🎁 Mystery Gift Unwrapping with Ro!

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • I got Ro some gifts for Christmas but... she has to GUESS what they are!
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  • Quick Apple
    Quick Apple 14 hours ago

    @ijustine do a video with Harry Potter review:)

  • iain walters
    iain walters Day ago

    Ro- Alaxa

  • Emily Peterson
    Emily Peterson Day ago

    I have the unicorn blindfold! It’s so cute

  • Brynna Fox
    Brynna Fox Day ago

    And she said Alexa my house was shook

  • Little Vlogs
    Little Vlogs 2 days ago

    Thank goodness i head headphones decause i have a alexa right next to me

  • Strawberry Namjoon
    Strawberry Namjoon 3 days ago +2

    8:27 Ro: It's a dog
    Justine: Yes
    Ro: It's a pig

  • Scroll of Infinity
    Scroll of Infinity 3 days ago

    I was watching this video and my Alexa went off

  • ChildOfthewolvesxxx
    ChildOfthewolvesxxx 4 days ago +3

    ive litteraly been watching all of justine and rosanas collabs ALL DAY

  • Michael Ngo
    Michael Ngo 4 days ago +1

    when I saw the backpack I got soooooo jealous

  • Brooke Newman
    Brooke Newman 5 days ago

    how do u wash atoaster ?????

  • Anna Leah
    Anna Leah 6 days ago

    I have the same backpack! >o

  • davidson Family
    davidson Family 6 days ago

    Buyer reply 10:18 10:18 10:18 10:18 10:18

  • Jocelyn flores Molina
    Jocelyn flores Molina 6 days ago +1

    I have that same unicorn blindfold

  • Jasmine Varillas
    Jasmine Varillas 6 days ago

    Who else is watching this in the summer also when to said hey Siri my Siri said hello I stared laughing so hard lol

  • Charlie7713
    Charlie7713 6 days ago

    Haha my Siri answered 😂❤️

  • SienaGauci Gatcha
    SienaGauci Gatcha 7 days ago +1

    I think ro would be a Hufflepuff

  • Saanvi Pahari
    Saanvi Pahari 7 days ago

    Ro is Hufflepuff...

  • Marla Stanfield
    Marla Stanfield 8 days ago +4

    Harry Potter is the best thing ever

    (im a Slytherin)

  • tiffany duh
    tiffany duh 8 days ago

    Justine i hope u answer i am a harry potter fan too and i want to know were you got the backpack plz answer

  • Charlotte Wallwork
    Charlotte Wallwork 9 days ago

    When she said hey Siri my Siri turned on !?!?!?

  • The Channel Of Fun
    The Channel Of Fun 10 days ago

    Ah! Best video ever🥳😁

  • Belinda Wright
    Belinda Wright 10 days ago +1

    I love harry potter to and I want to know where did you get that harry potter backpack

  • WernerDeWalvis
    WernerDeWalvis 11 days ago


  • Malak abu
    Malak abu 13 days ago

    surprise Ro with more gifts this Christmas

  • MariaPaula Perez
    MariaPaula Perez 13 days ago

    Why am I watching this in July 🤦‍♀️

  • songs,sweets and every thing fun

    My English teacher has a DV toster that makes the face into the bread and it's his face

  • Kassy Ribeiro
    Kassy Ribeiro 13 days ago

    I need that Harry Potter bag

    PAYTON WILEY 14 days ago +1

    Lol BREAD....


  • Myra Chxii
    Myra Chxii 14 days ago +1

    She always got unicorn 🦄

  • cyruz mallion
    cyruz mallion 14 days ago

    ar 6:13 ro said 'it's a speaker Alexa' hahahahahahah

  • Dleen Asb
    Dleen Asb 15 days ago +1

    Absolutely nobody:
    Ro: OK

  • Brody Raven
    Brody Raven 15 days ago

    justine you are such a good friend.

  • Brd Alqush
    Brd Alqush 15 days ago

    Ro: It’s a dog!

    Justine: Yes

    Ro: It’s a pig!

    Justine: What type of dog

    Ro: It’s a dog!
    I don’t know why I laughed at this 😂

  • Grete Alavere
    Grete Alavere 15 days ago

    Ro: this is the best day of my life ever!!!
    Me: umm ok

  • Aditi Patel - Shaw PS (1489)

    When Ro said “hey Siri” my iPad turned on Siri

  • IOS NeenjAH
    IOS NeenjAH 15 days ago +2

    On Ro’s hard round I guessed it and I didn’t even know what it was
    But I knew it had to be associated with a phone and when she said it I was blown away
    With my lucky guess 📱

  • ANNE Eilerman
    ANNE Eilerman 15 days ago

    It’s a
    It’s a. COOKIE


  • Maliyah Rico
    Maliyah Rico 16 days ago

    I own the same unicorn blindfold

  • Emma Shane
    Emma Shane 16 days ago

    It’s a pig

  • Trickshot films
    Trickshot films 16 days ago

    my aleaxie went off omg love u ro

  • Slime and Stuff
    Slime and Stuff 17 days ago +2

    Ro: Alexa
    My Alexa: *lights up
    Justine: we just activated everyone’s home device
    Me: yup Justine. My Alexa went off

  • Salma Alameddin
    Salma Alameddin 17 days ago +2

    Ro: It's a dog
    Justine: It's a dog
    Ro: it's a pig
    Justine: What type of dog
    Ro: ITS A DOG

  • Paytan Gibbs
    Paytan Gibbs 18 days ago

    Hey Ro... I tried to call but u answered but then hung up

  • Pippa Brown
    Pippa Brown 18 days ago +1


    Edit: I got a like
    Wait why is it blue

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    Aimee w 18 days ago

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    Camilla Whitney 18 days ago

    i love harry potter. im reading the end of the book.he is talking with voldemort

  • Maria  Rivera
    Maria Rivera 18 days ago

    6:13 is my favorite part

  • Devon Nicole
    Devon Nicole 19 days ago

    Ro: ITS A DOG
    Justine: what kind of dog?
    Ro: ITS A DOG

  • Piggy Wiggly
    Piggy Wiggly 19 days ago

    Why is Ro excited about a toaster

  • Colene Olleres
    Colene Olleres 19 days ago

    I want the harry potter bag so badly

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    yasemin aydinlioglu 20 days ago

    I’m in griffindoor I took the House test

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    Claire and Madeline 20 days ago +1

    Oh yes I definitely want a loaf of bread for Christmas!

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    IanR 22 days ago

    Ro is soo cute oh my 😭🤠

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    Ty Buell 22 days ago

    You should do a weird blindfold unboxing

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    kaylyn Braga 23 days ago +2

    Lmao 😂 " I'm ready for a hard one "
    ... Me too Ro, me too :P

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    Brian LaReau 26 days ago

    if she dont watch harry potter

  • Brian LaReau
    Brian LaReau 26 days ago

    will stop watching her

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    Jessica O'Connor Month ago

    6:13 I’m dying

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    “it’s a dog”
    “*gasp* it’s a pig!!!!”

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    Christopher Thomas Month ago

    ijustine and Ro the bread literally had me hungry while watching this video. Love you ijustine and Ro.

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    Omg Ro!i have the same blindfold,(lowkey,i watch this before i sleep and i have my blind fold in my forhead😂😅)

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    Melanie Williams Month ago

    You guys should play whoever gives the worst president ever this is how it goes you guys give each other 20 presents and you write them out of one 10 and if you read this please give me a shout out and one being the worst and 10 being the best

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  • xX MiladyCakeBaby Xx


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