Super Fast Drill and Rivet Tool from Metabo

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • We take a look at the high speed metal drill that blows through sheet metal and the cordless rivet gun both powered by the LiHD battery platform from Metabo. Visit our website -
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  • Mike Marucut
    Mike Marucut 4 months ago

    Take a shot every time he says metabo, you'll end up in the ER with alcohol poisoning.

  • Mic Mucky
    Mic Mucky 5 months ago

    Matacho batcho

  • Shadowz Edge
    Shadowz Edge 6 months ago

    Metacho 🤣

  • Zed Man
    Zed Man 6 months ago

    Typical video for you boys. Too much talking no real action from the tool itself.

  • Adam Mendel
    Adam Mendel 6 months ago +1

    Grip on drill is designe to push in axis on the drillbit, what gives less chance of braking drillbit. In typical drill you must use two hands to axially push - one on handel on on back.

  • Leethal W
    Leethal W 6 months ago +1

    Hikoki is the parent company

    • Per Hinrichsen
      Per Hinrichsen 3 months ago

      Hitachi buyed Metabo and Koki. Later an Investment company named kkr buyed the complete Power Tool Branch of Hitachi. Hitachi did not sell the name rights so kkr had to change the tool names. Hikoki don't work in US so Hitachi (now Hikoki) ist sold as Metabo HPT in US while Metabo is still the German stuff known here for 65 years making professional Power Tools.

    • Ronald Martens
      Ronald Martens 5 months ago

      Leethal W a recent deal. I heard one person say the German Government did not want another major German company buy metabo.
      So metabo does operate as metabo it was bought by hitachi which then renamed their tools as hikoki.
      And the hikoki new 36 volt is cool. I spoke with reps from metabo.


    great tools!

  • Joshua Sturt
    Joshua Sturt 6 months ago +2

    Why is it in England Hitachi changed to hi koki but in the US I changed to matabo

  • Mike Zeke
    Mike Zeke 6 months ago

    Think that drill would work with the new ridgid k9-204? I like idea of the higher speed... Milwaukee does 2,000, my Hilti goes 2,100...

  • Logan P
    Logan P 6 months ago +2

    Metabo is a great company their grinders are legendary

  • 2LateIWon/Organized Chaos

    Very cool

  • super extreme David Piacenza

    Take two!

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 6 months ago +1

    There's a point where your tool is just to fast, according to my wife.
    That being said, i've busted WAY (damn 5/16 bits) to many bits by coming in/during drilling at a shaky angle. Slow down that drilling, men!

  • Alex Buss
    Alex Buss 6 months ago +4

    Glad you guys left the blooper in😂😂😂 made the video better,

  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 6 months ago

    I love my Metabo, they just keep going. They are more expensive to buy but trust me, you will struggle to wear out a Metabo power tool.
    The quality is there everyday you use them. Once you have owned one Metabo, you will buy more.

  • Shane Skyler777
    Shane Skyler777 6 months ago


  • greenskiis
    greenskiis 6 months ago +1

    This whole Metabo HPT thing is just a brain-dead mess. Why couldn't they at least come up with a name that DOESN'T have another company name in it? Stupid.

    • Harvey Smith
      Harvey Smith 6 months ago

      In Europe, Hitachi tools are now known as Hi Koki, I have no idea why they have made such a mess of the US marketing.

  • Larry Cook
    Larry Cook 6 months ago

    They are super expensive in most cases.

  • akaredcrossbow
    akaredcrossbow 6 months ago

    Great and funny video and review all in one👍🏻👍🏻

  • Ninjas Hyper
    Ninjas Hyper 6 months ago +1