The Philosophy of ONE PUNCH MAN - Wisecrack Edition

  • Published on May 27, 2017
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    One Punch Man's Saitama isn't your typical hero. He doesn't struggle to defeat villains so much as he struggles to show up to the fight on time. What can Saitama and his bored lifestyle teach us about our own modern lifestyle? And what secrets lie in the show's storytelling? Join us in this Wisecrack Edition on the Philosophy of One Punch Man.
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    Written by: Kevin Winzer
    Research by: Michael Luxembourg
    Directed & Narrated by: Jared Bauer
    Edited by: Ryan Hailey (
    Assistant Editor: Andrew Nishimura
    Motion Graphics by: Dean Bottino
    Produced by: Jacob Salamon
    © 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.

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  • Wisecrack
    Wisecrack  2 years ago +2692

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! Quick note on the English dubs: we use dubbed versions since they're much easier to edit with. They also make cutaways way easier to understand. But let's see if we can do original Japanese next time. Is that what y'all prefer?

    • Terrick Eng
      Terrick Eng 8 days ago


    • Fall
      Fall Month ago

      @Cameron Powell I prefer subtitles, but I can understand why you'd use dubbed for a video.

    • michael barlow
      michael barlow Month ago

      The Philosophy of Mobile suit gundam ?

    • I Nemisis l
      I Nemisis l Month ago

      Subs pls

    • Patrick D. Lueke
      Patrick D. Lueke 2 months ago

      Wisecrack wow man so on point! Exactly how the inventor meant it! Season 2 ep 9 is out and I watched your video yesterday so haha! Double awesome 💖 keep it pushing!

  • Aaron Qian
    Aaron Qian 22 hours ago +1

    English Dub is so god damned bad

  • Scotalian
    Scotalian 4 days ago

    Oh yeah vrv an American only service

  • jin paradox
    jin paradox 5 days ago

    deleting humanity

  • Scott K
    Scott K 10 days ago +1

    This is why Dark Souls 3 is such an amazing game.

  • Scott K
    Scott K 10 days ago +1

    This is why heaven sounds so fucking boring.

  • Mercifulflamez
    Mercifulflamez 11 days ago

    I fucking love this series

  • Bhavesh Kumar
    Bhavesh Kumar 11 days ago

    Saitama is not immune to mosquitoes, the only moment in history when he was scared and looked tensed for the enemy is when he saw warm of mosquitoes and he doesn't actually appreciates any one but Genos when he killed all the mosquitoes, believe me, those expression were real. Believe me. Watch that part again. Please heartily Concentrate on what i said while u r watching compared to other scenes when he was bored. Genos did save him. For real.

  • Justin Kirk
    Justin Kirk 12 days ago

    I don't hear anyone talk about the elephant in the room. How saitama achieved his immense power: a simple workout. Many of the villains and heroes in the story were born or gifted with their power. Saitama is a foil for this dynamic. He ACHIEVED his power, through a simple ass everyday routine. I think the writer is trying to tell us that we can achieve great power by doing something simple everyday. I think ultimately he's poking fun at the viewer, and telling us that something as simple and dumb as doing the same thing everyday can have fantastic results. Consistency is something that most of us lack, myself included. Take for example retirement savings, you can invest 2% of each of your paycheck into stocks and bonds and be rich as hell in 40 years and barely think about it. You can literally run away from being fat. You can just pick up heavy shit on a consistent basis and gain weight. Every single person who has the ability to communicate and use language actually also possesses an innate ability to sing, and sing well too, if they just practiced it everyday until they sounded good. Same thing with drawing ect.
    Atleast, this is the takeaway I got from the show.

  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 12 days ago

    Anyone who thinks goku is stronger than saitama is a 🤡

  • Aiden Bonds
    Aiden Bonds 12 days ago

    Sorry yet I am made of stone

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 13 days ago

    One punch man is great it takes everything good and everything bad about the anime tropes and makes it all one big joke.

    PIYUSH PANCHAL 16 days ago +1

    Nice one Sir

  • Icicle Meefin
    Icicle Meefin 20 days ago

    Do a philosophy of No Game, No Life.

  • Emmanuel owoicho
    Emmanuel owoicho 23 days ago

    This was made before season 2.

  • sheepwall
    sheepwall 23 days ago

    Dubbed DansGame

  • Utti Siseppe
    Utti Siseppe 24 days ago

    Why did I fell he really play Mortal combat with his mom

  • Jack
    Jack 26 days ago

  • Nick Feizabal
    Nick Feizabal 27 days ago

    The Dub voices sound soooooo bad.

  • Adam Zhang
    Adam Zhang Month ago

    Sub > Dub Come on!

  • Ole TPT
    Ole TPT Month ago

    Could One Punch Man break Minecraft Bedrock?

  • Loreseeker Aequabilis
    Loreseeker Aequabilis Month ago +1


  • Eunice Razon
    Eunice Razon Month ago

    i wonder if saitama gets to ultra instinct

  • Barix5000
    Barix5000 Month ago +3

    I'm just here to remind everyone that Mumen Rider is the real MVP

  • Ben Booth
    Ben Booth Month ago

    A quote from the late Christopher Hitchens, "I don't want happiness, I want satisfaction". I couldn't agree more.

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper Month ago

    8:12-8:19 Wait. I didn't cry on this scene. If that didn't break me I don't know what will.

  • Ese Zoser
    Ese Zoser Month ago

    And ppl say he can beat Goku and Vegeta.. I think not

  • rex ritz
    rex ritz Month ago

    Don't get too comfortable embrace your failures and keep fighting 🤘💯

  • Bilal Syed
    Bilal Syed Month ago

    eww...doc you watch dub nothing wrong in that but ewww (they call me a fake otaku)

  • uk/amr.a
    uk/amr.a Month ago

    ماقتنعت مابتابعه

  • takis razorlust
    takis razorlust Month ago

    daamn the dubbed version sucks

  • Rodney Austin
    Rodney Austin Month ago

    The English Dub stinks. Satiama is okay but Genos stinks.

  • jesse dampare
    jesse dampare Month ago

    Bull shit. Saitama is the living embodiment of Hakuna Matata.

  • Nikola Hercegovac
    Nikola Hercegovac Month ago

    Hearing this show in English sounds so wrong 😂

  • Saadistic Pasta
    Saadistic Pasta Month ago

    I love this channel but it looks like they don't really get One Punch Man. It's really all about being free from ego and doing what needs to be done.

  • Mr. Mystiks
    Mr. Mystiks Month ago +1

    What if the characters offended by Saitama’s lack of purpose and struggle represent the audience that hates One Punch Man as a show?

  • SilverEye
    SilverEye Month ago

    Good breakdown.

  • fatttyyyyyy108
    fatttyyyyyy108 Month ago +1

    why are the dubs being used. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS WATCH IN SUBS!!!!!!

  • issaComedy
    issaComedy Month ago

    Dubbed anime is a crime

  • kynan horton-thomas

    Season 2!!!!

  • Omkar Pedamkar
    Omkar Pedamkar Month ago

    Make one about the SPIDERS from HUNTER X HUNTER

  • defiantmopar
    defiantmopar Month ago

    Have you thought about a "What went wrong?" with season 2? I'm just really disappointed that they turned a really thought-provoking show into just another average fighting anime.

  • Mysta
    Mysta Month ago


  • Murtaza Bekhushi
    Murtaza Bekhushi Month ago

    Now I can say how thanos is bald

  • The Darkmoon Blade
    The Darkmoon Blade Month ago

    It's not that complicated, the whole point of this anime is to satirizing the cliches that often seen in typical action anime.

  • Subscribe ToPewDiePie

    The dub seems really bad

  • Martin
    Martin Month ago

    Excellent video

  • Pascal Disho
    Pascal Disho Month ago +1

    I want to see him fight goku

  • Bitrazr
    Bitrazr Month ago

    One Punch Man isn’t on VRV.

    DANIEL CUBELO101 Month ago

    is it just me or the Japanese version is better than the English dub?

  • La Jjiggy Jar Jar Doo Dur Dur Dur Dee Dur

    I think this video forgets the majority of conflict is emotional

  • vinceretnoctem -
    vinceretnoctem - Month ago

    Disliked for using english dub

  • KoWe Kingdom
    KoWe Kingdom Month ago

    2:23 Is that Blast?

  • RarePlutonian
    RarePlutonian Month ago

    Just stop using dubbed content plx kthx

  • Elliott Ranson
    Elliott Ranson Month ago

    this is the first time ive heard the english dub. not a fan

  • da random mochi
    da random mochi Month ago

    I kinda like toy story

  • foxpwns2
    foxpwns2 Month ago

    you gotta do a wisecrack edition on season 2, im sure you will make a great video if you do.

    JOHNZKIE L. Month ago

    you're wrong. saitama is in conflict in himself..... when he said.. Fear, tension, joy anger, I feel nothing nothing at all, in exchange of these power.. maybe I loose something essential as human being. you see.. too strong and powerful is not good because when your sense feel nothing.. you stop being human. but he struggling to move forward and continue to live his boring life.
    for me I only feel pity on him.

  • Amy turtless
    Amy turtless Month ago

    Not to disrespect the work of Morioka or his philosophy, I think the idea that pain and misery beget joy and progression is a decently misanthropic ideal based on the idea of "earning it". I do believe that the natural order of the world follows these ideas of hardship followed by relief and happiness, the way he writes it sounds to me like it's better to seek out those hardships in order to regain a passion for life. That's simply not how things should be, if someone offers you a meal out of their kindness it is not morally wrong to accept it nor does it defeat the satisfaction of recieving it because it was brought by the good in the world rather than being earned after some struggle.

  • Nox
    Nox Month ago

    English dub DansGame

  • Ye eee
    Ye eee Month ago

    English dub 🤢🤢🤢

  • varun009
    varun009 Month ago

    And here ONE is just writing Manga for fun.

  • Denzyle Dumanew
    Denzyle Dumanew Month ago

    Its better to say "unconventional" than "abnormal".

  • japrogramer
    japrogramer Month ago

    Hey wisecrack there is a bunch of conflict in my life but I'm not motivated to do anything .. what's wrong with me?

  • Samppa Koivula
    Samppa Koivula Month ago

    In the long run Saitama is just comical relief, in a little same sense that Deadpool. I mean yeah, Deadpool isn't OP char, but they both have they comical gimmick

  • Peter Watson
    Peter Watson Month ago +2

    OPM is my favorite show and hero

  • Brandon Buie
    Brandon Buie Month ago

    Sounds legit, but what if you're overthinking it? Notice he is bald, also that he lost his hair during training who's regimen? Bruce Lee's. Now take a look at Bruce Lee. Highly enlightened, to the point that he can preform feats that normal men can't. What were his philosophies? The same philosophies taught by monks. What did monks strive for? Supreme enlightenment. What were monks well known for? Their detachment from emotion, their philosophy of teaching without teaching, their desire not to kill innocent creatures (mosquitos and good hearted men), and their beautiful bald heads. This is just a theory, that seems to be backed by a multitude of tiny details. But I believe he has reached a level of enlightenment on his own accord, that has given rise to his enormous power and shiny head. He does it for fun, not personal gain, not glory, not love, just for fun. But in his search for joy, he shows selflessness countless times. But he is still learning, as seen in the second season when he accepts a few teachings from King. So clearly he hasn't reached "true enlightenment" quite yet. But he is closer in my humble opinion than most will ever be.

  • Kit Marcos
    Kit Marcos Month ago

    So... What you're saying is that the whole point of One Punch Man is that it's basically an anime that blue-balls you out of an emotional conflict resolution.
    No wonder why it's one of my top favorite shows.

  • Miles Keeton
    Miles Keeton Month ago

    How much would siatama have to hold back to just knock someone out?

  • Joe Andre Ernest Kamfer

    The Dub version is anti-climatic. The sub you can actually sense Saitama struggling with the conflict of not feeling satisfied.
    But I guess the issue of Sub and Dub is left to personal taste.

  • Hawk Guy
    Hawk Guy Month ago +1

    A few months ago I fought in my first amateur mma match. I lost in the first round by TKO. Sure it sucked to lose like that in front of my friends and family. and thankfully I didn't have any injuries that didn't heal within a few days. But now every training session has a new sense of purpose and excitement. I could let that loss keep me down but I knew I had to get back up and keep trying. I know if I work hard I'll get better. Thinking about how if I won that fight with little effort training wouldn't be as fun like now.
    That conflict and failure allowed me to experience a whole new meaning to working hard. It's strange to imagine getting so strong that training has no meaning and doesn't bring any excitement. That I probably wouldn't want to get out of bed because it won't matter if I train or not.
    So the next time I fight and hopefully win, it's because I earned it. Giving all that time spent meaning. And as much as it is to try and self improve I love the bond I've made with my teammates. Because we're all working hard to get better. Facing our hardships and failures together. Another amazing video by you guys because it asks the question what is life like when everything is WAY TOO easy. That everything becomes too boring and nothing can surprise you. So each thing we face we do our best to keep learning and keep moving forward.

  • Thompson-Carter Jordan

    This probably is the only man that didnt used the super punch cheat code walking dowm the street.

  • Chris This
    Chris This Month ago +1

    Ahhh, you used the dub for this.
    Feels so weird

  • Houssam Salmi
    Houssam Salmi Month ago

  • Ballistic -zink
    Ballistic -zink Month ago

    Turns out my mums shit hot at mortal combat