I tried Among Us public lobbies for a day...

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • Today, Disguised Toast revisits Among us after 6 months. And while he's known for his big brain among his friends. Can he outsmart random muted players?

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    thumbnail by: otriggad
    edited/animated by: Frosturne

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Comments • 1 865

  • OwO
    OwO Month ago +6751

    I was never expecting to see Toast return to this. I thought the sus has vanished from his mind.

    • leniluan
      leniluan 6 days ago

      @Olivander He usually comments for 6 hrs per day

    • leniluan
      leniluan 6 days ago


    • Knotzer3233
      Knotzer3233 Month ago

      You are officially the new Justin Y

    • Sensual Charm
      Sensual Charm Month ago

      no way

    • Nu _Jasuu
      Nu _Jasuu Month ago

      Why do I see you everywheerrrre

  • Thomashed
    Thomashed Month ago +3467

    "This is harder than my lobbies maaan." As a person who often plays public lobbies, I kinda agree lol

    • Brianna Bonilla
      Brianna Bonilla Day ago

      public lobbies make me go into a fit of rage when i catch the impostor and get voted out anyways

    • CorruptedUltimaWerewolf
      CorruptedUltimaWerewolf 15 days ago

      @Jasmine Princess they ussually voted red off tho XD

    • Knockedy
      Knockedy 28 days ago +2

      I remember a month ago when I gave so much reason to why its red and not me and another person says "blue speak so much" and everyone voted me

    • Sensei’s Secrets
      Sensei’s Secrets Month ago

      Yeah, it’s harder because it’s random as hell.

    • Friendly Bendy
      Friendly Bendy Month ago +2

      Public lobbies r legit the worst nightmare, alot of bloody power abusers and discriminators, too much jokers, teamers and exclusives(who r those who hate those outside their circles)... And the *among us platform increased the penalty of leaving for stupid reasons for hacker disrupting the whole room, from just 5 mins from doing it quickly 5 times... To A FULL HOUR for just ONE*

  • Bribe
    Bribe Month ago +2106

    For once he was actually disguised

  • Conrad Reed
    Conrad Reed Month ago +471

    I know it's only been like a year, but God the nostalgia. I used to watch every Amongus video Toast put out religiously

    • Fatal
      Fatal Month ago +1

      i use to eat my meal every day watching his videos

    • NotYou
      NotYou Month ago +2

      Wdym it was a year ago?!

    • Lixia Huang
      Lixia Huang Month ago

      In toast we trust

    • Clifton Emptage
      Clifton Emptage Month ago

      it was only a year ago lmao

    • Ash Cole
      Ash Cole Month ago +1

      Y es very religiously

  • SonicHaXD
    SonicHaXD Month ago +150

    The animations are still so good XD

  • Lances Beat Axes
    Lances Beat Axes Month ago +6114

    Toast getting voted out after catching the impostor red handed. Some things never change.

    • just a person having fun
      just a person having fun 6 hours ago

      @Injamam ul haq public lobbies are actually pretty fun to play in

    • Night Shadow
      Night Shadow 19 days ago

      Happens to me all the time

    • MINECRAFT weeeweeweeb
      MINECRAFT weeeweeweeb Month ago

      @AlphaMineron The among us law

    • Friendly Bendy
      Friendly Bendy Month ago +1

      Among us is one of those games that never check feedback unbiasedly

    • Sydney Scott
      Sydney Scott Month ago +2

      Yeah always happen on me. When I saw Impostor kills and I report it even I accuse the impostor first before the impostor defends and accuse me like lieying accuse, I always got voted out so from now on when I caught them I dont report it and I just run away

  • Andy Q
    Andy Q Month ago +294

    "No innocent person would vote for himself."

    Sykkuno: Am I a joke to you?

    • Seventeen Carat
      Seventeen Carat Month ago +5

      I was looking for this if anyone remembers 😂

  • DJ Duncan
    DJ Duncan Month ago +153

    The players in the lobbies that played with "Lankybat" and are watching this must be flipping out.

  • Finn Cohen
    Finn Cohen Month ago +49

    I love how Sykkuno’s sprout was drawn in the animation when Toast was ejected

  • FoodRectify
    FoodRectify Month ago +109

    The fact that he actually exposed things like this while he's free, what a smart move we have here

  • FoodRectify
    FoodRectify Month ago +25

    Seeing Toast back on Among Us after so long Is great, have really missed his videos

  • Mega Rotom
    Mega Rotom Month ago +23

    honestly I've had some pretty fun public lobbies, generally the settings actually tell you a lot about the group you are playing with so keep an eye on the settings and you're on your way to a good lobby...statistically anyways

    • Mega Rotom
      Mega Rotom Month ago

      @Friendly Bendy yah...those exist, thankfully they aren't too common if you play when the game isn't popular

    • Mega Rotom
      Mega Rotom Month ago

      @Friendly Bendy my odds have been better than 1/30 and worse than 1/10. Although it helps A LOT to not play immediately after updates as that's when most the idiots join. It also should be noted that the odds are best on Polus and worst on Skeld and Airship and 2 imposters with 10 players is often a good sign

    • Friendly Bendy
      Friendly Bendy Month ago

      @Mega Rotom u got like 1 in 300 chance to get good players and non-psychotics

    • Friendly Bendy
      Friendly Bendy Month ago

      @Mega Rotom ... Also... Hackers

    • Mega Rotom
      Mega Rotom Month ago

      @Friendly Bendy okay yah, it takes way more time than it really should to find a good lobby that doesn't instantly kick you out, but most of the time, you can stay in one lobby for quite a while

  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    I see Among Us in a Toast video. I click. Plain and simple.

  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    I love the fact that he is actually enjoying this because noone really accuse him like all the time lol

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +6101

    This just throws me back to a year ago when I used to watch Toast's Among Us videos as part of my morning routine.

    • just a person having fun
      just a person having fun 6 hours ago

      it was a midnight routine for me lmaoo- probably bc of the timezones

    • Mitsou44
      Mitsou44 9 days ago

      I still watch among us videos. There was so many from Toast, Rae, Sykunno, Corpse etc... I was unable to watch them at the time.

    • Gabriel Antonuccio
      Gabriel Antonuccio 12 days ago

      Yeah, the groups he played with were just so entertaining. I miss when the game was big tbh but also see that it reached its peak long ago. It was a special time on yt

    • ivel
      ivel 13 days ago

      I miss those days

    • Angelo Samuel
      Angelo Samuel Month ago


  • SuperHeroR
    SuperHeroR Month ago +13

    This just feels right Toast. We need you back in Among Us.

  • EnbyCryptidCats
    EnbyCryptidCats Month ago +90

    "No innocent person would vote themselves"
    -looks at Sykkuno- I wouldn't be so sure

  • aussiebird14
    aussiebird14 Month ago +5

    Love watching toast’s among us content. Glad to see some more of it. Also really missed frosturne’s among us animations. So cute.

  • you're invalid
    you're invalid Month ago +5

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how good toast looks? He looks so healthy and his hair suits him so much

  • Boots Rl
    Boots Rl Month ago +2799


    • Clemver Pomtato
      Clemver Pomtato Month ago

      Lankybat the KING himself

    • Ashton Menzies
      Ashton Menzies Month ago

      Yea “most be”

    • Builder Monkey
      Builder Monkey Month ago

      @Boots Rl Did you make that profile pic? Looks cool.

    • 13torn
      13torn Month ago


    • Nobuyuki
      Nobuyuki Month ago +1

      @Deck It I feel you. I watched Toast talked about this, the people's expectation of him. Maybe Original Commentor doesn't understand yet the situation Toast is having with Among Us. This video is just 'testing the waters' if he will upload this content more or not, and looks like it's not cuz of these people's high expectation.

  • KanaHyoshi
    KanaHyoshi Month ago +8

    "No innocent person would vote for himself!"
    Dude must have forgotten all about poor Sykkuno.

  • Smol Mishka
    Smol Mishka Month ago +5

    His reactions were literally my reactions when I tried to play for the first time in awhile

  • The Road Runner
    The Road Runner Month ago +3

    I would genuinely love to play a game of among us with Toast. It would be such an interesting experience.

  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    I see Among Us in a Toast video. I click. Plain and simple.

  • suzybaes
    suzybaes Month ago +1

    i love how toast returned to among us. like so unexpected and so him. he really is always ahead of everyone

  • 케이티
    케이티 Month ago +2

    Toast experiencing the same pain we got in public lobbies lmao, but it's good to see him playing this once again ^^

  • ushrmcnls
    ushrmcnls Month ago +1

    I was gonna binge-watch your among us plays and saw this! Made me happy. Your gameplays are my comfort video series.

  • jaywons
    jaywons Month ago

    Contents like this are always entertaining when it comes from you, Toast. Looking forward to more! Public lobbies seem kinda fun

  • Silver Owens
    Silver Owens Month ago +1891

    Toast: Orange is sus, nobody would vote themselves if they're innocent.

    Sykunno: Toast? Am I a joke to you? 🤭

  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me


  • Abigail Soli
    Abigail Soli Month ago

    finally, i love content like this plus i feel like it really is the test to see if you’re as good as you think you are without proximity chat or chat with your friends like in meetings lol

  • AK Games
    AK Games Month ago +5

    Glad to see Toast has returned to Among Us. Welp time for me to return to Among Us now :D

  • alida flus
    alida flus Month ago

    Seeing Toast back on Among Us after so long Is great, have really missed his videos

  • Madison Eliza
    Madison Eliza Month ago

    Hey, Toast! Good to see you happy with the content you're putting out again and well, seeing you again in general! Hey, if you still like playing Among Us, ChilledChaos has an evening lobby that gets together a few times a week and I bet he'd love to have you there! Just, if you can't find anyone to play with! Okay! Bye!

  • Callme R0naef
    Callme R0naef Month ago

    This part of the strim was so hilarious and painful at the same time LMAO the normal amogus communications in Toast's lobbies was nonexistent

  • Khine They
    Khine They Month ago

    Seeing Toast playing Amongus again makes me smile :D

  • tim jordan
    tim jordan Month ago

    Honestly for me the best part of watching you play among us was the interactions with the other people you played with.

  • Ace Kaur
    Ace Kaur Month ago +2056

    Toast: “Gyazturk you one of the good ones. I’ll follow you around.”
    Meanwhile: Gyazturk is trying to do 02 as a task
    Toast: “ I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you buddy.

    • Ivorella Rackley
      Ivorella Rackley Month ago

      @AxxL your profile is so confusing like wtf

    • Benjamin Lee
      Benjamin Lee Month ago +7

      @AxxL good for you but do go to school tho, at least until you learn how to spell

    • fire sheep
      fire sheep Month ago +1

      @Katarzyna Agnieszka exactly he was probably gonna call it but he decided not to

    • Katarzyna Agnieszka
      Katarzyna Agnieszka Month ago +1

      @fire sheep except gyazturk was the imp afair idk

    • Gamer GirlJRT
      Gamer GirlJRT Month ago


  • Draylenn
    Draylenn Month ago

    Wow I didn't realize how much I missed watching Toast play Among Us. It used to be part of my daily routine for months.

  • FoodRectify
    FoodRectify Month ago +3

    I was never expecting to see Toast return to this. I thought the sus has vanished from his mind.

  • An C
    An C Month ago

    Great editing, frost! Miss these kinds of vids with animations 💜💜

  • CC Lauren Raquel
    CC Lauren Raquel Month ago +1

    That took me back to the good old days... aka last year when my day would start/end with Disguised Toast's newest among us video. I miss the thrill of seeing a new 5head video.

  • Nessie x27
    Nessie x27 Month ago +1259

    The innocent “Where?” animation with the lime crewmate had me dying 😂

  • Nick Breshears
    Nick Breshears Month ago

    This was realy funny, I enjoyed it. Hope you had a good time

  • Rashid Noor
    Rashid Noor Month ago

    Wtf. I've been rewatching among us since yesterday and this man decides to do a comeback. The legend is back

  • BlitzLemon 🍋
    BlitzLemon 🍋 Month ago +1

    Keeping posting among us, don't stop! We love it! Toast you gotta keeping posting! 🔥

  • bop pop
    bop pop Month ago

    Wow I wasn’t expecting Toast playing among us again. The memories 🥲

  • GJC n LRC
    GJC n LRC Month ago

    I want more! I need more! I had this as the first thing I do in the morning… watch Toast play among us… I wanna see more

  • Kanimeシ
    Kanimeシ Month ago

    This was a fun stream 🤣🤣 so happy the kings back on twitch 👑

  • Party Poison
    Party Poison Month ago +1

    Imagine the reaction of these random players that actually played with toast when they watch this video

  • Pirate69Reaper
    Pirate69Reaper Month ago +1

    This content of toast making a return to among us would definitely bring the game back on the map again

  • Melmalade -
    Melmalade - Month ago

    I missed your videos so much! Would love to see more like this. :D

  • Ali Yazaan
    Ali Yazaan Month ago +1

    The Sherlock, the legendary mastermind, the trained freaking assin, the best friend of sykkuno and valkray. I thought I would never see the three amigos.

  • Nadya Nurul Imani
    Nadya Nurul Imani Month ago

    This reminds me of the good ol days when toast upload AU video everyday and i watched it before i go to bed. The cute looking animation in the opening is also memorable 🤧

  • mini mellow
    mini mellow Month ago

    You don't know how happy it made me he won the imposter round 😂

  • Omar J
    Omar J Month ago +636

    Imagine being a guy in a public lobby and later find out you had Disguised Toast in your team

    • Diana
      Diana Month ago

      kids dont watch toast so i dont think it would affect them if they knew

    • Friendly Bendy
      Friendly Bendy Month ago +4

      @AMLAN PADHI I uninstalled it because it got way too unfair, network freezing, exclusives bumming spree hacker killjoy and much harsher penalty for leaving even when one of those hackers hijack...

    • Yuji
      Yuji Month ago +1

      And you see you voted him out lol

    • charity faith
      charity faith Month ago +2

      Actually I thought he might have been in one of the lobbies I played for a while it could have been him but I doubt it he just had the same name as toast, I’d like to think it was toast tho lol

      AMLAN PADHI Month ago +9

      Same here! I uninstalled it due to network issue in my device!!

  • Nathan Samuelson
    Nathan Samuelson Month ago

    Glad to see you back, my man! ^^ also, happy to see there’s new content in among us :p

  • Sammy !!!!
    Sammy !!!! Month ago

    I need more of these I missed toast playing among us 😩

  • Shahzaib Khan
    Shahzaib Khan Month ago

    Feels so good to see you back on among us :) toast ❤️

  • Ahmad Mawlud
    Ahmad Mawlud Month ago +1

    this guy was the reason i started watching Among Us and also the reason why I stopped watching it. I'm glad that he made this video and gave us a chance to watch another video again!

  • lol freak waca
    lol freak waca Month ago +536

    Everybody: so great to see you play among us again dude!
    Toast: time to not touch anong us for another 6 months

  • Urwa
    Urwa 25 days ago

    God this reminds me of the first lockdown when i used to watch Toast and his friends amoung us streams every night :')

  • Ryan Baird
    Ryan Baird Month ago

    i miss watching these every day. its like seeing an old friend

  • Karim
    Karim Month ago +1

    you're editors are INSANE!! welcome back toast.

  • Brandon Larranaga
    Brandon Larranaga Month ago

    I'm feeling public lobby Among Us Toast!!! Keep them coming bro! :)

  • Turtle is Disappointed in You

    When the world needed him most he returned

    • Syafiqah Mahmood
      Syafiqah Mahmood Month ago

      The world will always need him

    • you're invalid
      you're invalid Month ago

      @Scrappi nobody needs you either yet here we are🤷

    • Truck Kun
      Truck Kun Month ago

      @Rj Vapor semi-bald

    • Rj Vapor
      Rj Vapor Month ago

      If only he was still bald

    • M Shudipta
      M Shudipta Month ago +14

      @Scrappi stfu we did maybe you didn't. 😒

  • ykcaj rodavlas
    ykcaj rodavlas Month ago

    omgggg that was fun! you still got it, toast! as expected of the king of Among Us 😌👏🏻

  • Twan van der Donk
    Twan van der Donk Month ago

    Classic Toast, doing the least expected thing that was expected all along

  • Tev Zin
    Tev Zin Month ago +2

    We love toast and his return to among us please bring the game from 💀

  • Raeli
    Raeli Month ago +1

    When the world needed him the most, He came back!

  • MyThoughtsBelow
    MyThoughtsBelow Month ago +295

    Catches Impostor red-handed.

    Gets Voted.

    Welcome to Among Us public lobbies.

    • JuanMata
      JuanMata Month ago

      @Ben yes, Gyazturk was the shapeshifter, they morphed into Ovalhat the next round. Toast obviously cut out that part from the video, but u can watch the VOD of his livestream on Twitch from a week ago if u want. :)

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      @Ajinkya Londhe oh yeah that makes sense.

    • Ajinkya Londhe
      Ajinkya Londhe Month ago +1

      @Ben Nah, I think they were engineer. They wouldnt vent to report their kill. also the gyasturk guy was probably imp, they were "faking" O2 task and came from Medbay area earlier.

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      @JuanMata chewy mint came from bottom right on the cam room on the last round before they voted toast. Pretty sure he vented. So, isn't toast correct?

    • Ben
      Ben Month ago

      @JuanMata gyasturk was the impostor?

  • Azmain Yakin Srizon

    Toast was a big part of my day in the AmongUs era. He's still a big part of my day though.

  • Alejandro Penalver
    Alejandro Penalver Month ago

    im glad we get another among us video but im just as glad to see this clean among us edits and animations

  • Madison Hokstad
    Madison Hokstad Month ago +1

    Dang, I haven’t watched Toast in a while, and he must have been working out. He looks great

  • Vian
    Vian Month ago

    Im actually really glad seeing he play the game again and editor still doing good job with the video..

  • ImJustMi
    ImJustMi Month ago +530

    I just watched the podcast with Jae where he said he wouldn't play for another year and now this, I feel blessed
    Also, everything you do is enjoyable for us to watch so I hope you'll keep doing things that you enjoy too Toast

    • ImJustMi
      ImJustMi Month ago

      @Clark Esteban it's the new otv podcast

    • Clark Esteban
      Clark Esteban Month ago

      What podcast are you talking about? I sort of want to watch it now

    • Raul Diaz
      Raul Diaz Month ago

      I believe Toast also said that might play again for a little if a new update hit. Which it did with the new roles.

    • Director Nie
      Director Nie Month ago +6

      he did say, that if he will play it now, he will play it ironically, which he did...

    • Adam Janks
      Adam Janks Month ago +4

      He did a one of for his first game stream back on twitch he won’t play among us with friends untill the summer or something he said

  • Toetail
    Toetail Month ago

    Hey toast thanks for coming back! We missed you!

  • Sydney Scott
    Sydney Scott Month ago

    When the world needs him, The legend is back to play Among Us. I waited so long to see Toast plays again new current Among Us update that have new roles and features, I am soo happy to watch him playing this game again 😄😃😀😁.

  • FoodRectify
    FoodRectify Month ago +2

    Imagine watching this video after playing with someone pink named “Lankybat” and not knowing, I would’ve been crying for hours

  • beata jolanta dulnik
    beata jolanta dulnik Month ago +1

    Toast: “Gyazturk you one of the good ones. I’ll follow you around.”
    Meanwhile: Gyazturk is trying to do 02 as a task
    Toast: “ I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you buddy.

  • Eabidak Music
    Eabidak Music Month ago +430

    I love the fact that he is actually enjoying this because noone really accuse him like all the time lol

  • Andy Q
    Andy Q Month ago

    I miss Among Us so much. I still regularly watch the old videos.

  • poison scorpio
    poison scorpio Month ago

    It'd be amazing if the old lobby reunited again in Among Us a year later.

  • The G.O.A.T
    The G.O.A.T Month ago +1

    I really missed the little among us animation in Toast's video good job Toast keep it up on the grind! :)

  • Ram gian keith del Mundo

    The entire time I was watching this I was smiling 😊

  • Ro Boat Ro
    Ro Boat Ro Month ago +222

    Imagine watching this video after playing with someone pink named “Lankybat” and not knowing, I would’ve been crying for hours

  • Lauren Savins
    Lauren Savins Month ago

    Love toasts work, public lobbys are chaotic at best but dose help to improve the game play 😂

  • JohariLove
    JohariLove Month ago

    The ending after winning as imp was too funny lol

  • Marcella Ballarino
    Marcella Ballarino Month ago

    Imagine being imposter duo with toast and having no idea😂

  • Baltazar, Nico Paolo, Laspoñas

    Yesss, Toast finally comes back playing Among Us

  • Abdulrahman Adel
    Abdulrahman Adel Month ago +190

    And we are back to appreciating the editor!!
    No seriously the editing in this is in insane.

  • Tracy Faye Anglo
    Tracy Faye Anglo Month ago

    Play again! Once a month please! This is fun!

  • That one dude who posts stuff

    I wanna see toast play among us again with his freinds

  • _ DanielzAGamer _
    _ DanielzAGamer _ Month ago

    Toast is having too much fun playing public lobbys LMAO , bring it back toast!

  • HNSL
    HNSL Month ago +1

    I instantly click when i see toast back in AMONG US

  • PixieThis
    PixieThis Month ago

    When i see toast play with his friends it makes me want to re download among us, when I see him play in public lobbies it reminds me why I deleted among us.

  • Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones Month ago

    I have not watched Toast in months probably. But when I tell you I got so excited when I saw Toast and Among Us together again omg!!

  • Allison
    Allison Month ago

    TOOOOAST SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!! Hope youre well!!

  • Deenath Rashen
    Deenath Rashen Month ago +1

    The king among us is back. Waiting for more..🔥🔥❤️😈

  • Cute as duck
    Cute as duck Month ago +75

    Can't believe it's already been a year since the among us era, dang. I found all my comfort streamers because of it

    • Zach Sikula
      Zach Sikula Month ago +1

      I still watch the chilled lobbies I wouldn't have found them if it wasn't for toast tho