The Philosophy of ONE PUNCH MAN - Wisecrack Edition

  • Published on May 27, 2017
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    One Punch Man's Saitama isn't your typical hero. He doesn't struggle to defeat villains so much as he struggles to show up to the fight on time. What can Saitama and his bored lifestyle teach us about our own modern lifestyle? And what secrets lie in the show's storytelling? Join us in this Wisecrack Edition on the Philosophy of One Punch Man.
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    Written by: Kevin Winzer
    Research by: Michael Luxembourg
    Directed & Narrated by: Jared Bauer
    Edited by: Ryan Hailey (
    Assistant Editor: Andrew Nishimura
    Motion Graphics by: Dean Bottino
    Produced by: Jacob Salamon
    © 2017 Wisecrack, Inc.

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  • Wisecrack
    Wisecrack  2 years ago +2589

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! Quick note on the English dubs: we use dubbed versions since they're much easier to edit with. They also make cutaways way easier to understand. But let's see if we can do original Japanese next time. Is that what y'all prefer?

    • Marrt
      Marrt 2 days ago

      Japanese all the way! English anime dubs are almost as bad as german ones. Japanese voice-actors are to damn good.

    • Tusk
      Tusk 10 days ago

      Your whole strugle thing is getting boring actually its always strugle this strugle that im tired of always seeing more of the same and no it doesn't reflect reality because in real life you will have that guy that trained with the sword all his life and defeat the gangsters with it in a big strugle just to end up getting killed by some loser who happens to have a gun
      Life just aint fair in the real world sometimes but then again this is what makes it unpredictable therefor FUN

    • SlyBiffrons
      SlyBiffrons Month ago

      +Cameron Powell There's grasping at straws, and then there's this.

    • Charles Calthrop
      Charles Calthrop 2 months ago

      I dont really care, though I suppose dubs are kind of important for people who listen to episodes instead of watching.

    • Louroux HS
      Louroux HS 3 months ago


  • sam yee
    sam yee Day ago

    damnnnn iiiiiitt

  • Siberian Goose
    Siberian Goose 3 days ago

    Sadly, with the season two animation, it seems like one punch really is a one hit wonder

    REAL EYES OPEN 3 days ago

    One punnnnnnnch man!

  • Jodian And Ramize
    Jodian And Ramize 3 days ago

    We would watch Saitama one punch villains every day. 😊❤

  • King Yolo Man
    King Yolo Man 4 days ago +1

    Don't ever watch Anime with eng Dub EVER

  • Needs More Cowbell
    Needs More Cowbell 6 days ago

    What kind of barbarian watches dubbed though...

  • tobias schradi
    tobias schradi 7 days ago +1

    I would say there is shallow conflict with Saitama being bored of not having equal opponents. What bores him is that there is a lack of obstacles.

  • Bassam Kanaan
    Bassam Kanaan 7 days ago

    You could've done this video in 5 mins...

  • Bassam Kanaan
    Bassam Kanaan 7 days ago

    My 2nd favorite anime

  • xarve
    xarve 9 days ago

    I learnt that the dubbed version is c a n c e r

  • vintage car news
    vintage car news 9 days ago


  • Tusk
    Tusk 10 days ago +1

    You got it wrong i love onepunch man specifically because he's that random strong over powered guy that crushes the vilain when all hope was lost that is why i love the show
    Its like in real life when little Syria was getting destroyed by terrorist the Russia came out of nowhere and massacred the terrorists
    You claim saitama to be that guy that deprives us from the heroic comback of the other characters but no thats not at all saitama pretends to be like that so the rest of the heroes dont look like losers but he shows up either after the other heroes were defeated or when the other heroes are about to die its at unexpected moments and thats whats making the show good because in the end saitama is still the most popular character
    You should really rewatch the show before making such claims because its clear you came up with your own conclusion before understanding whats really going on

  • Lucas Pantoja
    Lucas Pantoja 10 days ago

    I find a lot wisdom in Saitama’s concern with the everyday obstacles of life and the genuineness of his famous “I’m a guy who’s a hero for fun.” catch phrase. He’s so purely simple while everyone around him is achingly complicated that it’s kind of inspiring. To me his impeccably chill and nonchalant attitude compared to the other characters around him is part of what this show is about. While everyone is so caught up in their own drawn out personal conflicts, becoming the strongest, or taking over the world; he takes things day by day. More interested in saving money, watering plants, or playing games. To me he’s the Lebowski of anime heroes.The narrative that people always have to have some sort of deep motive in how they pursue life can be tiring. Also I just love how he exposes others for being naive or disrespectful, and while even though he’s immensely stronger than everyone else - at the end of the day he’s just a dude who minds his own business and treats others as he’d like to be treated.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants 15 days ago +2

    100 pushups
    100 situps
    100 squats
    and a 10km run

    this scene gets me everytime

    • SpongeBob SquarePants
      SpongeBob SquarePants 11 days ago

      +David Saber yeah

    • David Saber
      David Saber 11 days ago

      Don't forget about not using the air conditioner in the summer or a heater in the winter.

  • BrandonSaunders8246
    BrandonSaunders8246 15 days ago

    Man the dub is sooooo bad

  • midgetydeath
    midgetydeath 17 days ago

    The thing about easier lives preventing us from changing ourselves and overcoming and innovating is hilarious coming from someone whose people did not progress past bows and arrows until technology was shoved down their throats literally at gun-point.

  • Nur zum Kommentieren da sonst für nix

    I'll summarize it for everyone:"Have a Banana."

  • Jean-pierre Izart
    Jean-pierre Izart 18 days ago

    I think that the fact that he does not feel anything anymore, did that postponed his reason for living to virtue

  • Leon X
    Leon X 18 days ago

    The English voice acting is just not feeling right

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 20 days ago

    Wow. I'm no weeb, and I've generally hated 'that guy' every time I saw him, but for the first time ever, I'm about to be that guy. To preface, I've only ever watched like 3 animes, unless you count pokemon and Cartoon Network stuff, and of those 3, 1.5 of them were watched dubbed (OPM, Deathnote and Initial D) Deathnote had a spectacular English dub, so it's not that I'm against dubs, I speak English so I'm all for them.
    But my god, that is the WORST sounding dub I've ever heard. It actually sounds like it was recorded by some kid in his room who couldn't get into the character because he would be too loud and wake his parents, it all sounds so unnatural, can't believe I prefer the subs, but in this case, subs are superior.

  • StruttinStrayCat
    StruttinStrayCat 21 day ago +1

    Who else is down for Donnie Yen as Saitama in a One Punch Man live action movie/series?

    • StruttinStrayCat
      StruttinStrayCat 20 days ago

      Biggie Cheese - Yeah, it’s not feasible, but I feel like Donnie Yen is the real life One Punch Man haha. Maybe he could work for a future version of the character.

    • Biggie Cheese
      Biggie Cheese 20 days ago

      Awesome guy, but I think he'd be a bit too old for Saitama, I mean Saitama is only 25, Donnie Yen is more than double that at 55.

  • Commmander 64
    Commmander 64 21 day ago

    Wow... know wonder I dontl ike some movies. Characters that try to be relatable fail for me and catharisis works rarly. I am not one of stone it's just... to emotionally based.

  • O k!
    O k! 22 days ago +1

    I have a philosophy?!? I just punch shit

  • Jericho Narvaja
    Jericho Narvaja 22 days ago

    Well I feel like the dub version is a little exaggerated with their words I don't like it

  • abdelkader kaddour
    abdelkader kaddour 22 days ago

  • Mario Castillo
    Mario Castillo 22 days ago

    Wondered into this video by accident and might have to subscribe. So well done.

  • Saberian Dream
    Saberian Dream 22 days ago

    The philosophy of One Punch Man is that cancer gives you strength. And that fanboys are awful. In this sense, it could be viewed as a metaphor for online discourse.

  • Yutaka Go
    Yutaka Go 24 days ago

    One punch man have nothing to do with heroism. One punch man show the irony of Japanese society. In Japan, you can get a lower ranking in the company because your written test are poor although you get full score in your ability test. In Japan companies, there are lots of office politics and people joined different fractions to survive the office politics. The higher ranking will bully the lower ranking because they are insecure and feel that the lower ranking will rise up and take away their jobs. Another thing one punch man tried to show is that even though you have ability and talents. Nobody will recognize your ability and talents if you are not good looking.The Threat Levels is to show Satiama ability and show the stupidity of the class and ranking system. A God level Satiama is given a class "C" in the test. A fake hero like "King" given a class "S' Rank 7.

  • William Davis
    William Davis 24 days ago

    This is all very disappointing. You spent about 12 minutes dissecting one single piece of philosophy and left out about 12 others within OPM. @12:00 was the only time you explored a different topic. In an anime chocked full of Philosophical jewels you missed most of them; Stoicism being the most prevalent I can think of.

  • Jose Luis Robles
    Jose Luis Robles 24 days ago

    at 2:00 they killed Chapulin Colorado

  • PaulM68322
    PaulM68322 24 days ago

    Is there anything worse than the English dub

  • Theofficalsecretservice

    It’s freaking hilarious

  • InevitableMMA
    InevitableMMA 25 days ago

    HAHA fuck semantics. I would be grateful if i was too strong or perfect

  • Chona Castillo
    Chona Castillo 25 days ago

    The Toy Story ending one really got me

  • 10000 subs with no videos

    sub to me

  • Iyerikhon Lauron
    Iyerikhon Lauron 26 days ago +2

    What i like is that as Saitama's story goes, he meets and makes friends. Take Genos for example. A disciple, yes, but its good to have someone to socialize with.

  • Hail Satan
    Hail Satan 26 days ago


  • Vinz De Castro
    Vinz De Castro 27 days ago

    5:36 that reminds me of vegeta getting beaten up by cooler back to goku

  • Latin Kuro
    Latin Kuro 27 days ago

    Saitama's ambition: to meet someone powerful enough to actually mae him go all out and not be sure if he's gonna win.
    The fact he is so powerful is what makes it appealing I'm sick of all the dragon ball style fights like done to death ! it sickens me.
    One punch is a breath of fresh air for the fighting genre.

    • xxdudeyy Dude
      xxdudeyy Dude 25 days ago

      Well If you are so sick of Dragon Ball, stop watching it then.

  • Irvin labahata
    Irvin labahata 27 days ago

    I disliked it after hearing one hit wonder

  • Ernesto Gehrke
    Ernesto Gehrke 27 days ago

    Without pain and suffering, there is no joy. Maybe because of that, Dark Souls is one of the most fantastic games ever!

  • Individu λambda
    Individu λambda 28 days ago

    So, for fun to be had? Severe pain and suffuring must be inflicted, loss of loved ones and having ennemies? Let me grab some guns and join a criminal organisation then.

  • Frank Castello
    Frank Castello 28 days ago

    I think you misunderstand what deus ex machina means.

  • Daniel Nah
    Daniel Nah 29 days ago +1

    Saitama just gives the side characters some words of wisdom

  • Daniel Nah
    Daniel Nah 29 days ago

    Saitama just gives the side characters some words of wisdom

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 29 days ago

    What would be a hilarious ending to the OPM manga/anime series:

    The near-suicidal, depressed and very powerful Saitama finds out he was the Cosmic Creator, who had decided long ago to incarnate as a mortal to fully understand the trials and tribulations of living beings in the universe.

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 29 days ago

    Stay hungry, stay foolish.
    One Punch Man's and human society's philosophy on maintaining the powerful drive for success.

  • Tadeu Ferreira
    Tadeu Ferreira Month ago

    English dubbed version is awful, the Japanese version is a lot better

  • Jamie Hutber
    Jamie Hutber Month ago

    lol great video, but I cannot believe anybody watches it in english :O

  • Jordan Robertson
    Jordan Robertson Month ago

    Damn then Goku the ultimate deus es machina everybody die waiting on yo😂

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    I love this anime, simply the best hahaha

  • Ben NCM
    Ben NCM Month ago

    No. Just no

  • Joker J
    Joker J Month ago

    Great breakdown but there's one point I think you could adrees in another video. OPM also is a direct foil to the constant power escalation in anime and manga that is heavily credited to Dragon Ball Z. All of the characters in OPM are as strong as they'll be and don't appear to be getting stronger. This forces story and character development and removes the constant power escalation of heroes and villains. There's no real discernable strength increase in villains since they are all defeated with one punch.

  • Tony Cárdenas
    Tony Cárdenas Month ago

    After seeing the anime and manga, I think this video is really off. When Saitama actually appears is really cathartic because the enemies are really tough and you care about the secondary characters.

  • Ezekiel Painter
    Ezekiel Painter Month ago

    His strength comes from his costume the old man made him.

  • Fuyukai UWU
    Fuyukai UWU Month ago

    As the story of Saitama progresses, his only conflict lies within himself. He struggles after realising that he seemingly lost all his emotions after gaining that much power. Much like how Mob's power revolves around his controlled and lack of emotion with virtues and morals holding him together, Saitama on the other hand just fuckin lost it when it came to his emotions. Sure power is great and all but it's literally nothing if I don't enjoy or feel bad about it is what Saitama probably thinks of in my opinion.

  • Spydr331
    Spydr331 Month ago

    i always thought one punch man also focused on how to get strong. according to saitama, all you have to do is train, and all these guys appear with gimmicks to their strength. genos wants the secret to saitamas strength and constantly takes note of his teachings but since hes a cyborg he doesnt need to train, so he doesnt. dr genus uses science. others use transformations, weapons, and other abilities but you never really see anyone train. i think the only person i have ever seen train was tanktop master

  • Andre
    Andre Month ago +1

    6:15 Saitama uses nen!!

  • Sauron Gorthaur
    Sauron Gorthaur Month ago

    I saw Because Science on the VRV thing. You do know that's right on RUclip, right?

  • Cat_City
    Cat_City Month ago

    Also the show creator is def a fascist.

  • Cat_City
    Cat_City Month ago

    Unsubbed you bakka gaijin.

  • Baby Lace
    Baby Lace Month ago

    i took up military martial arts classes because of one punch man and now i am also bored with sparring

  • SlyBiffrons
    SlyBiffrons Month ago +1

    I look forward to a potential video on Season 2/3. Namely on the philosophy on what separates a "human" from a "monster".

  • Christian Zdravko
    Christian Zdravko Month ago

    Even Saitama agrees that he needs problems in his life because he will take some things seriously like getting to a store on time or a sale even though it doesn't seem like a big deal. His overwhelming strength caused him to take lesser things seriously. XD

  • Deshant Devkota
    Deshant Devkota Month ago

    Thats deep

  • Jonny Rawdog
    Jonny Rawdog Month ago

    Please watch in Original Japanese language. This English it sounds wack.😁

  • SaketG
    SaketG Month ago

    For me, then English dub added an extra layer humour I can't explain.

  • SaketG
    SaketG Month ago

    You just made me read the entire paper by Morioka. Thanks and keep up with your amazing work.

  • UntillTheEnd ya
    UntillTheEnd ya Month ago

    Man a tear in my eye Mumen rider my Boy

  • burpllle
    burpllle Month ago

    mumen Rider is Clearly less strong than the big bad S class heroes... *camera pans with kings face*

  • James T
    James T Month ago

    Love it.

  • Cooper
    Cooper Month ago

    You had to spoil star wars as well

  • Jordy K
    Jordy K Month ago +69

    It's so Cringy watching the anime in English

    • Snoop froggy frogg
      Snoop froggy frogg Day ago

      Yeah the dub is bad but whats gonna get better about it if you keep complaining, also yall that are calling people who prefer sub "weaboos" dont even know what that term means either

    • muzikology 101
      muzikology 101 6 days ago

      CometCourse subtitles are my worst nightmare because I can’t keep up so I watch dub :/

    • BrownieKuma72
      BrownieKuma72 6 days ago

      +CometCourse Stop with those fallacies. It's not disrespectful. And subs are actually harder for the non-native viewers. Not a lot of people are good at juggling back and forth from looking at text and at what's happening on screen. Not to mention poor translations are a thing. Also, it's simply human nature (hell, animal nature in general) that speaking and listening is easier to comprehend than reading and writing. So it's only natural that dubs are better for the non-native viewer experience than to read. By that point, might as well just read the manga or LN the show is based on.
      You are just taking the simple argument that some dubs are trash, and blowing it out of proportion. So like I told the other guy: Shut up, weaboo sheep.

    • CometCourse
      CometCourse 6 days ago

      dubbing is incredibly disrespectful to the original actor, and also a waste of time and energy. subtitles are easier and uphold the artistic integrity of the work, whether it be anime or films.

    • muzikology 101
      muzikology 101 9 days ago

      Jordy K you’re so fucking annoying

  • stuupper
    stuupper Month ago

    Hey Wisecrack, I wanted to say thanks for all the great content you continue to release each week. I really appreciate your hard work, and your points of view. I would love to see you guys do a video about the anime Made in Abyss!

  • Tom Y
    Tom Y Month ago

    Nope, you say challenge is good only to make people feel better because no one can solve everything using one punch. AND EVERYONE would want to do that, fuck the sense of achievement, nobody wants that if they have unlimited power.

  • chilled sama dio
    chilled sama dio Month ago +1

    Nawl I enjoy one punch its the best thing in my life ever

  • Himel
    Himel Month ago

    Yea you seem to be an expert on storytelling and shit. How many awesome stories have you written?

  • Jp Killer 21
    Jp Killer 21 Month ago +1

    All might may be the hero to people but saitama is the hero of heroes

  • Utility Account
    Utility Account Month ago

    One Punch Man has to be the most unethical superhero ever. And that includes Deadpool. He has the power to stop any enemy in their tracks but he lets them destroy a city in the hopes of having some fun before killing them in a single punch.

  • Joshua O'Neill
    Joshua O'Neill 2 months ago

    9:10 what a finish.

  • FlameDomePhoenix
    FlameDomePhoenix 2 months ago

    favorite anime more favorite

  • PsyQoBoy
    PsyQoBoy 2 months ago

    Japan = One Punch Man
    English = Deus Ex Machina plot armour man

  • I watch Animations
    I watch Animations 2 months ago

    Who is here after the trailer for season 2 im sad bc the trailer was disappointing

  • Jack Hades
    Jack Hades 2 months ago

    Hmmmm.... i think i am made of stone....

  • PorkPie Hat D Mingo
    PorkPie Hat D Mingo 2 months ago +1

    One Punch Man is like all the Anime I watched, because it's a Parody of them!!!

  • Bam Look
    Bam Look 2 months ago

    One punch man. 💪🏿👊🏿👍🏿

  • John Jordan Baleros
    John Jordan Baleros 2 months ago

    11:12 That actually sums up our generation today. It might also be the reason why we couldn’t level to our ancestors’ greatness. I think we found a lot of knowledge that we slowed down on trying to find a new one or maybe peace caused us to slow down on trying to finding power and knowledge.

  • jkunblade
    jkunblade 2 months ago

    Those are the English voices? Yeesh.

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 2 months ago

    One punch man the over powered hero. Overlord the over powered villain.

  • Milan Shaw
    Milan Shaw 2 months ago

    What if Saitama's name is written on Death Note. Will he die?

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 2 months ago

    Wanna know where humanity is going?
    Down... faster then any of Saitama's opponents.

  • Anonymous Will
    Anonymous Will 2 months ago +1

    Read the Manga and then analyze, simple! because you are so off from what the actual story plots and yeah he is literally 'one punch man' but its not like they have him use it everytime. The actual manga and where the current chapters at now is so crazy I recommend reading it. Also read the rushed copy where they are literally drawing everything as it goes its weird but its way past the hard copy.

  • taha ince
    taha ince 2 months ago

    Why didnt you answer the thumbnail question

  • m m
    m m 2 months ago

    whoa i’ve never seen one punch man dubbed and after seeing the clips in this video i never will ever again lol

  • lsomething l
    lsomething l 2 months ago

    I am a stone face god except when spider-man dies in avengers infinity war I don’t believe it if you didn’t

  • The present moment
    The present moment 2 months ago

    Building my arms makes my life more exciting

  • aleectohasfingers
    aleectohasfingers 2 months ago +1

    So, the meaning of life is to suffer?

  • Booo Ya
    Booo Ya 2 months ago

    Isn’t a streaming service exactly what was meant by things are too easy, and doesn’t that kinda make it Hypocritical to plug something that might cause what it’s supposed to prevent, kinda like what you talked about in your video?

  • Intellectual CheatCodes

    National Treasure is the best "Action flick" you could come up with.....