Everything Is Stupid - “Fortnite” Addiction | The Daily Show

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Ronny Chieng takes a look at whether “Fortnite” addiction really is the worldwide problem some people are saying it is.
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Comments • 4 453

  • mounika kulkarni
    mounika kulkarni 6 days ago +1

    Ronny did a good impression of getting shot

  • whenindoubt mutemyownmouth

    If you think you are in danger of falling victim to this and you are over 18 make sure you have a valid ID, go to the pawnshop and SELL the consoles, controllers, and games. You might not get much for them but you can show receipts to any psychiatrist as proof that they are gone.

  • David Daimari
    David Daimari 13 days ago

    I am too addicted to scrolling comments.

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 22 days ago

    Fortnite is not addictive. Brawl Stars and Lemmings is !

  • kyle the frog
    kyle the frog 25 days ago +1

    When he said "most popular" he said Minecraft wrong

  • Alexander Colon
    Alexander Colon Month ago

    I don’t know about you guys, but I wish I had better resources like these when I was younger. Juvenile addiction can stunt your development on several levels. Less sleep, less time spent on school and socializing, less development of more productive interests (not that gaming is useless)... the list goes on and on.
    And no psychologist is saying binge watching isn’t a legitimate concern. They all can be maladaptive coping mechanisms.

  • Padraig Murphy
    Padraig Murphy Month ago

    Video Game Rehab: for parents too lazy to just take the game away from the kids and force them to do the exact same things they will be doing at rehab (chores and getting outside)

  • Dr. jrey
    Dr. jrey Month ago

    Damn I'm From Philippines And I thought We Had The Dumbest News Station. Thank You America For Making Me Feel Better XD

  • sourav T S
    sourav T S Month ago

    Sorry can't comment too busy playing pubg

  • Indu Cute
    Indu Cute Month ago +2

    Please help detoxicate from RUclip

  • LivingDew
    LivingDew Month ago

    My idiot boss XD

  • Sonic57053 Transit/Gaming

    Good Advice

  • Odin
    Odin Month ago

    Oh nah get the marines to do it who's the fucking officer who thought the army should play video games, cause I know my SGM would drop in his seat if he heard this shit

  • Vinay G R
    Vinay G R Month ago

    That was brilliant writing.

  • Theresa Tran
    Theresa Tran Month ago

    lol it be funny at 3:04

  • Cooker U
    Cooker U Month ago

    Tbh Ronny has a really good point that is you play 20 hours of Fortnite straight your weird but if you watch 20 hours of Netflix your sophisticated because it’s the same thing. Agree my man👊

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Really fuck those Fortnite Kids... they are really disturbing

  • Munster 1404
    Munster 1404 Month ago +2

    Games keep me away from vice and crime. So I say it’s a good thing.

    • Ken Anderson
      Ken Anderson Month ago +1

      I have found that playing sports is especially good to steer one away from nefarious activities. If you actually care about how you'll perform in the next game with your friends, you may make different life decisions on non-game days. Certainly, video games are also a great way to stay away from vice and crime. I found full-contact ice hockey subdued my demons, as I was permitted to absolutely lambaste dudes into the boards, and wow was that ever a stress reliever. But really any sport endeavor will suffice, like racquetball.....you can play that at any age.

  • Martin Nordhagen
    Martin Nordhagen Month ago +1

    Fortnite is cringe and dead and autistic and retarded and dumb and lame and ruining kids childhood and shit and trash and can give u aids.

  • 张梓径
    张梓径 Month ago +1

    This is another way of showing school sucks.

  • My Getaway
    My Getaway Month ago

    so we believe scientists when it comes to global warming but we don't when they say Fortnite is bad?

  • Geon Park
    Geon Park Month ago

    we should be aware that game addiction is a tool for advertising products such as therapy camps. Another example is global warming. People use it to get donation and make earth-friendly shits that does nothing.

  • Nintega PS60
    Nintega PS60 Month ago

    Fortnite is a stupid game. I hate it. Too many people are addicted to it. It should be shut down and banned everywhere. I hope it dies. Any gamer who opposes should be sent to jail for two (2) years. Please know that this comment was made to just get that stuff off of my chest, and the jail thing is just a fantasy. In advance, to any angry replies, screw you.

  • John Egbert
    John Egbert Month ago

    Everything is stupid
    Everything is dumb in 2019
    Everything is stupid
    Like all of your dreams

  • Asim Abbas
    Asim Abbas Month ago

    Okay....fuk u for thinking I don’t know how to make food cuz I play games. Why don’t the reporters suck their own dicks

  • MissTayzha
    MissTayzha Month ago

    I have a "gaming disorder" and I love it!

  • Silver Lotus
    Silver Lotus Month ago

    Girls just hate how they suck at video games and how guys find games more entertaining sometimes

  • salwa Aj
    salwa Aj Month ago

    Yeah, Military tornment. And then they send us all those psycho trigger_happy killers to lay waste on our countries... well, the politicians aren't that much better than the soldiers. Americans.

  • Sharon Bennett
    Sharon Bennett Month ago

    It really stupid some peoples

  • Arpan Mathew
    Arpan Mathew Month ago

    Alas me bois

  • Leo Hidden
    Leo Hidden Month ago

    Fuck fortnite, and who ever disagree with it then fuck you too

  • AlexIsModded
    AlexIsModded 2 months ago

    I wonder what you guys think of the woman who played a role playing game so much that she chose the game over her infant, and never fed the baby, which resulted in the death of her daughter. I don't blame the game, because like all addictions, it's an excuse people use to stop giving a damn.

  • victormendoza871
    victormendoza871 2 months ago +1

    Just another perfect example of somebody's mommy's book club like old Navy regan sitting around bitching about their kids instead of spending time with them but then when the kids find another thing to do they bitch just go fuck off already and stay reading your books while your senator husband is fucking his secretary

  • jhay _vine
    jhay _vine 2 months ago

    this is bs😂😂😂😂😂Video Game rehab!😂😂😂

  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath 2 months ago

    Bobbie Lee is really funny

  • Seth Pittard
    Seth Pittard 2 months ago

    Did they just show Scalebound, a game that never existed in the first place?

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl 2 months ago +1

    Love this guy 💕

  • betty nalujja
    betty nalujja 2 months ago

    Rich people problems Smh

  • Martha Luckert
    Martha Luckert 2 months ago

    Show me a straight man who sucked dick to play a video game and I'll agree that it's just like drugs, but until then hell nah. And using gaming as a recruiting tool, the military getting rid of weight requirements and showering?

  • Bo Lee
    Bo Lee 2 months ago

    Why is he always making fun of other people's wives. Did he somewhat go through some sad wife issue?

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson 2 months ago

    the question is why do they feel the need to dive into a virtual world in the first place!
    dont blame games, blame society!

  • Dr. DeepInsideYa
    Dr. DeepInsideYa 2 months ago

    Idiots that don't know what happened to the gaming industry. The sales model has changed , now some are free and they make money off micro transactions. That's why millions are on it. Compare that with Treyarch and their game Black Ops 4 , which is not free to play and has a lesser player count. People like free, and America likes drugs. Games are not drugs. Wolfenstein is though. Those games have me emotionally tied to it. The old blood, The new order and The new collosus are masterpieces.

  • Yogscast Fan - Noah SAOALOGGO

    Fortnite is TRASH

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson 2 months ago

    To be fair, I had a roommate for a year who played Fortnite nearly nonstop for 18 hours every day, on the couch right outside my room, until 4:30am. I think she showered maybe four times that entire year. And no, she wasn’t anyone’s little sister; she was 28 goddamn years old and the girlfriend of my landlord.

    • Out Like A Light
      Out Like A Light 2 months ago

      Luke Wilson 2nd year in college and since August I’ve been living with my roommate who plays fort everyday. He can play all day till 7 am the next morning. I got classes in the morning and a social life etc. Clear evidence that Fortnite is addicting.

  • Breno Bacci
    Breno Bacci 2 months ago

    That one guy in the end must be one of the last in the US still excited that you're "winning the War on Terror". I wouldn't be surprised if he's wearing a red hat. ISIS is bad? Sure as hell it is. Are they bringing down civilization? They wish they were, but as it turns out, all you needed to destroy Western civilization is enough conservatives to believe in professional liars. Keep playing Fortnite, then join the military and bomb the desert. Lockheed and Honeywell CEOs are laughing their asses off on their yachts somewhere in the UAE or Qatar. If they managed to get you poor fucks to vote for Trump and Bolsonaro, they can get you to do anything they want you to do. And they are getting it. Every damn fucking day.

  • Dennis H
    Dennis H 2 months ago +1

    Society's problems run deeper than most people understand. So we look for easy ways out. Blame the science textbooks! Blame the comics! Blame the fucking Simpsons!
    Video games being new and scary to old people, is a convenient scapegoat.
    Hey, at least we're not like China, where they literally connect kids' brains to car batteries for playing World of Warcraft: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yang_Yongxin

  • Eli AP
    Eli AP 2 months ago

    Wow, I played video games for HOURS in my youth and I didn't need any rehab. This is ridiculous.

  • ElectricMuzak
    ElectricMuzak 2 months ago +1

    If you're over 18 years old and are still playing video games - doesn't that make you kind of... sad?

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 2 months ago

    Has anyone seen my friend Gavin?

  • Shin Drad
    Shin Drad 2 months ago +1

    Just because i enjoy and like videogames that doesnt make me addicted thats fucking stupid. People like socializing going to clubs dancing do whatever THE FUCK THEY ENJOY AND LIKE thats not an addiction right ? Man fuck all this bullshit...love ronnie tho

  • Shin Drad
    Shin Drad 2 months ago

    Well if you really going that road of saying videogames are addictive then fuck, everything is , even breathing

  • Lucas Bender
    Lucas Bender 2 months ago

    They put scalebound on here I'm sad now

  • Alexander Scott
    Alexander Scott 2 months ago +1

    Wish it was the Ronnie Chieng Show tbh 😒

  • Zandrie Elliott
    Zandrie Elliott 2 months ago

    Fortnight is the gaming worlds equivalent of Isis, I don't care if leftist media thinks this is too it just is.

  • Gary Hess
    Gary Hess 2 months ago

    Do a little reseaerch on APOPTOSIS and you will understand how dangerous this man's comments are. Also, by beholding we become changed.

  • rumahhafidzah bekasi
    rumahhafidzah bekasi 2 months ago

    My parent is addicted to facebook. And no one did anything of it. Something dosen't add up

  • Jurassic Lion
    Jurassic Lion 3 months ago

    Theres some merit to playing less video games but blaming a specific game is just stupid.

    FORWARD ASSAULT 3 months ago +2

    Am I the only one who hates fortnight and thinks it's a gay baby game?

  • Diego Luciano
    Diego Luciano 3 months ago

    White people.... tsk tsk

    • vIfg
      vIfg 17 days ago

      Black people.... kill kill

    PUBG GAMER 3 months ago


  • Brenyatta
    Brenyatta 3 months ago

    It’s annoying when the news treats video games like drugs, or Nazis, or even ISIS.
    They aren’t the same thing!

  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro 3 months ago

    Okay, you want to recruit soldiers using a video game. First off, you have already done that, it's called America's Army, I have the fifth game for the original XBox. Second, you don't use a cartooney game where bullet drop isn't even a thing, you use ARMA, a game that is so realistic that there is even a sniper rifle that has incredibly short range, but is literally so silent that a few players several meters away won't even hear it. THAT is what you use to train your recruits. Only thing is, ARMA was made to keep people from being recruited, as the story modes often talk about the horrors of war, such as finding mass graves of civilians killed by their own government, and also because of the fact that it is so hard to see enemies that the game brings to light how much ammo is wasted by soldiers by making you experience what it is like to just shoot at trees while you are being shot at.

  • Calvanyan
    Calvanyan 3 months ago

    This absolute legend

  • 414rl
    414rl 4 months ago

    I love him

  • Milo Carter
    Milo Carter 4 months ago

    The best news

  • Shawn
    Shawn 4 months ago

    dont forget: fortnite is expected to bring in $2 BILLION in sales of in-game purchases to Epic Games :(

  • kingz medz
    kingz medz 4 months ago

    Why is there a xbox 360 controller in this video, you cant even play it on xbox 360

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 4 months ago

    Too many dislikes wth

  • Avi
    Avi 4 months ago +1

    hey doctor.....mmm......I've been playing game too much

  • IsisV33 Alternative Studios Alexandria L.L.C.

    I hate Fort Night! Bahhhh

  • Ross Wacks
    Ross Wacks 4 months ago +1

    Is you still play fortnite...... there is no help for you. ):

  • Erik Mello
    Erik Mello 5 months ago

    So thinking you're the opposite gender and chopping your junk off isnt a mental health disorder but playing video games is? What about all of these gross baby boomers sitting on their ass watching TV all day?

  • Da Green Thing
    Da Green Thing 5 months ago

    gaming is not an addition but fortnite sucks, fuck you if you don't like video games and fuck you if you want anything against gamers or games.

    • Out Like A Light
      Out Like A Light 2 months ago

      Da Green Thing I’m a gamer. But gaming is an addiction. I’ve seen it first hand. End of discussion.

  • retro walker
    retro walker 5 months ago

    Free games should never be free
    No 1 rule in gamming market to make kids away

  • Alex Flynn
    Alex Flynn 5 months ago

    My brothers addicted to fortnite, only comes out for food and drinks

  • funkaholic M
    funkaholic M 5 months ago +1

    Reasons why? Free to play with friends,free to get and available in switch,pc,PS4 Xbox and mobile to

  • Penguinator
    Penguinator 5 months ago

    really mediocre delivery by ronny.

  • Retro_WrathX13
    Retro_WrathX13 5 months ago +1

    Fortnite is a fucking plague and those who play it must be purged by having a spear thrusted upwards into their spine and raised off the ground

  • FipTard Roblox
    FipTard Roblox 5 months ago

    I started playing in season 7, but I have to stop now because it is addicting and a waste of time. Everyone in the game is such a god and the skill level requirement to be above average is something I’d have to no life in order to reach by now.

  • CooperCollins TheGamerAndAnimator100

    I wonder why it's very addicting. So that's why I will never play it

  • itzcindyy
    itzcindyy 5 months ago

    I HATE Fortnite
    My sister said I’m too addicted to Minecraft

    And I said your to addicted to Fortnite
    SERIOUSLY I see her on her chair playin Fortnite. everyday I wake up I hear her talking to someone I thought she was talking to a ghost 😖😖

  • Green Swamp Onion
    Green Swamp Onion 5 months ago

    I need help. I'm addicted to *breathing* should I just stop breathing?

  • Katherine Ferris
    Katherine Ferris 5 months ago

    That's bullshit. Y'all just trying profit off of something that's fun by labeling it addictive. It's a fucking hobby

    • Out Like A Light
      Out Like A Light 2 months ago

      Katherine Ferris I’m in college and my roommate plays Fortnite everyday. He barley goes to his classes, and doesn’t socialize with anyone in school besides are suitemates. He is a social guy, but became less social since Fortnite came out. He wakes up around 10:30 in the day time and goes to his classes if he has any and then hops on a plays till 7 in the morning. Doesn’t eat and barley goes to the toilet during that time. He’s been doing this since it came out and I’m been living with him since August. He screams and yells when he plays. Would you still call it a hobby? I consider a hobby something you do in your spare time and something you enjoy. Sure you can say the same thing for him, BUT is screaming at the monitor an enjoyment? I find it sad that he lives in a gaming world instead of the real one. What’s he gonna remember from college? Fortnite? There’s many people like him that’s that’s even more sad.

  • Julian Fan
    Julian Fan 5 months ago

    “I look out of my cover, and of all the horrors and frights involved in a typical war, I saw...something else. It was an enemy dancing on top of one of my dead allies. He looked fresh, as if this was his first. I took my shot and put him down quickly. I pray that I would meet these kinds of people only to survive this war....”

  • Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ
    Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ 5 months ago +182

    What about RUclip,
    Many waste 12 hrs ike me

    • MATH Genius
      MATH Genius 28 days ago

      @Jay I can relate. But sometimes I go from morning to midnight. 12+

    • Alexander Colon
      Alexander Colon Month ago

      Oh, I agree. No psychologist is saying binge watching isn’t a legitimate concern.

    • Ricky Vargas
      Ricky Vargas Month ago +1

      @Jay 7-8 hours is crazy 😂 I felt bad for my 2 hours lol

    • Jay
      Jay Month ago

      12hrs?? I have a 6 1/2 in general... ok most of the time its truly 7-8 hrs but wtf 12 hrs is crazy man

    • Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ
      Ŕųśhî Śçöřpîøñ 5 months ago +3

      @retro walker See any trending they are just mean to entertain, nothing else, education youtube atleast for now don't trend

  • Ultimate Destroyer
    Ultimate Destroyer 5 months ago

    It’s no different from call of duty in the early 2000s and grand theft auto in 2012 it’s just another scapegoat until it becomes unpopular the. The media will move on

  • Ricky Huang
    Ricky Huang 5 months ago

    The government should drop a huge package of fortnite game consoles over Syria where ISIS is and hope they get addicted.

  • Thomas Gervasio
    Thomas Gervasio 5 months ago

    Damn he's good !

  • ajrothBU09
    ajrothBU09 5 months ago

    They play outside and don't have access to video games, so you mean, like regular camp?

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe 5 months ago

    2:56 So they want to recruit people that love Fortnite to fight in the U.S army....... i loss a few brain cells having to say that sentence.

  • Camren Mugabe
    Camren Mugabe 5 months ago

    2:26 So Fortnite is ruining marriages if a Goddamn video game ruins a marriage then how strong was your marriage in the Goddamn first place. Why are people playing video games worthy of being on the news this is a waste of time.

  • Freddy Ahumada
    Freddy Ahumada 5 months ago

    People still play Fortnite?

  • panda ieie
    panda ieie 5 months ago

    Let them play something else or put time limit

  • Toby Towbs
    Toby Towbs 5 months ago

    Playing and socializing through computer games is an addiction, but watching TV like a zombie is not?!
    Watching TV is clearly worse.
    Computer games are one of the biggest enemies of TV shows. That's why they do these stories. They just want gamers to watch more TV and boost their ratings.
    Full disclosure: I've never played the game.

    AIDAN NASH 5 months ago

    This guy is SO smart.

  • EklipsedDarkness
    EklipsedDarkness 5 months ago

    I steal from my mom's purse to buy battle passes, and bucks. 😂😂🖕🖕🖕

  • Makkushimu
    Makkushimu 5 months ago

    This was a poorly researched piece on your part. Video game addiction is real and is affecting people worldwide. What happens though is that people who aren't experts in the field tend to either misunderstand or misrepresent how common addiction is. It only affects a very minor part of the people playing. Usually those who already have a disposition to become addicted in the first place. I have had to research this matter for work assignments quite recently, so it's still very fresh in my mind, and I can definitely tell Trevor's newsteam completely missed the mark on this. In regards to that heroin argument: Of course no actual scientist would ever say playing video games is as lethal as using heroin. Stop misrepresenting what was stated. In fact I might know which piece of research they were referring to. The point was that the pleasure players receive from video games is similar in its neural effects to heroin use. The consequences they were referring to are social, psychological, and physical. In regards to the last, of course they're not as drastic as with heroin use (i.e. Slowly killing you and your brain, risk of OD, etc.), but what they're referring to is that it becomes a physical dependency because your brain basically constantly craves the "feeling" from the video game and can't function normally without it, as in heroin addiction. The former two I mentioned go pretty hand-in-hand with drug addiction with the notable exception that you wouldn't normally run into/spend time with criminals as with heroin addiction for instance.
    There was more but doing this on my phone is a pain in the ass, but I think I made the point clear.
    I'll try to answer replies to this. And maybe I should even offer my services here because this was some Fox News level bullshit you just pulled. I won't ask for an arm and a leg, no worries.

    • Out Like A Light
      Out Like A Light 2 months ago

      Makkushimu finally someone with some knowledge. 🙌🏻

  • Turtle Nova
    Turtle Nova 5 months ago

    Apparently fortnite makes u high

  • Exotic butters
    Exotic butters 5 months ago

    fortnite needs to be 86’d

  • Ryan Wynne
    Ryan Wynne 5 months ago

    Anyone still play slime rancher or elder scrolls i do great games what about fallout 3 or doom.