I take the Future Wife on a DATE

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  2 months ago +1463

    My bad on this part. I’ve goofed it here. This day should of been more for her than me filming the date night. I kind of just wanted to fill you guys in each day, but this was not the day.. we do have many days together without filming. She does feel uncomfortable/comfortable (at home) in front of the camera more uncomfortable when we’re out and about somewhere eating and I should of seen the uncomfortable sign and should of just stopped filming. Me teasing and trolling was my escape to ease the mood but the mood was not right. I should have stopped. Sometimes I like to push buttons to see how much she can take, she as well but I tend to keep pushing to see. My action was disrespectful to her and you guys and I want to apologize. Thank you guys for all the feedback, I know some were upset comments toward me but I appreciate it. It’s just a learning experience for me and I’m always open to learn and work on my fault. We’re still both learning about each other, testing each other and just working together to build this relationship. Anything I do say in English, I do translate to her in Vietnamese to let her hear. She’s usually not pleased on what I say in English about her but I let her know( me trolling)I’m not a perfect person but willing to learn on the way. Thank you guys for understanding

    • Dandee
      Dandee 3 days ago

      Ever since I was a little kid I couldn't stand the teasing and trolling. What girl even likes that? Just be aware that there is no point to push buttons. What are you hoping to see? Her cry?

    • xerwin
      xerwin 5 days ago

      Its ok quang. Were here just for the food

    • Wwe2k 14
      Wwe2k 14 21 day ago

      @S88293 H2839 stfu the man is already in pain

    • Wwe2k 14
      Wwe2k 14 21 day ago

      Y'all are so mean you can see that he is in a lot of pain right now.
      1 of men's pain is making his girl uncomfortable/mad/embarrassed/sad and you guys are making this worst you guys should out your self in his shoes and see how he freaking feels. You guys have no heart. Quang your good man, your just learning one day you and her will get close together and have a great couple. Don't worry about these haters that made your day well...that day worse for you. Your future wife will forgive your actions. You are the best youtuber and you will be even more successful in life. Including your wife. I hope you feel a little bit better, and don't let any if these haters bring you down you are a really Happy person, don't let these haters ruin it for you because of this date. I'll say it again you guys are just learning and coping with each other. These haters hate because they can't be happy like you. I hope you feel better. Have a perfect life.

    • edski808v
      edski808v Month ago

      Quang Tran You state that you are not perfect, how about your future wife? She's coming from a different country and will have to learn to adapt to a different culture, lifestyle, and to you. Cut her some slack. Allow her to make mistakes. Imagine if you were to live in a foreign country, how long would it take for you to adapt? You seem to always challenge or degrade her. Be careful of the fragile flower. You are good at what you do, but as far as relationships, you need lots of work. If making videos is your priority, then you are not ready for marriage. Don't bring her into your life. It will be unfair for her as well as for you. All of your videos that you have together, are cringe worthy. You treat her as a second fiddle, instead of your future queen. You say she's always pissed off, like you don't care for her feelings. You only care for your feelings. You always say her heads in the way pointing her out as a nuisance. If you need the camera to focus, do it without a degrading comment. If you were her father watching the videos of your daughter and you, what advice would you give her?

  • Tati S
    Tati S 3 days ago

    You are a fucking asshole! I hope you lose subscribers due to how to treat this woman!

  • Lqrzy
    Lqrzy 5 days ago

    Sorry mate this is a terrible way to treat someone and it’s really hard to watch just be yourself

  • cfreemful
    cfreemful 5 days ago

    Who knew he could be so hateful and disrespectful. You owe that young lady an apology. I hope her parents can intervene and unarrange this arrangement.

  • ibnali129
    ibnali129 6 days ago

    Stop neglecting yo wife on camera 😂

  • Blair Haven
    Blair Haven 6 days ago

    Bruhhhhh I tried to give u the benefit of doubt in the last vid by playing the cultural difference card but.......... C'mon bro you're really looking like you grew up like a self centered only child. Painful to watch 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • yong zheng
    yong zheng 9 days ago

    I'll always support you Quan, maybe your wife should not be too tight and quiet I know what your doing man ! Trying to break the silence by joking and trolling what I'll do as well but there's a limit. Hey love your cooking videos ! ;)

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 days ago

    Ok this dudes a jerk, controlling and very immature.

  • Ciro Matos
    Ciro Matos 12 days ago

    Man en que diablo tu estaba pensando cuando hiciste ese video, loco del monte, tiene que darle más atención a tu mujer que a la cocina y la otra cosa es, si tu la invitaste a salir, el deber tuyo es grabar al pendejo que prepara la comida mientras la hace y ponerle más atención a tu futura esposa. Thanks. Use google translator from Spanish to you language.

  • Daniel Ayomikun
    Daniel Ayomikun 14 days ago

    You'll lose your wife to food

  • Ryan O
    Ryan O 15 days ago

    why you coverin her head

  • slaier
    slaier 17 days ago

    Calling her "the future wife" in the title is just....... Wierd

  • bren
    bren 17 days ago

    No wonder you had to go with an arranged marriage. No sane woman would take you willingly. These videos of you with your future ex-wife are absolutely cringe worthy. Unsubscribed.

  • Sandy God is love
    Sandy God is love 18 days ago

    Lmao comment section coming for blood 👺👹

  • Jasmin Hudson
    Jasmin Hudson 19 days ago

    I feel soooo bad for her in this video. I can see her emotion in her face fr fr.

  • habts02
    habts02 19 days ago

    Relax folks... he's just joking around, and she does know that he is a youtuber. I'm sure they have quality time alone together.

  • Wwe2k 14
    Wwe2k 14 21 day ago

    Quang I feel bad for you, your just learning and when you hit that point you'll understand.
    Now. Haters.

    Shut your nasty ass mouth (sorry for language quang.)
    You can freaking see him in pain and your gonna do this. y'all nasty asses never had a good date (well I haven't either) but you guys are just insane, Quang is in pain that means he doesn't want to hear haters like you talk. *The worst pain a man feels is making his gf or wife sad* and you guys pressuring him is making it worse. Y'all need disaplent (spelled it wrong)and need to obey quang he is just another human being like you guys show this man some respect hey, st least he actually coping it like a fucking man unlike you idiots you guys will probably cry like a freaking baby but but this man right here is a man that copes with things and learns things. You guys have yo learn that hurting people's feelings have consequences how would you like it if more than a thousand people say this to you. "Quang you are so disrespectful to her."You wouldn't like that would you guys should freaking think before you fucking speak you guys are not really a part of the gang the crew you guys should learn that This is 1 MAN and you guys are more than 1000 and saying these words to him will break his heart into peices. Now take your nasty butts and look at the comments you did and re read it and think how does that make quang feel.
    Quang I'm sorry for the way these people act and I'm sorry for my actions it just pisses me off sometimes when someone makes fun of a person that is loving and caring.

    You and your gf/wife is just learning how to cope with each other one day you guys will be a great couple (don't rush it tho).

    Quang I love your videos have a nice day.

  • Ilh Mimati
    Ilh Mimati 21 day ago

    You didn't give her any atention wtf...poor girl she is précieuse don't lose her

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez 22 days ago

    She ain’t about the RUclip life

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 24 days ago

    Snowflakes in the comment section. Look how she smiles at him, she knows he's quirky

  • Tina Kolio
    Tina Kolio 26 days ago +1

    This isn't a date honey. You're showcasing yourself and forgetting about your wife. Stop showing off and show her some quality time alone. You're the only one laughing at your dumb jokes. I'm done!

    MIMI MOUSE 27 days ago +1

    OHHH quang She is somehow totally disinterested in what you do I think she is totally serious NO laugh no thanks the looks she gives you I do not like very much. My friend does not rush anything married you are fast. From the character and the look your girlfriend does not fit to you at all but that is all alone your decision my friend God bless you🍜🍜☺️☺️

  • check077
    check077 Month ago

    It's best to observe the character of a person while in a relationship. However, it should not be done in a disrespectful fashion.

  • Mystical Goddess Gaming

    One thing i will say is, life is short, money don't matter, if the woman want's rice, let her have rice, if it's what she enjoys let her eat it

  • Alina Xiong
    Alina Xiong Month ago +1

    The definition of a little boy with a grown woman..
    One piece of advice!! Run while you still can!!
    Telling her she can’t get rice. Testing her. Full trait of a selfish rude ass little boy. So dam controlling too. Girl you better run while you still can.
    Definitely unsubscribe! Bye! Thank you next!!

  • Aduni Hutson
    Aduni Hutson Month ago +1

    OMG the way she looked at him at 7:11...

  • Jordan James
    Jordan James Month ago +1

    Damn Quang got fat and annoying...

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago

    Ohhh ur gonna marry her over to canada

  • Killah Kate
    Killah Kate Month ago

    I see absolutely zero love or connection between them. Why be with someone if your not into it?

  • Killah Kate
    Killah Kate Month ago +1

    I agree that he’s a dick to her.....but she’s a grown woman. She needs to WALK away before she actually marries him. Why would she want to be with someone who is so controlling and self absorbed? I don’t get it

  • YkbMhd
    YkbMhd Month ago

    It's even more sad that she doesn't even know that you're talking shit right in front of her face

  • YkbMhd
    YkbMhd Month ago

    In order for you to have a good relationship is to make sure SHE is happy not just YOU

  • Kid Literate
    Kid Literate Month ago

    Bad communication skills on both their parts, She shouldve said something in the beginning lol.... Quang Your videos are still awesome though, Shit happens.

  • A. Carter
    A. Carter Month ago

    Is she always irritated? 😂

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen Month ago +1

    She looks mad because he told her off video he isn’t in Vietnam for her....he’s there for her brother 😱

  • byJosé_YT Sánchez

    Her wife is so cute xddd

  • Michelle Isabelle
    Michelle Isabelle Month ago +1

    Her face is in the way again? How about your videos are in the way of yours and her life. This isn’t a date FYI, and this isn’t how to treat someone your dating, engaged or married to. Poor girl, she deserves better. Also, you don’t talk badly about that person either, so disrespectful and disgusting to watch. Grow up dude.

  • Mclovin graal
    Mclovin graal Month ago

    Quan before he drinks water "I'm PuMpEd FoR tHiS"

  • Mohit khokhar
    Mohit khokhar Month ago +1

    Reaction channels could actually react to this. The title would read "cringiest video on youtube"

  • Kylle Ramirez
    Kylle Ramirez Month ago +2

    His Girlfriend : *So when will this relationship end?*
    Him : *Quick Time, I'm super pumped for this*

  • Beatris
    Beatris Month ago +2

    Don't talk to us... Talk to her

  • Nowwat 0823
    Nowwat 0823 Month ago +1


  • k. c.
    k. c. Month ago +1

    Happy wife happy life? You must be blind if you dont realize that you dont make your "wife" happy at all. You better stay single and keep talking to your cam your whole lifetime.

  • rupkiri kro
    rupkiri kro Month ago

    Atleast spend some time with your girlfriend and record your mukbang later, you are on a date ffs. Learn to respect your girlfriend atleast 😡😡😡

  • Fun Sized Dancer
    Fun Sized Dancer Month ago +1

    He is use to being alone... poor him.. He doesn't even know how bad it is.

  • Jess Apolosi
    Jess Apolosi Month ago

    She must be a really nice person to put up with this but hope you really do learn not to do this to her and especially on alone times.

  • chelsea wells
    chelsea wells Month ago +1

    Use a tripod have a conversation. Include her. If she wants rice she can have rice. You are quite rude. Chill out

  • Ceerstar Ceerstar
    Ceerstar Ceerstar Month ago +1

    I was cringing so bad but I now see that the problem has been addressed in the comments. I'm not unsubscribing tho, eff that.

  • Kendra Teigan
    Kendra Teigan Month ago

    Y’all are so annoying. You’re judging there whole relationship off of one or a couple of videos? Have y’all never been in a relationship? You guys play fight and play make fun of each other. Seriously

  • Simgirl_Anuradha
    Simgirl_Anuradha Month ago +1

    Just subscribed a few days ago and I’m going to unsubscribe! Immature! It hurts watching this

  • mynightmare3798
    mynightmare3798 Month ago

    When you're being a douchebag to her, do you think it's funny? You definitely seem like the type of dick to push peoples buttons for no other reason than to get them upset. Even if you're still learning about each other, that's not normal healthy relationship. Hopefully she realizes that you aren't worth the headache. Don't apologize on here...Stop being a dick or do her a favor and leave.

  • Dawn Jennings
    Dawn Jennings Month ago +1

    I see that's how they treat women in that culture he grew up in the same situation!

  • Dawn Jennings
    Dawn Jennings Month ago +1

    He treat kitty better than that

  • Jennzz 1of5
    Jennzz 1of5 Month ago

    Dude,, take her shopping, let her buy ANYTHING she desires!!! U hold the purse, the shopping bags,, take her out for all the rice she wants!! After this date she deserves to be spoiled, and also take her out for icecream, cake, pie, DON'T CARE IF SHE ISN'T HOME BAKING IT, SPOIL HER WITH ALL THE DESSERTS SHE WANTS!!

  • Travel Foodie
    Travel Foodie Month ago +6

    This is a date but you spent the entire time talking into the camera and ignoring her...my god

  • chuckie45 scorpion
    chuckie45 scorpion Month ago +5

    Wait...you told your gf not to order rice but you ordered bimbimbab?!?! Lol

  • homica king
    homica king Month ago

    Man quan you fine she was just a little a nervous. These guys are blowing it way out of portion. He said he took her out for dinner before this, so this was basically like taking going out with friends.

  • Los gameplays De Juan
    Los gameplays De Juan Month ago +2

    Future wife :why he is putting his head in the camera
    Quang :I’m pumped for this

  • Fab Rìce
    Fab Rìce Month ago +3

    My guy when you get into a relationship it’s best to not to record everything

  • oukitel
    oukitel Month ago +1

    i think this girl not love him thats my openion like she is not intresred in him but poor guy he love her i think

  • salman sufi
    salman sufi Month ago +1

    All these people in their feelings about how quang talks and acts with his wife, it's almost like you've never seen an Asian man in an arranged marriage.

  • Christin Mogese
    Christin Mogese Month ago +1

    You can’t pay me enough to marry someone like you omg rude is an understatement... so obnoxious. Why can’t won’t you buy her rice such a fucking cheapskate. Cheap guys are gross AF omg I feel bad for her

  • Lex Love
    Lex Love Month ago

    She's not jealous she mad because u not paying attention to her and she wanted rice and u said no like you her dad lmao instead of getting it for her cause its a date seems like anything u do u think about u first then make choices for her

  • aaaaaawda
    aaaaaawda Month ago +1

    Why are so many bitches talking , he is not talking to her so bad for her etc shut the fck up, having no food to eat being in war that is bad fckning bitches

  • Yahrize 1Love
    Yahrize 1Love Month ago

    Cut it out with the future wife shenanigans 😂😉😜 we know u like rice balls not rice cakes Quan...that's y u have a problem with trying to control that beautiful patient woman.

  • Tam Huynh
    Tam Huynh Month ago +1

    Dude, your dumb and a disgrace

  • Prince Habibu
    Prince Habibu Month ago +1

    Good thing it's loud I could hardly hear the overly aggressive loud inconsiderate chewing, she must of been thrilled until, well you guys know...

  • Airinna Amin
    Airinna Amin Month ago

    Leave this disgusting man !

  • LrdRgo
    LrdRgo Month ago +1

    WTF? Are you Quan?

  • nabeel kippie
    nabeel kippie Month ago +1

    Bro wtf

  • steph44
    steph44 Month ago +2

    Not the first time she has looked like that😳😳😳

  • steph44
    steph44 Month ago +3

    What the complete and utter F#@K!!!...nothing like someone's real personality coming out😳😳

  • Miso & Wonton
    Miso & Wonton Month ago +1

    Aaarrggg this video is cringy AF! Who wants to date this narcissist as$hole? 👎

  • Darius Ware
    Darius Ware Month ago +1

    I feel bad for Quang, I can tell he’s a nice guy. He’s just weird, maybe he’s never been in a serious relationship before but I’m positive my man will get it together for his wife and his future... you fake ass fans bashing him , need to just unsubscribe he’ll get it together

  • gilgamesh
    gilgamesh Month ago +2

    Bro you are wack for this .... its like youre still a little kid.

  • Nk Nd
    Nk Nd Month ago

    Girl whatever your name is. Youd be better off going on 90 Day Fiance.Runnnnnnnnn girl Runnnnn

  • Jason Patton
    Jason Patton Month ago +1

    Bro im not going to be nasty quang ...but u better slow your mouth down ...she looks so nice to be acting like that in front of everyone to watch ...u definitely dont want nobody to come in like superman and steal Your girl...chill bro

  • Topsy41572
    Topsy41572 Month ago +1

    OMG Quang, this was the rudest I have ever seen anyone treat someone that they call their “future wife”. Man, you need to lighten up on her or you’re not going to have her. And what she weighs...really??? You’re too much Quang. That’s so sad too cause I am seriously one of your Biggest fans, but you Really disappointed me with this video. Such disrespect toward the woman you choose to date...☹️😭
    I can’t stand the way you talk so negatively about such a super cute girl! I never thought that of disrespect and rudeness would come from you. You have always been my favorite subscription on RUclip, until now! Very disappointed in you Quang...💔
    You need to realize she is there for you, but not just to be your punching bag..emotionally, or mentally. I feel sooo sorry for her. You have broken my heart and I don’t even know you, let alone what you say to her and how you say it! Heartbreaking💔💔💔

  • Garlic
    Garlic Month ago +4

    15:55 more like miserable life upset wife

  • rick mann
    rick mann Month ago


  • Ri
    Ri Month ago +1

    damn homie before vietnam you was the man homie

  • BatmanTwerkTeam
    BatmanTwerkTeam Month ago +3

    Imagine being her and reading all these negative comments about their relationship and how she’s being treated. Mean comments are going to be in almost every comment section but I would be embarrassed to see so many people who have probably been in similar situations call out my mans behavior

  • Danezz
    Danezz Month ago +4

    Quang: Her head is on the way.
    Also Quang: *covers it up*
    Also also Quang: gotchu guys gotchu!
    That is so disrespectful. I feel bad for her😣

  • Thuc Trinh Official !!!!

    It’s very noisy

  • Kevin Kabuga
    Kevin Kabuga Month ago +1

    Something's off

  • Foxy
    Foxy Month ago +3

    If my boyfriend just tried to make a video while we were on a date I would leave him, YOU ARE NOT GIVING HER THE ATTENTION THAT SHE NEEDS.

  • Fareena Farukh
    Fareena Farukh 2 months ago +2

    Just unsubscribed I’d slap u across ur huge ass face if I was in her place. And hopefully u apologised to her as well rather than only apologising to ur viewers. Goodbye. Dickhead.

    • Fareena Farukh
      Fareena Farukh Month ago

      Garlic Yh I got a bit too riled up but good luck to them

    • Fareena Farukh
      Fareena Farukh Month ago

      Garlic Yh I got a bit too riled up but good luck to them

    • Garlic
      Garlic Month ago +3

      Chill. I but I get what you mean tho he was acting so pretentious here idk why

  • Fareena Farukh
    Fareena Farukh 2 months ago +2

    Why Tf does he keep saying happy wife happy life? U can tell what kind of society he’s been brought up in. Respect and love ur girl and she’ll do the same. Only men who haven’t matured yet use this term coz ur wife doesn’t make ur life shit or anything, u do urself with that phrase glued to ur fucking head. I’ve been watching u for so long and I saw u apologise about how u didn’t give her time and stuff but ur just plain immature and don’t know how to treat women as equals or even with respect. Didn’t expect this but whatever gonna click out now. Thought this was gonna be cute to see but no lol

  • Green wizard
    Green wizard 2 months ago +1

    The sniffles 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕 don't you kiss her wtf😫😫🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

  • Green wizard
    Green wizard 2 months ago +2

    She signed up4 it

  • Xander Andherson
    Xander Andherson 2 months ago

    K I just think your perfect no matter what you do she's lucky 😘

  • Nadia AG
    Nadia AG 2 months ago

    It’s just her face guys. Stop being so rude to them.

  • MrRocky559
    MrRocky559 2 months ago +6

    Dont matter where your from every guy knows that look she gave you bruh.
    Like go ahead SEE WHAT HAPPENS

  • Gwenaelle Massa
    Gwenaelle Massa 2 months ago +1

    teach her how to balance eatingg and working out. you brought eating mania into her life. i think you say all that nonsense about her cuz her english not good.

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 2 months ago +1

    Unsubbed. You rude. Can't even Let your "future wife" get rice!?! I did see your edited comment but through this video and the one where she cooks for you, you really come off as possessive.

  • Tru V
    Tru V 2 months ago +2

    This guy treats his dog like a princess but treats his future wife like a stray dog.

  • Tru V
    Tru V 2 months ago

    I bet this is a fake marriage. The girl will pay him big money so he can bring her to the Canada and she will leave him as soon as she can get permanent residency. The only way QT can find a wife is by "buying one" like this... even if he's the one getting paid.

  • zepcrazyfre
    zepcrazyfre 2 months ago +2


    ....now this is television 🤣🤣🤣. 👎

  • Bernice Odarkor Kankam
    Bernice Odarkor Kankam 2 months ago +2

    Well I enjoyed it more at the end of the video cus you started having a conversation with her. At the same time future wife is a very shy and traditional lady so she doesn’t like to be on camera most of the time. We may think she’s uncomfortable but I see she’s happy. I only hope future husband pays more attention to her off cam.

  • Sirenaseline 08
    Sirenaseline 08 2 months ago +2

    She's so done