entirety on Twitter in a series of tiny clips.

  • Johan Holm
    Johan Holm 3 hours ago

    Where does "I'm a woman because I say so" leave things in a practical sense? Should anyone who says they're a woman be allowed to compete in women-only sports tournaments or access women-only rape shelters?

  • Barf Salamandruid
    Barf Salamandruid 6 hours ago

    Lol I caught that 'Moooooooooooo'
    You're so talented Natalie.

  • vince pie
    vince pie 11 hours ago

    Body dismorphia does not result in trangenders. It results in body mods, and chemical castration, but one cannot and will not become the opposite gender from which they were born.

  • TantalusPL
    TantalusPL 11 hours ago

    This seems super relevant after Contra included Buck Angel cameo in the last video.

  • NeatoBurrito
    NeatoBurrito 23 hours ago +6

    Twitter: ContraPoints HATES non-binary people!!!!!!
    ContraPoints: *Spent half an hour debunking transmedicalism and validating NB’s*

  • StarryNiico
    StarryNiico Day ago +1

    Someone, please send this to Blaire Whie.

  • owen
    owen Day ago

    this video is good until you realize that contrapoints doesnt actually give a single fuck about trans liberation

  • O _
    O _ Day ago +1

    i’ve watched this so many times. i’m both tiffany and baltimore. i need to work some shit out.

  • stev6963
    stev6963 2 days ago +1

    This is amazingly entertaining and very informative. More people need to see this.

  • Soraya Elle
    Soraya Elle 2 days ago +7

    Anyone seen the Blaire white video where she talks about contra being “cancelled” on twitter and she literally makes all the Tiffany tumbles arguments about non-binary people 😂

  • Otto Přemyslovci
    Otto Přemyslovci 3 days ago

    But if you ever need a friend or someone to take some limbs off, I’ll give you a hand.

  • Otto Přemyslovci
    Otto Přemyslovci 3 days ago

    I think there’s a little wolfs milk in my blood yet, because I’d like to take some limbs of with a short sword.
    Male violence is primordial not socio-cultural. The culture should work to suppress it with all its effort. Or it will leech out and make everyone really miserable
    Or hey, let’s just get really bigoted and act like they don’t have any problems and see how that turns out. Lol.

  • blubro
    blubro 3 days ago

    Please enter this into Sundance, Cannes, The Oscars., whatever. It doesn't have a baltimore maryland prayer of winning, but guaranteed it's better than whatever does.

  • randominternetperson
    randominternetperson 3 days ago +1

    Nice way to shit in everything focault wrote about bio-power. Farmacéutical companies and surgery lobbyist making money on people insecurities, like you.

  • silentj624
    silentj624 3 days ago

    so i'm just hearing how you were "canceled." i don't understand how?

    • aah
      aah 21 hour ago

      @silentj624 i would be careful with blaire. i've seen a few of her videos that aren't related to trans issues that are fairly decent but that's really as far as i can go with praise to her; her support of transmedicalism and nonsupport of nonbinary people really makes her problematic for me. but i can definitely see where you're coming from.

    • silentj624
      silentj624 Day ago

      @aah thanks for this! i will look into it more on my own but just from what you said i don't think her being upset at having to explain her pronouns is bad. it seems to be the literal reason the enby people are also upset.....for having to explain their pronouns.
      as far as blaire white. i like her so i'm totally biased on that. i honestly don't get why they are rivals, but i JUST started watching blaire. i don't agree with everything of course but i like them both, even though natalie is more my style

    • aah
      aah Day ago

      i’m not really sure how to feel about what happened/what is currently happening, but i’ll try to give you the facts without being biased:
      so it all started when natalie wrote a series of tweets detailing her feelings around giving pronouns in trans-inclusive spaces. i think the exact quote is, “There’s this paradox where I can go to a sports bar in North Carolina and be miss/ma’am’d all night no question, but in self-consciously trans-inclusive spaces I have to explain my pronouns & watch people awkwardly correct themselves every time they say ‘you guys’. I guess it’s good for people who use they/them only and want only gender neutral language. But it comes at the minor expense of semi-passable transes like me and that’s super fucking hard for us.”
      as you can see, what she had to say was pretty nuanced, but it got taken out of context, and then people started accusing her of being enbyphobic (enby=nonbinary people). however, natalie wrote a response that was a little more sketchy, but then she wrote an apology after that one. (i urge you to look up context because you might form a different opinion than mine)
      the second controversy was over natalie’s most recent video, “opulence”, in which ftm sex worker and transmedicalist buck angel had a voiceover line. angel’s rhetoric has been used by transphobes, such as graham lineham, to defend their hateful positions. graham lineham is a former “comedy” writer that essentially removed funding awarded to the trans charity mermaids by the national lottery (uk). basically, the inclusion of buck angel would be like asking
      tiffany tumbles or blaire white to voice a line in her video.
      a video that goes more in-depth about the buck angel thing: ruclip.com/video/iRMLgQsKgnw/video.html
      personally, i believe natalie has good intentions but the buck angel situation is the straw that broke the camel’s back. i hope she does because some of her actions are legitimately harmful to enby people. but, i don’t think it warrants the amount of hate she’s getting. not only that, other lefttubers are being pulled into the twitter cancel culture pit, which isn’t great.

  • Abby I
    Abby I 3 days ago +1

    I loved the freaking cutaway to opening popsicles while they were arguing.

  • paul sturgess sturg gaming

    Kill it with javex

  • Mayukka
    Mayukka 4 days ago

    OMG this is perfect this girl is amazing

  • Mayukka
    Mayukka 4 days ago

    is it for blair white?

  • jakeinator21
    jakeinator21 4 days ago +2

    I vote to replace Butterbeer Cucumbermelon with Baltimore Maryland as the actor for Dr Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • catsrdop3
    catsrdop3 4 days ago

    surprised blaire defended you after this after you absolutely roasted and explained her

  • catsrdop3
    catsrdop3 4 days ago

    hidras are not an example of transgender people COME ON WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THIS AHHH

  • catsrdop3
    catsrdop3 4 days ago

    finally this is true centrism

  • Simon L
    Simon L 4 days ago

    damn...that make up tho...

  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown 4 days ago

    "We're here for equality, not to shove our trans in your face, and claim superiority!"
    Mhmm, right, and I'm Godzilla.....

    • Johnny Rohlf
      Johnny Rohlf Day ago +2

      Neil Brown what a well structured rebuttal. Truly revolutionary thought

  • Chris Mcguigan
    Chris Mcguigan 4 days ago

    Can someone tell me if this is a joke? A parody? Do you dress like that just to get a reaction? Very sad. This isnt humanity. I feel really down now thanks.

    • Sumnusson
      Sumnusson 4 hours ago

      Its called aesthetic, she plays characters in various outfits to make a point.

  • The BuggerQueen
    The BuggerQueen 4 days ago

    Everyone else: having meaningful discussions about the video
    Me: Damn did you see her deep throat that popsicle at 7:45?

  • Aylin Ixchel
    Aylin Ixchel 4 days ago +2

    At least we can all agree that nonbinary people are valid/real and the glitter beard rocks.

  • Valarie Apperson
    Valarie Apperson 5 days ago

    "For I am my own damn God" - Modest Mouse about the neurons part

  • Valarie Apperson
    Valarie Apperson 5 days ago

    jesus christ this is hilarious

  • Valarie Apperson
    Valarie Apperson 5 days ago

    I think every ex JW can relate to this.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 5 days ago

    I needed to come here after that horrid piers Morgan interview

  • Kara Thrace
    Kara Thrace 5 days ago +2

    I fucking hate the term "trans trender". It's so inherently transphobic and gatekeeping. Just another way that a minority tries to stomp on another minority because they feel threatened. It's like how TERFs treat trans people. Just. Fucking. Stop. Throwing. People. Under. The. Bus.

    Also, Natalie, I fucking laughed myself off the chair when the hostess was struggling with the popsicle wrapper. XD

  • jojofromtx
    jojofromtx 5 days ago

    Watching the debate with you and Blaire White I didn’t think I would like you, but you’re pretty rational and smart.

  • The Life of Conner
    The Life of Conner 6 days ago

    Oh my fucking god this is something else

  • TigerKatze
    TigerKatze 6 days ago +2

    As a white, male, homosexual who hides behind a profile pic of a cat my bestie drew for me and has never been sympathetic to the "Baltimores" in the world... this video really opened my eyes.
    We gotta stop thinking like Tiffanys.

  • Kenny Keating
    Kenny Keating 6 days ago +3

    It is hard to open popsicles with long nails.

  • Emiliano Franco
    Emiliano Franco 6 days ago

    Me: o shit im trans but how do i explain it
    Contrapoint video exists*
    Me: o well, i think this will work

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 6 days ago

    You want science and logic on your side? After building a hypothesis on shaky psychological soft science? Lol, good luck. No wonder this field is self contradictory and a fucking joke.

    • federico amadeo
      federico amadeo 4 days ago

      If you pay attention, she doesn't commit herself to a purely psychological case for her arguments. The fact is, the issue raises all sorts of conceptual questions that no one science, by virture of their methods and procedures, can adequately grasp.

  • badwordsayer13
    badwordsayer13 6 days ago +2

    How tf do people call you truscum?

  • J Girl
    J Girl 6 days ago +3

    I wish I could pull off a glitterbeard

  • XFerginatorX
    XFerginatorX 7 days ago

    I usually find ContraPoints videos interesting even if I disagree at times but this one I really found disingenuous. When people say the have "Gender dysphoria", in any debates I have seen like Blair White, they never resort to "I need surgery or I will kill myself". Though that might becomes some people's fate, they just aren't feel that they mentally match their gender and are comfortable with their sex. Just because it was medically recognized recently doesn't mean it was new. That would thus mean that Autism is a trend too. Though some parents I find just like to say their kid has autism to feel special and not because they don't know howto raise their kid and don't want to take self responsibility because they just wanted to to rush to have kids. Though with 20 year olds both wanting a relationship and party life of drinking and getting pregnant it doesn't surprise me there.
    But Autism wasn't medically recognized until I believe late 80s early 90s by the medical community. For a long time they just called it "that weird kid in the corner". Doesn't mean it never existed. Bronchitis was for a long time not medically recognized either. My father suffered through it before it was recognized when he was younger. Things I do believe need an actual medical recognition or anyone can just claim it. And that's not authentic. Some one can just claim they have "undiagnosed Aspergers". So when there are adults claiming they are babies, animals or a gender that has never been medically recognized or have any history of but you just claim you are and now need people to call you by your given pronouns it comes off more so you want to feel special and require others have to conform to your new identity. And only as of late this has become a common thing, and mainly only in a few countries that all just happen to be first world countries and they all have access to the internet. Those why it is found it is more just Trendy and not able to actually have any verification. Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual, Pansexual, and other sexual orientation and Transsexuals have been around been recorded for tens of thousands of years. This on the other hand only has popped up in only the last 20-30 years in popularity. And yet nothing medical to verify it's authentication and no major long term historical record doesn't help their argument.
    As for "protecting the sanctity of transsexual" it's just because it was recognized as someone "transitioning" from 1 sex to the other. Only 2 sexes medically are proven to exist. And they are transitioning to that sex. Others call themselves Non-Binary Trans and that conflicts with the name and makes a the meaning of transsexual meaningless if you say you are transitioning to no sex. Personally I believe the whole trouble can be resolved by these people identifying with a new label that would be less controversially conflicting that makes those that don't feel male or female to have a different label they would like to go by then using a more well known label and making it lose it's meaning. That's just my take though.

  • Slava Mironov
    Slava Mironov 7 days ago

    I'm really not sure I agree with stuff at around the 30:00 mark. The way I see it, gender must be a social construct, as otherwise the very ideas of masculinity and femininity would not exist. And yes, I know those ideas are awfully vague, but yet each of us can easily and consistently classify certain aspects of personality, behavior and appearance as being masculine or feminine, through nothing more than social expectations that we have learnt.

    And in fact, the very point about a woman who drives a pickup with naked lady mud flaps still being a woman, sort of validates this idea. Yes, that's definitely still a woman driving the truck. But why? Because there's something inherently feminine about her? Or rather, is it because our ideas of what constitutes being a woman and being feminine have been shifted and broadened over the years? I'd say it's the latter, and that as our conceptions of gender roles broaden further, the distinction between genders will blur more and more, until presumably we finally arrive at the promised Genderless Utopia.

    In closing remarks, of course a man who's dressed as a woman on stage becomes a woman while on that stage. That's what acting is.

    If you girls think I'm wrong about any of this, feel free to comment below stating that you are stupid and hold incorrect opinions. This is of course because I'm a cis straight man, and therefore my opinions on issues of gender are irrefutable fact.

  • Ms.Queue
    Ms.Queue 7 days ago +4

    I find it amazing that there are idiots on tumblr who continue to tag you as truscum, transmed and enbyphobic when THIS VIDEO EXISTS

  • EvilOnami
    EvilOnami 7 days ago +1

    fuck when you started unwrapping the bomb pop I almost died laughing. the comedic timing is beautiful.

  • Sowiso4
    Sowiso4 7 days ago +2

    Wow, that video is really well made.

  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta 8 days ago


  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta 8 days ago


  • Paije Peri
    Paije Peri 8 days ago

    I may not agree with everything Contrapoints has to say but she is entertaining as hell!

  • L M
    L M 8 days ago

    i really liked this, it was very refreshing! i'm sure most people would disagree but i would have liked the cis woman to talk too because sometimes i feel that in these discussions between enby and trans people womanhood is being redefined and sometimes even reinforced within the binarity system that is oppressive to us and it makes me feel weird. I am very sorry if that argument sounds terfy because i in no way want to invalidate people's identities and struggles. But each time someone says they're not a gender they mechanically define that gender by the negative.

    My vision of gender is very 70's and i see gender as an oppressive system based on a polarization of the world into two hierarchized sides and that's why i really want femininity and masculinity to lose their meaning (and hierarchy) as such. That means i want womanhood and manhood to be infinite in their possibilities concerning expressions and roles, which probably would lead them to disappear as concepts (or maybe shift depending on which new groups would appear).

    For me it's a matter of social justice because gender oppress women and people that are perceived as women (and other people but when non conforming). You can feel comfortable in it and still be oppressed by it. But if escaping gender become an individual journey which is only narrated by non binary people then i feel womanhood and manhood are being redefined by their exodus. (Exodus which is totally understandable, again, on an individual level). It's hard not to feel that the people that don't fit in gender norms are the one that are key to expend those norms so them choosing the individual way out is sometimes making me feel abandoned, even though i know they probably are more vulnerable than me and need my support, what with suffering from trans phobia and/or sexism without the structures to support them.

    Still, I want to be the most unapologetic me like them, and i want to subvert expectations , but i want to do it as a woman, even if woman is something i mostly feel i am when the world reminds me of how it perceives me or how I should be and it's not always comfortable (the rest of the time i'm just me. Sometimes i feel like ppl expect identities to be felt 100% of the time when the less they are, the better sign it is). That way other women feel even less pressured to perform femininity because others paved the way. And I wanna fight for our material comfort and equality so that femininity is never associated with demotion anymore, and men feel relaxed enough to adopt its codes.
    When someone decides to abandon the label for themselves (when there's no dysphoria) i see that as a failure from us feminists to make that space one of possibilities. I also feel like they're saying that womanhood is a concept set in stone and oppressive in that way (just like pansexuals kinda tried to redefine bisexuality so they would be mutually exclusive whereas there are a lot of overlapping when you ask people to define themselves). I feel like they say it will never change and they're not interested in making it change and that hurts sometimes.

    Now i'm not saying this as a reproach because i think there are a lot of very valid and also psychological reason why one would reject binarity the way non binary people do. My reasoning is not the process someone would or should have to go through to define themlself. I'm just expressing my feelings on the matter and i know ppl roll their eyes at feminism these days but i just think that those concerns could be added to a video of this kind. Even if it's demolished by another argument, who cares, it's a voice and i think it deserves to be heard.

  • SuperKingson12
    SuperKingson12 8 days ago +1

    Omg Tiffany! Tif? (Trans identified female) lol?

  • Gay penguin named Pie
    Gay penguin named Pie 8 days ago +1

    I loved how this wasn't just Natalie knocking dumb and cheap strawmen but actually giving really good, compelling and believable arguments from both sides, it felt like an actual debate and an inner analysis.
    As a transmed myself, I am impressed and really loved this video.

  • marker
    marker 8 days ago

    Can I borrow one of your hair jacks I need to charge my phone?

  • Margaret McCarty
    Margaret McCarty 8 days ago +5

    Whenever Tiffany started singing kumbaya I started crying of laughter

    C.L FILMS 8 days ago


  • Ambiguous Sarcasm
    Ambiguous Sarcasm 8 days ago +1

    Oh shit is this about Kalvin Garrah? He’s a dick