Walking Dead Chappelle's Show - SNL

Negan (Dave Chappelle) readies to take out Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon or another memorable Chappelle's Show character.

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Длительность: 5:0
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Автор AJ Martinez ( назад)

Автор Darkrenard67 ( назад)

Автор Michael Quinn ( назад)
first decent SNL episode in 20 yrs

Автор Jordan Patriarca ( назад)
i want a Silky Johnson movie

Автор Ace Boogie ( назад)
chapelle show season 3 premiere right here for real!!!!

Автор NunyaBusiness ( назад)
"A nigga named Neagan". Yeah I always thought his name sounds like "nigga". MEGA LULZ!!!

Автор NunyaBusiness ( назад)
I agree! That was devastating on what happened to Glenn. FUCK YOU, NEAGAN! ~>=C

Автор Handsome B. Wonderful ( назад)
All 3K people who thumbed down are terrorists.

Автор sirefromtheshire ( назад)
Kill us for what!!!

Автор Mehmet Pinarci ( назад)
Bitch in a dress sayin one word'' naturalloramalucious '' was, back then ,like , twenty million USD!

Автор Loki Swindlez ( назад)
frustration and cocoa butter lmao

Автор Summer Kelly ( назад)
Best one ever..

Автор pumah96 ( назад)

Автор Phillip Jennings ( назад)
Bubblegum? I'll have two please.😂😂😂😂😂!!!

Автор Smooth Criminal ( назад)
Where the fuck is RICK JAMES

Автор ethan bigham ( назад)
Can we get a real season 3 tho? lol love you Dave ✊

Автор Malcolm X-Box ( назад)

Автор Owner of Femtards ( назад)
If Dave Chapelle was on SNL every Saturday, I'd start watching it again.

Автор Kevin Martinez U.S Army ( назад)
I wanna see how they ended up here lol

Автор Sombre Forêt ( назад)
When the crack head dresses better than most young people...

Автор Joseph Hamilton ( назад)
I haven't laughed like that in years....

Автор FUNPOV ( назад)

Автор Mr. Nibble Nips ( назад)
Bubble gum? I'd like 2 pieces please...

Автор Jonathan Phillips ( назад)
MY GOODNESS! If SNL was like this skit every week i'd watch it religiously every week, but it's not. Dave Chappelle is HILARIOUS. His comedy is next level. I actually laughed out loud several times in this skit... and that's rare. But when Chappelle is doing comedy, it's always funny as hell.

Автор Alfons Fejzullahu ( назад)
I hope we get a black Trump as a sketch

Автор simon may ( назад)
Negan if he was a black man, most say that was pretty bad ass. I'm happy they didn't make that a thing for the show, because i would of never watched it again.

Автор Tommy Gordon ( назад)
this is a classic piece

Автор Brando Williams ( назад)
All lives matter right?? Not the black ones.... dam lot of truth in laughter

Автор alex alvarado ( назад)
He should've done Prince, offering up pancakes, to stay alive.

Автор Andrew Baker ( назад)

Автор Randy Mcqueen ( назад)

Автор Angela Sewell ( назад)
i have a wife. WWHHAT??? I have a wife. WWHHAT?? I have a wife. OKAAAY!

Автор douggta6 ( назад)
Whazzup my Niiiggaaaan!

Автор Isaac Bailey ( назад)

Автор Frank Rubi ( назад)
Damn dude, after they killed you and cloned you; you aren't that funny anymore.

Автор Jean-Luc Amirault ( назад)
uh oh!

Автор sh2master ( назад)
Trump is going to make Gotham real!!!

Автор SNL Compliations ( назад)
hahah... the head was hilarious

Автор Isaac Bailey ( назад)

Автор 33 ( назад)
Dave sold out

Автор Robert Tulibacki ( назад)
Chappelle is still the king of comedy.

Автор Venomlily16 ( назад)
Dave, with all of Hollywood's Greatest performers dying off so fast, if anything happens to you, there will be a HUGE hole in my heart. We've already lost Robin Williams, John Candy and Richard Pryor .

Автор Vee R ( назад)
the industry finally got what they wanted and put Dave in a dress in some form smh

Автор Tom Towers ( назад)
Why no Charley Murphy?

Автор Vic Yours ( назад)
Dave chapelle is alive!!! lmao

Автор Omar Ganzo ( назад)
"What are those"-white boys on the internet

Автор Dorin Calin ( назад)
thank you for the walking dead spoiler!!

Автор projectorange114 ( назад)
note tazelf.remendmei ta try krak

Автор Skyelar EmeryEagle ( назад)
Coco butter people don't know how real that is

Автор bighf24 ( назад)
I lose it every time lmao Silky said "good god have some god damn respect for yourself" nd the white guy just starts crying 😂😭😂😭😂😭

Автор Josh Butler ( назад)
god damn i love Dave Chappelle

Автор Gordon Sarkis ( назад)
the 3k dislikes are the people that didn't know Glen died lol

Автор The_ PinkPanther ( назад)
I was hoping to see Charlie Murphy as one of his henchmen

Автор Zach Basista ( назад)

Автор Jimmy Molina ( назад)
Legend way better than Kevin Hart!!!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
wow! the nigga still got it!

Автор rslaser91 ( назад)
Should've had Rick James and Prince in that line up too lol

Автор supershween ( назад)
They give ya penis!

Автор B. K. ( назад)
Wow. Chappelle does his best to belittle and attack white people, and then tries to summarize his "skit" with a message of "empathy" - really?? This is why Trump won, you only have yourselves to blame! You divided the country with your racebaiting and anti-white racism, you didn't bridge any division, you actively created it by setting up a double standard. Fuck SNL, fuck Dave Chappelle, you're not comedians anymore you're just bigots making racist jokes.

Автор Jermaine Davis ( назад)
that dude from workaholics reminds me exactly of Dave Chappelle in white face lmao

Автор Dana Phillips ( назад)
Thank you Dave!!!!!!!!! The timing of your return couldn't have been more perfect! So needed!

Автор Screaming Panda ( назад)
Dave looks really tired.

Автор King Layzie ( назад)
Who else felt hope in America after watching this. This gave me hope for america lmao

Автор Just Name ( назад)
frustration and cocoa butter.

Автор Siddharta N1nt3nd0 ( назад)
Hey nice video! I have a channel as well w/ 50+ walkthrough videos for Zelda BotW !

Автор Becky Moore ( назад)
Chappelle was so funny...

Автор Daniellerharper85 ( назад)
Negra lmao

Автор matt red cloud ( назад)
my mouth feels dry 😂😂

Автор Dom x ( назад)
WHAT? OKAYYYY always kills me

Автор Noodlepony ( назад)
Marilyn Manson brought me here.

Автор Ben Iscariot ( назад)
Kill us for WHAT?? 😂😂

Автор salvador silva ( назад)
Dave is the funniest motherfucka... this is some good work.

Автор salvador silva ( назад)
Dave is the funniest motherfucka... this is some good work.

Автор Mehdi Khadem ( назад)
"Kill us for whaat?!"..hahha

Автор Benson Kouassi ( назад)
i love dave. lollolol

Автор Nikola Kirchhoff ( назад)
"note to self. remind me to try crack." haha xD

Автор Ava James ( назад)
2:35 "All lives matter. All of us, right?" 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Enrique Leyva ( назад)
He said what you want, sex?
The other guy,I got some sex lmao 😂

Автор Todd K ( назад)
BOO! on saying your a racist for wearing a Trump hat. Shame! Shame!

get off Trump balls!

Автор T Mac ( назад)
You could tell it was an SNL audience because they weren't losing their shit like they should have.
They're so used to giving those hacks pity laughs that when someone genuinely funny does a sketch they don't know how to react.

Автор bighf24 ( назад)
Silky said "good god have some god damn respect for yourself" lmfaoooo

Автор Mike Torres ( назад)
That man still the funniest man alive! Real talk!

Автор Mike Torres ( назад)
That man is still the funniest man alive!!! Real talk!

Автор Crystal ( назад)
lmao good shit

damn we need dave back i miss his show's lmao

Автор Terry Green ( назад)

Автор Mark Lowery ( назад)
When did Dave get big?

Автор Mr Mula ( назад)
frustration and cocoa butter 😂😂😂

Автор Byung Cho ( назад)
It smells like frustration and cocoa butter lmao

Автор FDReborn ( назад)
I'm Niggan.

Автор BlankFacedUser ( назад)
Oh, My God! Dave Chappelle is still Hilarious!

Автор RoseGoldFlower ( назад)
Now EVERYONE knows black people don't die in horror films/TV shows!

Автор KingKen04 ( назад)
The laugher in the background doesn't match how funny this really is. I missed this guy. To funny.

Автор Hito Sura ( назад)
OMG that was crazy good! looool
i hate that no one i know IRL watched both Chapelle Show and The Walking Dead up to date....Dammit no one will understand how awesome this is! T_T

Автор vedametatron ( назад)
Haha he said looks like fonzi made the negro league 😂🤣😂🤣😂

Автор Larry Iarossi ( назад)
Chappelle is amazing!

Автор Antoine G ( назад)
I don't know why but when he starts the "bubble gum ... bubble gum.. line it gets me everytime 😂😂

Автор Young Hannibal ( назад)
note to self remind me to try crack

Автор Assassin of Blunts ( назад)
Dave is the man ..

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