Don't Let the Beauty Fool You!

  • I could do FAR better for $2500...
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Comments • 80

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  2 months ago +327

    Sure, it's beautiful... but would you pay $2500 for it?

    • matrixfull
      matrixfull 4 days ago

      I like how performance uplift from Greg's 900 $ to sellers value of 2500 $ would be like 2-3% but price would go up like 3times xd sure..worth it right? even if you're RGB fan it's not worth it. Like it's not like you watch PC box 90% of time ; you watch /percieve perforrmance/monitor. I would always suggest against buying monitors bundled up with other things; unless it's brand new or if you want cheap monitor for office pc.

    • oskar wittje
      oskar wittje 20 days ago


    • ErgonomicChair
      ErgonomicChair 21 day ago

      Prolly not, but why would you buy anything but a Ryzen 5 2600x for gaming atm? It's... the best gaming CPU for price to performance. You aren't ever going to run into bottleneck at the CPU with this chip regardless what game you are running.

    • MrZargon28
      MrZargon28 27 days ago

      @Mr.Masterbit but then again, 2500€ is 2800 USD so it's not a fair comparison

    • Ezra Anung
      Ezra Anung Month ago

      a 1070??? for that price? hell no! 😂

  • T Stu967
    T Stu967 2 days ago

    Your key site gave me a bad key

  • TheMightyDuo
    TheMightyDuo 4 days ago

    Lol just buy the pc parts and give me 50 dollars to build the pc...I just love building PC's

  • Depressed Grape
    Depressed Grape 8 days ago

    Why not just get a 1080 super -.-

  • MR. Darknight
    MR. Darknight 9 days ago

    U can actully make money from ur used stuff, but at reasonable price. Like I had bought a ftc 1080 for 250$ last year, and sold it for 300$ like a month ago to uppgrade to a 2080 super. 50$ profit, not that much but still something.

  • Chris Heyward
    Chris Heyward 12 days ago

    If you have a build this expensive but doesn't have a 2080ti, then you know something is wrong

  • Josh Carter
    Josh Carter 13 days ago

    This dude could make serious bank just opening up his own PC store

  • JP Stone
    JP Stone 18 days ago

    I hare when sellers plug the specs into PC Parts Picker and then quote that price as the asking. As a now experienced 3rd party seller of a custom built PCs I gotta say its tough sometimes. This is for sure over priced with a 1070 and R5 2600. In many cases though the sellers expect to get back what they put into the PC and also want to value (or overvalue) the time they took to build it and for their "expertise." I myself had to come to terms with #1 I was not going to get what I put into the build back and #2 my time and effort putting together the PC are worth little to nothing to someone looking to buy a gaming rig on Facebook or Craig's List or what have you... To often sellers will over-inflate the price because they are experienced builders and made a nice looking PC but you can also get a nice PC from NZXT Bld or IBuyPower or other boutique custom PC fabs and they are all new parts with a warranty. You also gotta consider that if someone really wants a costume gaming rig they want it cheap because if Money is no object they can go buy the most expensive offering Alienwear has at the moment or they can take their money and build their own rig which is a lot of the fun for many. If you want to build custom PCs for profit...Don't. I mean can it be done...sure but not easily. If you love buildilng computers look for a job at micro center or something and if you want to sell your old rig because you need cash quick or want to upgrade be reasonable and do not expect to get 100% MSRP for all parts and a premium for labor.

  • Mind Gear
    Mind Gear 19 days ago

    Its kinda surprissed me how i climbed up from $300 super budget gaming pc that barely run any game to $1300 full setup with 144hz monitor and ryzen 5 3600 and a used gtx 1070 gaming x.
    God, pc is wonderful, you can upgrade one at a time with patience, then you can join the pc master race later on for sure..

  • MrHoliday
    MrHoliday 22 days ago

    Lol, i just built a VASTLY superior PC for my sister, with just as much RGB and a nicer case... for less. Including 32" 144hz monitor... these are PC's for morons.

  • Veni Vidi Vici
    Veni Vidi Vici 23 days ago

    My PC can wreck his for about $1600.

  • LazyBobby240
    LazyBobby240 23 days ago

    Lol for $2500 I can get a 2080ti, ryzen 3950x, 240hz monitor, and like 64gb of 3600 ram

  • Adrian train
    Adrian train 23 days ago

    I want to get into gaming pc's. I really appreciate you taking the time to do these vids as when i first saw this pc I'm like shuddup and take my money coz that pc is CAF. But between your channel and a few others I've been watching, man have I learnt some stuff...... I looked at pc's on line and the prices and now pick apart what they're selling, where be4 I would want to throw my money at any one who had rgb's everywhere..... so yeah thanks for your help...... I'm currently running a 6yr old laptop and thinking switching to dex on my note 10+ would be better...

  • Spicer
    Spicer 24 days ago

    I have the case, front airflow is horrible

  • Exo Phoenix
    Exo Phoenix 25 days ago +1

    I legit thought he said toy yoda, not toyota lmao

  • Mike Kon
    Mike Kon 25 days ago

    Greg looking for another lawsuit 😂🤣

  • JourG
    JourG 26 days ago

    I don't understand why people sell their entire PC's expecting to get what they paid for them back. Typically, to reduce my losses when building a new PC -- I keep all parts I can reuse such as RAM, SSD, HDD, Fans and sometimes the case. I simply sell the MOBO, CPU and GPU and hope I get enough for a new CPU for all 3. Not only that but selling storage such as HDD is such a eehhh.. thing to do considering you can pull data erased from the drives with free software.

  • John Henderson
    John Henderson 26 days ago

    Good video....So I tried to build one close to this ad and here is what I configured:
    With an RTX 2070 Super and a 27" IPS 155Hz monitor for 1440p gaming. For $500.00 less. To match his price of 2500 dollars you would swap out the RTX 2070 Super for the RTX 2080 Super er...close...price goes upto $2232.00 with an RTX 2080 Super Gaming X Trio from MSI. Still $268 cheaper and better graphics card and monitor.

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen 27 days ago

    I have quite a few win 10 keys so no I will not be using your sponser sir

  • iStay Krazy
    iStay Krazy 27 days ago

    Theres a guy near me selling that exact pc😂 same pics and all

  • undyingsonars
    undyingsonars 28 days ago

    How much would be a fair price for these specs?
    Gpu: 1080 ti asus strix
    Cpu: i7-9700k
    Memory: corsair vengeance 32gb 3200 mhz
    Storage: 3×1 tb ex920 m.2 nvme
    Psu: corsair rmx white series 750 watt
    Motherboard: z390 gigabyte aorus master
    Fans: four ml140 pro LED
    Case: nzxt h500
    And all custom looped

  • ReZhorw
    ReZhorw 28 days ago

    In case you would wanna use SCDkeys once or so and then delete your account, be careful with which email adress you use as you cannot delete your account from their site.

  • Zulqarnain Aidil
    Zulqarnain Aidil 29 days ago

    I see too many people selling their old stuff on ebay/carousell for the price that they bought it. Someone tried to sell their Surface Pro (the original) for $3000 because he bought it for $3200 😕

  • Les
    Les 29 days ago

    "You have to be a moron to pay 700 dollars for a gtx 1070"

    *me starting to sweat profusely* O_O"

  • Panagiotis Veioglanis
    Panagiotis Veioglanis 29 days ago

    1.000$ is more than enough for this pc...

  • Bryan O'Leary
    Bryan O'Leary 29 days ago

    Sweet sponsor. I literally need a key to reinstall windows on my laptop and now I can do it without paying Microsoft prices.

  • Wokeupz
    Wokeupz Month ago

    I have done a white build as well, my only issue is, I SUCK at setting up RGB. Local store is doing the work for me hahah

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz Month ago

    I learned from my mistake of buying a pre-built from NZXT who shipped the PC to me without the motherboard being screwed down. I returned NZXT's incompetent build and built one my self. For the PC they charged me $2,100. I built a more powerful one for $1,500. Screw NZXT that incompetent rip off fake PC company.

  • spompofleks
    spompofleks Month ago

    for that amount of monney i can buy 2080 super / 2070 super and 3700x with 16 / 32 gig of ram...white or no white
    aaaaand have leftover for some sweets and diet-coke ;)

  • TheBrad1300
    TheBrad1300 Month ago

    You could get a brand new i9-9900k with a 2080 super inside a cube with water cooling for less.

  • Rockiecraft
    Rockiecraft Month ago

    im building a gaming pc this weekend and if your wondering what the parts are well here is my pc parts.
    asus prime X570-pro
    Amd Ryzen 7 3700x
    MSI RTX 2060
    corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhz white
    wd black hdd 1tb
    wd ssd 1tb
    corsair h100i white
    Corsair RM750 RM series
    nzxt h510 atx.
    only like $1600

  • Tom Dippnall
    Tom Dippnall Month ago

    For 2500 you could legit get a system with a 2080ti and a 3900x

  • DankXMemez
    DankXMemez Month ago

    If you want white sleeved cables, just buy a white RMx corsair PSU, it comes with white sleeved cables at 750/850w 80+ gold

  • グレープフルーツ

    feeling a weird Mandela Effect didn't this channel use to be called like Computer Science Lap or something like that?

  • Creepy pasta lover
    Creepy pasta lover Month ago

    Ryzen 5 2600x in a 2500$ build?? And a GTX 1070 that is new for 700$? For the new people who are about to build a pc,DO YOUR RESEARCH PLEASE,nowadays you guys have a battle where a graphics card price is below 500$ and it stronger or the same power as a GTX 1070,and again,do your research please

  • YagNation™️
    YagNation™️ Month ago

    I don't have the Highest budget do you think it's still worth getting a 1070 Ti if i get a good deal?

  • nova infinity
    nova infinity Month ago

    His builds not even as good as mine as I have gtx 1070 built with a ryzen 7 2700x with 16gb ram 4tb (2tb as a hybrid sdd hdd) and too much power supply with a 1000w bronze glacier artic all this with a b350 motherboard for around 1k a little less p.s I bought my gpu for 170

  • Shadowgangster123
    Shadowgangster123 Month ago

    All sellers do this so basically what he is trying to say is 2 things
    buy every part in your favorite listing on your own cause through eBay it's cheaper
    Buy yourself a low spec gaming pic with everything brand new
    (which nobody does everyone has the txt on discord lol ppl have money for that yeah I know)

  • Heroes Never Die
    Heroes Never Die Month ago

    $2500 for a Ryzen 5 2600x and a 1070? yeah... good luck i guess.

  • ecjoseandres
    ecjoseandres Month ago


  • Vixen
    Vixen Month ago

    I built a higher specked pc for a grand

  • Chander
    Chander Month ago

    I just upgraded my pc from i5 4460 to i7 4790k and from my gtx 970 to 1070. Really happy about the choice so far, but curious what others here think about it. Paid around 330 usd for both parts :)

  • Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    There's nothing wrong with spending $1000 on making your pc look nice. It's only wrong when you had to sacrifice performance to do so. Spend your money first on that 3950X and on that RTX2080 and only then spend it on custom cables and magnetic fans.

  • MarsUltor Plays
    MarsUltor Plays Month ago

    Pretty sure my build is literally $1000 cheaper with just half the ram but a 1080 instead of a 1070

  • Мартин Петров

    well with 3000 dollars you can build a 2080 ti build just like i did

  • ben shalev
    ben shalev Month ago

    This guy basically put a shitty motor in a ferrari so it will look good but perform bad

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson Month ago

    My brand new build with a 9700k, 2080 Super, similar lighting and AIO, and 3440x1440 100hz monitor was around 2500 so this is definitely out of control

    • Matthew Nelson
      Matthew Nelson Month ago

      and I did go out of the way to add lights and other unnecessary bells and whistles that could cut the price down significantly and be put towards performance

  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis Month ago

    You can get a 2600X for $110 from Micro Center

  • deep ster
    deep ster Month ago

    Well explained sir

  • Samsul Bahri
    Samsul Bahri 2 months ago

    welcome to indonesia.. everything have import tax 7.5%, sales tax 10% and revenue tax 10% (no longer at today, 30th jan 2020)..
    hoax, maybe yes maybe no.?

  • Dakota Sevy
    Dakota Sevy 2 months ago

    okay can you do a video diving into the icue software and show how he makes his fans have 2 static colors like that?

  • Liam Ham
    Liam Ham 2 months ago

    I sold my used system with a 6600k, a nice z170 board, 250 gb ssd, and a 1 tb hard drive, with my gtx 1080 ftw for literally 600 dollars cause that’s what it is worth lol. No upselling

  • Wolde Munster
    Wolde Munster 2 months ago

    I have my R5 2600X overclocked and Corsair H55i 120mm is enough to cool it, i swapped the the included fan with Noctua. I used same cooler on Xeon and it has server for 3 years.

  • co co cola
    co co cola 2 months ago

    0:35 kotaku either is gonna make an article about a gay white nationalist or about how pc nerds are becoming nazbols

  • Chris Dennis
    Chris Dennis 2 months ago

    You keep saying "scrap this" out "scrap that" but he IS selling all those parts you keep saying "scrap" about. I'm confused?

  • stelthy 34
    stelthy 34 2 months ago

    You can get a RTX 2080 super for 699 right now. 1070 is still a great card for gaming but like 3+ years ago..might as well get the "2nd" best card out there.

  • Spinks
    Spinks 2 months ago

    Nvidia is noobing it up man...locking software/Binaries and just the usual...As with AMD we customize everything...I don't want buy em agian because of it lol...very limited and locked operation from the software.

  • Spinks
    Spinks 2 months ago

    nooo the builder don't and is a joke...he put a 1070 in it...i have same cpu...I have vega 56...and it destroys that thing...maybe if he would take apart cards like i do and inspect them and possibly modd them and engineering knowledge would know Vega is electrically better....other than that parts aint too bad...but that weak link....and you can't modd any bios or software with can make custom bioses even with vega.....

  • Jose Aguiar
    Jose Aguiar 2 months ago

    I've seen some buying low price fake GPU's on wish..! maybe those low prices aren't not as good as they look..!!

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien 2 months ago

    You found a great nieche in youtube my friend, I can't think of anyone else who does this kind of content, keeo up the good work 👍

  • Christopher Coonan
    Christopher Coonan 2 months ago

    The Great Carnac says: This person wanted his full asking price back after tallying receipts and has no concept of what USED means. Probably buys suits, wears them once and returns them. HAHA!

  • lepompier132
    lepompier132 2 months ago

    True Greg, with $2500 I could build also build a better system. That the sad part of the used reseller market, they think they have gold and that gold will never depreciate in price. But they forget in the PC world the new tech usually move the older tech down the ladder of price. That's an overpriced system for sure.

    SERIOUSJONES 2 months ago

    What's really funny is I just built the same PC Greg suggested but I have the X470 Prime Pro and H110 AIO and Ryzen 5 1600AF with the NZXT H510 case for around 900$! LOL! Can I now sell it for 1500$???

  • MK Out Of My Mind
    MK Out Of My Mind 2 months ago

    Max price $1300
    Because of 1070 and R5 2600X
    But 2500 wtf

  • Joshua Adkins
    Joshua Adkins 2 months ago

    Next time I want a rainbow puke build I'll message you and you better do it!

  • Jesse TT
    Jesse TT 2 months ago

    The CPU cooler costs more then the CPU :)

  • ShadowFox105870
    ShadowFox105870 2 months ago

    I got a windows 10 pro oem key off ebay for $6 like 2 years ago and it still works fine just go with a seller with a high rating and use reputable sites like ebay paying retail for windows in dumb

  • Sidik
    Sidik 2 months ago

    you could just crack windows 10 with microsoft kms activator tools 🤣🤣🤣 we in Croatia 🇭🇷 are smarter then you guys

  • DuskHorse12860
    DuskHorse12860 2 months ago

    well mate you might want to keep that liquid aio cooler because that would outperform any air cooler any day of the week but yes other things can go

  • lqdxoni1
    lqdxoni1 2 months ago


  • mangowarrior
    mangowarrior 2 months ago

    Trim the fat indeed ... My nephew gave me a $2400 budget build. I told him save his case, 850w power supply, ssd, hdd, mouse and keyboard. With that $2400 budget I got him a 3900x, Auros Master x570, EVGA 2080Ti, 32gb Trident memory 3600 C16 and a Samsung 500gb nvme. As a bonus, I told him I'm gonna use my Amazon Chase credit card that gives 5% cash back. With that 5% cash back, I got him a 1tb nvme. Lean & mean ... trim the fat indeed.

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games 2 months ago

    even if I paid a company to build a PC for me, 2500 (USD?) would get me a 3900x, 2080 super and more.

  • Aorus - Jeffrey The Great

    2500 dollards for this ? thats funny....

  • John
    John 2 months ago

    This system is not over priced. You just took out parts and put in different parts. But he's selling his system, not yours.

  • X_Andy24
    X_Andy24 2 months ago

    bruh why is the pc 2500 and does not have a ryzen 7 it makes no sense and the water cooler is over kill

  • Pyry K Koskinen
    Pyry K Koskinen 2 months ago

    I have bought 5 w10 pro keys from ebay for 1.60€. all of thew worked

  • Jon L
    Jon L 2 months ago

    "take a chance at an ebay key" it's not really even a chance, they work everytime if you buy from a reputable ebay seller. and for only $3.

  • tkt546
    tkt546 2 months ago

    I think you're reaching on this one... Aren't these videos supposed to keep people from being scammed? I don't see much of anything wrong with this ad other than possibly the "new" label, and maybe the guy had an unused 1070 new in box laying around and put it in the build. Take $500 off for the GPU and you get ~$2300 for the parts with a 10% mark up for the build labor, it's not outrageous at all.

    I recently spent $400 updating my rig to a 011-Dynamic with a vertical GPU mount, a new AIO, and 9 total ML fans. Doesn't improve my performance one bit, but it looks nicer.

    Just because you don't like the parts used, and it can be built by using cheaper parts, doesn't mean the seller is scamming anyone. Is it a frugal purchase, probably not, but it's also not a scam. By that logic, all computer parts should be as cheap as the cheapest alternative. "This 360 AIO should only be sold for $20 cause I can buy a cheap air cooler for that price. Why would I pay $200 for a case, when I can buy one for $35? You can't ask $100 for a PSU when the one that came with the $35 case will work."

  • Zack Fair
    Zack Fair 2 months ago

    I have just the monitor this dude has shown and it barely costed me $59 and it wasnt even on sale price

  • ArchAngelRaceWerks
    ArchAngelRaceWerks 2 months ago

    I sold a very similar system (Ryzen 7 1800x vs this 2600x) for 750 a few months ago. I made $125 AND I got to build a really nice system (which is mostly what I enjoy doing). Granted I didn't include any peripherals, but I think the guy who bought it still got a great deal.