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Cómo dibujar una rosa

Cómo dibujar una girasol

Fácil paso a paso extraer lecciones para los niños

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Автор doreen amigable ( назад)
I didn't know I can draw!!!!

Автор Bacariq Tv Bacariqli Tv ( назад)
great rose.thank you

Автор Diamond Girl ( назад)
My rose is now my profile pic

Автор لمى شش ( назад)


Автор Tariq Aziz ( назад)
How come this channel has 75 thousand subscribers and yet, this channel had 4 million views

Автор Nicole AJ ( назад)
Mine turned out really good I'm shocked

Автор Randi Gibson ( назад)
Mine looks like what he/she drew

Автор Geometry Dash VIRUS leyni ( назад)
omg i typed "how to draw" looking for how to draw a rose and this was the first suggestion

Автор kannan kannanghgbg ( назад)

Автор Jessica H ( назад)
Mine looks like poop and some leaves


Автор Art King 45 ( назад)
awesome art video but can I get you guys opinion on my how to draw a seal video I subscribed to your channel to

Автор fd lily ( назад)
So easy and so beautiful ahh thank you so much!

Автор eSe_Origami paper creations ( назад)
mine looks fine

Автор furqan jamil ( назад)

Автор Nivedita Keshri ( назад)
Mine rose looked like a real rose that has been plucked of from plant and has been pasted to my art book...marvellous 😘.

Автор B1tch_crazy_hahah ( назад)
Everyone should love their rose no matter what it looks like ♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

Автор B1tch_crazy_hahah ( назад)
Everyone should love their rose no matter what it looks like

Автор B1tch_crazy_hahah ( назад)
Everyone should love their rose no matter what it looks like

Автор B1tch_crazy_hahah ( назад)
love my rose

Автор Drew Garza ( назад)
Came out A-1 ! Thanks

Автор Dynamit Gamer02 ( назад)
You are a mother fucker

Автор Dynamit Gamer02 ( назад)
Fuck. You bitch 🖕

Автор Gayatri Dua ( назад)

Автор Varun Kumar ( назад)
l love it very much

Автор Chloe Headington ( назад)
love how mine turned out

Автор Chloe Headington ( назад)
this help SO much!

Автор Vivian Dong ( назад)
My rose looks beautiful! This is actually my first rose ever drawn beautifully

Автор Cadance Ogden ( назад)
hailey budach same same same mine was horrible

Автор Haydi_ oyuna çıkıyoruz ( назад)
thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
so mach")

Автор May Meadow Stables ( назад)
This video helped me with a friends b-day card cuz we are going to watch beauty and the beast

Автор احمد خالد ( назад)
رسومات واقعية رائعة

Автор Jorge Vaca ( назад)
como estan amigos

Автор Jorge Vaca ( назад)

Автор OP Crazyboom ( назад)
instructions unclear drew the Mona Lisa

Автор skh banerjee ( назад)
nice vedio

Автор Sports Forever ( назад)
ᒪ ᒪOᐯE IT ❤️

Автор ندى Az ( назад)

Автор Lexy Cardosoreyes ( назад)
Mine came out almost like hers 🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️

Автор Selvatore bonucci ( назад)
I eventually ended up with a rose. so much unlike yours , but hey, considering the way I draw , it is damn good. thx man.

Автор G-Eazy ( назад)
We are doing drawing flowers in my art class, my friend Landon was doing a rose!

Автор Sampu Choudhary ( назад)

Автор Claire Gumber ( назад)
I love this! i drew this step by step and the 🌹 came out 👌

Автор Andrew Fadian ( назад)
Instructions weren't clear enough, got my dick stuck in a ceiling fan...

Автор vaishnavi vaishnavi ( назад)
yes I did it

Автор Is Jd ( назад)
لي كل الكلام انجليزى

Автор King Lok Lau ( назад)

Автор Karan Parmar ( назад)

Автор Tyler Walker ( назад)
mine loks like like skribels

Автор Tyler Walker ( назад)
cool but hard to dral

Автор techsaberprofessional ( назад)
mine came properly and its so beutiful

Автор Claudia Brahimi ( назад)
mine was kinda of good

Автор Hasan Hakami ( назад)
امابذةممدؤبلنكة ؤبانة ولنكدلبتممدلاكتلذمالهنلير مكتيؤمماذ نولكد اد ترتهياملذدود ذهذلت ╭(╯^╰)╮:'(:'(@_@_!:-\:'(:-D(╰_╯)#

Автор Jean Milhollin ( назад)
I did it ! I am 74 2nd childhood ya I love it and my 2 nd childhood Thank you now learning to paint it Help !

Автор Julia Turner ( назад)
GUYS. I DREW A ROSE. It's the ugliest fucking rose I've seen in my life, but hey, it's something 😛

Автор Gina Tin ( назад)
a rose by any other name would still sick if I had to draw it...

Автор Linsey Carter ( назад)
that was so easy!

Автор ISHITA ADITYA ( назад)
very nice way to teach drawing.

Автор فاطمة بركاوي ( назад)
حلوة كتير انا حبيتها

Автор Drawing Tutorial ( назад)
very interesting tutorial

Автор Steff&Stuff ( назад)
Great! Check out my drawing videos

Автор ihatemulief hahah ( назад)
OK thanks

Автор Bhagyashri Paste ( назад)
i never thought i could learn to draw such a beautiful rose

Автор Michelle Way2bizzeee ( назад)
👺well I failed so bad. Wish you could have seen my picture of a rose

Автор Jaalam Colbert ( назад)
next time just stp dont keep going

Автор BiTerphoBiA 007 ( назад)
thanks i draw a cabbage

Автор Nikesh Dhamu ( назад)
Realy good

Автор Nand Kishor Mina Mina ( назад)
Aamazing I love you it

Автор Tonya Labozetta ( назад)
Mine looks perfect

Автор Beverly Metz ( назад)
Best video for drawing a rose ever, so easy to follow and it turns out beautiful every time, THANK YOU!

Автор Nishaita Nadeem ( назад)
ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mine was

Автор Wisnsto Eras ( назад)
esta bonito me encanta me facina la flor👄😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😆😆

Автор Alfred Wang ( назад)
WoW this is awesome and great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!?!!!!! !!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¥!!¥¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?¥!?!?¥!?¥!?¥?!¥??¥?!!?¥!?¥!?¥?!¥!?¥!?¥!?¥?!¥?!¥?!¥?!¥?!?!?¥!(¥!(?¥!(¥!(?¥!(?¥?(!¥?(!¥?(!¥(?!¥?(!¥(!(¥?!(?¥!?(!¥(?!¥(?!¥(?!¥(?(¥?!(?!¥&(!?&¥(&(?!?(¥¥(?!(?&¥(?¥&(?¥?&!¥(?¥(!¥?!!?!?!?!?!?!¥?!(¥¥!?!?!?!!?!?¥??!!?!?!!?!¥?!¥?!¥?!?¥!?¥!¥?(?¥!(?!¥(?¥!(?¥!!¥(?8'thbmibgimibgoimbimbgijimmibgimh¥(?;,8?8¥4?6)&¥?!¥6)48¥?;4)864)!8¥!4&6)¥?&64)8¥(46)¥&(4)6¥(&;4)¥&!)4;¥&)4¥;&,¥&!;,&¥!3;,¥!¥!83;,¥!8;,¥!8¥&(;,;4&@(&(3;,((¥9¥((9&;(4,(@&(4;&@(;,4(¥@3;,&((@;3@((&&(4@((¥(3;@(¥!3;(,¥@,,;,¥&@@¥&!;3,,¥&;&,¥@&!4;,(&,;4,¥@,&;4,@¥&,,4¥,&@,;¥&,@¥&@;4¥&!@(,&@&¥!,;4¥&;4¥!&&¥,!;,4¥@!&,4;¥@!&@&¥!;@¥&!;,4!¥&@4,@¥!&;4&¥@!4;,¥&!@;,&!¥@,4¥&@!,;4&¥,;@¥&!4@&;!¥,4;&,¥,¥&4;,¥&!;,!4¥&@;,!,4;¥@&!4;,&@;,@&¥!;,4!@¥!&4;,¥!&@4;,&¥@4,;!¥&;,!¥&;,¥!@&@!¥4&,;¥!&¥;4,&@;4,¥!&@¥!;4&@,,;!¥&@¥,&@;¥!&@¥!&@;,&!¥@¥&@@4¥;&,¥&4@;¥!&@;¥@;&4¥&4!¥!&@;4¥4@!&¥&@;!¥@&;!¥@&&¥;4,¥!&@;¥@&4;¥,;&¥,@4;&¥@4;!&¥;@¥,&,4;¥!&@@!¥,,¥&@;,@4;,¥@!¥&!@4;,;,¥!4;,@¥&;,¥!&;,¥&@!@¥!&4;,4;!&4¥@;,;4,¥!@4;,¥&!@4;,!@4;,¥!&@;,¥&!@¥,!&@4;,¥!&@4;,¥!@;,!3;,¥!&@¥!@&3;,¥!&@4,¥&@!4¥@!;&,4;@¥&!4;,4,;&@¥!&@:,;!&¥;¥,@!&3;,¥@?&3;,;¥?&3;,¥&!@,!¥;&@,3;,&¥!3,¥&!@:;,¥@:;&,¥&!@;,;,!¥¥&@;:,¥!@&;:,,¥!:¥,;!@:;!¥!;,:!:;,¥,!@¥&,;!¥&...¥.:!&!¥&:!¥&:!@,;@¥&,;:¥:!&@,@:!&,;¥:,!&!@&:,¥!@&:!¥@&:@!¥&@&,¥!,&@:;:¥@,!;¥@!&:,!¥@&:,;2!¥&;@,:;,:;,'!!,!,!,!,,!,!,,!,!,!,,!,!,,!,,!,!,!,,!,!,,!,!,,!,,!,!,,

Автор Alfred Wang ( назад)
My looks looks like e peenis

Автор Alfred Wang ( назад)

Автор Alfred Wang ( назад)

Автор Ryan Gunnip ( назад)
IDK Why I am doing this at 3am but I did it perfectly until I got to the last fucking leaf. ><

Автор The Special Forces ( назад)
Amazing guys thx for the tutorial. Enjoyed it and took it step by step and did it perfect on my first try. For those that didnt succed Good Luck and try again...maybe join a drawring class!! :)))

Автор Jayda Clark ( назад)

Автор duh_it_is_ kimora ( назад)
you are so talanted

Автор Aditi Khare ( назад)
yes!! made it...It's beautiful...Thanks a lot!

Автор Francisco Vazquez ( назад)
You are a good drawer

Автор Katie Carver ( назад)
thank you

Автор Jacky cris manalac ( назад)
mine is cute

Автор Rizwan Ahmed ( назад)
i like it

Автор Lisa Draper ( назад)
this is so good

Автор Ekta Singh ( назад)
what a beautiful drawing i also try this drawing.

Автор Renecisuelcy Pasco ( назад)
i love your channel you teach us how to draw properly

Автор Putsala Sanyasirao ( назад)

Автор Aldabetbegbetb ( назад)
My sister says ur bad at drawing

Автор Paris Productions ( назад)
I sketched it and it came out SO good Tysm!

Автор Gulshan Rai ( назад)
latest video song

Автор Elsa Flores ( назад)
oh my gosh my rose looks amazing I am sooooooo proud of myself

Автор himani badoliya ( назад)
please bring more videos like this

Автор RWBY Fan ( назад)
I did it pretty good!

Автор Jacqueline Kaminski ( назад)
Mine looks amazing! Thanks so much! :)

Автор Dara Oyelade ( назад)
so good

Автор Amisha Bheenuck ( назад)
thnxxx U to help meee

Автор sweezel martins ( назад)
Thanks mine is exact

Автор Colette McM ( назад)
Omg thx this helped soooo much!

Автор Xarl Xen ( назад)
this doesn't help anyone this is so bad how is it supposed to help kids

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