Not Everyone Should Code

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
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    It’s become popular to encourage anyone and everyone to code. But there simply won’t be unlimited demand for the skill, nor will everyone actually enjoy it.
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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter  Year ago +871

    SkillShare link is - I was kinda amazed to find out Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell) has a SkillShare course on animation :o

    • Frank Schneider
      Frank Schneider Month ago

      You are answering the wrong question. You ask "Should everybody (know how to) code / program ?" And the obvious answer is of course yes, because it I S an intellectual capability, just like reading, writing and mathematics. But you answer the question: "Should everybody professionally code / program for a living ?" To which the answer is obviously no, primarily because a) that is a commodity, b) already today large amounts of code are created by programs, and this will rather exponentially increase than decrease, so the demand for unspecialized human developers (who's amount, especially in developing nations massively increases) will decrease.
      But the important part is: yes everyone should have learned to code and program, just like everybody should have learned to read write and perform the basic form of mathematical operations, as that's important to understand how things work. If people don't understand things (e.g. scientific principles) the result is stupidity, e.g. anti-vaxxers or homeopathy fans.

    • josematias2010
      josematias2010 Month ago

      @AlterRektMLG no worries, I was just curious

    • AlterRektMLG
      AlterRektMLG Month ago

      @josematias2010 Shit sorry, I was busy. Sorry, my bad. They did teach us LOGO first, then in like 4th grade or something, GWBASIC was taught.

    • josematias2010
      josematias2010 Month ago

      @AlterRektMLG Oh interesting that's why I asked, when I used it was MS-DOS 1.83 it was even before Windows, did not knew it was still used, I tought in schools they would start with programming languages specific to kids like LOGO or so, okay thanks I was curious

    • AlterRektMLG
      AlterRektMLG Month ago

      @josematias2010 Not really, it was like 2004 or something.

  • EXcentriX
    EXcentriX 8 hours ago

    And that's where China thought "Fak Yu, we farm blockchain."

  • marko polo 2
    marko polo 2 9 hours ago

    i should learn

  • Sterz
    Sterz 3 days ago

    learn coding in 3 months... bullshit, I program for years now and I still have to learn A LOT, you cant learn it in 3 months....

  • Twister
    Twister 3 days ago

    "everyone learns differently, and at a different pace, and likes different things"
    Compulsory high school classes: *im about to end this mans entire career*

  • SuperNickid
    SuperNickid 5 days ago

    @PolyMatter, and everyone else: Do not applied for skill share, as a teacher or student because it his a scam, if you already in cancel immediately because it his a scam, a lot of people already report it for scam, like the commercial said it claim to have 2 month free. that his a lie, you would be supprise they may take 500 dollars out of your credit card during does 2 month, and they make up lies the reason they took that amount was because you broke a rules that you did not actually break, and for the teacher that got scam with that, the teacher was suppose to get paid 100$ from that company, but they scam him out of his 100$ because the company did not feel like paying his salarie and skill share claim that he broke the rules, at the time when he was not even log in to skill share, and it happen to someone else but for someone else his got scam 200$ as a teach. If they don't want to pay you for your work they just going to make-up some bullshit so they don't have to pay you, the same thing with student, they just going to make-up some bull shit to steal your money. I know how it feel like to get banned for something you did not do, then happen to me 3 times on Discord, but that chat room I don't receive money from it, and also I don't sponsor, the live streamer on Discord, because why would I, all of the sudden they become jerks to you and banned you for no good reason, and you stuck giving money away to a bunch of jerk.

  • Ravinder Singh
    Ravinder Singh 5 days ago

    I disagree. We are cyborgs and we will be even more pure versions of cyborgs as time flies. Coding will be an essential language along side writing.


    Nice ad actually

  • Kepler Burger
    Kepler Burger 6 days ago

    I don't want a programming class, I want a class that teaches me how to get a job or HOW THE FCK TO DO TAXES

  • Houlburger
    Houlburger 6 days ago

    OK boomer

  • CloudedCrew
    CloudedCrew 7 days ago

    Did this man just say that coding is not a universal skill but rather just a job????

  • KRYMauL
    KRYMauL 7 days ago

    Coding in my opinion is the best way to teach math. We need a better math system in the US, I mean we don't need to spend 3 years teaching algebra. Just go from Algebra -> Geometry -> Statistics -> Calculus for high school math and give programing classes to the students, so they can learn how to properly use things like excel to determine their taxes and run a fake company. Also, I would say it's better to learn all the 101 programming in high school.

  • Yousab Menassy
    Yousab Menassy 8 days ago

    You keep disagreeing your own video and made me confused

  • Ritik
    Ritik 9 days ago

    Not everyone should make the RUclip video.

  • Jae Kim
    Jae Kim 10 days ago

    7:33 how long did it take you to come up with this transition

  • Jae Kim
    Jae Kim 10 days ago +1

    I would say 95%+ of the "programmers" are utter trash and will not make a single dollar from their work

  • Fran Ivosevic
    Fran Ivosevic 11 days ago +1

    *S K I L L S H A R E*

  • Tristan D
    Tristan D 11 days ago +1

    Coding IMO is like math... its easy up to a point. Any 5th grader can print "Hello world." or make basic console applications. Coding flexes your creativity and problem solving skills in a way that other sciences really can't. I think kids would enjoy learning to code. Wish I had learned when I was younger!

  • Vincent Aquila
    Vincent Aquila 11 days ago

    This writer needs a dose of really.

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. 14 days ago

    In 20 years, McDonalds won't be hiring people anymore. Learning how to code will therefore be a skill to get you a job at a company still looking for humans to work for them. Because coding isn't as easily replacable as flipping burgers.

  • dark tv
    dark tv 14 days ago

    i wanna code for my company when is grow up

  • Z
    Z 15 days ago

    its completely inaccurate to even compare surgeons salary to a computer programmers. to become a computer programmer, most only need a bachelor degree in CS. Some people even self study or just join a 6 month boot camp and get a computer programming position at a company. To be a surgeon, you are required to get in and complete a medical degree, and a residency, which already weed out most of the population. Furthermore, the # of surgeon spots are limited by the government per year. there is no hard limit on computer programming jobs. you can be a computer programmer in your basement and start your company. perhaps its more fair to compare surgeons salary to the top xyz # of computer programmers, b/c surgeons have already gone thru a rigorous selection process and passed. then you realize surgeons actually have LOWER life time net worth.

  • Cordero 75
    Cordero 75 15 days ago

    What a smooth ad

  • Benjamin Gabs
    Benjamin Gabs 16 days ago

    Skillshare is cluttered with Indian "Hello World" tutorials as well.

  • CuriousRabbit Media
    CuriousRabbit Media 16 days ago +1

    This is why although I'm getting my undergrad in computer science, I ultimately see myself becoming a network engineer after getting certified. I think computer science is great at teaching how to problem solve and think your way through different "puzzles" while also understanding computers as a whole better. But even after learning to code I don't see myself becoming a programmer.

  • Matthew Mitchell
    Matthew Mitchell 16 days ago

    Not everyone should code, because even the people who do currently code are mostly terrible at it.

  • Chris Hawkes
    Chris Hawkes 16 days ago

    I'm a software engineer and make more than my girlfriend who is an attorney. We're both fairly young though.

    • powerinstar6
      powerinstar6 15 days ago

      I can already see the unrelated but related transition to how women in general makes less than men argument. Oh wait, I just started it. 🤦‍♂️

  • etverse
    etverse 17 days ago

    Self-glorified bullocks.

  • Adrian Alonso
    Adrian Alonso 17 days ago

    If you live in the bay you have no choice but to code if you want to survive

  • bentley
    bentley 17 days ago

    Literally no reasonable person (and we're very big on logic, duh) says everyone should code. But there are a myriad of other skills that aren't useless, like plumbing and electrician, that also rake in a lot of money. Don't blame software devs because you decided to spend your 200k on a Gender studies degree then cry about why you can't afford shit. *smfh*

  • Super Slash
    Super Slash 17 days ago +1

    ...but I gotta if I wanna be a indie developer tho...

  • Max Mark
    Max Mark 17 days ago

    I love your videos and your later videos might've changed this, but it would be nice if you would use simplified characters or make them more diverse eg more racial diversity. Your videos are always informative keep up the good work.

  • Renan de Oliveira
    Renan de Oliveira 18 days ago

    Basically, not everyone should code because it would flood the market. It doesnt answer the question for me. Also, you justified teachers being paid badly.

  • OrlandoGamer 2000
    OrlandoGamer 2000 18 days ago +3

    Well not everyone *can* code because most people don't have access to a computer or smart phone

  • Teringventje
    Teringventje 18 days ago

    Just another industry demand. We have seen it in finance, advertising in the 60s or so etc etc.
    Ofc not everyone needs to know how to code, everyone should learn to use the tech that follows from code. When applicable ofc. The average finance professional knows much more about the use of Microsoft Excel than its programmers who, in turn, know much more about the coding etc.
    Despite this, i do believe that some professionals need some coding skills. Software developers need some business skills and managers need some coding skills to effectively communicate and understand each other. It happens all too often that software developers dont understand a single thing about business and fail as a result.

  • ThatCrockpot
    ThatCrockpot 19 days ago

    Fuck yeah, Capitalism!

  • thaaffguy
    thaaffguy 19 days ago +5

    I wanna see Donald Trump lose his patience trying to code.

      MALNOURISHED PANDA 14 days ago

      thaaffguy I was using the likes system to point out something, in relation to the topic of your comment.

    • thaaffguy
      thaaffguy 15 days ago

      @MALNOURISHED PANDA Dont care about likes!

      MALNOURISHED PANDA 15 days ago

      thaaffguy your comment won’t get that many likes lol. All the programmers in my workplace are conservative but they don’t talk about it. This is like a large plus for working as a programmer, cause you don’t have to stand any political BS

  • D Man
    D Man 19 days ago

    Nobody knows where you are going with this, Are you hinting at only Americans should be coding because you want everyone else to be dumb so all companies are based in the USA ? Like everyone knows people have different strengths so why make this video, veiled skill share ad ?

  • Hoodie_010
    Hoodie_010 21 day ago +1

    Teachers aren't teaching enough important stuff.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 21 day ago

    F what you think, everyone can code your video is therefore invalid 🖕 you didnt monetize off me i never hit play on this lame video.
    And Polymatter can go to hell along with china

  • next-door traveler
    next-door traveler 21 day ago +3

    So the message is: if you own skillshare you will rule the world...

  • Misha Tkachenko
    Misha Tkachenko 22 days ago

    At least encourage kids to learn to code! If they see this, they might watch it and quit. They might've had a chance to become a great programmer, and you ruined that.

  • Afonso Medeiros
    Afonso Medeiros 22 days ago

    nice bridge to skillshare

  • Steve Seguin
    Steve Seguin 23 days ago

    This felt like an ad from the first second.

  • Bill Perkin
    Bill Perkin 24 days ago

    Damn he’s good

  • Mr Fly
    Mr Fly 24 days ago

    Only program is you enjoy it you can’t just do it because you would get bored of it

  • Mario Velez
    Mario Velez 26 days ago

    I think everyone should know the basics of programming, like making little scripts to help with basic tasks. This can help simplify the jobs of every person. It's like knowing how to operate a calculator

  • Cerulean Tree
    Cerulean Tree 26 days ago

    Computer Science:

  • Cat Onion
    Cat Onion 29 days ago

    Not everyone can code, but a great coder can come from anywhere

  • Jack Higgins
    Jack Higgins 29 days ago

    Fuck I watched another skill share add

  • Lesto Lee
    Lesto Lee 29 days ago

    Thank you for wasting people's time with a 9 minutes long ad.

  • Alzter S
    Alzter S Month ago

    Why the fuck would you use a wireless Mac keyboard to code

  • tehryanx
    tehryanx Month ago +1

    Everyone should learn to code.

  • Tera Pan
    Tera Pan Month ago

    When I was younger my mom brought our hewitt packard in to the programmer guys and they touched me :[

    • Tera Pan
      Tera Pan Month ago

      they also programmed a game where they could keep doing it

  • Doctor2hu
    Doctor2hu Month ago +1

    That was a really smooth transition into the Skillshare advertisement

  • Ankita Barman
    Ankita Barman Month ago +2

    Programmer's worst nightmare is that no one asked the question before you.

    • Alzter S
      Alzter S Month ago

      The exact reason I can't get Sonic like slope physics in Godot.

  • Darby Crash
    Darby Crash Month ago

    Won't programming jobs be effected by the gig economy. Basically they possibly will be distribted and done more cheaply by third world programmers

  • Emerson Chaves
    Emerson Chaves Month ago

    that was a great content to ad transition

  • Lenian Kim
    Lenian Kim Month ago

    Like: 64K, Dislike: 6.4K

  • Naresh Chandwani
    Naresh Chandwani Month ago +1

    I am a beginner in c++
    What is error on line 32 can you explain?