Wish.com Is a Cesspool for PC Hardware

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    Wish.com is filled with... well... garbage. We highlight a few in this video and discuss the viability of the website and its many "promoted" sellers/scammers.
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Comments • 80

  • Hank Hoskins
    Hank Hoskins 7 months ago +844

    I got a wish ad on this video lmfao

  • RoC 77
    RoC 77 4 months ago +1

    I'd be more interested in someone getting an accurate video card from Wish

  • Ricardo Reis
    Ricardo Reis 5 months ago

    The only thing i bough on wish was a """"iPhone charger"""" and it literally EXPLODED less than 5 minutes after plugging in.... I WILL NEVER buy something on wish again, even a piece of paper. F NO!

  • hadesflames
    hadesflames 6 months ago

    I had literally never heard of that site before this video. So thanks.

  • Donni Kubbitz
    Donni Kubbitz 6 months ago

    I think this is the place my friend uses all the time. She buys rings and other crappy, fake, jewelry at rock bottom prices. She knows they aren't real anything and they actually look pretty decent for the $2-$3 she spends on each. I could do that but I'm not into stuff sitting on my body other than clothing that lasts a long time for light wear. I mean I'm into tech but I'll never do business with a seller outside of the USA so that means I have to pay a bit more. Well, not really compared to Japan but then there's that.

  • Lord Fluffykinz
    Lord Fluffykinz 6 months ago

    I guess it takes wishful thinking to shop on wish, because you'll wish your order was arriving as described.

  • Heatea
    Heatea 6 months ago

    I mean I think people think about wish too much as actual real shop or whatever. Ive bought a lot of things off of wish and always were satisfied cause I knew what to expect. I go on wish when I want some shit where i know I wont care about the shitty Chinese quality. To shop on Wish you gotta have a certain mindset like if you shopping in one those big capitals market full of people selling counterfeit. Double check every description every delivery fee DO NOT TRUST pictures, read reviews. And dont ever expect something to good of a deal its a fuckin chinese market. I dont use it to buy important shit I use it to buy unimportant things that I would have to pay a premium for on normal websites id never buy pc hardware there, however I always wanted a butterfly knife and got an actual very good one off of Wish for like 5€. That was quite a deal, try to find an actual good balisong for 5e on "normal" websites. Anyway I think wish is just a niche site you have to visit with a certain mindset and only for a certain kind of items. And a lot of people go there without realizing that and they end up disappointed. This isnt Amazon. Despite the shadyness of the site id hate to see it go. They provided me soml many novelty shit id have never bought elsewhere cause of the inflated price. Its chinese shit and sometimes thats just what I want

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 6 months ago

    Are you actually accepting money for advertising for those shady-assed pieces of shit /illicit Sri Lankan key reseller whores known as SCDKey, too..???? Let me guess...activate them quickly, as your $10 key will have likely been sold 32 times by lunch time? LOL! GOod Lord/...

  • SakkyWakky
    SakkyWakky 6 months ago

    Nope. Wish and Alibaba are just sight full of scam rip off Chinese shit. They will never change.

  • TheJackalPhantom
    TheJackalPhantom 6 months ago

    This is why i use klarna i just dont pay shit and i get free GTX 660's which i fix the bios of if i can and sell them legit

  • kutuluu
    kutuluu 6 months ago +1

    I got my wish and now I know that I'm a gay fish!

  • Mekaylah M
    Mekaylah M 6 months ago

    I ordered like 4 things from there and never got them

  • Wreckedbread
    Wreckedbread 6 months ago

    *Didn't* get a wish ad

    I love YT Premium you guys

  • Roguhr
    Roguhr 6 months ago

    bzzt, "if it looks too good to be true, it PROBABLY is" is the correct phrase, not in Wish's case, but in general, once in a lifetime deals do happen, once in a lifetime

  • Bama Chad
    Bama Chad 6 months ago

    It's that moment when you see that awesome card or drive you have been dying to get your hands on. You look on wish and OMG! Here it is for 300 dollars less than it could ever possibly be! Your first gut feeling is "that's just too good to be true". That's it. That's exactly it. It seems to be too good to be true because it certainly is too good to be true. Lol great video

  • Xion D
    Xion D 6 months ago

    I buy candles and water bottles. Not PC hardwares lol.

  • No Name
    No Name 6 months ago +1

    Now build a $20 Wish Budget Computer (2019)

  • mrnickbig1
    mrnickbig1 6 months ago

    It is a cesspool for everything except unique Chinese products.

  • Gavin Davies
    Gavin Davies 6 months ago

    I went to buy some HID lights for my car off wish. However, quite clearly the light bulbs were halogen bulbs in the picture. So did not order anything. I suppose some people don't know, so just assume they get what they were told.

  • Marcus Johansson
    Marcus Johansson 6 months ago

    Warns about fake stuff on wish. Sure i can get behind that.
    Using a sponser that sell Windows keys for 10% of real price... Hardly seems like legit keys.

  • Devin Lauderdale
    Devin Lauderdale 6 months ago

    Hey @Science Studio
    Just wanted to address your advertisement for the CD-KEY selling sites, generally even though that OEM key will activate a copy of Windows 10, it leads people to believe that it is a legitimate copy of Windows. Microsoft licensing deems these type of keys illegitimate, as disclosed in their terms of use. So while they key may work to activate, it’s against Microsoft’s licensing and use terms. This is the same conundrum people go through utilizing the Accessibility upgrades, or other less than legal forms of activating windows. I suggest not using that website as a sponsor, as it could portray your channel in a negative light.

    • Devin Lauderdale
      Devin Lauderdale 6 months ago

      To add to this, those OEM keys are reserved for only hardware manufacturers that are set to a certain standard that an average person are not, and will generally have some sort of partner or specific volume licensing/reselling agreement with Microsoft.

  • Kinryuu
    Kinryuu 6 months ago

    There is no denying that wish is filled to the brim with scams and crappy knock-offs when it comes to hardware, and alot of general electronics.
    I have tried out most of wish's product categories (bar the hardware, as this was to obvious of a scam) and i have to say that in terms of looking for more generisk items its not to bad if you look good enough for the "best deals".
    Non-electrical tools that is easy to manufacture can be bought cheap or even accessoreis to electric tools you've bought localy.
    LED strips i'v bought in stacks and have all worked like a charm tho the way "RGB" is designed on these tend to be a bit low-end and the colors are split in different leds instead of having every LED having RGB capability (cold-white looks good).
    My biggest favorites so far getting from wish has actually been things like shrinking-plast tubes (for insulating cables you sodder), rubber grommits and absolutely velcro straps.
    10 velctro straps here in Norway would cost me around 6USD, i bought 500 of them from Wish for a mere 11USD including shipping (took about 2.5 week).
    And after having tried out around 200/500 of them over a longer period of time i managed to snatch up another stack of 1000x for about 14USD.
    So to shop on wish you need to be realtistic about your expectations, and preferably shop items that is more basic to manufacture at a price point where you can be "whatever" about the price if or when you stumble upon something that wasn't as advertised.

  • thesparitan
    thesparitan 6 months ago

    The Wish market philosophy is based on the assumption that the following saying is true "a sucker is born every minute".

  • Internet Recluse
    Internet Recluse 6 months ago

    Wish may be a scam, but you know damn well you can get Windows 10 Pro keys for half that price.

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy 6 months ago

    God you just ooze pretentiality . Its unnerving how annoying just seeing you is.

  • Blyat
    Blyat 6 months ago

    I got a wish ad

    WEEGEEV1RUS 6 months ago +3

    I saw a wish ad that was selling claymores for $47

    • buckshot 50
      buckshot 50 6 months ago

      Did it say anything about the roomba bundle?

  • NiftyFN
    NiftyFN 6 months ago +2

    Current wish: Gtx 1060 - 8gb

  • Lewis
    Lewis 6 months ago +1

    I ordered a CPU and got a CUP

  • Lewis
    Lewis 6 months ago +1

    I bought a powersupply unit and got a triple a battery

  • Ginger Nut3
    Ginger Nut3 6 months ago

    That "p30 pro" 😂😂😂 it's running what cpu sorry? An what camera? I almost want to get one to compare with my real p30 Pro I'm typing this on.

  • joe bennett
    joe bennett 6 months ago

    twice I ordered from china, twice I got knock off crap, DO NOT ORDER OVERSEAS

  • DaVeZeD
    DaVeZeD 6 months ago

    I got a wish ad with a 1080ti for 10 bucks and it looked like a 560ti

  • NoobyGamez
    NoobyGamez 6 months ago

    I like how most of us got a wish ad after this video

  • Tyler Furrison
    Tyler Furrison 6 months ago

    The thumbnail lists the words to a Phineas and Ferb song

  • Ayy Eclipse
    Ayy Eclipse 6 months ago

    I got my "pare wireless airbuds" for $10 what are you talking about

  • Ajenthan Elangkovan
    Ajenthan Elangkovan 6 months ago

    Facebook marketing also has some scams as well

  • James Haig
    James Haig 6 months ago

    My friend bought a 2070 from wish and it's fine, literally a 2070 for half the price. Don't see the problem

  • MultiDarkZen
    MultiDarkZen 6 months ago

    Wow I can't believe its not a GTX 1080TI

  • Zack
    Zack 6 months ago

    Complains about pc hardware on wish being a scam but has a sponsor that clearly resell volume licenses?

    • Zack
      Zack 6 months ago

      ッTokage you never know for how long and reselling volume keys are both unleagal and shady

    • ッTokage
      ッTokage 6 months ago

      and what? at least it isn’t a scam and the keys actually work

  • Zack
    Zack 6 months ago

    Complains about pc hardware on wish being a scam but has a sponsor that clearly resell volume licenses?

  • Colaman112
    Colaman112 6 months ago

    My mom is frequent user of Wish. She hasn't bought anything too expensive though, just some clothes and toys and other small stuff.

  • Creepkido
    Creepkido 6 months ago

    Right after this I got a wish ad saying "everything is so cheap" lol

  • DankMemer
    DankMemer 6 months ago

    1060ti ahahahaha

  • Capsky
    Capsky 6 months ago


  • JG Ballard
    JG Ballard 6 months ago

    Forget Wish, what the hell is wrong with people? "Der De Der - oh look, this card is less than half price, I'm so much smarter than everyone else. Der de der."

  • Ju-Sta Sho-ckw-ave
    Ju-Sta Sho-ckw-ave 6 months ago +1

    You dont need to buy a key to get it activated. If you know the right cmd commands and bat code

  • thisdanisonfire
    thisdanisonfire 6 months ago

    My friend got a steel waterproof watch for $17 hh

  • Jeffrey Bozko
    Jeffrey Bozko 6 months ago

    You just jealous that i orderd a rtx2070 for 100 usd, it will arrive soon, yeah fuck you haters!

  • vogonp 42
    vogonp 42 6 months ago

    Just buy a used rx 470/480/gtx 970 on eBay from a reputable seller.

  • Jeremiah Willcutt
    Jeremiah Willcutt 6 months ago +4

    I saw an ad on facebook that said they were selling a GTX 1050 for $750, it said on the corner of the ad " On Sale". Lol

    • thesparitan
      thesparitan 6 months ago

      That's a steal. Its probably the extreme gamer hardcore ultimate edition, so yeah that is a sale and a steal of a deal. Its overclocks are overclockable.

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 6 months ago

    That knockoff thermal paste in the syringe works well enough to use for a little bit, wouldnt recommend it for long term though

  • Thrown !
    Thrown ! 6 months ago

    I bought an I phone X on wish. I got an android Samsung galaxy young.

  • bnerd1
    bnerd1 6 months ago

    who is ever buying something from wish yes i can get earrings for 10 cents but i got to wait for 3 months

  • jj Santana
    jj Santana 6 months ago

    Wish ad on this vid

  • rhoohki1985
    rhoohki1985 6 months ago

    This is not related to the video but to the sponsor. The Windows 10 keys are questionable with SCDkey. I just had my nuc replaced by intel and the OEM key would not transfer. Microsoft said it is blocked due to being a Retail key that has zero moves on it. I contacted SCDkey and they helped. Took 2 new keys to make it work. They helped 100%. But did I get what I was expecting. I have a key that works and that is all I know.

  • Hermine
    Hermine 6 months ago

    Why do people still make videos about that, everybody should buying cheap stuff from China is garbage. That's about it if you want something for, then pay for it.

  • Upcycle Shoes
    Upcycle Shoes 6 months ago

    SWEET! Dank goods for only $20!
    ....$30 in shipping.....

  • dane
    dane 6 months ago

    most of the stuff on wish is trash but I bought a bass guitar and it's pretty decent for 65 bucks

  • BigBoiVulture
    BigBoiVulture 6 months ago

    Just bought a windows 10 key and it worked. Thx for the code.

  • Steve Luth
    Steve Luth 6 months ago

    If it looks too good/cheap to be true....

  • Tim Zimmerman
    Tim Zimmerman 6 months ago

    I've got wallets and posters from wish that stuff is fine. But I wouldn't by pc parts.

    • Wistaffion
      Wistaffion 6 months ago

      Or anything tech related. But everything else seems to be ok.

  • Arnav
    Arnav 7 months ago

    I love how I got an ad for wish at the end of the video

  • Branden McNabb
    Branden McNabb 7 months ago

    I bought a laser pointer from Wish. $6, 1 month shipping, from China. Very pleased with my purchase. I learned about Wish and this laser pointer from my Astronomy professor.

  • DerpySnake
    DerpySnake 7 months ago

    I saw a wish ad once that had an extremely thin 30tb external hard drive for only £6.

  • Anay Patel
    Anay Patel 7 months ago +1

    Intel I9 9900K!
    WORTH $450,000
    YOU PAY $4.20

  • gamtax
    gamtax 7 months ago

    Dang, I can buy used GTX750 Ti or RX560 cheaper than that...

  • AyeNash
    AyeNash 7 months ago

    Imagine buying pc hardware from wish or geek

  • Dante Frati
    Dante Frati 7 months ago

    1:07 1060ti hahahahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Hans Schtuk
    Hans Schtuk 7 months ago

    But they have great Gold Shiny Suits. :)

  • Combat
    Combat 7 months ago

    960ti vs 1060ti when

  • BKsniperguy
    BKsniperguy 7 months ago +4

    Aliexpress is good for buying cheap gpus especially gtx 750/750ti or gtx 960

  • Dan Tallsten
    Dan Tallsten 7 months ago

    Buying cheap Chinese crap and knockoffs is not only a great way to lose money, you also get to support Chinese imperialism, crimes against human rights, irreversible destruction of nature AND the fucking head honcho great panda himself. The more you know.

  • Mason Fuck cancer
    Mason Fuck cancer 7 months ago

    I really fancy some bacon right now

  • flawlesshumanbeing
    flawlesshumanbeing 7 months ago

    The fake (1050ti)s are on amazon too now

  • Nikhchan's Gaming
    Nikhchan's Gaming 7 months ago

    Just looking at the ads screams scam!! AliExpress is WAYY better!

  • Hobbes Caltous
    Hobbes Caltous 7 months ago

    why is everyone doing this now?

  • Mr.Pryce Gameplay
    Mr.Pryce Gameplay 7 months ago

    Don't even waste your time on Wish

  • Charlies Game and Tech
    Charlies Game and Tech 7 months ago

    I brought a UX branded keyboard and mouse from wish, the lights on the keyboard didn't work properly as only lit up blue, the mouse was perfect still have both and they work perfectly fine, but no way would I buy proper hardware

  • Daniel Handika
    Daniel Handika 7 months ago +2

    Well there is a legit $10 watch
    Casio f91w