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  • Published on Jan 15, 2017
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    Chris Stuckmann details his complete anime collection on Blu-ray and DVD!
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  • tempodan
    tempodan 3 days ago

    Hi Chris, love the channel and your reviews. Have a couple of recommendations of some more recent anime that I'd love to hear your opinion on.
    1) Made in Abyss - Totally heart wrenching, must see though, probably most beautiful anime I've seen.
    2) Dororo - Another extremely well animated show, story is very well done and short.
    3) Assassination Classroom - What got me to really understand the depth that anime can get to.
    4) Hunter x Hunter - Really well done Shonen
    5) JoJo - so many memes, but such unique animation and some great humor

  • Nanu Lee
    Nanu Lee 3 days ago

    You have a very nice collection

  • oeoahah22
    oeoahah22 12 days ago

    check out my Shiki No Uta cover on my IG @jqthepta

  • kanishka roy
    kanishka roy 12 days ago +1

    Chris please watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood PLEASEEE!!!!

  • Jordan Benn
    Jordan Benn 13 days ago

    Get some more and do a part 2

  • pljj87
    pljj87 13 days ago

    Chris S., Check out the OVA "Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal". Probably one of the best OVAs out there.

  • Kainan The Pink Scorpion

    You should watch Code Geass, Chris

  • Tuszkki
    Tuszkki 20 days ago

    Chris, if you're not massively hooked by S1 of AoT then for gods sake GIVE SEASON 2 a shot. It corrects pretty much every problem that S1 had

  • Sy Chai
    Sy Chai 24 days ago

    Hey Chris, awesome collection of anime. Do you own Appleseed and what's your take on it? Love your show and thanks for all the entertaining reviews. 📽🤩🤣😭🤪🥴🎬👍

  • Ashlee Monaghan
    Ashlee Monaghan 26 days ago

    No bleach???

  • Rj Hamilton
    Rj Hamilton 29 days ago

    I found Lain at a Salvation Army for $5. Full series. Luckiest find ever.

  • Hero of Anything
    Hero of Anything Month ago

    I have the complete Bleach series

  • Squints 8
    Squints 8 Month ago +1

    Samurai champloo .... check it out

  • Dante D'amiko
    Dante D'amiko Month ago

    Chris please please do a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood review

  • Zachilles Kane
    Zachilles Kane Month ago

    What are some masterpieces that a noob should know about. I want to get into anime while smoking some dank n’ stank weed. I’m serious about a top ten list to get started on. More recommendations would be great. Thanks!

  • tydevdaddy
    tydevdaddy Month ago

    I would suggest High School of the Dead and High School DxD. DxD needs to be seen for the English dub.

  • Eugene Lim
    Eugene Lim Month ago


  • AJR4 3269
    AJR4 3269 Month ago

    Do you have One Piece?

  • AD-SD-vids and stop motion

    26:41 does that one have Angela Anaconda at the beginning?

  • Marwan Sabirou
    Marwan Sabirou Month ago

    Where the fuck is one punch man and hunterxhunter

  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao Month ago

    Why have you not watched half of your collection

  • AD-SD-vids and stop motion

    I’ve never seen any anime ever

  • Jt Garcia
    Jt Garcia Month ago

    You should definitely watch Code Geass

  • Samaritan
    Samaritan Month ago

    please review tsuki ga kirei!

  • Boi Chuah Sang
    Boi Chuah Sang Month ago

    Did i miss Naruto or did he not mention Naruto? I wanna know what he thinks about the Naruto series as well as the Naruto Shippuden

  • Dottie Ndots
    Dottie Ndots 2 months ago

    Claymore is absolutely worth it!

  • Iced Tea
    Iced Tea 2 months ago

    Since you love YYH, I recommend HxH 2011. Its also a amazing battle shonen anime made by the same mangaka.

    • Iced Tea
      Iced Tea 2 months ago

      Just realized you had already bought it. Hope you enjoyed one of my favorites!

  • Cris Fuentes
    Cris Fuentes 2 months ago

    Look! An otaku culiao!

  • Unoriginal.Fox.47
    Unoriginal.Fox.47 2 months ago

    You should watch jojo m8

  • Richard Addison
    Richard Addison 2 months ago

    Sooooo....... what was that noise upstairs?

  • Jordan Benn
    Jordan Benn 2 months ago

    I have alot of anime DVDs. I love anime!

  • Fraz Maniar
    Fraz Maniar 2 months ago

    The lack of Naruto disturbs me

  • Firdaus Sorong
    Firdaus Sorong 2 months ago

    Can you review jooooooooooooooooojoo

  • steven brown
    steven brown 2 months ago

    Bloodlust IS far better than the original VHD. Your in for a great treat if I'm not way late for the party. And "YAH" Wolfs Reign! Just can't believe Dirty Pair isn't in your guilty pleasures stack.

  • Osher Paryente
    Osher Paryente 2 months ago +1

    Chris have you watched Fullmetal alchemist?

  • bluedemon218
    bluedemon218 2 months ago

    Highly recommend Jormungand closest thing similar to Black Lagoon

    Highly recommend Naruto Shippuden Best Story & Score in any Anime I've seen though it's only my 3rd favorite. You can skip every other season (almost) they're basically fillers.

    And since you like Ghost in the Shell I recommend both Psycho Pass & the 3 part film Mardock Scramble.

    All of these but Naruto are on Blu-ray.

    • bluedemon218
      bluedemon218 2 months ago

      @Redevine this video is over 2 years old I bet he has added much more since then I would've reccomend other titles I enjoy but they're too "childish" in a way. But like I said it's over 2 years that may be there

    • Redevine
      Redevine 2 months ago

      bluedemon218 I was surprised he hasn't shown us Ocean Waves another Studio Ghibli movie. Could it be that he doesn't have it?

  • My Amv Land
    My Amv Land 3 months ago

    Further and further into the video Chris Stuckmann gets crazier and crazier

  • tyler watts
    tyler watts 3 months ago

    Would surprise me f you have the broly trilogy including the forgotten bio broly

  • ThotDestroyer
    ThotDestroyer 3 months ago

    No naruto??

  • Knut Mikael Haukeland
    Knut Mikael Haukeland 3 months ago

    The original Berserk series is pretty good. Waaaaaay better than the new movies, that's for sure...

    • BJVA85
      BJVA85 3 months ago

      The manga is 100x better than the anime.

  • TheBomDotCom
    TheBomDotCom 3 months ago +1

    Do you watch subs or dubs?

  • -.-
    -.- 3 months ago

    Damn, your really sleeping on Yu Yu Hakusho Lol. One of the best shonen anime imo and my personal favourite anime. I’d say pick it up, there are only 4 blu rays for like $20 each.

  • fox b5
    fox b5 3 months ago

    0:18 what is happening

  • Joshua Helmeke
    Joshua Helmeke 4 months ago

    The first thirty seconds of this just kills. 😂😂😂

  • Sam Gourhan
    Sam Gourhan 4 months ago

    Berserk. Do it 97 and then the manga it changed my life after you fall to the 16 & 17 adaptations. Then rouroni kenshin to fill the void and castlevania anime needs reviewing. Please man do your thing we need these to be promoted by you.

  • Dr. strange
    Dr. strange 4 months ago +1

    Where is the time Stamps?

  • Duarte Vader
    Duarte Vader 4 months ago +2

    *_Chris, do you have MAL (My Anime List)?_*

  • tyler watts
    tyler watts 4 months ago

    Hey Chris when are you ever gonna do a review for Akira?

  • Brandon Hawk
    Brandon Hawk 4 months ago

    Nice!! Gotta take those damn stickers off. Just my opinion.

  • Xander PGK
    Xander PGK 4 months ago

    Chris, you will not regret buying Inyuyasha it's so good. P.s there's a sequel series called the final chapter if you didn't know

  • Ridwan Khan
    Ridwan Khan 4 months ago

    **Spoiler Death Note**
    what was Chris talking about around 8:00 that ruined death note?

    Was is the Midway point when the major death happened?

  • plendenee moneefin
    plendenee moneefin 4 months ago

    hello there fellow Weeaboo!!!

  • Tomas Netro
    Tomas Netro 4 months ago

    Im very suprised to know that in the US people dont know about Saint Seiya. It was massively popular in Mexico they even air it on and off till this day along DBZ

  • Lazarus Cain
    Lazarus Cain 5 months ago

    Belladonna of Sadness has my favorite hand-drawn animation in any movie ever. It's probably my favorite anime film.

  • mistermofo28
    mistermofo28 5 months ago

    You need to adds fist of North star the series

  • Kail
    Kail 5 months ago

    You need to watch Mob Psycho 100 and Your Lie in April if you haven’t already. Those are both amazing shows.

  • InternalCombustionGenie

    "Disturbing Bloody Boobs Anime"
    My favourite kind...

  • Mateo González
    Mateo González 5 months ago

    you should check out one punch man!

  • tirjus T
    tirjus T 5 months ago

    You know, you should watch monogatari series you will absolutely love it

  • Matthew Lucas
    Matthew Lucas 5 months ago

    Got outlaw star in bluray