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What up Invaders! Kissing is a fucking art form that every guy MUST master if he wants to be successful with women. Here's the problem, 99% of guys have no clue what they're doing in the kissing department, and wonder why they get friend-zoned soon thereafter.

In my latest video on YouTube, "How To Kiss", I covered 5 things that must be done every time in order to ensure that good kiss occurs. If you haven't seen it, you're going to want to watch it now and a few times before you go on that first date. You'll thank me later.

Rule #1 is BE DOMINANT! You're a man. Start acting like one. There's nothing worse than a guy that dithers and acts unsure of himself. I don't give a damn if you're nervous; if your stomach is twisted; or if you feel like you're about to faint. DO NOT LET IT SHOW!

When the time is right (that's a whole different article), put your hands on her and pull her into you forcefully yet gently. You want her don't you? Girls love being desired and want a man to make them feel wanted. Show her either grabbing her hands or hips and sliding her right into the perfect position to put those lips to good use.

Rule #2 is TURN YOUR HEAD RIGHT! Don't shoot yourself in the foot before you're lips have even landed on hers. When you lean in to kiss her don't make the mistake of turning your head left or keeping it straight. The unspoken rule of kissing is that your head tilts right! Check out the YouTube video for a perfect demonstration. [/box] Rule #2 is TURN YOUR HEAD RIGHT! Don't shoot yourself in the foot before you're lips have even landed on hers. When you lean in to kiss her don't make the mistake of turning your head left or keeping it straight. The unspoken rule of kissing is that your head tilts right! Check out the YouTube video for a perfect demonstration.

Rule #3 is Dance With Her Lips! Don't be naive and fall for the bullshit they tell you about the perfect kiss or technique. No one kiss or technique works on all girls; they're all different and thus kiss differently. Some girls open their mouths wide, some narrow, some dart their tongue out, some move their heads back and forth quickly, some will suck on your lip--get the picture? You need to ADAPT! Go into every kiss knowing that within the first second of your lips hitting hers you will have to quickly assess what kind of kisser she is and match her rhythm and flow.

Even if she sucks at kissing--doesn't matter! Your job is to get in harmony with her. If you want to be cocky and kiss her 'better' but out of harmony with her--it's going to feel weird for her and she's going to think you're a bad kisser. Wrong move Casanova.

Rule # 4 is Hands on Her Face! This goes right back to dominance. As you kiss her don't be a putz and keep your hands down by your side. Grab her face--thumb in front of the ear and rest of fingers wrapped around her neck. If you need a tutorial, again, I demonstrate this in the video.

Rule #5 Leave Her with a Gentle Peck! You'll hear this one nowhere else. Want to make the kiss 100000% better for her? After you finish kissing her, pull back in and leave her with a very sweet and gentle peck on the lips. This tells the girl you care about her more than just a piece of meat you want to stick your thing into--even if that's all you want.

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Автор Jacque Arias ( назад)
Fuck I have to delete my damn history now

Автор one and only Sterguis ( назад)
Thought I got it after dominance but why do they always cry????

Автор Anmar Faisal ( назад)
Go to hell🖕🏼

Автор neXus ( назад)
unclear. got penis stuck in toaster

Автор Frost ( назад)
Kissing prank - My ass edition

Автор Epiphany ( назад)
how does his gf feels about him kissing every other girls tho

Автор abdulla ahmed ( назад)
Yes it work

Автор RAGHAD TV ( назад)
even the sound

Автор RAGHAD TV ( назад)
the toung one is so discussing

Автор Sudarshan's Tech ( назад)

Автор i danney ( назад)
Gentle pack?

Автор Idil Ahmed ( назад)
I have a question how does your girlfriend allow you to kiss random girls bro you lucky

Автор Robert Wilson ( назад)
bache kussmadar mordagow come kiss my dick

Автор avery kronholm ( назад)
I bet ur a virgin

Автор mateusz W ( назад)

Автор han lynn ( назад)
I can but need giri😂😂😂😜😜😜

Автор Ali Shalabni ( назад)
he looks like a girl lol

Автор JIANNA TWIN3 ( назад)
Your girlfriend lets you kiss all the girls

Автор Anna Junaid ( назад)
And here I am.. Kissing my pillow :D #foreveralone

Автор karim El-kamel ( назад)
If I found out my girlfriend was going around and kissing guys, I would break up with her ass right away I wouldn't even give her a chance

Автор Ahmad shaikh A.K.A kruger ( назад)

Автор ㄨ ಠ_ಠ ( назад)
this is fucking pathetic

Автор Maia Silva ( назад)
You kiss a bunch of girls yet you have a gf

Автор Slavomír Cihoň ( назад)
so hard to type with one hand

Автор Bishal Tamang ( назад)
Thanks u so much for helping me to how kiss the girl.......Thanks you soooooo much.....u guys r so funny...

Автор Toma DIY ( назад)
Wooow he has a girlfriend poor girl

Автор Anthony A ( назад)
he look gay tho lol

Автор Jaa Gii ( назад)
whats the name of this girl ?

Автор Jass Hutcherson ( назад)
your gf is so pretty..

Автор shayoncé 4 ( назад)
all I'm asking is how does he have a girlfriend when he kisses other girls while groping them ¯

Автор Not Here ( назад)
The cringe... I think I'm going to die. I can't handle this. I'm out!

Автор Ansherina Mercado ( назад)
you have a girlfriend? she's okay with you kissing all those girls?

Автор Ansherina Mercado ( назад)
you're ugly. its obvious you're just paying all these girls.

Автор Tyler ( назад)
yo is this chick retarded? - leafy

Автор cheska walker ( назад)
fuxk..what about that..badbreath

Автор Rohit Bhadra ( назад)
ok sir I understood now let me try

Автор OficialGamersnet ( назад)
Nicole probably cry every hour

Автор OficialGamersnet ( назад)
how to rape tutorial with chris

Автор maknaeelove ( назад)
That girl is so hot i think i gay

Автор craig mair ( назад)
OMG, he actually has a girlfriend, or could it be a model pretending to be his girlfriend just for more votes, hmmmmm can you say wannabe gangster player... thinks he's Mr swavey, what a joke...

Автор Yaboi Yaboy ( назад)
Lol you have no idea what your doing

Автор GRIMSROCK ( назад)
fucking sicko

Автор GRIMSROCK ( назад)
did he hire her too

Автор Richard Aversa ( назад)
It doesn't look like your girl supports your impression that the goal of kissing is to get laid.

Автор KaiZen AnDroid ( назад)
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Автор Mind's W ( назад)
When he has better eyebrows than most girls have . Including me.

Автор YellingXmas918 EK ( назад)
what if i want her ass

Автор Orange is the new black ( назад)
If Chris' idea of being a man is wearing bracelets then we must follow him blindly.

Автор Bikash Poudel ( назад)

Автор #MaleficentYumi YOLO ( назад)

wow....all he does is grab girls butts

Автор Autismistic ( назад)
and here is my girlfriend!

her name is Pade Actres Whorenandez.

Автор S J ( назад)
This video made me gay

Автор pitzy ( назад)
Now suck

Автор Tzefira Musaliyah ( назад)
why is this weeb with braces trying to show people how to kiss

Автор Angel Galloway ( назад)
This girl doesn't speak. Is she ok? Blink twice if your in trouble!

Автор Marky FC Soccer And Amazing Skills Channel! ( назад)
What the hell how can his girlfriend not have dumped him this guy kisses random girls

Автор Ayoub Upy ( назад)

Автор Zohra Farhati ( назад)
This man and his videos are so Weird

Автор najmal nj ( назад)
hey mr. gay you got only kissing videos
Nichole you better to leave from him or else he will make of you with another man be like "How girls can get kiss from stranger man " 😂😂😂😂

Автор Grimjow809 ( назад)
I actually liked this video dude! Your tips were actually legit.
Cool stuff!

Автор Stein Keesmaat ( назад)
this is so fucking garbage, kissing aint something you force with people, just Kiss the way you feel like that's what girls really like

Автор Bicara Mata InI ( назад)
No !, the first step is make sure ur tongue and mouth is clean ...

Автор mathew roa ( назад)
when i kiss i got my eye's open.. i cant help my self to not watching her kissing me.. i think it's fun..

Автор Airbus 380 ( назад)
make tutorial on how to suck girls pussy?

Автор Trending News ( назад)
I need a partner LOL

Автор VidsOfAZZA ( назад)

Автор Julian ( назад)
Her smile...

Автор Mateo De Simone ( назад)
wtf he has a gf and Kiss random Girls?

Автор I am legend ( назад)
The guy literally makes out with other girls on video and still he has a girlfriend ?

Автор Randy Orton ( назад)
is your girlfriend alright with kissing 100s of girls

Автор BeingDev ( назад)
"my girlfriend"

why would any girl date a guy who's kissed girls more than how many subs he has. shm

Автор Amit Pritom ( назад)
Lucky bustard!

Автор Mubariz saeed ( назад)
wtf why is this is my fucking recommended I said "not interested" ugh YouTube you suck

Автор Macoyion Brown ( назад)
She sexy asf

Автор Thomas Wiklund ( назад)
How to get herpes

Автор Nationerce ( назад)
wtf did I just watch

Автор Joey Wilfenger ( назад)
We need Kissing Prank - Nicole Edition... Then this channel would be complete...

Автор monica saima ( назад)
Okay,I'm so single and I don't know what am I doing here...??

Автор jamesh0me ( назад)
you are my idol xxx

Автор jacksepticeye 2.0 ( назад)
the lady is sweet

Автор Rouhan GHULAM ( назад)
whom should we practice

Автор Vanessa Andrade ( назад)
"girls are unattracted by timid guys" sounds like a scientist who studied all females in the world and concluded that they're all the same. fucking dumbass

Автор Kedi Stars ( назад)
Fuck you chris...

Автор Bartosz ( назад)

Автор pradip chavan ( назад)
your girlfriend is horney in this video...after kissing.

Автор wedlock ( назад)
Rule no. 1: be dominant
Rule no. 3: don't be dominant

Автор Anku Kothiyal ( назад)
NEXT VIDEO- how to avoid boner while kissing.

Автор Tribhuwan Raj ( назад)
I don't know why I am watching it?

Автор Panda Monium ( назад)
Oh you fucking douchebag

Автор Dafuq Game ( назад)
i turn my head left i get laid everyday

Автор Zepol ( назад)
He has braces. Lmao

Автор is_it luke Morley ( назад)
"how to kiss really loud"

Автор PK Smash ( назад)
Tf is up with his eyes

Автор Nova // Flamepaw ( назад)
What if you're gay?

Автор Gamers Camera ( назад)
his life is a complete mess!!!!

Автор Elena Garcia ( назад)
He look high

Автор lol lol ( назад)
pull her on your dick

Автор Jeremy Chriest ( назад)
Sick braces and eye liner ya fuckin queer

Автор Deez Nuts ( назад)
Is this glitch patched

Автор eric tu ( назад)
Did he always have braces lmfao

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