Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé

  • Published on Mar 16, 2010
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Telephone (Clean Version). (C) 2010 Interscope Records

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  • Konsta ntinos
    Konsta ntinos 13 minutes ago

    Almost 10 years later i still can't decide if this video is amazing or a load of crap.

  • Mina Ya
    Mina Ya 26 minutes ago

    Satanism !!

  • Khoa Nhựt
    Khoa Nhựt Hour ago

    Phần 2 đâu con đỹ saolon
    Translate: love you from v-littlemonster

  • ʟᴏɴᴇʟʏ
    ʟᴏɴᴇʟʏ 2 hours ago

    ava max & normani first collab

  • gloel player
    gloel player 2 hours ago

    Reup juttu täs sanotaan kanaperse

    Espace ASTRONOMIQUE 2 hours ago

    Beautifull , Amazing ,fantastic .she is Lady gaga ❤️ mother Monster

  • Mars Productions
    Mars Productions 6 hours ago +1

    Ok how many of you actually came to watch this video after the pharaoh’s throne parody

  • 공수겸장
    공수겸장 8 hours ago

    2020.1.21 언제 들어도 굿

  • Zaky Adam
    Zaky Adam 8 hours ago +1


  • Hendrick Hilbert
    Hendrick Hilbert 9 hours ago

    6:34 cooking class with Lady Gaga😂nah, here's the recipe 7:06

  • Kaitlen Jones
    Kaitlen Jones 9 hours ago

    So... 2010 was a weird time

  • Allan S
    Allan S 11 hours ago

    "To be continued..." waiting until today, close to turning 10 years

  • Dameon Eaglin
    Dameon Eaglin 11 hours ago

    This music video almost made me vegan

  • Jay West
    Jay West 14 hours ago

    Why does this video remind me of Wentworth?

  • Cleidiane Silva
    Cleidiane Silva 15 hours ago

    Vou esperar a parte 2 até a morte!

  • Blah C
    Blah C 17 hours ago

    What wrong with her she’s so weird

  • C J N
    C J N 17 hours ago

    7:40 When you and your best friend kill an entire diner full of people

  • Sérgio Abreu
    Sérgio Abreu 17 hours ago


  • youknow yc
    youknow yc 17 hours ago

    Cucok meong

  • starseedAB ABB
    starseedAB ABB 18 hours ago

    Love it amazing

    YNJ PRICEY 18 hours ago +1

    I dont care i watched to much illuminati videos for this shit😭

  • アミール
    アミール 19 hours ago


  • lily castillo
    lily castillo 20 hours ago

    and that’s why you don’t feed your dog human food, kids.

  • Audrey Koskei
    Audrey Koskei 20 hours ago

    Remember when they said this was Gaga's Illuminati acceptance video? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Audrey Koskei
      Audrey Koskei 6 hours ago

      @daquan stephens Yes! 😂😂😂
      That's why Beyonce was in the video with her. Cause she was the reigning queen of the Illuminati welcoming her.🤣

    • daquan stephens
      daquan stephens 14 hours ago

      Audrey Koskei lmao wait fr 😭😭😭😭😭

  • johnnytifosi
    johnnytifosi 20 hours ago

    Hey yo she killed my boy Roman

    EMMA NONE OF YOURS 21 hour ago

    Sonya Deville!!!!!!!! The wrestling scene

  • Sudeep Sarkar
    Sudeep Sarkar 21 hour ago


  • Nikko Padrilan
    Nikko Padrilan 22 hours ago

    I cannot believe that this song will go 10 years old this year!

  • Witterfordイカリ
    Witterfordイカリ 23 hours ago

    #PizzaGate. Animal print. 8:33

  • furious gaming yt
    furious gaming yt 23 hours ago

    All about poisoning

  • fauzia roswell
    fauzia roswell 23 hours ago

    ok so where's the part 2?

  • Michelle Audie
    Michelle Audie 23 hours ago

    This is the weirdest vídeo of the decade!! 😂

  • 야 우리언닌다리만 두개야

    The world's top three phones
    I phone
    Samsung phone


  • Thái Công Khánh

    Little monsters, love you 4ever Gaga😘😘😘

  • cutecookie!! :3
    cutecookie!! :3 Day ago +1

    7 year old me: what does this mean
    Me now: XD how did I not understand it
    7 year old me: oh well I'll just watch it😂😂😂

  • David Sänger
    David Sänger Day ago

    wow.. its already been 10 years ?...

  • rhiannajheane Colen

    Omg....what is the connection of this video in the lyrics...??????
    It's very nude 🤨🤨 not suitable for children

  • Jatin Sharma
    Jatin Sharma Day ago

    Here after I got to know that Lady Gaga made a parody of Little Kuriboh's song, 'The Pharaoh's Throne'.

  • Vale Cas
    Vale Cas Day ago

    The continued part is video phone, isn’t it?

  • Mmm Mmmm
    Mmm Mmmm Day ago

    Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce - Telephone

  • ks ks
    ks ks Day ago +1

    I just realized they killed the dog too 😭😔

  • しょうゆ
    しょうゆ Day ago +1


  • Dm3 Est
    Dm3 Est Day ago +1

    10 years and this song is still iconic!

  • Elena Vikhreva
    Elena Vikhreva Day ago +1

    No money - NO HONEY!

  • Michabel Polki
    Michabel Polki Day ago

    not bad

  • Isabella Belleza
    Isabella Belleza Day ago +1

    Please do collab again!

  • loggymarieturtle _
    loggymarieturtle _ Day ago +6

    "you promise we'll never come back?"
    "i promise"
    i mean you didn't have to take it literally

  • Alejandro Gutierrez

    Quentin Taratino?

  • m juarez
    m juarez Day ago +1

    "you know what they say.. once you kill a cow you gotta make a burger" they dont say that 😂

  • Eliane Targaryen keeps studying

    waiting for the second part

  • princess Talia
    princess Talia Day ago

    I was pregnant with my first baby when this song went viral , years goes fast now my daughter turned 9 years old

  • Traducciones MJ
    Traducciones MJ Day ago

    Remastered thanks!!!!

  • Valerie Varlet
    Valerie Varlet Day ago +1


  • canterlevi
    canterlevi Day ago

    Lots of product placement...

  • Army that just wanted to learn their names

    Just because I like kpop it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the classics

  • laiiki 50
    laiiki 50 Day ago

    Quelqu'un la baisé jpp 😭😂

  • Armando Tovar
    Armando Tovar Day ago

    2020 latinoamerica like

  • German Rosero
    German Rosero Day ago

    De principio a fin, vídeo fabuloso.

  • Aaliyah-joon Yoongai

    Just imagine one person didn't eat and snitched

  • m a n g;
    m a n g; Day ago

    Sigo esperando otra colaboración de ellas :(