DIY Phone Stands From Household Items

  • Published on Feb 19, 2018
  • 10 Quick and Simple ways YOU can make your own DIY phone stands from items you'll find around your home or office.
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    Make Phone Stands or even tablet stands from almost anything! If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device you want to hold up while you watch movies or play games all you need are some common items from your household items.
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Year ago +31

    Let us know some of your favorite DIY stands. Thanks for tuning in! If you want to follow along with all our new videos SUBSCRIBE HERE →

    • Elliot Games
      Elliot Games Year ago

      HouseholdHacker I love your vids I watch you every day and I love your hacks and all you are my hero and I try all of your hacks

    • Holly David
      Holly David Year ago +2

      I have a pop secure on my phone which I put on the nose opening on my upside down glasses. Works perfectly. 🤗

    • Dirty Wise
      Dirty Wise Year ago +4

      Joel Clear Why would you waste time disliking a video of this type? It's exactly what the description says it is and it's well made. I don't get it either.

    • ton321
      ton321 Year ago +1

      yup, correct

    • Joel Clear
      Joel Clear Year ago +4

      At the time of this post, there were 55 dislikes (haters) that are upset they didn't come up with any of these ideas.

  • Shorty Nat
    Shorty Nat 14 days ago

    Freaking awesome video! You're a genius! The items to make these phone holders are here in my house. Like I don't have to go to the store to buy anything. This is the best video I've seen and there are only a few other different hack videos that were awesome. I'm subscribing!

  • j4w3zth30t4ku
    j4w3zth30t4ku 22 days ago

    I use the wiiu tablet non charging plastic stand.

  • Alex Apple
    Alex Apple 5 months ago

    But if i get a coffee sleeve from a person with a handlebar mustache, then that would break the rule of Mathew Santoro, "Never trust anyone with a mustache"

  • Lowell Brantley
    Lowell Brantley 9 months ago

    Take a full toilet paper roll and lay it vertical the tank a empty one and place it in side

  • Kawaii Kitty Cat Gamer
    Kawaii Kitty Cat Gamer 10 months ago


  • Rad iance
    Rad iance 11 months ago

    or you can just buy one on amazon...

  • SoTo
    SoTo Year ago

    What? A Stand?

  • ShadeSlayer1911
    ShadeSlayer1911 Year ago

    Is this really a problem that people have?

  • Jen Honey
    Jen Honey Year ago

    Have y'all thought of patents? Mine was real promising. Consisting of a paper towel dispenser and a wire basket and several (and yet several more...keep going) zip ties). It was great. Loved the eye height. But it wasn't straight and I'm much too ocd for that. Finally spent a whole $10 and got a good one from Amazon. Can't tell if its a bit not level or if its the tile table but I guess it will do. Thanks!

  • Tommy Morena
    Tommy Morena Year ago

    i just use anything laying around. like a hoodie. a vase. a bowl. anything

  • Exeler 8
    Exeler 8 Year ago

    I use my baby brother’s pacifiers

  • einat1622
    einat1622 Year ago

  • Mads Zulu
    Mads Zulu Year ago


  • Epic 782
    Epic 782 Year ago

    Todays my birthday and my parents said i could get any thing i want from the store if my channel gets 100 subs we are at 50and counting. My channel is called ButteredNoodles

  • vasu aggarwal
    vasu aggarwal Year ago

    Works like a charm

  • vasu aggarwal
    vasu aggarwal Year ago

    I used the coastal one

  • Soviet Owen
    Soviet Owen Year ago

    Use the mini table from a take out pizza then cut a leg off with one fourth of the leg remaining

  • ton321
    ton321 Year ago

    geez, i can do this

  • Wacko Trio
    Wacko Trio Year ago +3

    The best one is totally free.......YOUR HANDS!!!!

  • Tyler Pyle
    Tyler Pyle Year ago

    This was posted on my birthday Feb 19

  • Kero Girgis
    Kero Girgis Year ago


  • cheesesteakphilly

    Those puns

  • Kori Skene
    Kori Skene Year ago

    Ive been loving these recent videos!

  • 「SaTE」
    「SaTE」 Year ago

    Can someone do an ipad stand please lol

  • Crossbowcanine
    Crossbowcanine Year ago

    Ah yes. I too have styrofoam floors.

  • Jonah Husslein
    Jonah Husslein Year ago

    You should make camping lifehacks

  • Sid The Geek
    Sid The Geek Year ago +3

    Awesome awesome and just awesome

  • DieWeltIstSchlecht

    Or just buy a flip case for ten Euros. Lasts forever, you always have it with you and it works everywhere.
    Or just build ugly stands all the time because you don't have anything better to do anyways.

  • Itz_ Waffle_Art
    Itz_ Waffle_Art Year ago

    Or you can just buy a phone/ipad stand 😁

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Cardboard is for EVERYTHING .......... :-)

  • Kyle Scarcelli
    Kyle Scarcelli Year ago

    Can you guys do something akin to quick DIY methods for getting rid of headaches? I have 10/10 migraines constantly and would love levity

  • Wafa Rashid
    Wafa Rashid Year ago

    My phone has a stand on the cover.
    What am I even doing here

  • The Ottoman
    The Ottoman Year ago

    Hey house hold hacker! I need a solution to watch your videos while laying in bed any ideas?

  • Unknownshippy
    Unknownshippy Year ago

    This must be the work of an enemy stand!

  • Scarlet Peoni
    Scarlet Peoni Year ago

    The sunglasses made me lol

  • RasyaMada's Mom
    RasyaMada's Mom Year ago +2

    if you think this hacks were useless, maybe this hacks is not for you.
    but for me, doing my workout while watching workout tutorial on RUclip, this hacks is useful. 👍👍

  • Neamt Andrei Icespirit101

    You can use sunglasses for a holder too

  • Bodybody
    Bodybody Year ago

    He said lid✋

  • Vegeta2169
    Vegeta2169 Year ago +1

    There is a phone stand that only a guy can pull over

  • Sin Mark
    Sin Mark Year ago

    Or just buy a pop socket. Btw is great

  • aydan cc
    aydan cc Year ago

    I always use the pliar on my multi tool

  • wassupman911
    wassupman911 Year ago

    Oooooooor just buy a case with a stand

  • Isaac Mcknight
    Isaac Mcknight Year ago

    Thank you

  • Ping Shi
    Ping Shi Year ago

    Washing Dishes?
    In ur dish rack/plate holder

    Lol idk.

  • Isa
    Isa Year ago

    Or just get a heavy book and lay your phone back

  • TashaSoSimple
    TashaSoSimple Year ago +2


  • Teaxy
    Teaxy Year ago


  • Dominick Lujan
    Dominick Lujan Year ago

    I use my pocket knife

  • jerglow
    jerglow Year ago +1

    Popsicle sticks and a glue gun. All done

  • dumaramutsi
    dumaramutsi Year ago +1

    I've been waiting for this video my whole life!

  • OCG - Overwatch Console Gameplays

    I did the credit card stand one :]

  • Seven Twenty & Ten Second's

    *_This Is Useful_*

  • Orangemc64
    Orangemc64 Year ago

    Hold up, who the FUCK has pvc pipes laying around their house

  • Hardcore 511
    Hardcore 511 Year ago

    Lol you can afford to get a bunch of pvc connectors and take the time to make a stand but not a kickstand case for your phone😂

  • ShiaMan
    ShiaMan Year ago

    In the background of the phone is that nextrater

  • Lady Aj
    Lady Aj Year ago

    This the the work...


  • Lady Aj
    Lady Aj Year ago

    What about hierophant green or hermit purple. Those might work

  • analog56x
    analog56x Year ago

    for the PVC, those are street elbows ;)

  • Bose-Einstein
    Bose-Einstein Year ago

    Best phone stand is the Wii U gamepad stand. Works perfectly.

  • yaboidomm
    yaboidomm Year ago

    or you can spend $10 on a pop socket

  • Tommy
    Tommy Year ago

    The real life hacks!

  • Sandi Morris
    Sandi Morris Year ago +1

    I just need to stop at the dental floss! Thanks

  • Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure Year ago +1

    Don't know how you received so many dislikes on this video. Alot of these are really great ideas!!! Like how you slipped in, " please don't forget to have you pets spayed or neutered," lmbo. To funny. Tyfs, God bless you

  • First Name Last Name

    "Can I throw that gift card away for you?"
    "No I'll make a phone stand with it"

  • Rin
    Rin Year ago

    No-one else's going to comment about the fact that he said, "And make sure your pets are spayed or neutered." All casually?

  • Gunshot Studios
    Gunshot Studios Year ago

    Or buy a I Popsocket

  • Inspiration Date
    Inspiration Date Year ago

    Can a Rolodex work?

  • Maverick
    Maverick Year ago

    I like this channel its not having any fake life hacks

  • Big-Matt
    Big-Matt Year ago

    I don't recommend the last one.
    The phone was pretty stable, but for some reason the screen got very blurry.

  • Dead Parroting
    Dead Parroting Year ago

    HouseholdHacker - I don't want to stare at my phone that much.

  • ferret
    ferret Year ago

    why do u have like 20 phones

  • liz walter
    liz walter Year ago

    I prefer to use my hands

  • julliam melendez
    julliam melendez Year ago

    Make longer videos

  • Nick’s RC
    Nick’s RC Year ago

    As you are watching with a pop socket

  • Rachel Englishoke

    Liked the vid, but happy with the dome-shaped holder I bought at the 100 yen store (dollar store) and will spay or neuter pets if I ever have them. ;)

  • ton321
    ton321 Year ago

    if Armageddon comes, I will need access to HH.

  • Eddy / Rocket League

    0:21 Is that a cutout cardboard version of Will Ferrell in the background? 😂
    Nice video man as always!

  • Thicccock45
    Thicccock45 Year ago

    Did any1 notice that he told us to get our pet spayed or neutered? 1:15

  • juanmontano20
    juanmontano20 Year ago +6

    PDX carpet👌🏽

  • Noah is cool
    Noah is cool Year ago

    Or ya know.. You could just lean it on something

  • The Entire Earth
    The Entire Earth Year ago

    I'm curious as to how flossing and spaying your pets is related, but I don't want to know.

    • Akemzuka
      Akemzuka Year ago

      The Entire Earth they're both responsible things to do.

  • TwinTurbo Chevy
    TwinTurbo Chevy Year ago

    You should do a DIY for the Apple Watch dock stand, it’s a little boring just laying the watch on the charging pad

  • _Bob McCoy
    _Bob McCoy Year ago +60

    *Cool so now I have 10 different phone stands laying around*

  • Jacob Ball
    Jacob Ball Year ago

    Why the fuck did he say make sure to have your pet spaid and neutered when he was talking about the floss stand.

  • Tom Bryan
    Tom Bryan Year ago

    As if this video would appear today. Only last week I made a recycled phone stand out of some old cardboard from a biscuit box.

  • Teddy basketball 101

    Householdhacker is the best

    DRYP DROP Year ago +2

    Just get a case with a stand. Best hack ever.

  • Rob
    Rob Year ago +1

    1:15 please have any of your pets organs that are inconvenient to you removed so you don't have to be a responsible owner. I hope someone drugs you and removes your testicles.

    • Harambe Mc lovin
      Harambe Mc lovin Year ago +1

      Rob in big cities there is a big epidemic with cats and them breeding and getting out of control. It’s better for your pets lives if you get them neutered. They also live longer

  • FoRZ ClOuDz
    FoRZ ClOuDz Year ago

    *takes pvc pipes out of sink and floods whole house”

  • Mathew McDonald
    Mathew McDonald Year ago

    You guys should male popsockets

  • MEME of the STREAM

    Who uses phone starts? Or would spend time to make one?

  • Shiburin
    Shiburin Year ago +2

    Never had I ever had an issue where I was searching for a phone stand. I don’t understand the whole fuss about phone stands. It’s literally the easiest topic for channels like these to squeeze out a few extra minutes of monetization.

  • supersoap4
    supersoap4 Year ago

    Love all the options! Thank you!

  • Norma
    Norma Year ago

    Great, this will come in handy when I go on vacation. That way I can watch youtube in the evening when there's nothing else to do.

  • hecking trash
    hecking trash Year ago

    1:15 hol up one damn second

  • mikey. 0815
    mikey. 0815 Year ago

    100th comment

  • nelda blanco
    nelda blanco Year ago

    Talk about thinking outside the dental floss box!

  • Nachoz
    Nachoz Year ago +6

    Do hacks for nintendo switch or other consoles

  • InfiniteGadget
    InfiniteGadget Year ago