Trying Blossom’s Fake Food Life Hacks

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
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    i put blossom's ridiculous "is your food fake or real?" life hacks to the test. the results _may_ surprise you, but probably not.
    herbal tea by Artificial.Music
    Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Shades
    Shades 2 hours ago

    It’s true, there was a big thing in China about plastic rice

  • Emma Woods
    Emma Woods 17 hours ago

    finer grained salt has a additive to make it not clump when added to water makes it look “chalky”. it isn’t harmful to us but these channels over exaggerate these things making people scared.

  • Jamie Carrafa
    Jamie Carrafa 21 hour ago

    Dystopian as F***k!

  • [I'm Vegan't] Psygirl14

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Blossom finds *ground up rocks* with a flipping magnet

  • LeKnight Studios

    13:50 😂

  • LeKnight Studios

    12:44 😂

  • LeKnight Studios
    LeKnight Studios Day ago +1

    Me: do you like coffee?
    Jarvis 11:39

  • LeKnight Studios

    11:31 😂

  • Ami Sugar
    Ami Sugar 2 days ago +1

    Do more Future/ Neo Jarvis

  • epic chill
    epic chill 2 days ago

    K wants want v why no mandala man

  • GamingPrez5
    GamingPrez5 2 days ago

    6:37 "We MELTED some supplements in an oven and some of them MELTED."

  • Sam Robertson
    Sam Robertson 2 days ago

    rOAsTed iN mARcH

  • Nadia
    Nadia 3 days ago +1

    9:00 Hold up - did you eat Dwayne Johnson?

  • starry the random gal

    5:44 does anyone know the music they used here?

  • MrTacoPug
    MrTacoPug 3 days ago

    The sponsor doesn’t wanna make me skip it because its funny and cool, a lot better than someone sitting on their bed reading a paragraph off their phone

  • Miley Odom
    Miley Odom 3 days ago


  • Pema Kitsho
    Pema Kitsho 4 days ago +1

    “Steve turn off the camera” I thought sth happened

  • Lea Brock oli
    Lea Brock oli 4 days ago

    Blossom is also a kids channel on the tv and I remember watching it as a kid

  • G & A
    G & A 4 days ago

    What do you mean my insurance won't cover my house that burned down because I tried to see if my cheese is processed?

  • Criscuit
    Criscuit 4 days ago

    "I guess we're calling this one..."
    *has a stroke*

  • SquallyCoin 5664
    SquallyCoin 5664 4 days ago


  • SquallyCoin 5664
    SquallyCoin 5664 4 days ago


  • bluenatas
    bluenatas 4 days ago

    Rice does turn transparent on the edges when you brown it in a pan so that means it’s plastic obviously

  • SushiBound
    SushiBound 4 days ago

    I think he boke character XD

  • Richie Beck
    Richie Beck 4 days ago +2

    Jarvis: Udderwise.

  • Darren Ragan
    Darren Ragan 5 days ago

    “our roomate has a fucking flamethrower”
    every pothead with a dab rig:ok and?

  • freya davison
    freya davison 5 days ago

    The seaweed and whole milk one was an udder fail!😂🍼

  • Gunnar Thiessen
    Gunnar Thiessen 5 days ago

    Why do you have grids on your window do you live in Brazil

  • Sebastian Markwort
    Sebastian Markwort 5 days ago

    Some rice actually has plastic in it

  • Tiggly Woes
    Tiggly Woes 5 days ago

    the cheese they were burning is the cheap oily shit. not that type of sliced cheese.

  • Lime Diamond
    Lime Diamond 5 days ago

    “But Theresa, my roommate


  • Aresidon
    Aresidon 6 days ago +1

    If your cheese burns, it’s fake?

  • Superior Cinematic Playlists

    I’m a Geologist. Actually. So if you take ‘fake’ salt, and put it on ice, and it MELTS THE ICE, it’s not chalk, because chalk doesn’t melt ice. So that’s a bunch of BS.

  • lopo
    lopo 6 days ago

    its metal not rock

  • Jeremy Master is a
    Jeremy Master is a 6 days ago +5

    “So my lighter ran out of fluid. Luckily, my roommate has a flamethrower”

  • Legend824
    Legend824 7 days ago


  • catsftw
    catsftw 7 days ago

    Excuse me but Jarvis looks so fine on the thumbnail

  • Misery Reaper
    Misery Reaper 8 days ago


  • Mr. Ecklestone
    Mr. Ecklestone 8 days ago

    No, dumb Jarvis.
    **sad propeller turn**

  • Wyatt Devine also known as meep

    First off the first one is lo fat vs normal cheese and second off the wax is on most fruits wen they are fresh picked. Just saying

  • Adrienne Sophie
    Adrienne Sophie 9 days ago

    Is that.. In the distance.... Could it be? Jarvis is a Hamilton fan!

  • LUKE 12345
    LUKE 12345 9 days ago +2

    Why does jarvis look like the main character in the ad

  • kirasicecream
    kirasicecream 9 days ago

    can we please have a coffee video someday. anything about coffee. i dont care what it is about i just want your coffee knowledge

  • The Worst Channel ever Do NOT subscribe

    Someone called raphael gomes copied you but acted like it was real.

  • Pho Ehr
    Pho Ehr 9 days ago

    wtf is rice water

  • Dat_Gay_Boi
    Dat_Gay_Boi 10 days ago

    There actually is a small amount of chalk in preground table salt to keep it from clumping. But uh, you can just buy a salt grinder if you have a problem with the minuscule amount of chalk in preground salt.

  • Hannah's Music
    Hannah's Music 10 days ago

    Blossom obviously missed 9th grade Biology. We learnt that Salt isn't easily disolved in water unless you mix it good.

  • Originality Police
    Originality Police 10 days ago

    Blossom took the picture of the baby with flowers around it's head from an infant education television channel that I used to watch in my free time.

  • PK
    PK 10 days ago +3

    “How else are u supposed to cook rise?”
    “I BlOw oN iT.” Lmao

  • Lilian Galloway
    Lilian Galloway 11 days ago

    Jarvis, do you watch Adam Ruins Everything?

  • Serena Ratcliffe
    Serena Ratcliffe 11 days ago +1

    If you want to go deeper into this topic look up how to cook that blossom

  • Profreshinal
    Profreshinal 11 days ago

    Wait so things like rocks, water, trees, grass, clay, leaves, and animals don’t melt so they aren’t natural?
    Literally almost everything is “not natural” except cheese.

  • StarVoyager
    StarVoyager 11 days ago

    Title of music at 0:02?

  • B R U H
    B R U H 11 days ago +1

    Bro i died at the hoodie crab part

  • B L O O M S P A D -
    B L O O M S P A D - 11 days ago

    Him: orange
    Me: Donald trump

  • Leafiee
    Leafiee 11 days ago

    “Today’s video is sponsored by *N E W Y O R K*


  • alexlikesallthegamez
    alexlikesallthegamez 11 days ago

    Doesn't everyone have a blowtorch? Its not a flamethrower...

  • CalicoJo
    CalicoJo 12 days ago

    Dry seaweed is the best thing to ever be a thing that exists

  • Kredenc
    Kredenc 12 days ago

    HAHAHA okay one correction: minerals and rocks are not the same, but you are still pretty spot on with the context. It's chemicals. Guess what, everything's made of chemicals one way or another.

  • Liv And Toys
    Liv And Toys 12 days ago

    I have scentbird already