Full Fight: Terence Crawford vs. Julius Indongo

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • Check out Terence Crawford’s sensational performance from 2017 against Julius Indongo in a super lightweight unification bout.
    Undefeated virtuoso Terence “Bud” Crawford (34-0, 25 KOs) will defend his welterweight world title against British boxing royalty Amir “King” Khan (33-4, 20 KOs) in a collision of superstars. Take an exclusive look inside Terence Crawford and Amir Khan’s training camp as they prepare for one of the most anticipated fights of the year.
    Crawford, the fighting pride of Omaha, Nebraska, has captured world titles in three weight classes and looks to maintain his lofty pound for pound status. Khan, a former unified junior welterweight world champion and unbeaten as a welterweight, represents Crawford’s most daunting test to date. Can Crawford, with the sport’s best Ring IQ, overcome the elite speed of Amir Khan? Don’t miss Crawford vs. Khan, LIVE! Saturday, April 20 at The World's Most Famous Arena - Madison Square Garden - and on the inaugural Top Rank on ESPN pay-per-view broadcast (9 p.m. ET/6 PT).
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    QUASHIIN PERLSON 4 days ago

    i think TMT has the best fighters and at 135 or up Crawford my have to fight either TANK Or move up to fight SPENCE.. and Crawford will get K.T.F.O. like red on Friday

    • Cynthia Norman
      Cynthia Norman Day ago

      Shut the fuck up about Terence crawford he is the best fuck erroll spence

  • EdgarAllenYoHoe
    EdgarAllenYoHoe 6 days ago +1

    Crawford mom wig about to fall off after all that jumping lol

  • Gerrad Lewis
    Gerrad Lewis 6 days ago +1

    Thus ref didn't count this no where near this fast when wilder stretched fury lol #BOMBZQUAD!!!

  • Byron Yeagley
    Byron Yeagley 6 days ago

    I'd be scared Crawford Scarey as fuck js @Walter jones

  • Hugh Joel Caulk
    Hugh Joel Caulk 8 days ago +1

    Wow! FAKE AF! This is like the golf of MMA. I can't believe anyone gets excited to watch this boring BS. yawn.

  • Sammy Dabbs
    Sammy Dabbs 8 days ago +2


  • andy rodriguez
    andy rodriguez 8 days ago +1

    "So for only the 4th time in modern boxing" @5:11 #remember

  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 9 days ago +5

    Who still remember how the jackasses were saying that Julius gonna ko Crawford and then boom ..all quiet ..Bud has been silencing you casuals since he started his career lol

  • Jay Dragun
    Jay Dragun 9 days ago

    Crawford is Nothing But Tha TRUTH!! that man can throw them hands... I love watching this young man do his thang" Much Success to you my Brother" Ase'

  • George Matoro
    George Matoro 10 days ago

    Big up Crawford

  • Berelahalba
    Berelahalba 14 days ago

    Who the fuck is this clown in blue omg dude never get in a ring again you pussy

    ROBERT HIGGINS 14 days ago


    ROBERT HIGGINS 14 days ago

    Crawford is the original #TC TOP CAT

  • swankswag
    swankswag 15 days ago

    Classic liver shot ftw.

  • Bladeof Judea
    Bladeof Judea 15 days ago +3

    pac been running from bud for years. its sad. he wont even say buds name.

  • daboyz8
    daboyz8 16 days ago

    As big, strong, and a good body puncher Errol is he never got a 1 hit ko on anyone let alone a 1 hit ko body punch. Bud hit harder

  • Игорь Игорь
    Игорь Игорь 16 days ago

    Что и требовалось доказать-Индонго картонный чемпион,он и боксировать толком не умеет )

  • rufzone forlife
    rufzone forlife 19 days ago +1

    very beautiful mother and sister og terence crawford jejejejeje...

  • CHC4669
    CHC4669 20 days ago +1

    Not impressed CrawFRAUD was fighting an absolute bum regardless of the guys so called undefeated record the guy was a joke who had little to NO Skills what so ever. Just another useless body in the string of CrawFRAUD'S victories. If and when he ever fights Errol the Truth Spence it'll like watching your favorite dog being run over by a Mack truck. Spence snatch his heart out of his chest and step on it. He will be exposed and disappear from boxing and no one will even remember his name. Well maybe the last part "FRAUD".

    • daboyz8
      daboyz8 16 days ago

      Spence out here callin out 40 year old senators and making sure he fighting people smaller than him. Couldn’t finish a former featherweight in Garcia while he really a 154-160 lb fighter. #standown

  • Beeble Brox
    Beeble Brox 20 days ago +4

    Crawford's a very smart boxer. He also fights *his* fight, not his opponents fight.

  • cnniz fakenewz
    cnniz fakenewz 20 days ago

    Good.But Lomachenko would buzz Crawford.

    • jay36171
      jay36171 20 days ago

      cnniz fakenewz Crawford would kill Loma

  • Darion Dukes
    Darion Dukes 24 days ago

    I want crawford vs broner. Crawford can finally fight someone elite. (Khan isnt elite)

    • Rich Piano
      Rich Piano 23 days ago

      Crawford is gonna fight another shooting survivor.

  • Future Mars
    Future Mars 25 days ago


  • Terence Crawford
    Terence Crawford 26 days ago

    my dream came true that day

  • Old Ironsides
    Old Ironsides 26 days ago

    Bud ain’t worth his weight in pataytah saled klahgboi

  • Engelberto Ekot
    Engelberto Ekot 28 days ago +1

    I'm not surprise of the win,coz his opponent is unknown or alien in the US boxing world😄

  • cs strike
    cs strike 28 days ago

    Bud still adapting in weltweight spence is right hes still small for him but if they ever fight at 140 crawford wins that one

  • Scarlet Gonzales
    Scarlet Gonzales 28 days ago +1

    Totally overrated(So Far) has not fought no one ,Pacman ?, Thurman ? Spence ? he beat a much smaller Gamboa with a glass chin woopty doo he has beaten has been no name clowns . Looking at his style nothing impressive No Floyd for sure i believe He will be exposed when they finally put him to fight a well known Champion . He could not ko the paper glass chin has been down more then a hooker Khan against Benividez who has a bad leg inactive nothing impressive Bud needs a big fight soon.

    • Joker Ferrufino
      Joker Ferrufino 27 days ago

      Elyda Gaytan In my opinion he does need to fight a big name like Spence Porter Ugas or Thurman maybe Paqcuiao and if he fights Spence because I think he will win against Porter Spence is going to knock him out

  • Prince Jhay-R Martinez

    langkwentang laban tagal tumama ng mga suntok, unang knockout di naman tumama, pakana na naman ng toprank yan si bob arum

  • Ray Ybanez
    Ray Ybanez 29 days ago

    The most boring knockdown I ever watch

  • Ray Ybanez
    Ray Ybanez 29 days ago

    What a clown

  • Jirom4 Fabul
    Jirom4 Fabul 29 days ago

    lol. 666 is the number of dislikes

  • Chris Montgomery
    Chris Montgomery 29 days ago

    Indongo wasn't using his jab. He had reach and height advantage. Jab-jab lrl


    Bud would smack up anyone in this division,Period


      @I'm wrong because, hmmm really, maybe know one has the saggatan or gonadz, which suggests the division knows of the real champ is

    • I'm wrong because,
      I'm wrong because, 27 days ago

      THAAD BATTERY EXTRA RANGE he ain’t fighting nobody lmao


      @I'm wrong because, Crawford would smack up the division.In my day champion fought all comers,not attempt to reduce the value of the challengers belt.All the boxing boards have is get all champs to fight the only have the WBA/WBC belts simple,Spence wouldnt have it,btw your slave comment stinks 😷😷👃

    • I'm wrong because,
      I'm wrong because, 27 days ago

      THAAD BATTERY EXTRA RANGE they aren’t frightened his slave owner won’t let him fight anybody because he’ll lose out on his money. Keep up sport


      @I'm wrong because, you taking the piss,he can only beat what's in front of him. Secondly the rest are to frightened to get in the square circle

  • Linh Lê văn
    Linh Lê văn 29 days ago

    Mọi đen.

  • Jason Burlew
    Jason Burlew 29 days ago

    can ya'll make the damb Spence fight? geevus!

  • Buddy Emon
    Buddy Emon Month ago +2

    how can he beat crawford in dancing and jumping much without solid punch. smart and quicke boxer vs dancing and jumping boxer. unmatch figth!!!

  • Yugi Roxas
    Yugi Roxas Month ago

    This Crawford should fight Mikey , Danny Errol Spence , Keith thurman and Pacquiao not thus Plumber man and Utility wotkers

  • Jason Salvador
    Jason Salvador Month ago

    A fake champion who fought nobody!!

    • hollow points bullets
      hollow points bullets 28 days ago

      @I'm wrong because, common blackie,paq dont need to show nobody he great legend.none of this fighters scared each other,Crawford fought so far with bums,crackhead,prostitute like your mom and Burger King workers, the only one was gamboa.and gamboa if he wasnt being a clown he could beat your boyfriend,go play with dolls you dont know shit about boxing.

    • I'm wrong because,
      I'm wrong because, 28 days ago

      hollow points bullets pac ducked him after Spence fought and went to Thurman tho?

    • hollow points bullets
      hollow points bullets 29 days ago

      Thank you.Crawford is garbage.i bet you paquiao would beat this guy and Spence too.

  • Jason Salvador
    Jason Salvador Month ago

    Crawford is a trash!!!

  • Roseita Kouns
    Roseita Kouns Month ago +2

    If I didn't know better those knockdowns looked fake, wow

    • Sean Keys
      Sean Keys 27 days ago

      Do you follow boxing I ment

    • Sean Keys
      Sean Keys 27 days ago

      @Roseita Kouns do you boxing

    • Roseita Kouns
      Roseita Kouns 28 days ago

      @Sean Keys I wasn't offended I just wanted you to read before you responded, we all have brain farts lol

    • Sean Keys
      Sean Keys 28 days ago

      I had a brain fart sorry lol

    • Sean Keys
      Sean Keys 28 days ago

      @Roseita Kouns I didn't mean to offend you by no means

  • Mel Hilario
    Mel Hilario Month ago

    No be musi

  • Deus Mauka
    Deus Mauka Month ago

    Indongo was not serious in boxing.

  • Matheus Nambahu
    Matheus Nambahu Month ago

    Ndele Indongo just made us seem weak

  • Okay-Ba-Okay
    Okay-Ba-Okay Month ago

    Ref counted too fast on knockout. He was fast 2 to 3 seconds. I'm only in my 8 seconds of counting but the Ref is already 10. 🙁

  • big D
    big D Month ago

    Errol is ducking Crawford big time.

    • big D
      big D Month ago

      @Steve Pittman I live down the street from the dick head, I know the truth. He's ducking myfriend.

    • Steve Pittman
      Steve Pittman Month ago

      Stop. Just stop....

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes Month ago +6

    Im sorry but that was the corniest weakest unification fight in history of boxing. bud need better competition

  • jorge orleans
    jorge orleans Month ago

    Sangat bagus dan sangat diperlukan, dikala menyaksikan pertandingan menarik, diantaranya bola dan tinju dunia. Thanks.

  • hollow points bullets

    Another bum in Crawford record.

  • S Time
    S Time Month ago +1

    Have anyone ever seen a count to 10 that fast 💨... Damn

  • Rafael Pampolina
    Rafael Pampolina Month ago

    Fight manny pacquiao

    • TboneLee
      TboneLee Month ago

      believe it or not, Pacquiao isn't a god; he's just a good fighter. did church close when Marquez put him 2 sleep a few years ago? or when Jeff Horn *_beat_* him? and yes, I said Horn beat Manny; he pushed him all over the right and Manny couldn't stop him from fouling all night. he had one good round and failed 2 knock his man out, even though he was begging 2 be ko'd

  • Trey Ivey
    Trey Ivey Month ago +1

    I kno bud was gonna win..im glad he did. But did anyone hear that referre count?? Lol. Speed count

  • Who Isreal
    Who Isreal Month ago +3

    He still not ready for Spence

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Month ago +8

    There's an awful lot to admire in Crawford. Bud's the real deal; I love this guy.

    • Mark Williams
      Mark Williams 29 days ago

      @TIm Smith I see no evidence Indongo threw the fight.

    • TIm Smith
      TIm Smith 29 days ago

      Mark Williams those knock downs look too suspicious, especially the first one!

    • hollow points bullets
      hollow points bullets Month ago

      @Mark Williams bro the only good one he fought was gamboa and if gamboa wasnt clowning around he could beat Crawford. That motherfucker start fighting with arms down, doing stupid stuffs bro. dont compared this weight fighters to the old fighter of this weight,I would bet you that Marquez would smoke Crawford easily.now every bums can win a belt they all trash compared of paq and Mayweather era.

    • Mark Williams
      Mark Williams Month ago

      @hollow points bullets Yes, I agree that should Manny would, in all likelihood, display the qualities of an "A level fighter" (as would Crawford, obviously); but the fact that Manny is who he is doesn't make Indongo a "bum" nor does it mean the WBA, IBF and IBO sanctioning bodies were promoting a "fake champ" when Indongo held their belts.

    • hollow points bullets
      hollow points bullets Month ago

      @Mark Williams man I bet everything tha pac if he fight Crawford with his age. he will going to show a real A level fighter a real top notch fighter.

  • warren mortifero
    warren mortifero Month ago

    Crawford vs paquiao

  • Sheina Pamani
    Sheina Pamani Month ago

    Crawford fight me im asian to know what is the best fighter to week black americkan are week

  • Sheina Pamani
    Sheina Pamani Month ago

    Pacman can beat him in nackout

  • Sheina Pamani
    Sheina Pamani Month ago

    Black amerikan week. And runer

  • Sheina Pamani
    Sheina Pamani Month ago

    Blackamerickan trashtalker fight asian to know how hard to ponch a asian vs blackamerikan

  • mikiy84
    mikiy84 Month ago

    If bud crawford is not good, not elite why are the other champions like spence, pacquio and porter, and even the not current champions like garcia and turman running away from him???