Try Not To Laugh Challenge #19

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • It hurts to laugh in this VERY SPECIAL episode of Try Not To Laugh!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 47 875

  • lucas and oliver
    lucas and oliver Hour ago

    I bet this comment will not get pinned

  • Serena Maloney
    Serena Maloney 2 hours ago


  • Serena Maloney
    Serena Maloney 2 hours ago

    I’m only laughing because of his facial expressions or he’s laughing😂😂

    Or even his sound effects😂

  • Stop & Go
    Stop & Go 4 hours ago

    oh god, i leave for 2 years and come back, what do i find, your thicc

  • ScarTheWolf
    ScarTheWolf 4 hours ago

    Mark I genuenly think you should stop laughing because I am crying because of the pain you are in

  • Blanca Alba
    Blanca Alba 5 hours ago

    Poor Markiplier.

  • baby lolliepopp
    baby lolliepopp 5 hours ago

    He looks like a giant squirrel or a chimpmunk and its hilarious

  • Michael Boydston
    Michael Boydston 6 hours ago

    now you know

  • The Abstract Chicken
    The Abstract Chicken 6 hours ago

    He looks like the E meme

  • Zuheybdaboss Mobile player

    He looks soo fat no cap
    *soo thicc*

  • Christian Alexander
    Christian Alexander 6 hours ago

    Plz make more try not to laugh they are the only ones I watch

  • Rainbow Life
    Rainbow Life 6 hours ago

    Sir that is the most randomest shit I have seen in a while

  • Luke McCrackin
    Luke McCrackin 7 hours ago

    Mark plz stop

  • IAmNotCool
    IAmNotCool 7 hours ago

    *"The clap of his cheek-cheeks will alert the guards, try not to talk here."*

  • 'Lil Swagger
    'Lil Swagger 7 hours ago

    If I’m being honest he sounds like a little baby whining when he’s like “Ughh.”

  • Alex Beal
    Alex Beal 8 hours ago

    8:24 [small child, while flying offscreen] I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO REEEAAAAD

  • Flame Gamer 423
    Flame Gamer 423 8 hours ago

    Put captions on at 8:19

  • Phoenix rider
    Phoenix rider 10 hours ago

    Is he still hiy?

  • Kay
    Kay 10 hours ago

    You look like a dog who ate bees 🤣

  • TTV_FoxyGaming
    TTV_FoxyGaming 10 hours ago

    I couldn't stop laughing at 3:00

  • dot
    dot 11 hours ago

    More like mark says “ow” for ten minutes straight

  • Zach Rizzi
    Zach Rizzi 11 hours ago

    Hahaah, oh god awwwwwwwwwwww

  • the gamer of legend zero Dawn

    5:34-5:55 really made me feel sad I'm sorry for you Mark feel better soon!

  • Brooke Ernst
    Brooke Ernst 12 hours ago

    Mark, I love you and the dumb shit you do is what endears you to us(partly). But just remember not to push yourself too far or put yourself in pain. Ok have a nice day💕💕💕

  • D. Dary
    D. Dary 13 hours ago

    Awww, Markiplier, you're so cute when you're an idiot !

  • Kc Link
    Kc Link 13 hours ago

    21:30 I literally have no clue.

  • T A S H
    T A S H 14 hours ago

    It's fucking painful to watch

  • Ostrich
    Ostrich 14 hours ago


  • iLoveFoodxNom
    iLoveFoodxNom 15 hours ago

    The doctor is looking for his channel after mark said he was *fffffffamous* and they find this

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 15 hours ago

    My normal Phueee.
    -Markimoo. 2019

  • Karam Habib
    Karam Habib 16 hours ago

    It went from try not to laugh to try not to cry 😂

  • Emily Booth
    Emily Booth 19 hours ago

    am i the only one that laughed harder when he kept saying ow?

  • your mom gay
    your mom gay 19 hours ago

    Mark:what a beautiful cock

  • Rveen Shakir
    Rveen Shakir 20 hours ago

    Plz get better soon

  • xDragon200710 cameron
    xDragon200710 cameron 21 hour ago

    I like cubby mark

  • Cameron Kirkland
    Cameron Kirkland 22 hours ago

    I was laughing at his pain not the video

  • OMG Its Sebs!
    OMG Its Sebs! Day ago

    I'm not laughing at the vids, but I am laughing at Markiplier suffering

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago


  • Gus McDaniel
    Gus McDaniel Day ago

    I know how you feel pingle bunn i just got i braces and it herts like a doo doo

  • blue wolf demon playz

    just re-name the thumbnail mark in pain

  • Bronwen Whalen
    Bronwen Whalen Day ago

    You know how he says he’s not going to laugh ( 2 minutes later) owwww hahahahahha owwww....edit.....lmao

  • salm0nslayer420 WOLF

    What happened to your cheeks?

  • Flying Bird Boi
    Flying Bird Boi Day ago

    I really do hope you do get better

  • WD Gaming And Disney History

    The comments section: “This is how we killed Markiplier...”
    Everyone else: “Oh look #20.”

  • Jay Jay144
    Jay Jay144 Day ago

    Are you ok?

  • pugzilla puggy
    pugzilla puggy Day ago

    😂😂aww i feel so had for u😢

  • ShiftGamer 2004
    ShiftGamer 2004 Day ago


  • Karen McCallister

    I think Mark is dying...

  • Queasy The Cat
    Queasy The Cat Day ago

    2:24 he sounds like papyrus xD i'm dead

  • XGhostZ X
    XGhostZ X Day ago

    The firefighter got me

  • Jay Hess
    Jay Hess Day ago +1

    7:13 explain what happened to this birb

  • Whomever
    Whomever Day ago

    i feel so bad for mark because I've had teeth removed and whenever i sucked in i literally *FUCKING DIED*

  • Bryan Guerrero
    Bryan Guerrero Day ago

    Where can i watch the complete version of the video at 8:04 ?

  • Zach Borgan
    Zach Borgan Day ago

    Not the only time you were in hell.

  • Dan gazobiton
    Dan gazobiton Day ago

    What a beautiful cock. (c) Edward Mark Fishcbach

  • Sans The skeleton gamer


  • nakagrus 98
    nakagrus 98 Day ago

    All was fine. I did not laugh. But what happend at 3:02 just fu*k with me my normal pooooooooo

  • second me
    second me Day ago

    What is the last vid called

  • Spidy Andu
    Spidy Andu Day ago

    I dont want to watch to the end... i dont like to see people suffer and get hurt... really

  • Jeżowskyy Jeż
    Jeżowskyy Jeż Day ago

    1:32 Polska to stan umysłu
    Greetings from Poland :DDD

  • shoba mukeshsingh

    That happened to me before

  • Teresa Gladish
    Teresa Gladish Day ago

    2:57 OWIEHE 😂
    😂IM SORRY😂 but itz funny

  • RugerBoyGaming
    RugerBoyGaming Day ago


  • Valentin Alves
    Valentin Alves Day ago


  • Nedarb 183
    Nedarb 183 Day ago

    6:13 how I trained for Sekiro

  • Rachel Hocking
    Rachel Hocking Day ago

    Did u stop talking after this mark?
    If so,
    Are you ok and WHY DID U TALK?!

  • M.Alhappak o.o
    M.Alhappak o.o Day ago

    I almost cried for you.

  • M.Alhappak o.o
    M.Alhappak o.o Day ago

    Poor Markimoo

    We all love you.

  • Charlie Elwick
    Charlie Elwick Day ago

    The guy massacring kids reminds me of me

  • Prince Sawisit
    Prince Sawisit Day ago


  • Dragon Slayer78
    Dragon Slayer78 Day ago

    Sword man: huah nyah houy

  • Jack Speedy
    Jack Speedy Day ago

    When I first clicked on this I was thinking, "what the hell who is this guy and what has he done to mark?!"

    • Jack Speedy
      Jack Speedy Day ago

      'cos he looks like a crying baby

    • Jack Speedy
      Jack Speedy Day ago

      but then every time he laughs I feel genuine pain

  • Ben Maxson
    Ben Maxson 2 days ago

    Do more try not to laugh

  • S0dap0pb0ttle
    S0dap0pb0ttle 2 days ago

    I'm so glad Mark stopped because I just wanted to send him to bed 😂 good on him for stopping!

  • boi itm3 fghhh
    boi itm3 fghhh 2 days ago

    5:16 moneing and geting on fap mood

  • Jeonsa
    Jeonsa 2 days ago

    Mark's viewers watching him suffer for *10 minutes and 11 seconds*

  • Cedric Blanken
    Cedric Blanken 2 days ago

    Your face is like fat in the video

  • TheBritishJackalope
    TheBritishJackalope 2 days ago

    I laughed so hard I now have a big, throbbing headache.

    RSST_BTUN 2 days ago

    F, wow that must be painful... Full respect+ 👍

  • David Zapfesmith
    David Zapfesmith 2 days ago

    I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.
    -Gabriel Iglesias

  • Meep Dude
    Meep Dude 2 days ago

    "i should probably set up a system for that" it's called lwiay ecks dee

  • Jose E. Gordillo
    Jose E. Gordillo 2 days ago

    You look fat

  • Little Crafted United

    7:07 The thickening

  • Rachel Russian
    Rachel Russian 2 days ago

    ACK Mark don't do the challenge if it HURTS egh
    It hurts my heart

  • pixelhelicorpion minecraft Alex

    Mark plz stop ur making me feel bad for you right now😥

  • Ballora the Ballerina

    *laughing shitless* you okay mark or, thicc boi!?

  • Ithl The Mighty
    Ithl The Mighty 2 days ago

    You only lost cause they hit you in this weakened state. Gather your strength my son! You shall be victorious yet!

  • Nacho The Otter
    Nacho The Otter 2 days ago

    Is It mean that I am laughing at markiplier in pain?

  • Emily Kam
    Emily Kam 2 days ago +1

    "What a beautiful cock."
    That made me laugh more than anything.

  • George Buffington
    George Buffington 2 days ago

    I like them big I like them puddin thicccccc

  • Eva Sbardella
    Eva Sbardella 2 days ago +1

    The funniest thing about this video isn't the clips its just Mark

  • The GentlemanPirate
    The GentlemanPirate 2 days ago

    "Colonel, I'm trying not to laugh right now. But I'm dummy thicc and the wobbling of my cheeks keeps alerting my pain receptors."

  • Sad_d34th_0 _
    Sad_d34th_0 _ 2 days ago

    I laughed at you more I’m sorry XD

  • Awesome Fire Newt Gladiator

    Spider-Man mid tossed in the air and he sscreams
    Mark: THIS IS MY SMILE...

  • Ambipie
    Ambipie 2 days ago

    just go hee hee

  • KiritoNoiharaQuartz
    KiritoNoiharaQuartz 2 days ago

    *Ah-owie! My normal Puuuuuuuuuuu- uh, my normal muu-*

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx 2 days ago

    You really handsome

  • Plain Bagel
    Plain Bagel 2 days ago

    I Felt Bad For You The Whole Video Mark. Dont Suffer For Us.

  • Henry Williams
    Henry Williams 2 days ago +2

    7:04 is it just me or does that sounds wrong