Walking Dead Chappelle's Show - SNL

Negan (Dave Chappelle) readies to take out Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon or another memorable Chappelle's Show character.

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Автор Seth Bennet ( назад)
Job 9:24-
The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he?.............THIS SCRIPTURE IS TALKING ABOUT US so called: white people!.....................REMEMBER WE STOLE america AND EVERYTHING WE CAN GET ARE DECEPTIVE HANDS ON!!!!!!.........................so gtfoh and stfu.............BITCH!

Автор Nicholas Quinton ( назад)
This is the greatest skit ever

Автор Andrew Vo ( назад)
Instant like

Автор FlamingCookie ( назад)
Dave is still god

Автор Instagram - FxckWhisperr ( назад)
He's changed, he's been hijacked with mainstream media leftist bullshit in his scripts now.

Автор Kevin Moore ( назад)
This video is too funny. Thumbs up, and added to my favorites.

Автор Mieshia Dyches ( назад)
"Frustration and cocoa butter" dammit, I feel attacked

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Haven't laughed since the Chappell show

Автор bobE g ( назад)
It's sex isn't it

Автор Aubrey Zanders ( назад)
"Do you want some money...huh...you want some sex...i'll try some sex!" 😂😂😂😂

Автор Finalman26 THA BULLZ ( назад)
he looks so old..

Автор Finalman26 THA BULLZ ( назад)

Автор General_Atheis ( назад)
@2:11 gets me every time XD

Автор Ghost the fire ( назад)
they putting womens bodies on him tho dave chappelle in a dress complete thats why hes famous again

Автор dominoz back ( назад)
spoiler alert

Автор Theroblox_noob 35 ( назад)

Автор Diego Juarez ( назад)
hahahahahaha comedy gold

Автор brendan whalen ( назад)
he still got it.

Автор ali G ( назад)
I missed this guy, comedic genius

Автор james roe ( назад)
chappelle's better when he's writing his own stuff. this looks like some obvious white writing staff bullshit

Автор Stuff And Thangs ( назад)
"Bubblegum Bubblegum in... a dish.... how many pieces... do you wish?"

Автор Eduardo Arredondo ( назад)
that's not Chappell....

Автор Kenneth Bonner ( назад)
Well, well, well. A nigga named Negan. 😂LOL😂

Автор Tashenia Torres ( назад)
please bring him backkkkk i need Dave Chappelle

Автор Bob Hi ( назад)
Shut up Chappelle
You are just a "talking head" LOL

Автор Janoy Cresva ( назад)
That was alright. Just the way Dave said that the guy was his favorite on Walking Dead you knew it was bullshit. Dave isnt going to watch that shitty show. So its already got a shitty vibe to it because Dave is having to put his characters into a scene that was setup from the producers. I can watch CHapelles show old skits any day and theyre funny. I'll be avoiding this skit forever. Bastardization of some great characters.

Автор MrRiggyRiggs ( назад)

Автор Matthew Ragno ( назад)
what the fuck did I just watch haha

Автор bighf24 ( назад)
I have a wife!!! (WHAT!?!?) 😂😂😂😂

Автор Sarai ( назад)
This skit is fuckin gold lolz

Автор Kinslayer ( назад)
there will never be another Dave Chappelle. i'm glad he came out of hibernation. best comedian of our time hands down.

Автор Jake Malone ( назад)
what ya want money sex its sex isnt it

Автор 1ex1uger ( назад)
God-damnit, why the fuck did he have to spoil The Walking Dead?!?

Автор Dawn Morris ( назад)
"I smell the overwhelming stench of cocoa butter and frustration.." Too good and too funny

Автор Nathan Hardee ( назад)
im sure that if this was disliked it was just an accident, the like button is actually on the left.

Автор Ian Speight ( назад)
"look like Fonzie made the Negro Leagues". I don't understand why that line didn't get more love.

Автор ethan walker ( назад)
lmfao love Dave Chappelle

Автор bob dole ( назад)
lmao this is fucking gold

Автор mabel jessie ( назад)
OMG! 😂

Автор Brandon Zuehlke ( назад)
he said look at this pastie bastard agh

Автор The Reef ( назад)
His pasty white character had me in stitches😂😂

Автор Daniell Talley ( назад)
start at 0:33

Автор Bertha Baeza ( назад)
That is NOT dave !! That shit is wack !!!

Автор cadeem88 ( назад)
This is legendary!

Автор lala gray ( назад)
"Stop it silky, ya killin em!"

Автор Randy Castaneda ( назад)
follow my son Cohen Cast15

Автор NGB-Jayyzz ( назад)
I just saw this 5 months late I'm literally in tears this man's a comedic genius

Автор No Reservations Podcast ( назад)
Will he do a show???? IF he brings back the Chappelle Show, I'll pass out

Автор AMAZIAH ( назад)
"Look at this pasty bastard" 😂

Автор KingZulu FAM ( назад)
I gotta say one of the greatest snl sketches

Автор TeeNan 2016 ( назад)
Loved it!

Автор Lohan Cindy ( назад)
Was it prophetic that charlie murphy wasn't in the skit #chappelleshowcurse

Автор noir sept ( назад)

Автор Mad Bro ( назад)
That moment when he sacked that baseball bat

This stuff.. just tickles my balls ~Negan

Автор Brandon Zuehlke ( назад)
ahhh dam david chappelle

Автор Kou D3x ( назад)
This will go down as one of the best sketches in SNL history. Definitely in the top 25.

Автор Ottawa removal ( назад)

Автор Aaron crenshaw ( назад)
SNL.....you were just graced by Greatness....You're Welcome!! Dave Chappelle is one of the GREATEST and you can't deny it!!

Автор Antoin Quattlebaum ( назад)
this dude is a genius

Автор Beverly Schmidt ( назад)
Hee hee, snort snort 😜

Автор Priscilla Dixon ( назад)

Автор lala gray ( назад)
"Dry and brittle jerry curl, disgrace!"

Автор lala gray ( назад)
This is epic......❤

Автор 1tavell ( назад)
The Pimp look like a Stephanie Lolz

Автор Nazeem ( назад)
XD As soon as this nigga's started talkin'! ⚰⚰

Автор An le ( назад)
gotta bring back chappelle show

Автор Coffee Beans ( назад)
I'm neither white or black, but what if it was a white comedian portraying a black man with a blackface...

Автор Barbara Walters ( назад)
fsmmit spoler alert.

Автор Kevin Gatton ( назад)
this was fucking gold

Автор Ben Daulton ( назад)
You know I would take getting shot at by police as long as I could age like David.

Автор Adamo Clark ( назад)
too funny

Автор chauncy817 ( назад)
I guess SNL had to get Dave to make them funny. Haven't laughed at a SNL skit in years.

Автор Rom, the Vacuous Spider ( назад)
RIP Charlie Murphy

Автор Ryan Stewart ( назад)
hilarious until that end

Автор rJay ( назад)
Always making it into an anti-Trump skit. That's the same picture over and over. SNL you've become nothing but another controlled voice of liberal socialist propaganda.

Автор Jordan Wright ( назад)
looks like fonzi joined the negro league

Автор ravizub ( назад)
Dave , the best . Simply

Автор skankhunt 42 ( назад)
0:15 doesn't mention Abraham

Автор Monkey Business ( назад)
crock racks

Автор nick romo ( назад)
Thank you Mr. Chappelle!

Автор saintcharlezful ( назад)
R.I.P Charlie Murphy

Автор Anthony Cathey ( назад)
"Damn dry brittle jerry curl"

Автор David Williams ( назад)
I wouldve replaced lil jon with leonard washington

Автор Bernardo Gonzalez ( назад)
"Seems like you guys still got some fight in you" 3:10. Best part of the line since that no matter how old Chappelles show is, it will always be the funniest

Автор anthony livesay ( назад)
Comedic Gold!
Thank you Chappelle.

Автор Venting Show ( назад)
Can we drop SNL and let Dave do his thing instead?

Автор Links595 ( назад)
damn after a decade STILL The Best.

Автор Steve Smith ( назад)
At the time this came out, I complained that Buc Nasty wasn't there along with the other play haters. Now I understand why. R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

Автор Daniel Leyva ( назад)
I missed Chappelle

Автор John Fierro ( назад)
That was the best. RIP Charlie Murphy.

Автор Frugal Libertarian ( назад)
When Little John was on Talking Dead he was just like that!!

Автор Gregory Love ( назад)
Chappelle is the only thing that puts my TV to use, the world is crying...the world needs chappelle

Автор Jam Slam ( назад)
Worst SNL skit ever. He should've stayed in South Africa.

Автор Quise G ( назад)
Tyrone strike 1 strike 2😂😂😂😂

Автор Rhonda Carney ( назад)
bubble gum bubble gum in a dish.........

Автор york ryan ( назад)
i love this

Автор Logan Mcintire ( назад)
the best shit i have ever seen from him

Автор Malik Harris ( назад)
there special effects in Chappelle show are TERRIBLE..and it's FUNNY!!

Автор tiffany oates ( назад)
Imagine he cast reacts to this that would be funny 😂

Автор Kent Jackson ( назад)

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