6 Quick Fixes To Everyday Problems

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • Foggy Mirrors? Wrinkled Clothes? Slow WiFi? Here are 6 QUICK FIXES for these and more!
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Comments • 402

  • Christopher
    Christopher Month ago


  • Keira Johnson
    Keira Johnson 2 months ago

    speaking of ants one time I got ants in my computer. IN MY COMPUTER!!!!

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 5 months ago

    Sees borax*
    Seven year old : ArE wE MaKinG SlimE

  • Ruby Cooper
    Ruby Cooper 8 months ago

    Damn, the ant trap looks like icing if you use icing sugar and water. If I saw that laying around I might eat it! Not ruby proof!

  • Light The sock IP
    Light The sock IP 8 months ago

    What if I don't sleep

  • Omaima a.
    Omaima a. 8 months ago

    I am really lucky 2 have my mom to do iron 4 me

  • None17555
    None17555 9 months ago

    Using a towel to steam your clothes in the dryer is idiotic. It slops around, leaving wet spots, especially if you let the cycle come to an end and don't immediately remove the items.
    Just throw an ice cube or two in. They agitate, release the steam slowly, and portion the water perfectly... so it'll all be gone in a jiff!

  • Bailey Boo
    Bailey Boo 10 months ago

    does the anti fog work on glasses?

  • Kpop is too Good
    Kpop is too Good 10 months ago

    My computer has something where you can see all the passwords you have if you have logged in to it on your computer

  • Epic Doge
    Epic Doge Year ago

    My shirts are very kinky

  • Bagel E
    Bagel E Year ago

    Just take a shorter shower

  • Jake
    Jake Year ago

    holy shit you look like elon musk

  • Dubwavy
    Dubwavy Year ago

    I did the first one but without all the shit just threw it in there for a couple mins

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz Year ago

    Here's a life hack for your life hack...
    Stay as far away from Windows 10 as possible.
    Absolute garbage.

  • Sarah Rantala
    Sarah Rantala Year ago

    you should have buffed the camera.....

  • 1,000 subscribers with only 1 video.

    What state do you live in. I want to meet you. You have been so helpful in my life. By the way I’m 11

  • Caleb Kei
    Caleb Kei Year ago

    Does your ant borax solution work for roaches?

  • The Ilusion Master

    Wait , isn't borax used for melting gold faster?

  • Rayed Hamayun
    Rayed Hamayun Year ago

    I found out the soap life hack on my own whole being lazy and trying to clean the shower window with soap, then when I took me next shower the area I soaped had been unaffected by the fog.

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / Year ago

    Shaving cream works good for the mirror anti fog

  • Captain Asshat
    Captain Asshat Year ago

    What if you forget you password for last pass?

  • Grace Butcher
    Grace Butcher Year ago

    If I had borax, I know what I would do instead
    And no I’m not a little child

  • sjonnygamer
    sjonnygamer Year ago

    Why did my wifi just pop out after the rebooting router lifehack?!!

  • Blublub
    Blublub Year ago

    I hate running out of ice cubes because I am hungry

  • _ XxDakota07xX _
    _ XxDakota07xX _ Year ago

    What if you forget your lastpass password?

  • Cool James
    Cool James Year ago

    If your mirror is fogging up, just turn on the exhaust fan...

  • Keeeump
    Keeeump Year ago

    What if you want to log on to Last Pass but can’t remember your password.🤯

  • Angelica Porro
    Angelica Porro Year ago

    You can legit hang up your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and the steam from the shower will take out the wrinkles

  • I Love You Alex
    I Love You Alex Year ago

    that wrinkle in time joke tho

  • ReaverShank
    ReaverShank Year ago

    My laptop dies as soon as i unplug it

  • my musti
    my musti Year ago

    But you can iron a shirt in like 5mins

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong Year ago

    forgot about y’all, the og life hacks

  • Pichudiamond3
    Pichudiamond3 Year ago +4

    You have 15 minutes to put your clothes in the dryer, but not 3 to iron them?

  • 00WolfSpirit
    00WolfSpirit Year ago

    Uh. Yea that first one immediately made me click away. Why the hell would you do that? That's WAY longer than a shower and you risk just making your clothes wet. If you're like any normal person who takes a hot shower, just hang the shirt in the bathroom with you and close the door. The steam will basically steam the shirt. That's not exactly an unknown trick.

  • Christopher Klassen

    A half of a potato works on the mirror as well

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah Year ago +102

    But what if you forget your password to Lastpass

    • MilanD
      MilanD 5 months ago

      I got that problem 😂😂

    • Ruby the Racoon
      Ruby the Racoon Year ago

      LastPass requires you to have an extremely complicated password lol

    • Ruby the Racoon
      Ruby the Racoon Year ago +4

      I had that issue and stopped using LastPass

    • enkidu
      enkidu Year ago +2

      make another account on Lastpass

  • Eric Spence
    Eric Spence Year ago

    Google chrome saves your passwords automatically. I’ll stick with that.

  • Vlad Cărare
    Vlad Cărare Year ago

    From fucky mirrors to.... :)))))))

  • W R
    W R Year ago

    Fog-X and shaving cream work the same on the mirror with less work.

  • Woshi Fatpig
    Woshi Fatpig Year ago

    Thx bro I can finally unlock my pornhub account

  • Synergy Media
    Synergy Media Year ago

    but what happens to the ants?

  • Mixer Cheeky cheeks3

    Wow really 😂 a DE-wrinkle in time

  • Wiki& The Only One

    For the router question: its called AutoReboot, have a look in your settings, its a standard function ;)

  • Juan Esteban Lorenzo

    Shut assist wind prevention flood participation vote point realize tire.

  • Bullet1520
    Bullet1520 Year ago

    for the router hack, you're better off setting the settings IN the router to do the scheduled resetting thing. Though that removes the option for overnight updates on devices and whatnot.

  • Callum Lin
    Callum Lin Year ago

    not for a few months?! what did you do to the ants

  • luca
    luca Year ago

    my favorite life hack is how to quickly press the subscribe button

  • Bucatarie si familie-Kitchen & Family

    Great video 👍👍👍

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Year ago

    i'm using LastPass since 2012.. best app tbh

  • Asian238
    Asian238 Year ago

    what is borax ? im overseas

  • Husain Doodhwala
    Husain Doodhwala Year ago

    Can you give some other alternative for borax in the ant killer method

  • Ghostile
    Ghostile Year ago

    Google Chrome has a built in password saver.

  • biostemm
    biostemm Year ago

    Since Castile soap is olive-oil based, I wonder if you could just kind of clean the mirror with that instead...

  • mts0628
    mts0628 Year ago

    Trusting a third party company with your passwords; what could go wrong?

  • Justin G
    Justin G Year ago

    God damn 900 Mbps...I get 60 Mbps on a good day and most of my friends have only a few Kbps

  • King of Dongles
    King of Dongles Year ago

    I went and bought borax just to try this out. I hope it works to solve my ant problem

  • Blue Eyed Beast
    Blue Eyed Beast Year ago

    Actually most modern wifi routers support scheduled rebooting and you are not required to buy anything else. (Please don't kill me if your router does not support it i can't guarantee that your router will support this feature)

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett Year ago

    Just change your router channels instead. You and your neighbor might be sharing channels as they switch over time, and it bogs down the connection.

  • BunnyFett
    BunnyFett Year ago

    That router one is a laugh.

  • Friedrich Neumann

    Just putting a candle under the mirror is actually more elegant and effective in preventing foggy mirror and you don't have to renew it every once in a while