Melania Trump’s Visa History Questioned By New Immigration Rules | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • Trevor Noah examines the combined effects of President Trump's immigration policies and questions arise whether or not Trump is aiming to get his wife Melania deported.
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Comments • 236

  • jaime simao
    jaime simao 2 days ago

    Noah, I think, or better, I believe Trump is a South African. The way he treats immigrants, that is XENOPHOBIA .

  • Mr VolksLore
    Mr VolksLore 7 days ago

    2:29 I don't think Trump knows tbh...

  • corryjookit
    corryjookit 14 days ago

    All the stuff about her visa will be brought up again in 20/20.

  • Vasya LuckyLuciano
    Vasya LuckyLuciano 15 days ago

    MIB. That aliens are just demons also witches.

  • Pura Vida Y Musica
    Pura Vida Y Musica 19 days ago

    This is great. ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅😊

  • Ms B
    Ms B 25 days ago

    soon the joke will be on you..

  • Eugenefindit
    Eugenefindit 26 days ago +1

    Umm... Where the heck is the next episode? Are you guys taking a break? 😁

  • DragonFly
    DragonFly 26 days ago +2

    If I were the Left, I will run this story everyday until election day. This is biggest ruse of them all

  • Rety Fuller
    Rety Fuller 26 days ago +2

    Maladia is as sick as Trump family!

  • Dishya Vyas
    Dishya Vyas 26 days ago

    These are fluff pieces, not real news Trevor. We need you to make fun of REAL news.

  • Tom Finochio
    Tom Finochio 26 days ago

    Kick her out! Hang Trump!

  • Althea Crawford
    Althea Crawford 27 days ago +3

    Joke: It was the EPStein visa program, not the EINstein visa program that Melania came to the U.S. on. (Epstein did introduce Trump to Melania...)

  • Anita Erickson
    Anita Erickson 27 days ago

    Oh don't forget right after that trump made his father and mother in law America citizens under the same immigration law " where are they now??????

  • Anita Erickson
    Anita Erickson 27 days ago +1

    "Send her back"
    "Send her back"
    "Send her back"

  • Simmons Lack
    Simmons Lack 27 days ago

    Trump... the most easily imitated person on Earth.

  • Grumpy Oldfart
    Grumpy Oldfart 27 days ago +2

    Her greatest talent is not gagging.

  • Dennis Walker
    Dennis Walker 27 days ago

    Show us Melania's tax returns from her initial years in America.

  • Sri Utami
    Sri Utami 27 days ago

    You hit so many buttons, Trevor, and you are right. 🤣

  • abtin kiani
    abtin kiani 27 days ago +3

    Double standards!
    Trump doesn’t hate migrants, he does hate coloured (black&mexican)......

  • W D
    W D 28 days ago +1

    Individual 1’s first immigrant hasn’t forgotten about those affairs. She kept quiet to get her chain migration parents over to the US. When individual one is impeached the divorce is on.

  • cryptic sheikh
    cryptic sheikh 28 days ago

    Lool what’s Trevor gonna do when trump leaves the office 😂😂

  • 256j73fn
    256j73fn 28 days ago

    Melania looks like a transgender. Big and tall with huge nose that makes her eyes too close together and her make up doesnt help that. She is not pretty really, it's the make up. Her face is too big too. But very nice lady although These Eastern Europeans have a
    temper. I didnt like her behavior slapping the presidents hand. W/out him she would be nothing.Modeling is not forever.

    • Ma Sg
      Ma Sg 27 days ago

      A negligible detail: Slovenia is in central Europe next to Italy and south to Austria!!!

  • Fernando Vazquez
    Fernando Vazquez 28 days ago +4

    Melania trump is the living proof ,immigrants come to do jobs Americans no want to do some ones clean toilets ,but can be worst ask melania

  • tom ronollo
    tom ronollo 28 days ago +1

    Send her back, send her back, send her back --

  • anisa yunus
    anisa yunus 28 days ago +2

    PHD in nudity lol

  • captjamus
    captjamus 28 days ago

    Cut out the bit where Trevor adds that Melania's parents received green cards (and live in the USA) due to so-called chain migration - the antithesis of Trump's complaint.

  • p
    p 28 days ago

    I remember when The Daily Show was funny...

  • Zapata boxing
    Zapata boxing 28 days ago


  • Jacqueline Saxena
    Jacqueline Saxena 29 days ago +2

    No wonder the slav hid for so long. Well, either way it's outta here. This he-she's germanazi old f***er, with connect the dots skin yuck, changes spouses for one that looks more like his current look each time the old f***er ages. The he-she changed on him, and it the psychopath's aged face did the unthinkable and aged some more, whereby, truly showing his weak roots. At the end, even nazis marry Jews and Blacks, because they need someone who has better quality genes.

  • Halcyon Nightz
    Halcyon Nightz 29 days ago

    Is this really a suprise to anyone? An east European woman who is not what she says she is. Amoral.

  • 加油Jiayou
    加油Jiayou 29 days ago

    Leave his family alone.

  • kiran muralee krishnan

    is that "Donald Trump's In-laws to become US citizens" banner originally there during his speech broadcast.? it would've been hilarious to watch..

  • Hit Reset Button
    Hit Reset Button 29 days ago +1

    this person occupying the WH is obviously a bully, but his bullying nature is reflective of the bullying nature many countries have endured and continue to endure at the hand of the United States. Consider for a moment how many countries around the world consider the United States a bullying nation, with its crippling and often life-ending economic sanctions against these independent nations?!
    Time for a change in behaviour on our part don't you think?!

  • L. Austin
    L. Austin 29 days ago +1

    She is not smart enough to have an einstein visa

  • vero Morales
    vero Morales 29 days ago +2

    Haha "send her back"
    Love your show trevor !
    #PeteButtigieg for 2020

  • red Buoy
    red Buoy 29 days ago

    Hey unfair, she got one of those 'Golddigger' visas. Recipients are obliged to spent 8 hours week on their knees

  • Jacob Oliver
    Jacob Oliver Month ago +3

    LOVE that piece at the end.
    Love you, Trevor!

  • What Can I Cook Today

    I want trump to be president again if not Mr. Noah will not have jokes.

  • midnighfairy
    midnighfairy Month ago

    Do you have any other material than Melania Trump???? Is obvious without them you become the real you which is a nothing

  • The Whisperer of Death

    I remeber back when he was first elected, my and my friends joked that it was all an elaborate divorce plan to get rid of Melania.
    Apparently it was true.

  • tony boss
    tony boss Month ago +1

    Wow see what the little black girl in one of trump rallies have to put up with, all because of her mum's greed for money. Things people do for money!

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer Month ago +2

    Bride and Prejudice 😂😂😂😂 High Class twist

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez Month ago +2

    4th wife coming soon

  • Jonathan Wolf
    Jonathan Wolf Month ago

    Trump is by far the best president America has got in last decades. I don't believe Trevor will make history like Trump will.

    ACK_MINDSEYE Month ago +3

    Melania about to experience the “Trump Dump”? Awwww.

  • CornishCreamtea07
    CornishCreamtea07 Month ago

    Promising something then never doing it, her husband is rubbing off on her.

  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa Month ago

    Don't visit USA if you don't get an invitation from the secretary of justice, homeland security and CIA legal department. The fraudulent us administration can tell you million different story.

  • Elainel Blais
    Elainel Blais Month ago +7

    Melania scored an "Einstein" visa. She married Trump . Let that sink in . It must have been a Herbert Einstein visa , not an Albert Einstein visa.

  • Leam D
    Leam D Month ago

    Next thing Trump gives Melania black or brown face

    FLOWER Month ago +8

    She was illegal for a few weeks.Didnt Melania bring her family over through chain migration.

  • Canadaheather
    Canadaheather Month ago

    This was awesome

  • Mary Thompson
    Mary Thompson Month ago

    He is our President and he's trying to fix the problems that are undermining our sovereignty as a nation. He is constantly needing lawyers to help him enforce the US Constitution, he's helped the Vetrans in many ways and is updating our military's arsenals.he's used,winning diplomacy with rogue nations like N K and blessed Israel strengthening their critical support in case the straits of Hormuz get shut, he's building up the middle class, I can't list the wealth of blessings this President has worked for us there are so many. He and his,family don't even get paychecks. Mocking him viciously is not appropriate but you know what? You are a very funny man and so is Donald Trump so go ahead and keep us laughing. Just do it with respect I pray. Doesn't he deserve it? YES YES YES HE DOES!

    • John Adams
      John Adams 28 days ago

      Crazy plp need help ..
      Democrazy Now !.

  • Caroline Maybe
    Caroline Maybe Month ago +1

    This just shows how different the Left are to the Right. If trump was a Dem of course the Right would rage about Melanie’s visa.

    • 2010realitycheck
      2010realitycheck 28 days ago

      They'd also call Trump a Muslim because he doesn't drink, doesn't eat pork and doesn't go to Church....😂

  • Antonio V
    Antonio V Month ago +4

    She doesn't speak English, isn't that a requirement?

    • Zapata boxing
      Zapata boxing 28 days ago

      @Aralorn Wolf* isn't you must of misspelled it

    • Antonio V
      Antonio V 29 days ago +2

      @Aralorn Wolf Mumbling isn't a language...

    • Aralorn Wolf
      Aralorn Wolf 29 days ago

      She speaks 4 languages, English is one of them...

  • Mike
    Mike Month ago

    Oh are we still saying that she was a working model?

  • Slapdat Hugh Jass
    Slapdat Hugh Jass Month ago +4

    Collusion failed. Tax fraud failed. Obstruction failed. Stormy failed. “Hey, I know, let’s go after Melania’s visa.”

    • Slapdat Hugh Jass
      Slapdat Hugh Jass 28 days ago +1

      John Adams - Your rant, you tell him. I don’t do whining & I’m not your errand boy.

    • John Adams
      John Adams 28 days ago

      @Slapdat Hugh Jass Tell that to you're Individual#1 DJT @president can't even read or speak or ...act presidential... Or so many more... Oringes... cofveve...( may be a russian code)... 😆😆
      😆 😆and much more....SAD U R. Lost

    • Slapdat Hugh Jass
      Slapdat Hugh Jass 29 days ago

      Jay Rayton - Grammar too poor to understand... complete your remedial primary school English course, then try again.

    • L. Austin
      L. Austin 29 days ago +1

      How tax fraud fail and his taxes havent been released seems u failed

  • John Kurtz
    John Kurtz Month ago +1

    Don't forget that trump himself claims that his father was born in Germany, where is trumps birth certificate.....

  • gunther giesl
    gunther giesl Month ago

    Trevor Noah doesn't want his relatives coming to live with him in that is sooo hilarious...LOL..too funny!

  • Sunrise Custom Designs

    They just took this down the one on the daily show while watching Thank Comedy central.

  • Antony Stark
    Antony Stark Month ago +2

    I think Trevor make the best Trump impression !