Vantablack: The Darkest Material Ever Made

Today we're talking about the blackest material ever created!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Автор Ifritmaster Games ( назад)

Автор Nick Garant ( назад)
0 privledge

Автор The FPV Life ( назад)
As a ninja I had this stuff for decades

Автор The7thSeason ( назад)
Imagine a vantablack morphsuit.

Автор Rayna Legro ( назад)
ɷɷɷɷ ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ʟᴏsᴇ ᴡᴇɪɢʜᴛ ɪɴ ᴊᴜsᴛ 3 ᴡᴇᴇᴋs ᴛʜᴇɴ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜɪs ɢᴜɪᴅᴇ : - https://vk.com/id422834399?w=wall422834399_231?45674

Автор Mistake_in_Reality ( назад)
i would buy a cirlce and lay it on the ground ant the lol you got a hole into the abyss

Автор Shemar Mayers ( назад)
How does testosterone level affect sexual appetite.

Автор Professor Who ( назад)
If it absorbs all light, doesn't that mean that it must get really hot in sunlight, or any light for that matter?

Автор CounterClaws ( назад)
Blacker than the blackest black times infinity!

Автор Adam Sherbz ( назад)
I would love a tattoo or something made from the stuff, all the different lines and such would look so cool

Автор Stanley Tusek ( назад)
Bringing emos to a new level

Автор Cooliostuff ( назад)
Imagine the military camouflage opportunities😱

Автор Connor D ( назад)
Imagine a car with seats made out of this in the summer

Автор Luca Capperucci ( назад)
I guarantee those super rich men that have like 6 hyper cars will buy/tailor a custom vantablack suit and tie just cos they can. I'm so jelous

Автор SilentCricket ( назад)
I would paint my room vantablack

Автор Hurricane800 ( назад)
I can use this to sneak at night and steal stuff 😏

Автор Sorin Cristian ( назад)
Vantablack stole my bike , help !!When i call the police they think i am insane .

Автор keisu ri ( назад)
16 yr old him would be excited about. it. now?.hmmmmmm...yeah nah, not gonna happen.

Автор Phaux Redtail ( назад)
"Odds are you'll never see a black hole in person" CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Автор Tou Xiong ( назад)
With Vantablack, I could be a legit ninja!

Автор Xenon PlayZ ( назад)
I wonder if I could get it on my hand and then all over me and then become 2 dimensional.

Автор AnselAlly ( назад)
I thought it was the "dankest material" :c

Автор IxI Oryx IxI ( назад)
coat a fake human that can withstand that temp with vantablack and put it in front of a vantablack wall

Автор Alex Lavrentiev ( назад)
it's a bird
it's a plane
no its super black

ok ok I'll show myself out

Автор Mason Townsend ( назад)
A black cock is darker

Автор wsx zaq ( назад)
Blind people know what the world looks like if everything is covered with this

Автор krazor8 ( назад)
Hmm.. Time to murder out my car with it lmao

Автор hi there ( назад)
I am one with the void

Автор Bradley Maynard ( назад)
I want a floating magnetic ball covered in ventablack, so i can have a black hole in a jar on my computer desk.

Автор mmToasty ( назад)
i can already hear Emo's screaming their asses off.

Автор David l ( назад)
I would worry about bringing it to Florida, it might spontaneously combust.

Автор Nugroho Pangestu ( назад)
would be a great paint clothe to go outside

Автор Significant Vloggers ( назад)
Talk about dark matter.

Автор I heart adidas nmd ultraboost eqt ( назад)
I thought I broke my screen

Автор Sarjant Bob ( назад)
One of the stills taken I believe is actually not vantablack, but another paint they have (that doesn't use carbon nano tubes)

Автор Nile-Fan \m/ ( назад)
Black Metal is still more black \m/

Автор aliy motors official ( назад)
this shit so black, my wallet, keys and phone gone

Автор Halil Suriano ( назад)
the black hole has radiation so it kinda has light

Автор ByteOfWood YT ( назад)
wow vantablack is like my soul

Автор Master Rzargo ( назад)
If I was rich I could become a void.

Автор The Pokemon Theories ( назад)
Darker, darker and yet darker

Автор Tanner Kerbaugh ( назад)
I need clothes and a jacket made of this stuff.

Автор Paige V ( назад)
Spaghettied to death...
I'm fine with dying now.

Автор Just Mets ( назад)
wrong. My soul is the darkest thing ever.

Автор Glenn Smithson ( назад)
In the thumbnail I thought it was a censor bar

Автор 000snow000 ( назад)
I need this as an eyeliner stat.

Автор Pixel Crusher ( назад)
fuck anish kapoor

Автор Gierom Yumang ( назад)
my eyes hurt

Автор Good Vibes ( назад)
Fanta black

Автор Nerdy Cubing ( назад)
so my question is... if we made something that absorbed 100% of light
would it become a black hole?

Автор Kraken Fodder ( назад)
What kind of asshole artist takes the right to exclusively use it artistically? that's fucked up.

Автор GooNSlayeR ( назад)
so girls with small breasts would have an axcuse to wear a dress like that xD

Автор Amit ( назад)
title: Darkest
description: blackest


Автор RandomGuy ( назад)
Vantablack dildo who's with me

Автор Kenny Phillips ( назад)
so how much will a paint job cost on my BMW?

Автор Calvin Lowell ( назад)
Sooo will it fade?

Автор Iseedja Now ( назад)
is Batman's suit made of vantablack? it would make sense

Автор Pandanimation ( назад)
Is this the start of invisibility??? 😱

Автор German Potato ( назад)
I have a better Idea:
1. go inside
2. turn the lights off
3. be amazed
4. profit

Автор Querez854 ( назад)
If people go absolutely go crazy in white rooms with alot of bumps and absolutely no sound, would they be 100% satisfied and soothed if they were trapped in a flat-walled, black (coated in this) with alot of sound?

Автор Li Yeh ( назад)
Your facts are right beside one fact - the reason that light does not hit inside the nanotube is due to the fact that the nanotubes are closed at both ends, so the light hits between the nanotubes but not inside of it.

Автор Wade Guidry ( назад)
I want a vantablack BMW.

Автор Harie Amjari ( назад)
For shorter : ALBEDO

Автор Saint6602 ( назад)
Imagine if you had a morph suit of this shit and you curled up in a ball in someone's house and they couldn't tell what it was so you got up and they saw a black human like shadow of a figure.

Автор The Rezzurected ( назад)
anyone wanna help me rob a bank with this shit😂😂

Автор Geometry Dash Articat ( назад)
Vantablack is something an emo/goth would want.

Автор Elimar Evertsz ( назад)

Автор PeRvErTeD BaNaNa ( назад)
looks like a censored bar…

Автор Temmie ( назад)
Still brighter than my soul

Автор Arqam Zubair ( назад)
you know those ghost shadow ppl some people claim to see? well now humans created their own shadow people!!! one up on the supernatural!! This is why humans are highest creation of God (on earth)

Автор Funtime Cephei Valarion ( назад)
My god we could become Mr Game And Watch

Автор DJ Barney Studios ( назад)
Black people in the U.s: super balck
Africa : vantablack

Автор Jorgan Morgan™ ( назад)
You know it's bad when vantiblack is brighter than your future... 😪

Автор Drakonix The Dragon ( назад)
Oh ok I thought someone stole my skin tone. Damn I will get a lot of hate for this. Im not even black

Автор Alex Smirnov ( назад)
My neighbours are the darkest things possible

Автор Mohamed Mahmoud ( назад)
I need to wear this

Автор David Doge ( назад)
Hide 'n' seek : Vantablack Edition
Coming soon.... Probably

Автор Antonio Macaione ( назад)
What is the dankest ?

Автор Huntingislife ( назад)
Imagine being in a room where everything is coated in vantablack

Автор it's that weird guy zach ( назад)
Imagine the military benefits

Автор Sean Tubo ( назад)
Best skeleton costume ever just showing bones.

Автор Jordan Noche ( назад)
Think of a vantablack morph suit

Автор Damian Ayala ZULIPEL ( назад)

Автор Night Tarantula ( назад)
this is what batman uses

Автор campingcarall ( назад)
new camo

Автор kunal malhotra ( назад)
This guy loves wearing little black dresses

Автор BlackKnight 0814 ( назад)
Anti radar coating?

Автор Ever John ( назад)
I want clothes that is made out of vanta black!

Автор SadoMessiahLP ( назад)
You can finally cosplay as Mr Game and Watch!

Автор Theraginggriffin ( назад)
Why is the thumbnail censored?

Автор QuadLamb031275 ( назад)
Man with vantablack suit on vantablack room = Floating head

Автор xXBubbleGumFreakXx ( назад)
F u

Автор Grey Knightz ( назад)
it speaks to me

Автор Unknown Truth ( назад)
Actually after this video they saw a black hooole !! exciting!

Автор Mortis ( назад)
I would wear it around my arm and say "My textures are corrupting".

Автор Teddy Swire ( назад)
Bet you the military will contract it

Автор Xcision Mist ( назад)
paints entire room with this stuff

Автор Deangelo Carter ( назад)
The perfect pants to combine with sunglasses

Автор jhhwild ( назад)
I would paint my car with it so that you wouldn't be able to see the dents.

Автор slaggerthord31 ( назад)
"I wear Vantablack until they create something that is darker"

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