40 Donuts in 1 Donut

  • Published on Sep 22, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 942

  • inbal
    inbal 13 days ago +1

    9:32 - 10:20 legit should have been in LTAT listening game 😂 don't even cut it just copy and paste

  • Seth Ogden
    Seth Ogden 2 months ago

    butthole donut

  • xydoit
    xydoit 2 months ago +1

    Link is strange. Hate tomatoes but love cinnamon

  • Baltimore Z-Wad
    Baltimore Z-Wad 2 months ago

    11:12. "Abe, that's perfect" LMAO

  • Dwooswa
    Dwooswa 2 months ago

    Ultimate gonut donut

  • John t
    John t 2 months ago

    This video has autoplayed after I watch something daily for the last few weeks. Please stop.

  • Daniel Jonen
    Daniel Jonen 2 months ago

    2 Guys 1 Donut

  • Wendy Prince
    Wendy Prince 3 months ago

    Glazed Chocolate cake donut is my fav too!

  • Aaron Jaska
    Aaron Jaska 3 months ago

    This was like a pg13 2 girls and 1 cup video

  • artehou no
    artehou no 3 months ago

    Is Rhett a Libra?

  • Aisha
    Aisha 3 months ago

    2:50 the donut hole looks like a sphincter

  • Mr Gurto
    Mr Gurto 3 months ago

    That plain donut is like I'm on a diet donut and you know where that goes in the trash 😂

  • Mr Gurto
    Mr Gurto 3 months ago

    My favorite thing to eat

  • My Name Is Blue Canary
    My Name Is Blue Canary 4 months ago

    You guys missed out. That plain donut you unceremoniously tossed back into the box at the end of selecting donuts was a French donut. Its not a cake donut. If you hadn't been so flip you would have had an unbelievable experience. The best kind is covered in maple glaze.

  • Amy Markijohn
    Amy Markijohn 4 months ago

    Plain cake donuts. Yuck.

  • R3fug33
    R3fug33 4 months ago

    That donut was Cinnamon Sugar by the looks of it and it is the best type of donut.

  • Kath Ish
    Kath Ish 4 months ago

    Why is it so unbelievably cute when Link says "I think our favorite donut is the same donut Rhett" 😍

  • Damion Oliver
    Damion Oliver 4 months ago +1

    "I don't even like apples, or fritters. I don't even know what a fritter is." Typical Link

  • th3corruptone
    th3corruptone 4 months ago

    24 =/= 40

  • The Dirpyteabag
    The Dirpyteabag 4 months ago +1

    I just wanted to eat all of them

  • Brandon Redstone
    Brandon Redstone 4 months ago

    its only 24 donuts

  • Kate Kursive
    Kate Kursive 4 months ago

    I feel like it's easier to make a list of what Link likes than what he dislikes. Watch:
    - Peanut butter

  • Silent Babee
    Silent Babee 4 months ago

    You guys have to try Krispy Kreme Apple Fritters

  • jessica ramsey
    jessica ramsey 5 months ago

    Only R & L could make filling donuts sound so dirty

  • Nemesis Phantom
    Nemesis Phantom 5 months ago

    U guys wath this baked? And get really hungry

  • Cyrus virus
    Cyrus virus 5 months ago

    Man....... I want donuts now...... damnit rhett and link, making people a full year after eating donuts want donuts. I dont even know where I can get donuts I'm on an island with very few stores, ugh, donuts. You guys, affecting me, a year after, making an episode, making me want donuts.

  • Johnny Cliche
    Johnny Cliche 6 months ago

    Fine, I didn't want to be friends with you anyway Rhett, you donut judging walking redwood tree :P

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young 6 months ago

    Chase it the best

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young 6 months ago

    It says 40 but is 24 donut pieces combined. Still amazing. Also love the first part and this part. So hilarious

  • Samer Shamseddine
    Samer Shamseddine 6 months ago

    I waited 11 minutes for "the cappucino is strong".

  • Karp
    Karp 6 months ago

    10:12 insert your diarrhea joke

  • Kurtis Collettt
    Kurtis Collettt 6 months ago

    Did Reht turn Canadian for a second?!?!?... "eh, that's perfect"... lol

  • Kurtis Collettt
    Kurtis Collettt 6 months ago

    Looks like my poop after eating too much Indian food

  • Kurtis Collettt
    Kurtis Collettt 6 months ago

    The "undonut" donut as Link put it kinda looked like a puckered butt hole... lol... and gross... lol

  • R. Allen Maxwell
    R. Allen Maxwell 6 months ago

    Delicious puke pile.

  • Ganon Dragmire
    Ganon Dragmire 7 months ago

    Shepherd really is a little Rhett

  • Chilly Coast
    Chilly Coast 7 months ago

    Chocolate cake donut is my favorite, too!

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21 7 months ago

    2:48 to 2:55
    Rhett you couldn’t be more right!! I laughed too hard at that! I know someone like that too!

  • Mom The Ebayer
    Mom The Ebayer 7 months ago

    Please invest in a VITAMIX!

  • oppressed kekistani
    oppressed kekistani 7 months ago

    9:59 seen that on a certain website many times

  • Adrian Ruelas
    Adrian Ruelas 7 months ago

    links pull out game is on point

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon 7 months ago

    The BEST donut is the one with SO MUCH FROSTING ANS SPRINKLES that you can't see the hole in the middle!!! I'm done now. haha!

  • mst3kanita
    mst3kanita 7 months ago

    Liiiink, you dip the loser donut in a cup of black coffee! it's delicious.

  • crimson crusher
    crimson crusher 8 months ago

    google old doll eyes do it

  • Erika
    Erika 8 months ago +1

    but isn't that only 24 donuts??...

  • Delilah R
    Delilah R 8 months ago

    The plain donut is my favorite 😂 I like the mini ones when they’re warm and covered in powdered sugar. But I don’t even know what they’re called lol

  • KBat 2006
    KBat 2006 8 months ago

    I had DD for breakfast

  • Kenneth Videos
    Kenneth Videos 8 months ago +1

    What is the best tasting🍩 anybody know.

  • TheIronAntelope
    TheIronAntelope 9 months ago

    Anyone ever had a glazed donut burger?

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 9 months ago

    Link: "What kind of loser doughnut is this?"

  • mighty migs
    mighty migs 9 months ago

    I'm surprised they didn't make a joke about them doing that as there job just filling donuts like that at there own donut shop that they plan on opening lol

  • mighty migs
    mighty migs 9 months ago

    They should have done that froze it then deep fried it again lol

  • MiyaweDaPlayer
    MiyaweDaPlayer 9 months ago

    Same with me except with cakes and sponge cakes mainly fairy cakes

  • Irregular Entity
    Irregular Entity 9 months ago

    I want a gmmoremore

  • SAMurai2K18
    SAMurai2K18 9 months ago

    Do you have chocolate eclairs in America?

  • I_Do_Things_Sometimes
    I_Do_Things_Sometimes 9 months ago +1

    Link wielding that plastic knife scares me.

  • Erin Meddaugh
    Erin Meddaugh 9 months ago

    That was not 40 donuts, that was 24 as that was two dozen donuts

  • Rianne Mitchell
    Rianne Mitchell 10 months ago

    aww, the un-donut is my favorite donut. I don't particularly like donuts, so I just go for the good ol plain

  • Sally Otley
    Sally Otley 10 months ago

    "You know you're doing the right thing when you see a bulge"- Rhett 2017

  • Zella
    Zella 10 months ago

    I want a donut so bad now.

  • Dirti Harry
    Dirti Harry 10 months ago

    Shipley's or its not a donut

  • beccalincecum
    beccalincecum 10 months ago

    As a teacher I can verify that we end up going a little stir crazy over the summer. Gotta make up some kind of project so you don’t go crazy. Apple fritters seem like a good idea to me!

  • Shanna Tate
    Shanna Tate Year ago

    I don't discriminate, any kind of donut is fine with me, but getting back to the basics and having a whole dozen glazed donuts sounds pretty great right now. Watching this show makes me wish I lived close to a donut shop and never went on a diet.

  • Einar Blood-Axe
    Einar Blood-Axe Year ago

    It isn't my favorite, it's my third favorite. Jelly filled first, glazed second, and plain donuts third. Fight me, it's delicious.

  • ShakeyBarbarian :/

    Does anyone else dunk the donuts into the coffee

  • Nathan Beach
    Nathan Beach Year ago

    They are long johns when they have no cream center lol

  • komodoking175
    komodoking175 Year ago

    Or at least coffee

  • komodoking175
    komodoking175 Year ago

    I am praying the liquid is milk not water

  • JadeofSpadez
    JadeofSpadez Year ago

    My favorite donut is the old fashioned donut... guess me and Rhett can never be friends :/

  • J B
    J B Year ago

    I really hate link

  • martinbondesson
    martinbondesson Year ago

    Sure, a regular donut would be nice right about now.. but that monster they just created.. so nasty! Eww..

  • Queso De Libro
    Queso De Libro Year ago +1

    Link reminds me of my grandfather

  • CharisseUsagi91
    CharisseUsagi91 Year ago

    These guys have eaten a lot of gross sh*t on this show. But that sludge donut takes the cake for sure.🤢

  • frederik jensen
    frederik jensen Year ago

    Thats a big N U T

  • Sup Dood?
    Sup Dood? Year ago

    It looks like what’s in the cup at the end of 2 girls 1 cup

  • izzyGO52
    izzyGO52 Year ago

    craving doughnuts so bad right now but i don't think they have any in Argentina :'(

  • HonestAbe1031
    HonestAbe1031 Year ago

    The plain donut looks like a... pig... something... 😆

  • Props And many more

    Love u guys but you guys misspelled doughnut

  • Props And many more

    2 words rainbow doughnuts

  • MasterMeat
    MasterMeat Year ago

    I felt so dissatisfied with that squeezing

  • Gaming University Conference

    This honestly sounds sorta gross

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown Year ago

    Don’t just listen to the video 🤣😶

  • Pincharox
    Pincharox Year ago

    I loved Old Fashioned donuts, can't believe they would roast it so bad

    VENM CRYPTIC Year ago

    i always thought eclairs were called long johns

  • csm bright
    csm bright Year ago

    Please stop looking into the camera feed and trust that those around you will take care of it.

  • Bedizenin Cosplay

    That 'loser' donut is the type I WISH I could have.

  • Rae Gilbert
    Rae Gilbert Year ago

    I have had a chocolate cake donut filled with creme.......

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Year ago

    Omg that’s my favorite donut as well

  • Mvp123 Still plays

    My fav donut is chocolate and chocolate sprinkles

  • Grim fang the Hellhound

    my favorite donuts the chocolate glazed donut

  • Crafty Kid
    Crafty Kid Year ago

    I laughed so hard I chocked on my mcdonalds and somehow something went up my nose and it burns. I also keep sneezing and Im in pain. BUT other than that amazing vid.

  • Chri Schon
    Chri Schon Year ago

    Can i get a dozen of them filleds with stuffs please

  • JVW
    JVW Year ago

    That's my favorite donut too!!!!!!!

  • mikehuntiscrabby
    mikehuntiscrabby Year ago +1

    "Yeeeeaaahh... Get that down in there..." -Link 2017

  • Jay The Therian
    Jay The Therian Year ago +1

    Rhett and link in 40 years
    “Old men try spandex”

  • Manuel Velazquez
    Manuel Velazquez Year ago

    Wow , I’m offended .. I work at Dunkin’ Donuts and my favorite is the old fashioned donut .. the one you guys didn’t like .. I’m sad ..

  • chainsawface
    chainsawface Year ago

    guess we're not friends

  • Riley Blackford
    Riley Blackford Year ago

    Those loser donuts are my favorite donuts!!!

  • Claire Zehntner
    Claire Zehntner Year ago +1

    i miss will it

  • Elliott Hill
    Elliott Hill Year ago +1

    they need to have a mythical blender