Kawhi Leonard: "I don't play hero basketball. I'm not playing for fans." Game 4 Postgame Interview

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • Kawhi Leonard shows why he is a true superstar after defeating the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 and taking a 3-1 series lead in the 2019 NBA Finals
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  • Lockdown
    Lockdown 2 months ago

    He is correct he plays for himself and the team, fans don't have 100% loyality. He does not want to chase records but he wants to win. That is the mindset of a true champion.

  • Harry
    Harry 6 months ago

    he will be remembered forever

  • Fallout Guy
    Fallout Guy 6 months ago

    Why Kawhi Leonard is the REAL face of the NBA.
    Not a DIVA in the sport... Always a humble person...Alway a respectable guy...Always a TEAM PLAYER...DOES NOT do politics...Manage his money right...Does not beg for attention.

  • $harpshooter24
    $harpshooter24 7 months ago

    Humble and Hungry 🙌🏾🏆

  • Patrick Pacheco
    Patrick Pacheco 7 months ago

    I waited for him to correct himself because I think he misspoke when he said he doesn’t play for the fans. Cold to say when people pay good money to watch him play.

  • Toni Petrovic
    Toni Petrovic 7 months ago

    I liked that guy before,now he lost all repect from me and any other guys who understand how sportst works,he cannot say that he dont play for fans,of corse he can say that but only guy without brain say that he dont play for fans,and fans are people who paying him for his job,they and we all givng him bread on the tableLeonard is guy without respect for people who loves him and enyoy his style of playing,but he is nor fair and he need to hnk abot it what is he saying

  • Ronnie Warford
    Ronnie Warford 7 months ago

    If he played in the states and said he doesn’t play for the fans, there would be mass riots. You better play for the fans, they the only reason you making millions playing basketball not in the hood. You’re welcome Kawhi bitch ass *insert awkward ugly laugh*

  • Rick Frye
    Rick Frye 7 months ago

    Yeah, we know you don't give a shit about the fans, you proved that in San Antonio😉

  • dennis hervas
    dennis hervas 7 months ago

    ..action is better than words

  • cross fire
    cross fire 7 months ago

    ur d man!!!!

  • Olenga Gallardo
    Olenga Gallardo 7 months ago

    Kawhi is going to the Lakers!

  • Danial Tabumi
    Danial Tabumi 7 months ago

    You got my respect brother. Keep killin it. God bless 😊😇

  • Ernesto Castillo
    Ernesto Castillo 7 months ago

    What the.....f Kawhi?

  • Marvin's Reviews ETC.
    Marvin's Reviews ETC. 7 months ago

    when i heard him say this i knew people were going to try and take it out of context, but the fans know what he means and we're not offended

  • Chelsea Dorcélus
    Chelsea Dorcélus 7 months ago

    Khawi is playing for his father

  • MegaEdouble1
    MegaEdouble1 7 months ago

    Note to Russell Westbrook... "I don't play hero basketball, I don't play for the fans"

  • Tito Xen
    Tito Xen 7 months ago


  • tiberio135
    tiberio135 7 months ago

    Blunt but true. He is NOT playing to be a fans favorite. He plays to win, mainly.

  • Giovanni Rowell
    Giovanni Rowell 7 months ago

    If Kawhi was a superhero, he'd be OnePunch Man. Simple, easy going, humble but a Savage when he wants to be.

  • K Bailey
    K Bailey 7 months ago

    Boy is he a refreshing voice in today's world of self aggrandizement in sports. You would guess he was an average player with how he spoke. Now that is greatness.

  • lilPopper
    lilPopper 7 months ago

    I hope Toronto wins tonight.....Coming from Toronto, lots of meaning if they become the champions:
    the series would be 4-1 on The 6th: 4-1-6

  • Rasha Wiley
    Rasha Wiley 7 months ago

    Kawhi the dynasty killa

  • Bill B
    Bill B 7 months ago

    Heroball doesnt work. Get for stats but doesnt hold up unless the entire team was built for you.

  • Terry Douglas
    Terry Douglas 7 months ago


  • Tisoy Tisay Xio
    Tisoy Tisay Xio 7 months ago

    Kawhi savege for spurs...

  • Pedro Joubert
    Pedro Joubert 7 months ago

    The fans give you the lifestyle you enjoy today fool, go play basketball in a empty court see how it feels

  • sergio solorzano
    sergio solorzano 7 months ago

    Let’s go raptors !!!!!!

  • Joe Hernandez
    Joe Hernandez 7 months ago

    HUMBLE! 🙏

  • Terry Taylor
    Terry Taylor 7 months ago

    Kevin Durant i mean lol.

  • Terry Taylor
    Terry Taylor 7 months ago

    I heard kevent durant could play in game five so if he does then the raptors are done!

  • Danger Zone
    Danger Zone 7 months ago

    Kobe is gonna win NBA Finals MVP.

  • SAGA EJ1
    SAGA EJ1 7 months ago

    Kawhi the living SDSU LEGEND Leonard... Way to represent my city of San Diego while you have a nation in Toronto backing you up!

  • cm. CG
    cm. CG 7 months ago

    He about to cry?

  • Devin James
    Devin James 7 months ago

    This win for the claw would of been better if Zaza was still on the warriors.....revenge at its finest

  • Sgt. Hollow Point
    Sgt. Hollow Point 7 months ago

    Kawhibaby has all the reasons to win. He rested all last season while nursing the now vanished injury. I can care less about his legacy in Toronto, shit I can give two fucks about him helping out in San Antonio. None of that matters. He burned bridges. And if the bitch-ass wanted out of S.A. he could have played part of his injury season, plus his last year of his contract. Toronto you guys can keep this filth.

  • En-en Barto Cua
    En-en Barto Cua 7 months ago

    Hats down to you Kawhi...

  • En-en Barto Cua
    En-en Barto Cua 7 months ago

    He will STAY .

  • Dragon 100
    Dragon 100 7 months ago

    Kawhi a real one, fuck the fans 😂😂☝🏽

  • sammyc
    sammyc 7 months ago

    I thought that was a man talking 00:00

  • nigel R
    nigel R 7 months ago

    He is True Neutral

  • kris guerero
    kris guerero 7 months ago

    Kawhi deserves a 3some when they win....

  • Hammad A
    Hammad A 7 months ago

    I hope we hear LOUD King of the North Chants when he receives FMVP!

  • Hammad A
    Hammad A 7 months ago

    Be Patient

  • Vicente Rodrigo
    Vicente Rodrigo 7 months ago

    When he said "Im not playing for fans" he signed with the Lakers =)

  • Emil Sosnin
    Emil Sosnin 7 months ago

    Board man gets paid.

  • N S
    N S 7 months ago

    What a fun guy

  • Drezo 4L
    Drezo 4L 7 months ago

    Real nigga shii Playing to win 💯

  • slimnasty1000
    slimnasty1000 7 months ago

    History can be made up here in the 6 tonight...LETS GO RAPTOR'S 🦖🦖🦖🦖🦖🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🥇🥇

  • OK LOL
    OK LOL 7 months ago

    He's not a hero, he's just a fun guy

  • Olivier The MaD PaNdA
    Olivier The MaD PaNdA 7 months ago

    He look a lil slow

  • Byron James
    Byron James 7 months ago

    Kawhi Leonard is Jon Snow apart from one detail... He didn't need seven seasons to become king of the North only one 😂
    (Jon was crowned end of season 7 for those wondering why I didn't put 8 sessions)

  • kaboombaby
    kaboombaby 7 months ago

    He not play hero basketball but he is already a hero in fans heart .. good luck in game 5 my hero kawhi. Support you all the way

  • Sac Kings
    Sac Kings 7 months ago

    Kawhi is awesome man hands down

  • Sports2Hedz
    Sports2Hedz 7 months ago

    Everyone says he's a cyborg. But at times he's one of the most emotional guys I've ever seen.

  • Raymundo Rubio
    Raymundo Rubio 7 months ago

    He's not representing the North when he comes to the Lakers he is going to play hero and play for the fans only in L.A. Kwahi memo stamped

  • Gotta Keep It Movin'
    Gotta Keep It Movin' 7 months ago

    Great player. Humble!!!!

  • ken wesaw
    ken wesaw 7 months ago

    Doesn't he ever shut up ? 😁

  • BEATZ4DAZ Global
    BEATZ4DAZ Global 7 months ago

    Not playing for the fans! fans the one pay your salary very disrespectful. Kawhi saying fuck the fans Wow!

  • Q logic
    Q logic 7 months ago

    Westeros King is dead. Now the King of the North will reign! Long live the King!

  • Jose Anibal Sotto
    Jose Anibal Sotto 7 months ago

    He really plays for $$$$$$$. That is the objective!!