The Russian Scandal: The Crème De La Kremlin III | The Daily Show

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • The Daily Show provides an update on Robert Mueller’s investigation and President Trump’s suspicious string of pro-Russia stances.
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Comments • 2 060

  • John Ayap
    John Ayap 12 hours ago

    Maybe the Russian hackers are succesful.

  • Snowy Terrain
    Snowy Terrain Day ago


  • Chris Milton
    Chris Milton 3 days ago

    "Let me read my notes,... What I meant to say was,... . GTFOH!!!!!😃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 4 days ago

    The difference between Trump and Putin is 12,000 miles

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 4 days ago

    WE (America and Russia) have a world to rule ? Leading to ''Civil War #2)

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 4 days ago

    Working with Russia to destroy America is called''TREASON''.

  • brianna perez
    brianna perez 4 days ago +1

    3:13 that's a violation of rule of law. No one is above the law

  • George Clowney
    George Clowney 6 days ago

    Hannity: Dumb questions..... maybe for a dumb president

  • didrik mortensen
    didrik mortensen 6 days ago

    Now I'm hidden because VPN I can tell. I am Burkino Faso agent. Codename Vlad Emir Butin. Me and my comrades agent Burkino Faso make a special operations in the America States. Project Okay Jee-pee (Jee-pee Burkino Faso word say okay). We unit make a very false and busses from other states and voting. Also hacky we make it. Is okay, Only one small thing is okay.Check a document Burkino Faso 2014/2015. Okay Jee-Pee. A project in one books.

  • Sophie Peraaud
    Sophie Peraaud 8 days ago


  • Sanele Siya
    Sanele Siya 10 days ago +1

    It simple trump is a coward..he fear face to face talk..tht y he uses tweeter

  • piss off
    piss off 11 days ago

    Here's.mossad favoeite black agent.

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 12 days ago

    #abusedmen #stopsextraficking

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 12 days ago

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 12 days ago

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 12 days ago

  • Tony Parks
    Tony Parks 12 days ago

    That's true that's true he is the only one that can do a crime and get away with it the president has 100% immunity. I thought you knew what you ain't knowing you must be new you hush must be feeding you Fish Head stew. That's why mrs. Clinton can destroy her emails.

  • William Hou
    William Hou 14 days ago +1

    Trevor, you're mongering Russian fear, North Korean fear, and all other kinds of political fear around the country.
    Cannot you "monger" peace and love?
    You are a public figure, and you should know better.

  • Valerie Angell
    Valerie Angell 17 days ago

    There he goes again...hatin’ on Barack.He should just shut up.He just shows how intimidated he is by Obama.As well he should be...

    UPASANA BHATTACHARYYA 20 days ago +1

    When a comedian is a better journalist than the actual journalist , one might wonder how big the yellow journalism has grown!!!!

  • Ceryus Business
    Ceryus Business 20 days ago

    Eh, idk if these people know it but the dutch intelligence figured out that russia manipulated in the american elections, they told the FBI and the FBI released it.

  • Gillian Mellström
    Gillian Mellström 21 day ago

    Seriously...This show is superb.

    • piss off
      piss off 11 days ago

      Grow up and do your own thinking.

  • Gillian Mellström
    Gillian Mellström 21 day ago +2

    Och, how I laughed when you called him ”Vladdy!” ....I have not have such a great laugh ( and ”inside I weep) at the political system in the States now, but in in most countrys...but things ARE changing....hope people know that we have NO other options...we’re spirits having a human adventure, but now we must wake-up and turn to consiousness to live a much better, real life. Its all about LOVE.

  • Lunkis
    Lunkis 22 days ago

    Is that a news channel or a sickcom.. Hilarius 😄

  • Larry Hardy
    Larry Hardy 23 days ago

    wow crooks and satans minions r busy..disgusting

  • Garry Miller
    Garry Miller 26 days ago +1

    Trump is always defending Russia and doing what benefits them. He'd rather win an election then protect our country

    • Garry Miller
      Garry Miller 14 days ago

      @Janet Baker are you trolling or just that ignorant? Is the Mueller report fake news? If he didn't give a shit about Russia he wouldn't be begging for them to be allowed back in every year for the g7 summit. He wouldn't defend Putin's annexation of Crimea by saying Putin outsmarted Obama. Trump is a Russian asset whether you like it or not. Does he shill for Israel as well? Of course he does

    • Janet Baker
      Janet Baker 14 days ago

      I truly truly cannot believe the idiocy of you people thinking that he prefers Russia Over America what is wrong with you?
      He just declared himself The Chosen One of Israel! He did this publicly. He doesn't give a shit about what goes on in Russia he bows down to Israel!
      What is wrong with you? Why would you have anything against Russia they have done nothing to us. It was proven they didn't meddle in the elections, Israel meddled in our elections!

  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman 27 days ago

    I can relate to keisha 💀

  • King T’Challa
    King T’Challa 29 days ago +1

    Chris Cuomo’s face is hilarious 😂 17:15

  • louise ngo bikond
    louise ngo bikond 29 days ago

    We are already missing the Daily Show. September 3rd is too long to not have Fresh episodes of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah On Air...You guys are being missed.

  • TheMatron'sMilitia
    TheMatron'sMilitia Month ago

    There was no crimea

  • The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

    @10:37 ACTUALLY he says " My secretary will contact you to finalize your purchase of America Putin, & I gotta tell ya Ive given ya a SWEETDEAL"

  • John Cass
    John Cass Month ago


  • Кирилл Житков

    Why not live in a world of goodness and friendship?? People are sometimes so miserable, faceless and soulless. Is it possible to change smth? Small thing begins from you.

  • Andrej Tag
    Andrej Tag Month ago

    he confessed being a witch 1000 times.

    CHRIZZY . Month ago

    Premeditated murder???? I guess not lol

  • Martin Dahl
    Martin Dahl Month ago

    *This is such a load of BS!* I guess its more important demonizing Putin and scoring easy points on trump instead of going with the truth. Im not a Trump supporter but having him as President is a hell of a lot better because then Clinton. Trump has almost everyone against him limiting the damage he can do. Saving us all from WW3 this far. 🤐 Btw the DNC emails was not hacked, they were leaked and someone paid with their life for it!

  • Tac Genis #
    Tac Genis # Month ago

    im not saying that trump is actually a russian spy, but if trevor says that trump would make the worst spy and if everyone thinks so, does that not mean that he is actually the best choice for a spy?

  • Fred M
    Fred M Month ago

    There is a truth in every joke!

  • Vm Mv
    Vm Mv Month ago +1

    Love from mother Russia 🇷🇺

  • RamBen Israel
    RamBen Israel Month ago

    Just like all Edomites no matter if there mother is of color they deep down know we are different, how does it feel to use the work nigga and nigger. You still Esau you are what your forefather are. Trevor is Edomites so called white dude, but you are Red with tint.

  • D Taylor
    D Taylor Month ago

    8:19 he didn't praise neo-nazis and I think misconstruing his statement is dangerous

  • Luan Souza
    Luan Souza Month ago +1

    Comparing to Brazil, this is like heaven. We cannot even trust the STJ, or the higher court of justice, much less our politicians.

  • Not a People person

    I will never be able to forget that Trump sided with Russia on Finnish soil...we will never be clean

  • John CY
    John CY Month ago

    so pimped trevor , putin was part of the security envoy of Gorbachev & comes from honest good working class .

    pimped for $$$

  • reo con
    reo con Month ago

    AND ANOTHER NOTHING BURGER. Are you leftist pigs getting fat on the nothing burgers yet ?

  • oldrrocr
    oldrrocr Month ago

    Donny, you know that when Putin is finished with you, you will end up in Siberia... right? I wonder if they need a tower in Novosibirsk?

    • oldrrocr
      oldrrocr Month ago

      Maybe you can steal their coat of arms too...

  • reptilespantoso
    reptilespantoso Month ago

    The scandal is, that the whole "russia" accusation was, and is BOGUS. But the media will NEVER admit that. And you won't either.

  • Patrick Quenga
    Patrick Quenga Month ago

    I love Trevor, but what he defines and "criminal intent" is no where near associated with "what you think in your mind". If we the people could be charged with what we think in our minds, then pretty much every American would be incarcerated on any bad day they have had in their lives, because we all think crazy shit on those really bad days...but we cope, we adjust, and we rebound.

  • Susan Hoffa
    Susan Hoffa Month ago

    Chump you are just gone.traitor go back to wherever the hell u came from.

  • Susan Hoffa
    Susan Hoffa Month ago

    Chump always wanting russia back in,.putin dic ,everything with chump backward,back in.obviiusly you chump bent over for action.

  • Hans Janetzke
    Hans Janetzke Month ago

    please try not insult other than the usa
    america are 35 independent countries
    List Of North American 23 Countries:
    The U S A is only one of it
    lots of the other americans have an free education system of some kind
    here the others
    Mexico Canada Guatemala
    Cuba The Dominican Republic Haiti Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Costa
    Rica Panama Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago The Bahamas Belize Barbados
    Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Grenada Antigua and
    Barbuda Dominica Saint Kitts and Nevis
    here the 12 south american countries
    : Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru,
    Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and Ecuador.

  • Raider AL916
    Raider AL916 Month ago

    No collusion... let’s move on please.

  • gramcracker
    gramcracker Month ago

    Hannity, you are the ring leader of the White House circus. Trump is the clown. My goodness. Will America ever recover from this pathetic mess?

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B Month ago

    Dude you look like a devil on the cover of this video.

  • Gaming TV
    Gaming TV Month ago +1

    9:12 I wouldn't be shocked." Nice pun

  • kk kumar
    kk kumar Month ago

    Why US elected trump?????

  • Christopher Heffner

    I'm my opinion Trump is to damn stupid to be a spy. However I do believe that Russia did help to put him into Presidency for the purpose of destabilizing this country..

  • Aperson Thatsnice
    Aperson Thatsnice Month ago

    What happened to Trumps eyes??? Why are the black?? Didn’t at one time they used to be blue?? Just saying, I guess when the demon possessed him they turned black??

  • Tyg Rahof
    Tyg Rahof Month ago

    President comrade cheeseburger bonespurs...could go on all such a disgraceful criminal.