The Mom Vs. Dad Rap Battle

  • Published on Nov 10, 2019
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Comments • 9 637

  • Kyle Exum
    Kyle Exum  29 days ago +3797

    Thanks for watching! Make sure to Like & Subscribe if you haven't already! Who do you think had the better verse?

  • Sabrina Smith
    Sabrina Smith Hour ago


  • Leeanna Merchant
    Leeanna Merchant Hour ago +1

    I love the rap battles

  • SketchWind
    SketchWind Hour ago

    Why do people dislike Kyle’s videos? There is nothing you can dislike about him

  • bxby. clxwn
    bxby. clxwn 2 hours ago

    All those songs for ‘TicTac’ 😂😂😂

  • [ Insert YouTube Name Here]

    Do you make the beats because they're 🔥💯

  • combo panda
    combo panda 6 hours ago

    I want Kyle to get 300000000000000

  • Twilight XoX
    Twilight XoX 7 hours ago

    This channel is UNDERRATED

  • Wacky
    Wacky 8 hours ago +1

    Yt Logic
    If u comment in a vid , it gets more likes than your vid like ....


  • Patricia Zupan
    Patricia Zupan 17 hours ago

    I think your mom won she just better in everthing

  • Patricia Zupan
    Patricia Zupan 17 hours ago

    You should do a parody of Ransom

  • part time tuber
    part time tuber 18 hours ago

    Tick tocking

  • OTB Shxwn Vlogs
    OTB Shxwn Vlogs 18 hours ago

    Wesley do act like a girl

  • Hendrix Luke
    Hendrix Luke 18 hours ago

    dis so good

  • Youtube4life
    Youtube4life 19 hours ago


  • IMenace Films
    IMenace Films 19 hours ago

    Dad puts fork in the sink
    Rap battle starts at 1:51

  • psico boi
    psico boi 20 hours ago

    or ransom

  • psico boi
    psico boi 20 hours ago

    please do moonlight

  • Leilani Mcdonald
    Leilani Mcdonald 20 hours ago +1

    *Relationships be like*

  • Ellabella
    Ellabella 21 hour ago +1

    i d k a n y m o r e
    bro it’s mom back at it again
    making those chore lists with no ends
    I knew I should’ve made amends
    she’s never gon let me go see my friends
    what’s this? what’s lil bro’s list?
    i get the constitution, he gets this?
    no this ain’t fair, watch paw patrol while
    i vacuum the stairs?
    woah there, you know that ain’t fair,
    you yell at me and he just stands there?

    i made this in the shower but kyle please see this😂

  • Normal Guy
    Normal Guy 21 hour ago +1

    Who won! Like=dad Comment=mom

  • Muhammad Rayaan
    Muhammad Rayaan 22 hours ago

    When is the tik toking vid coming out

  • Vernell Ridley
    Vernell Ridley 22 hours ago

    I was just told me this garbage can you subscribe to me too

  • Kool Kid
    Kool Kid 22 hours ago +1

    *Poor Kyle*

    *Always ends up in a problem* 😂

  • FearAJ
    FearAJ 22 hours ago +1

    This got me to click mom vs dad I heard both lets see

  • Jenella tv Time
    Jenella tv Time 22 hours ago

    Shoutout please

  • CamDaChamp21
    CamDaChamp21 22 hours ago +1

    Smh wasted 2 hours of watching ur vids instead of cleaning up and laundry. 😂

  • Dominationator Gamer
    Dominationator Gamer 23 hours ago

    When's this next song finna come out

  • Ayden Paul
    Ayden Paul 23 hours ago

    bro its two twin glocks 0:30

  • David Omoregbe
    David Omoregbe 23 hours ago


  • David Omoregbe
    David Omoregbe 23 hours ago


  • LazyVaporeon
    LazyVaporeon Day ago

    "worked all day but can't clean up banana"
    Funniest part of the video

  • jamari r
    jamari r Day ago


  • Beast Of Hunger
    Beast Of Hunger Day ago

    any parent that sings a song would turn a rap song into a real song

  • Joshua Henderson

    I know this probably won’t be found but I watched Kyle exum since he was on vine and it’s amazing to see how far he’s come big fan

  • Your trash Kid
    Your trash Kid Day ago

    *lil Tesla*

    ISAAC Day ago

    2:03 relatable

  • Kareisha Jean Pierre

    The mom definitely won like low key 😂😂

  • fire storm
    fire storm Day ago

    Please do a video on "teacher vs student rap battle"

  • Tyesha Stewart
    Tyesha Stewart Day ago

    My favorite part was Kyle got in trouble

  • Ethan Goh
    Ethan Goh Day ago +1

    Like if Mom won

  • GV_ sweat
    GV_ sweat Day ago


  • Nia Montgomery
    Nia Montgomery Day ago

    I like the dads verse :/

    BLANK STATE Day ago

    Part 2

  • Multi TV
    Multi TV Day ago

    Then what's different about me


  • Multi TV
    Multi TV Day ago +1

    Exum household-Entildeld parents - strange logic.

  • Multi TV
    Multi TV Day ago +2

    Welcome to the Exum household: Including-Entildeld parents.

  • brycedoesit
    brycedoesit Day ago

    2:18 see how kyles gone in the background like if you do

  • brycedoesit
    brycedoesit Day ago

    2:16 anyone else see the middle line diffrence

  • beautygirlmine
    beautygirlmine Day ago

    0:49 it aint lil tesla" well technically he did .-.

  • Joesiah Byrd
    Joesiah Byrd Day ago

    Your my favorite person to make remixes my favorite one is trap 3 little pig and dads plan

  • isnatchedyourwigoff chile

    Ik y'all heard him say lil *tictac* then lil
    *TesLa* songs.

  • J Anglin
    J Anglin Day ago


  • Valerie Hernandez

    Mom did the rap better than the dad 😇☺😀😊😇😜😍

  • Lelee Love
    Lelee Love Day ago


  • Lelee Love
    Lelee Love Day ago



    lil tic tac

  • Samir mohamed
    Samir mohamed Day ago

    Dame bou

  • Tuwanda Beard
    Tuwanda Beard Day ago

    Kyle vs Timmy

  • Katleho Motake
    Katleho Motake Day ago