John Stossel - Wussification of America

  • Published on Mar 22, 2016
  • John examines the widespread liberal practice of promoting arbitrary self-esteem and impeding the development of coping skills.

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  • Maiden Utah
    Maiden Utah Day ago

    This is why we now have the Protest Industrial Complex

  • Ger Kamber
    Ger Kamber 2 days ago

    When everyone is a winner nobody is a winner. You idiots.

  • Tab Ormiston
    Tab Ormiston 2 days ago

    The real problem is having women in charge

  • Jonah Peacock
    Jonah Peacock 4 days ago

    instead of giving everyone a trophy give trophies to no one because it costs less money and pollutes less

  • Yeuda Levi
    Yeuda Levi 4 days ago

    FUCK THIS BICHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Long
    Sandra Long 5 days ago

    This is how you raise a resentful kid. They need adversity. They learn to adapt and overcome.
    I consider myself lucky, I was raised with two brothers, we beat the every living shit out of each other. I learned from losing YMCA soccer leagues, my last year, we improved and blew the competition out of the water.

  • Tom
    Tom 6 days ago

    Rough house... me n my brother wrote the book... kids are way too fuckin sheltered... period

  • jonathan smith
    jonathan smith 6 days ago +1

    *Communism intensifies*

  • Hip Davinci
    Hip Davinci 6 days ago

    Compare two cultures, the pc culture and the spartan culture. Which would you want your child to turn into? I want my kind to grow up to be a badass, not someone living in my basement when I'm 60 years old

  • Danny Dircio
    Danny Dircio 7 days ago

    The old and new generation are the biggest crybaby pussies

  • The Ragged Fringe
    The Ragged Fringe 7 days ago

    Told “You’re the last winner’ instead of being told ‘work harder’. Years later told after one week on the job ‘Clean out your desk, you’re a fucking lazy idiot.’

  • Inga Crosby
    Inga Crosby 7 days ago

    Jesus was not a wuss!he died a horrible painful death on the cross for us
    all to be cleansed of our sins & not end up in hell .

  • jb6167
    jb6167 8 days ago

    Not letting your kids learn how to fail is probably why there is a suicide problem in this country.

  • Joe Coolioness
    Joe Coolioness 8 days ago

    False self esteem is bad. Earned self esteem is great. But it doesn't matter, what matters is what happens after you leave the nest. You need to be prepared to compete for resources and no employer is giving out participation dollars.

  • Mark G
    Mark G 8 days ago

    The entire Liberal mindset is destroying achievement. Even music today is imploding as people with no talent are promoted. Just because someone is not good at something does not mean that they are not good at something else. So instead of teachers and others trying to determine what these kids are good at, they just take the easy way out and give them awards for under achievement. This does the kids an injustice because their true strengths are suppressed and ignored.

  • Nicholas Rutherford
    Nicholas Rutherford 8 days ago

    Jesus freaks

  • Go2LeoB4U
    Go2LeoB4U 8 days ago

    What the heck is SHE talking about?!!
    Jesus went into the Temple and cast out the 'bad' business...
    Please, THINK between your thoughts then speak

  • Justa Witness
    Justa Witness 9 days ago +1

    When you cuddle and pander to boys, and you give them trophies for trying (failing), all you're doing is making it acceptable to be a wimpy failure. Everyone guns on bullying, hazing, and getting rough on the weaker dudes, but let me tell you--- as a 54 year old man it was like a "right of passage" for me to take my lumps from the older guys because they were toughening me up!! When I started giving as good as I got, they RESPECTED me, and I felt awesome for it. I don't expect females to understand this because it's a male thing. Many of the males of today are raised by single Moms that rage against men as hate-fueled feminists, and they're turning their boys into confused wimps! Get out of the way and let the Men raise these boys as MEN!!!

  • PringlesKing William

    As Nietzshe said “woman was God’s second mistake.” Eve made Adam eat the apple and for that they left paradise.

  • Donald Halkett
    Donald Halkett 10 days ago +1

    I finished watching this video, do I get a trophy now?

  • loismlsx
    loismlsx 11 days ago +1

    Work of the jew agenda

  • Jonathan Wells
    Jonathan Wells 11 days ago

    Learning boundaries, limits and potential is childhood. If not then, when ?

  • Clau77
    Clau77 12 days ago

    Don't you just love this loser talking about Jesus? Lady you CLEALY don't know Jesus!!! He's a very very STRONG GOD MAN!!!
    And FYI I'm a woman as well. I like men STRONG!! Women have babies and men are strong and protect us! Have a nice day now. And so what if we don't agree with homosexuality? I don't agree with homosexuality and millions billions of others don't either, SO WHAT???

  • superhungdwarf
    superhungdwarf 12 days ago

    You had me until jesus......ffs

  • Mike Holly
    Mike Holly 12 days ago +1

    It’s the liberals who make everyone a bunch of losers

  • David Huynh
    David Huynh 12 days ago

    wait till the get past the "bro" cycle and learn about government lies and corruption as well

  • David Huynh
    David Huynh 12 days ago

    its basic anatomy hes holding the neck in support dumbfks hes confident and hes right. Use your intelligency not your fear pussis

  • Rocky H
    Rocky H 12 days ago

    I'm offended they re using that word wussification

  • 607 1977
    607 1977 12 days ago

    Losing is good for the ego.

  • Herr Heller
    Herr Heller 13 days ago

    Excellent video.

  • I am Jobu dude
    I am Jobu dude 13 days ago

    The participation awards is part of what has generated the pussies nowadays that are supposed to be men.

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia 14 days ago

    Liberals are destroying this country

  • Norma Cortes
    Norma Cortes 15 days ago +3

    Jesus was NOT a wuss. He was very radical. He told the so call spiritual leaders hypocrites, broad of vipers because they were not following what they preached.

  • LagiNaLangAko23
    LagiNaLangAko23 16 days ago

    "Avoid competition", "trophies mean nothing"... Hmmm, soundsblike communism.

  • Nikolaos Vitoroulis
    Nikolaos Vitoroulis 16 days ago +1

    George Carlin had a better word for this.

  • The Retro Bandit
    The Retro Bandit 19 days ago

    I almost can’t wait until my son is in school just to tell these teachers and coaches how moronic this is. Aww the arguments ahead!

  • Tony Nameless
    Tony Nameless 19 days ago

    ok I think this guy and his understanding of rasing a good child vs politics is wrong.

  • GirlofNicky
    GirlofNicky 20 days ago

    In response to this woman making an analogy between the trophy for all approach and Jesus turned over the tables of the money changers and chased them out of the temple.” Jesus got angry and took action just like any person. After all, he was human.

  • Nikhilesh Surve
    Nikhilesh Surve 20 days ago

    Wow! If you don't like Football⚽ & find it too scary then play American soccer🏈 instead which does have helmets & definitely stay away from Rugby🏉 with no helmets or huge pads players are still expected to slam into each other & be tough enough to take it.

  • ROBBANKS666666
    ROBBANKS666666 20 days ago


  • d_boss_mx K
    d_boss_mx K 20 days ago

    Love all your videos John. I dont know why but the thumbnail on this one is hilarious to me. The way your looking at the trophy. Lol

  • Your View
    Your View 21 day ago

    There is soo much research that backs what he is pointing out about self-esteem and kids not trying again.

  • John F
    John F 21 day ago

    It's all sheltered childless women in govt projecting their matriarchal instincts onto other people. And it's fucking retarded. This is what happens when you put majority women in positions of power. Now everyone is perfect how they are and they're doing great WHEN THEY ARENT. This is child abuse. Single motherhood is literally child abuse.

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark 21 day ago

    Women have too much influence

  • Tolouse ill
    Tolouse ill 21 day ago

    Purple dress has great tits

  • John Gullo
    John Gullo 23 days ago

    The nanny state strikes again

  • Lord Zizumias
    Lord Zizumias 23 days ago

    This is very "conspiracy theory" of me but I see this as a way of the government to take over the lives of people. They introduce at a young age the parent treating them well and making them feel good no matter what and winning at everything. Once they become adults these kids who grew up relying on "good feelings" will do anything to have it back. And that's when the government steps in, promising a good life for all, in trade for your freedom...

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 23 days ago


  • Michael
    Michael 23 days ago

    I dont think teaching makes to be less aggressive or to nurture is bad but participation awards and not letting kids get hurt actually inhibits their ability to make safe choices because they never had to also when kids are allowed to make decisions and aren't coddled it actually builds self esteem. Children understand your bullshit.

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones 24 days ago

    Do these people in amaerica not realize that we are being programmed to be weak so other countries can come in and take our souls

  • Pale Feather Valdez
    Pale Feather Valdez 24 days ago

    Too much coddling of these parents they are making their sons wusses............ "Pussy's" You'll be sorry....

  • Mit Hsac
    Mit Hsac 24 days ago

    If you get a trophy for losing, you are a PUSSY.

  • Student Chao Ren
    Student Chao Ren 24 days ago

    I got an award plaque in high school football that to this day I still don’t know why they gave it to me.
    Awards need to have meaning. If I didn’t something right then tell me what I did right.
    It felt like a participation award since there were so many of them going out.
    Just showing up with a heartbeat doesn’t deserve a trophy, plaque or ribbon.

  • Student Chao Ren
    Student Chao Ren 24 days ago

    7:35 LOL John Stossel with his incredulous smile ROFL even he didn’t know what to say about her answer 🤣
    No ribbons for losers please! Let kids learn competition or you’re going to make them all become a bunch of lazy, socialist losers.

  • Melissa Native
    Melissa Native 25 days ago


  • IRTheBorg
    IRTheBorg 25 days ago

    If you teach YOUR child to be a good loser that's exactly what they will be - a loser. They will be good at it, but a loser all the same. -Larry

  • joeonarres
    joeonarres 25 days ago +1

    John stossell he’s the best devil’s advocate I think I know of.

  • Bernard S
    Bernard S 25 days ago

    I was listening to a talk by a developmental psychiatrist named Dr. Ray Guarendi and he says all the time that if you don’t teach your kids the facts of life then the world will and it is much better coming from their parents then the world.

  • Robert Jerome
    Robert Jerome 25 days ago

    John...The pussifation

  • dagmastr
    dagmastr 26 days ago +1

    Fight a baby their upset, but don't take away their right to kill a baby!

    • Michael
      Michael 23 days ago

      It's not a fucking baby at a certain point. now, later abortions are a little messed up in my opinion. Do you even have research? What's your motivation for this? I tend to fall in a political middle ground because liberal and conservatives are kind of assholes they are both often conflicting on issues that the other has obviously won while the first group is pulling crap out their ass so they can have an argument follow facts or leave it in the grey area until we know more. Easy. You need to Lay off the jesus juice dude.

  • shinlangan
    shinlangan 26 days ago

    Old and ........... Single mom.............. yeah exactly what our problem is. Kids need a alpha dad who can kick some senses into their little bratty shit heads like the way it used to be, not a participation trophy the single mom can masturbate with.

  • Jim King
    Jim King 27 days ago +1

    These losers are the ones who've been creating all these worthless Marxist kids that are now plaguing society.

  • Anarchist Atheist
    Anarchist Atheist 27 days ago +3

    I think everyone needs a someone like ted knight as judge smails from caddyshack in our lives. Do I get a participation medal? "You'll get nothing and like it."

  • John Cerminaro
    John Cerminaro 28 days ago +1

    Have you forgotten us? We used to punch a guy in the nose for bullying your sister...stopped to help you fix a flat tire...drove your son home if he missed his bus or got lost...and we didn't hesitate to help or ever imagine we'd be sued into the next century or hounded by the ACLU or FBI for life. I mean, don't any of you miss us? Addio...

  • Debkanchan Samadder
    Debkanchan Samadder 28 days ago

    You suicide if you get 60% in India. Whimpy American kids

  • redeye 11
    redeye 11 28 days ago

    Perfect way to test how ridiculous this is, if one of the people who think it's a good idea needs surgery ect just let someone who wants todo it do it and give them a trophy for trying, instead of someone who is good and the best at it.

  • redeye 11
    redeye 11 28 days ago

    Humans learn from mistakes

  • John Killey
    John Killey 29 days ago

    Kids need to be taught at an early age HOW TO LOSE (and lose gracefully). There is always going to be a winner and a loser in everything you do-from games, grades and your job.
    All of this crap they’re shoving is only serving to create spoiled brats that can’t handle not getting what they want.

  • SalveMonesvol
    SalveMonesvol 29 days ago

    Imagine the first time these kids get rejected by a girl. They will not know why, therefore they will not know what to do about it.

  • Frääänk Blob
    Frääänk Blob Month ago

    Damn Carren took geh kids

  • Darkened Infusion
    Darkened Infusion Month ago +1

    Jesus: *Dies for your sins because he loves you*
    Some lady: Jesus was probably the biggest wuss of our time

    • Lance Clemings
      Lance Clemings 24 days ago +1

      Also Jesus: got up, pushed a bolder out of the way despite 3 day old wounds, massive blood loss, and even being pronounced dead. Proceeded to just walked it off like a boss.

      Ya sure, a wuss... No, a real wuss would have cried for help until they died (again) of dehydration.

  • LS 400
    LS 400 Month ago +1

    A 'picasso' is when you're in jail and you smear shit all over the walls

  • eXtreme Rafting by Macky B. Outdoors

    thats why u keep the jerseys you paid for

  • HighSpeedNoDrag
    HighSpeedNoDrag Month ago

    0:33: Dumb bitch needs to put her face back into her worthless Smart Phone.

  • NA NA
    NA NA Month ago +2

    Jesus isn't "of our time" He is literally pre historic is He not?

  • alexander44444
    alexander44444 Month ago +1

    This country deserves what is coming to it. At least it will be over very quick.

  • francisco saucedo
    francisco saucedo Month ago

    I can't believe she said that about Jesus Christ. He was kind but he wasn't weak he went up against the leaders of that time this woman should be ashamed

  • DL L
    DL L Month ago

    Omg so that's why - holding on to a trophy when you were a kid because she was told she was funny. Oh she's got problems

  • Austin Martín Hernandez

    I'm sorry but the woman in this video was kind of stupid though. "The parents drive" really? Well no shit dumbass. That was entirely irrelevant.

  • James Wiedmaier
    James Wiedmaier Month ago +2

    You can learn from failing. Abraham Lincoln failed. when he ran for the Senate. He failed when he ran for the Vice Presidency. He succeeded when he ran for the Presidency!

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter Month ago

    I'm lost. Where did people come up with this shit?

  • Becca Baker
    Becca Baker Month ago

    Y'all blaming your Mama's need to remember ain't no child ever born who didn't need that egg to bring their butts into this world. FYI, woman have always ruled cause behind every great man is an even greater woman, 💯. "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world since the beginning of time."

  • Becca Baker
    Becca Baker Month ago

    The blue ribbon says most improved, 😂 my brother, my nephew. In their defense they have reading disability, but only one actually deserved it cause he worked at being most improved, 🤷.

  • Noone
    Noone Month ago

    This reminds me of when grown men were insulted by gillette

  • Jo Woo
    Jo Woo Month ago

    Gavin is my hero

  • dave oliver
    dave oliver Month ago

    The're just kids now, but, you just wait and wait and wait

  • Mike McGinnis
    Mike McGinnis Month ago

    David Shultz says hey,

  • Elijah Lafayette
    Elijah Lafayette Month ago

    The Cuckining Intensifies

  • Angelic Alien333
    Angelic Alien333 Month ago

    I showed up in the bathroom and took a crap and flushed. TROPHY!!!

  • Angelic Alien333
    Angelic Alien333 Month ago +2

    Hey look I took a poop TROPHY!!

  • Angelic Alien333
    Angelic Alien333 Month ago

    Cool 6 year olds lighting things on fire yay!!!

  • Leonardokite
    Leonardokite Month ago

    Oddly enough they won often when then didn' least that's what they SAID

  • Chocolatier
    Chocolatier Month ago

    I think towards the end the lady with the two-toned hair realized how absurd she sounded.

  • Chocolatier
    Chocolatier Month ago +5

    “How to fight a baby” 🤣😂🤣 I’m sorry that one made me laugh.

  • J 2004
    J 2004 Month ago

    The same goes with the word “special”. Now every person with a disability or illness is categorized as “special”... once I head a mom talking about how her little boy was so good in math and then she said “he is special” (in the traditional old school way) when suddenly the boy started to cry and asked “do I’m sick or something???”

  • Stephen Macdaddy
    Stephen Macdaddy Month ago

    Prepare to get your minds blown: The blogger is a blogger today because she was TOLD she was insightful and had interesting this to say, even though her blogs and opinions are as useful as the dog crap I avoid stepping on in the park. I'm gonna make another assumption. She is an anti-vaxxer and thinks she knows better than doctors as well.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    I remember playing soccer as a kid. I was a goalie and when i had a bad game my mom would look at me and say "you played like shit you can do better" and she was dam right. While my teammates mom would look to her son and say "it's okay you played good, you played the best you could" making him think playing like shit was acceptable. He always played like shit.

  • B real
    B real Month ago

    I participated in the comments section. I want my trophy, and I want it now!!!

  • S James
    S James Month ago

    hahahahaaa....took less than ONE MINUTE for that silly broad to scream "homophobic". lol . . . what a fuckin' joke.

  • William Lien
    William Lien Month ago +10

    4:58 “I’m Not As Good?” John Stossel lol that’s the best way to interpret an entitled kid😂