John Stossel - Wussification of America

  • Опубликовано: 22 мар 2016
  • John examines the widespread liberal practice of promoting arbitrary self-esteem and impeding the development of coping skills.

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  • ripseeze
    ripseeze 6 часов назад +1

    They'll promote anything against the nuclear family. This is the result, kids being raised by single moms. This is just the beginning.

  • Rob Dob
    Rob Dob День назад

    The problem is more complex than most realize. Life is now so expensive both parent have to work and hardly anyone has a schedule that let's them be home when their kids are home from school so kids are always with babysitters and they can't participate in as many activities since their parents are always working to scrape by a measly barely making it existence that we've been brainwashed into thinking is normal. The entire country has gone insane I think. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were our choices for president. Just typing their names in the same sentence as president makes me feel queasy.

  • David Straub
    David Straub День назад

    Grown-ups are morons that think kids are as stupid as they are. There is nothing worse than the discovery that you were given a trophy because you showed up. People are so screwed up these days from nonsensical horsepucky like this. What .... no trophy for drinking the whole glass of water! Pathetic! I love Gavin McInnis's approach, and his child is CLEARLY loving it! Our kid's are only stupid if we don't challenge them. You do know that they can use computers now ..... right? Kids could always use computers ..... we just didn't have them before. Gee - I wonder how they can do that huh. You teach your kid to walk and talk, then I guess your job is done? Your child gets their vocabulary from you, so if they are morons ..... it's on you!

  • Righteous!
    Righteous! 3 дня назад

    That woman has "vocal fry" she needs to correct. Google it's effect.

  • xr28y ge3fl1
    xr28y ge3fl1 3 дня назад

    Gavin was being incredibly careful with his baby. As you saw the kid didn't cry and was loving it. I loved this kind of shit as a kid. If you read the biography of General Grant you will find out his parents gave him a horse to ride for miles all day long alone at age 6.With his son he would come home from work and playfully insult him, his son would reply in kind, then Grant would say: " I refuse to take such comment from a man of your stature"and the wrestling would begin. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, the only way a man can touch his son, women don't have this and its kind of sad. Women have no ritual or game where they have physical contact for just plain fun. The MMA only recently started female fighting. Rough housing is what turns boys into mentally healthy men.

  • TheVagolfer
    TheVagolfer 4 дня назад +1

    Hey you stupid bitch.....get your hair out of your eyes ! Do you put it in your left eye on purpose so you can constantly flick it and develop a tick ?

  • AmericanLonsdaleFan
    AmericanLonsdaleFan 4 дня назад

    This "Old Single Mom" blogger still STILL wears all her childhood issues on her damn sleeve because she likely never woke the f*** up!

  • John J. Rambo
    John J. Rambo 5 дней назад

    I never got a trophy and I wouldn’t want one anyway. Cheap ass piece of plastic and wood. Make those mother fuckas outta gold and silver then I’ll make an effort

    FIREARMS TESTLAB 5 дней назад

    Its right about the trophies. But as I see more and more people still talk the walk but then cant fight. We have so many Americans that there last fight was in the 3rd grade and have a big mouth. All they know us ILL SUE YOU IF YOU TOUCH ME!!!

  • rebelray84
    rebelray84 5 дней назад

    Failure is a great teacher.

  • Lance Vaughn
    Lance Vaughn 6 дней назад

    That mom looks like she ate a fist full of oxys. She can’t even look straight

  • Mike XT
    Mike XT 7 дней назад

    When I was a little kid I was on a horrible basketball team. We lost every game of the season. At the end of the season they handed out trophies to everyone. I was smart enough then to realize trophies for all is grab and threw it out on my way home. I wasnt gonna take a puitty trophy.

  • ПРИВЕТ YouTube
    ПРИВЕТ YouTube 7 дней назад

    Why give a award if nothing is accomplished? I apologize but this doesn't make sense to me.

  • spm 51678
    spm 51678 9 дней назад

    In my town we call it generation pussy

  • Biggie Baby
    Biggie Baby 10 дней назад

    Hey gen x'ers, remember trying to be Evil Kineval with bicycle ramps? It would make their heads explode today.

  • Chriscom28
    Chriscom28 10 дней назад

    This will just lead to trophy hyperinflation. The trophy economy will soon be like Venezuela.

  • Vilhjalmur The Viking
    Vilhjalmur The Viking 11 дней назад

    When kids are told they are wonderful and can do no wrong, they become monstrous, entitled, arrogant, pompous, rude, self-centered assholes as adults... kind of like how the world is today... hmm

  • Lunchbox McGonnickle
    Lunchbox McGonnickle 11 дней назад

    he's not actually fighting a baby

  • Carl Jeffrey
    Carl Jeffrey 12 дней назад

    wealth is a reward of hard , smart work. Trophies are a reward for being the victor. Capitalism takes no prisoners, but socialism says we are all the same unless you are a LEADER. So, balance is key . I feel this wussy stuff is a slow path to slim soldiers, drinking soy milk or they become the screaming fools of ANTIFA and the left.

  • jefferycsm
    jefferycsm 12 дней назад

    Jenn-Anne is a total idiot.

  • Han Skinslo
    Han Skinslo 12 дней назад

    Great video

  • Sa Tan
    Sa Tan 13 дней назад

    calm down

  • Alexander Mendez
    Alexander Mendez 13 дней назад

    That last statement was really profound. The world is competitive and it isn’t always fair. So the best thing to do is to learn how to lose.

  • TheAnanaki
    TheAnanaki 13 дней назад

    "It meant I showed up and finished something"

    What a great achievement that must have been. Fucking twat.

  • Rheza Firmansyah
    Rheza Firmansyah 14 дней назад

    Can't wait till they grow up, and reality slam the on the face.

  • Roy Roberts
    Roy Roberts 14 дней назад

    Played Rugby, team won a tournament. Got to drink beer out of the cup with my teammates. Did not get a trophy to take home. Remembering drinking out of that cup was better than any trophy collecting dust in some box.

  • Raymond Licon
    Raymond Licon 14 дней назад

    F-ing wussy! Lol

  • Wezzy94
    Wezzy94 15 дней назад

    If you don't know what it is to lose, winning means nothing.

  • BBMustang514
    BBMustang514 15 дней назад

    teach kids to be winners, if your kid sucks at something you should tell them. Self awareness of your talents and intelligence will give you the best chance at being successful.

  • Uncle Phil
    Uncle Phil 16 дней назад

    single mothers are disgusting.

    • Surgical
      Surgical 14 дней назад

      Uncle Phil uncle Phil?
      But have Carlton’s photo

  • jiale chen
    jiale chen 16 дней назад

    First time I hear a vice personal say something coherent

  • Alex O
    Alex O 16 дней назад

    It's my belief that we need to separate girls and boys until they're adults. Boys spend more time around women and girls than in any other time in history. And this has contributed to the pussification of boys. We need to bring back old school values, otherwise society will fail

  • renegade_ace
    renegade_ace 16 дней назад

    All my dad ever did was sit on his ass and smoke pot. PS, he was a Democrat.

  • sickb2200
    sickb2200 16 дней назад

    Encouraging mediocrity makes absolutely no sense. These kids are now entering the workplace. Ever managed any of these people? Well, I have and it's a fucking train wreck! They get their feelings hurt and get defensive over every little thing. They also do not take responsibility for their mistakes because they believe they don't make mistakes. They think that any reason at all it a valid reason to miss or take off work - they don't care if they're out of sick days or vacation, they want as many days as your most senior long time employees have. They think they should be 100% equals with all other employees all the way up through senior management. Constructive criticism, no matter how gentle, brings them to a desperate feeling of being under attack and their defensive mode is totally off the rails. I knew this extreme coddling would bite everybody in the ass when they started that shit back in the late 80s/early 90s. I pretty much tell them that it's grown up time now and that anybody can be replaced.

  • Clyde Kimsey
    Clyde Kimsey 16 дней назад

    Why do parents prefer research and the opinions of experts over common sense???

  • Clyde Kimsey
    Clyde Kimsey 16 дней назад

    The word "wuss" is homophobic, she says??? Huh?? I always just figured it was a combination of whimp and puss.

  • Stavros Gazis
    Stavros Gazis 17 дней назад

    Trophy lady is very, very broken

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson 17 дней назад

    I remember when growing up we were thought that if you gave it your best and it still doesn't work out then move on and find what you are good at.

  • Elias Saba
    Elias Saba 17 дней назад

    Jenn-Ann won the -666 place award for parenting.

  • Kevin Burkett
    Kevin Burkett 17 дней назад

    when you call everyone a winner then none is. if you make them think they won when they know they didnt it'll make them feel hollow inside because while it might feel good getting something for nothing, it never compares to busting your ass and earning it. Instant gratification will do nothing but kill the incentive to try new things

  • qtubin
    qtubin 18 дней назад

    Not keeping score in a sports competition is not a competition. It's just playing. So its more important to not let the loser feel bad than it is for the winner to feel good? Such BS

  • I am a Crusader
    I am a Crusader 18 дней назад

    "There is a hierarchy of meritocracy in the world. And the best thing you can do is accept that and move on."
    No truer words were spoken.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 18 дней назад

    WUSSIFICATION!!!!!!! There's only 1 winning team/player in a competition. Losers should not be given a trophy. Suck it up losers! Work harder and be a winner!!

  • tiDDies aTTic
    tiDDies aTTic 19 дней назад

    Be real/honest with kids. They're not failures if they don't get rewarded for everything. It helps them find what they're truly good at, their calling, passion etc. THERE'S ONLY ONE YOU. BE THE BEST AT THAT & YOU'LL BE REWARDED EVERYDAY!!!

  • Miriam Luz
    Miriam Luz 19 дней назад

    I think she should read about Jesus from the Bible and not rely on an SNL skit. The Jesus I love was not a wuss!

  • Sarita You’d like to meeta
    Sarita You’d like to meeta 19 дней назад

    I love Gavin! What a great father!

  • Jay Primo
    Jay Primo 19 дней назад

    Helmets on the Soccer field? I guess sooner or later, you'll eventually hit your head taking so many dives.......

  • FordRacingFan93
    FordRacingFan93 19 дней назад

    god i love this channel. it isn't republican or democrat. it fits my belief system perfectly.

  • FordRacingFan93
    FordRacingFan93 19 дней назад

    my parents taught me the meaning of a dollar. that helped me. meritocracy needs to exist

  • c4n4d4
    c4n4d4 19 дней назад

    Lol “Ruh Gina Beach” not ruh geeena beach

  • InternetMunchies
    InternetMunchies 19 дней назад

    This is why every ody is entitled..always got prizes for zero performance

  • Rollacosta27
    Rollacosta27 20 дней назад

    Jesus was not a wuss. He died on the cross tortured for your sins. And did not complain once.

  • X allthatremains
    X allthatremains 20 дней назад

    Jesus christ that liberal woman made my brain bleed

  • Michael Alguire
    Michael Alguire 20 дней назад

    When I was growing up in the 70s praise meant something because we hardly ever got any. It meant that you did something extraordinary. Now it means nothing.

  • Gmail User
    Gmail User 20 дней назад

    Years ago, my son was a pretty damn good wrestler. He went to States pretty much every year from the age of 10. He finished 3rd twice - never first, unfortunately. What always struck me at these tournaments was the number of kids who - even in mid-teens - would cry, openly, after losing. As a boxer, I never understood that. There were deeply disappointing losses in my boxing career - thankfully, not that many, but they did occur. I would have NEVER allowed my opponent to see my disappointment in loss, however. If he beat me in the ring, he wasn't going to beat me in my soul. That's how I coached my fighters for almost a decade. It's OK to lose, just so long as you don't get comfortable losing...and as long as you left it all out there. You don't quit, you don't cry, and you don't get special recognition for simply participating. That's absurd, it's weak, and it's the exact problem with our society nowadays. Why do you think that most of the people you see in the Antifa crowds look like people you wouldn't trust in your own home? Because they are shit-heel, entitled slobs who want to be recognized for zero accomplishment. It's the "I showed up - so honor me" generation. Cause and effect. I seriously wish I could grab a handful of these bedwetting weaklings and time-travel back a few decades - let them walk around in my neighborhood. I goddamn guarantee that, when they got back, you wouldn't hear a PEEP out of them anymore about being "offended" or needing "safe spaces". Safe spaces where I grew up meant you made it back to your house without getting into a fist fight - and these were neighbors who went to school together, and played on the same sports teams. Stop voting for Democrats and maybe we have a chance. Keep voting for Democrats, and pretty soon, helmets will be required in offices, cars and bus-stations. Kids will wear inflatable suits, and bubble helmets to school. Passing a note to a girl a kid likes will be considered "hateful" and "sexist", and the boy will need reprogramming, and encouraged to send notes to other boys as well. No? This is from a "Teaching my Preschooler (yup) About Gender Identity" article on Planned Parenthood's website - just a snippet. NOW tell me I'm off base.
    "Be thoughtful about your choices when it comes to books, toys, entertainment, clothes, decorations, and other things you surround your little one with. These choices have an influence on your kid’s understanding of gender and what it means. Putting daughters in pink princess rooms and boys in blue sports rooms before they’re old enough to choose for themselves can send the message that they have to like certain things because of their gender."
    We've lost our minds!

  • unstablebobgable
    unstablebobgable 20 дней назад

    John Stossel should get a trophy for his moustache

  • drakg002
    drakg002 20 дней назад

    George Carlin decried all of this in his last stand-up show.

  • Δeltα xbox
    Δeltα xbox 20 дней назад

    Wow the woman in the purple outfit is so hollow."this trophy means so much to me because I showed up".😒 wow just wow. When I received my first trophy I earned it. Second place silver. I was thrilled. For second place! Achievements must be earned.

  • [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ]
    [pǝʇɔɐpǝɹ] 20 дней назад

    Jesus was a wuss, he just sat there and took it.

  • Crypto Volta
    Crypto Volta 20 дней назад

    ...and I'm gonna bet that all these insane, extreme, leftist, post modernist, ass hats all have a closet full of participation trophies. The narcissism of these kids is off the charts. They are completely incapable of self reflection and consider their flippant and completely unresearched opinions to be the God given truth because they've been told that they are right no matter what their entire life. We are just now starting to see this manifest and I believe they will have completely destroyed this country and have all of us all eating out of garbage cans over the course of the next 50 years.

  • Tincanbandit Gunsmithing
    Tincanbandit Gunsmithing 21 день назад

    fear of failure, is fear of living....

  • Orenoryori
    Orenoryori 21 день назад

    Point! Point and laugh at this girl wearing a helmet on the soccer pitch!

  • Thomas Bond
    Thomas Bond 21 день назад

    Trophies are just like money. The more you make, the less valuable it is.

  • John Girardot
    John Girardot 22 дня назад

    Help help, I'm triggered and offended! I never wore a bicycle helmet. Played baseball, basketball, wrestled, fought with sticks like swords as a kid. Boys were boys and girls were girls. I played sometimes rough & got hurt and grew up strong. Never got a 23rd place trophy for anything. If I won, I won, if not I learned to try harder and still had fun. Nowadays kids are total wimps and offended by everything. People have NO idea how to train a kid to be strong and confident nowadays because they (most likely) are of the wuss generation themselves, and are themselves a wuss. If a real disaster happens or a war here on our soil they have no hope of not being offended and probably cower in the corner and cry with their trigger card in hand.

  • Stephen Lang
    Stephen Lang 22 дня назад

    Mrs. Incredible says, “Everyone is special, Dash”. Dash retorts back to her, “Which is another way of saying that no one is.”

    ALASKA ATHLETE 22 дня назад

    homophobic wtf lady what a bitch

  • Fuzzy Puppet
    Fuzzy Puppet 22 дня назад

    This was a great video.

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 23 дня назад

    Holy cow, Gledhill is fucking delusional.

  • LittleMissLeared
    LittleMissLeared 23 дня назад

    There was a time when we could give some asshole an open hand slap.

  • M Briseno
    M Briseno 23 дня назад

    This coming from a bunch of men that work behind a desk.

  • nat lee
    nat lee 23 дня назад

    sad very sad!!!!Learning to "lose" is good.

  • Code Connection
    Code Connection 23 дня назад

    I remember when I was growing up they gave us all the white ribbon at these events for participating. I know for a fact I threw mine in the garbage almost immediately after they gave it to me and I remember looking in the bin and there were at least 50 of those ribbons in the bin too. However when I won the blue, red or green ribbon (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place) I still have that in the little wooden box after all these years. This chick that saved her participation trophy is delusional. Retarded. Nobody cares and she is shit. But go ahead and save this idiotic trophy if you want. Whatever. But I am going to ridicule her for doing it. Because I am right.

  • joe bama
    joe bama 23 дня назад

    most parents knew this 30 years ago....but libtards didn't care

  • Born Unloved
    Born Unloved 24 дня назад

    Kids need to be taught that there will always be some things they suck at. Yes it stings, but you just need to move on and find something you excel at and care about. Find yourself! "Trophies for all" demeans not just the kids receiving pity, but also the kids who actually do excel; it shits on their accomplishments. And the woman who thinks that the term "wussification" is homophobic only thinks that because she buys into the stereotype that homosexuals are wussies--which, ironically, makes _her_ homophobic.

  • Franny Leyden
    Franny Leyden 25 дней назад

    Would she call Mohamed a "wuss"? I doubt it. Jesus got ticked off in the Temple. The Alt Left indeed has made wimps of an entire generation. I do blame the parents. I always told my kids that " life is not fair, get used to it." They turned out fine. I raised my kids in reality and they realised not everybody wins. I think the pendulum is slowly turning .

  • Kevin Florer
    Kevin Florer 25 дней назад

    As Always. Yet Another Great News Commentary from John Stossel.

  • Hammerhead547
    Hammerhead547 25 дней назад

    I have a participation trophy I got in a soccer tournament when I was 7, I remember feeling like I didn't deserve it because I sucked at soccer.
    I now keep it in a place where I can look at it every day so I can remind myself that I have to work as hard as I can to be the best that I can be without compromising or accepting pity awards that don't mean anything.

  • David Arceo
    David Arceo 25 дней назад

    Meanwhile in Dagestan....khabib grew up wrestling 🤼‍♀️ 🐻

  • Imaginary Power
    Imaginary Power 25 дней назад

    The last statement in this video is absolutely correct. You have to learn to fail, to admit it, move on and learn from your mistakes. Otherwise everyone is going to think they are the best and won't accept anyone else to help them or contradict them.

  • CoolGuyMcGruff
    CoolGuyMcGruff 25 дней назад

    7:45 - Stossel's expression prettymuch sums up this whole thing

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt 25 дней назад

    Because of adderall and ritalin taking reality away good job docs

  • Chris Wyatt
    Chris Wyatt 25 дней назад +1

    That dude should have slapped you right in your pie hole

  • Joey COCO
    Joey COCO 25 дней назад

    THe blogger cunt sounds like a complete idiot. It is almost like she is a parody of some kind or a character from a comedy skit

  • William E Lanning Jr
    William E Lanning Jr 25 дней назад +1

    I swear that that Jenn-Anne Gledhill's (the Chicago Tribune blogger) brain cells (what few she had) were dissipating throughout this video.

  • isfk
    isfk 26 дней назад

    Dear Lord, how are you? I'm going good. Please let the leftist continue to baby their own children, so that my children will grow up better, and stronger than them, thanks.

  • mudderjen
    mudderjen 26 дней назад

    This is funny,....and that baby is having a blast

  • mudderjen
    mudderjen 26 дней назад

    I actually call it the "pussification of America" and it is not a compliment. It has nothing to do with sexual identity or race or anything else like that

  • WeDontThink
    WeDontThink 26 дней назад

    I coached with a guy who, at age 14, was on the Belgium national winning team. He got a trophy that was ~ 6" high. We gave out trophies ~ 16" high for showing up. The humor of the situation did not escape us

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 27 дней назад

    Most of life is failure, but you just have to get it right once.
    I don’t remember who said that, but I like it.

  • kaylee Stone
    kaylee Stone 27 дней назад

    that's right
    No win for second place. strive to do your best and except the outcome. Don't be a pussy about it. or go get your pitty trophy and be a happy losser

  • KatTerrific
    KatTerrific 27 дней назад

    The chick in purple sounds like a whiny moronic loser.

  • anna etters
    anna etters 28 дней назад

    I know exactly where that woman's child will end up. She is absolutely turning him into a sissy. Unless he has something wrong with him, he will end up blaming her for years to come.

  • i minabrons
    i minabrons 28 дней назад

    If a women praises me for something I've done I rarely give it much value. It's pleasant in the way a "good morning, how are you" is because for women I feel praise is verbal social lubricating not a real sign of admiration of something well done.

  • Jamey Brandon
    Jamey Brandon 28 дней назад

    How will kids realize what they are good at if you tell them they are good at everything

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 28 дней назад

    Libs are all about feelings. Nobody should ever be offended. Nobody should ever feel slighted. If anyone dare say something that they dont like then they should lose their careers and be shipped off to some gulag. Parents have been pushing that leftist BS now for a generation or two. But now we have these 22 year olds who have never had to face losing. Never had to face getting stomped in T ball or not being the absolute best. And the reality is... most of them are just average. And they cant handle that. So many years of 'Your so super special!'.... and they aren't. And they have no skills on how to deal with not being what their parents said they were. So the government is supposed to come in and make it all better. Redistribute wealth to them. Level the playing field to the lowest common denominator so they never feel less than the smart kids.

  • J P
    J P 28 дней назад

    (0:35) I guess you missed the part in the Bible where Jesus overturned tables, got angry, and threw the moneychangers out of the temple. You missed the story of Jesus wrestling with who He was for 40 days in the WILDERNESS. You missed the detail that he fasted during that time. You missed the passive-aggressive discussion he had with Paul and how he was going to deny him three times. You missed the idea that His strength and leadership was enough that grown men dropped what they were doing to follow Him. Weakness was not a virtue back then, and Jesus was able to draw crowds of thousands. People walked for days to see Him and listen to Him. You missed the part where Jesus is quoted saying "If you don't have a sword, sell your cloak to buy one." All these examples show Jesus as a Man's Man, not a wuss. I wouldn't follow a wuss around, would you? Winter's coming. If wussy Ben Affleck said "trade your coat for a sword and I'll stand beside you" I'd say buzz off. Now, if Jason Statham said the same thing... totally different. I'd ask what he has in mind.

  • Robert Cornia
    Robert Cornia 28 дней назад

    John Stossel is a national treasure.

    RED SEA GAMING 29 дней назад

    Failure is the best teacher that's why it's very insulting to get participation Awards. I want to be told I failed so I can try to be better that's why instant gratification I hate.

  • Jag Wulf
    Jag Wulf 29 дней назад

    This reminds me of how my father and I would randomly wrestle when he came back from work or on the weekend.

    Well, at least that is what I thought it was. Does anyone know a good therapist?

  • smarterthanyous
    smarterthanyous Месяц назад

    This douchebag told a professional wrestler that wrestling is fake. The dude bitchslapped this pussy and knocked him on his ass. It was hilarious.