Delta Airlines SECRET to avoid negative customer service ratings!

Pretty sure this Delta Service agent was being sneaky to avoid getting a low rating. Vote for Link: http://www.nike.com/lovemyairs

What's inside Nike Air Vapormax? https://youtu.be/DbCHxSF67mA

We did make the mistake of not getting to the airport on time but don't think we should have been charged to go out the next day. Oh well.

It was a great trip and the next 4 days are going to be awesome!

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Автор George Stratton ( назад)
Working in customer service, that rep was absolutely on the line waiting for you to hang up so they wouldn't get a bad survey - and if their supervisor hears that call, they're just as screwed as they would have been with the bad survey.

Автор Geoffrey Shaiman ( назад)
Dan delta really sucks they wouldn't communicate with the passengers on my dad's flight from Louisville to NYC, they kept delaying the flight then at one point they canceled the flight then they uncancled the flight, so I called delta customer service for my dad and it would have taken 3 hours to talk to someone. in the end my dad had to stay overnight and delta refused to pay for his room this all happened last Thursday April 20th 2017

Автор Duplex Playz ( назад)

Автор RaraRules15 ( назад)
everyone on the plane in 1st class is wearing headphones

Автор Kdn Lc500 ( назад)
Almost got to go in to the lovre but Paris is a 5 out of 10 so go to Germany instead!!!

Автор Timothy McDougald ( назад)
Sounds like your saying "Linked"in.. instead of Lincoln when I hear it. lol

Автор GameGuardian ( назад)
I know that airport very well! Have a lot of family out there, and go to the temple often. Just wondering, are they LDS?

Автор GameGuardian ( назад)
Yah well for international I usually get 2 hours before.

Автор fetsch1 ( назад)
to take off the switch joy cons you have to hold the little button on the back of the joy cons while taking them off

Автор XxExoticEnteiMasterxX ( назад)
Delta is Illuminati confirmed. xD

Автор AlmondPlays ( назад)
for some reason delta only gives me cookies and peanuts and some drinks ;-; Lucky

Автор bsodcrasher974 ( назад)
At least you didn't get dragged off your flight

Автор Shirkey, Bryan ( назад)
Man united needs to use this tip

Автор Luigi Bros. ( назад)
Is the survey really that important to him? he wastes his time waiting for the survey

Автор TheNormanator ( назад)
8:19 Paris's airport is very strict with people having cameras out, I believe that you need to obtain an "expensive" permit to have a camera out.

Автор TheNormanator ( назад)
Salt Lake City International????

Автор cherifbar ( назад)
If you can afford to go to Europe for a day, considering how much that costs on first class for you and your son; why do you  not consider fractional ownership in a private jet?

Автор Richard McCormick ( назад)
Do what's inside a sign

Автор Carl Von Sirls ( назад)
you were late, lol... can't be mad at delta for you not knowing the policy/understanding the policy for check in times for intl.

Автор Seanix ( назад)
hey try coming to bantayan island Philippines, plsssss

Автор Patrick Tkachenko ( назад)
Just fight them

Автор Raphael Wallace ( назад)
just a heads up mr... diamond and big time flyer...you and your son should be watching the safety demonstration instead of playing video games.. good advice !!! be a good parent.and you were late. set a good example to your son..

Автор Top Beyblader10 ( назад)
Delta is my everythinggggg how dare you i wanna fly a Boeing 717-200 i know all about it all the controls and dials and everything !_!

Автор Joel Burkard ( назад)
Airlines are such a scam, more laws are needed to stop people from getting ripped off and scammed.

Автор TravelingTeen ( назад)
Listen Bud, I don't care how loyal you are its called common sense. The plane your getting on has 300 seats. it takes 45 minutes to board u should have checked in at home. Think better next time!!!! Ur flying international!!!!!!!

Автор The Shining Pyroar ( назад)
Open a Nintendo switch

Автор mrfostus ( назад)
first you arrived late for the flight and then you willing to give negative customer rating to that agent who were on the call with you.......

Автор HarryRacer18 ( назад)
Delta has been doing this for 20 yrs. it happened to me and 6 of our guys back in 2002. We were coming from LAX to JAX on Delta. 3 of us got checked in right on time but 4 of our buddies missed it by 2 minutes. They changed the time from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. We stood in line for our tickets and when we got there they told us to us the machines. The machines told us to go to the counter. We all had to reschedule the flight and it cost us $50 more each. We weren't going to leave our buddies. Guess what we weren't the only ones. We count 12 more people on the same flight that missed it. We could see our plane it didn't take off for another hour.

Автор S.E.A.L Team 6 commander Clemont ( назад)
"But I this a very good hypothesis."
-Dan 2017

Автор Elijah Steward ( назад)

Автор Bastien Chong ( назад)
Wow that's so bad, you should definitely tweet or facebook Delta about that and make it more visible. They shouldn't get away with that.

Автор TRYgaming 25 ( назад)

Автор Gustavo Flores ( назад)
You should do what we did when we're late go to the self kiosks so that you have to get you tickets

Автор Hunter S. ( назад)
Delta at Atlanta is really great and helpful.

Автор Ashraf Benabderrazak ( назад)
Lincoln Did You Like The Airport I Love Paris Charles De Gaulles Airport It's Awsome you should try the ps4 in there

Автор sol feld ( назад)
It's a real pain to miss a flight but it is the policy of Homeland security that you have to be checked in 60 minutes before takeoff no matter when they start boarding

Автор Chinmay Gupta ( назад)
None of the airline seem to get it right nowadays

Автор Seth Farley ( назад)
I love this guy but why is he never taking his daughter and his wife anywhere if I was his wife I'd be pissed😂

Автор Nahwin Rajan ( назад)
First class passenger treated like that ?
And was that the first class section ?

Автор Scott Davis ( назад)
delta glosses over issues they wait for you to provide an answer to the problem typical crap.

Автор Scott Davis ( назад)
delta glosses over issues they wait for you to provide an answer to the problem typical crap.

Автор tbjanderson ( назад)

Автор WHAT'S INSIDE? FAMILY ( назад)
UPDATE: Delta called me today (6 days after this video) and they are going to refund me the $400 change fee. They are also investigating internally the situation around the representative that transferred me to baggage since that shouldn't happen. I wasn't trying to get money back from this, but thank you Delta.

Автор JustNYC • ( назад)
Rich people problems /-:

Автор Running Mad ( назад)
Rules are rules. Coach or first class you have to follow the rules.

Автор Bill Jones ( назад)
There are many rules that account for the 60 minute check in rule. It can cost an airline tens of thousands of dollars to hold a plane even a few minutes past the scheduled departure time. Another thing is the departure time of the plane is different then the boarding time. On an international flight they will usually begin boarding the flight 45 minutes before departure to ensure everyone has time to board and put away their bags. There can be unknown hold ups in airport security that can take you from 10-30 minutes to get through the line. This is why these rules are in place. Companies like Delta also realize however that some people like you may not make it to the check in desk 60 minutes before departure so they set up an online check in system where you can check in 24 hours before your departure time. I know it sucks to be kept from getting on your flight but it isn't the fault of the customer service rep because this information is made clear when making your reservation. Hopes this helps you understand the situation a little better.

Автор ThePenGoon ( назад)
Thats why im not buying a switch

Автор Tony Ren ( назад)
I took Sunwing Airlines to Cuba directly from Ottawa

Автор Sam minecraftealoto ( назад)
what's inside a Nintendo switch plz

Автор maherzainsongs ( назад)
u were at the same airport I was when I went to Paris

Автор GamingGirl101 ( назад)
What did the librarian say to the kids

Read more

Автор Ryt ( назад)
delta airlines is the best

Автор Connor Sweet ( назад)
Hey love your vids

Автор Alexandria Nemeti ( назад)
You should do a reacting to your old videos

Автор Rene deLambert ( назад)
BTW, as a MMer, one would think you would know it is Delta Air Lines not Delta Airlines ;-)

Автор Zachary d'Assumpcao ( назад)
The definition of rich is buying a 1st class flight to Paris to see someone talk about shoes 😜

Автор Brian Clark ( назад)
I always do online check in to avoid this sort of thing or to find out in advance if I have a problem with my ticket. I've had a situations where my reservation had been screwed up, and it's better to get the error message a day in advance so that it can be dealt ahead of time.

Автор Danified ( назад)
Lol Watch a switch review to find out how to switch

Автор meszaros daryus ( назад)
Let's us see what's inside that milf on 5:06

Автор Savage Gaming 204 ( назад)
Can you guys help me get to 40 Subs. All your help will be appreciated.

Автор Yhowbyjytub310 ( назад)
I'm watching them eat all this food on a plane, and I am sooo jealous.

I didn't even get pretzels on my last flight :/ they were out. There were screeming kids kicking the back of the seat, and the person behind me didn't let me recline :/

Автор Lorenzo Lisi ( назад)
0:55 stalker lady blond, glasses, white shirt, and backpack

Автор Joshua Adams ( назад)
Salt Lake Airport?

Автор Kolt Feller ( назад)
cut an electric fishing lure

Автор Sonic0660 Gaming ( назад)
Lincoln is so not carful with his switch.

Автор Bobby H. ( назад)
Btw, The Switch's kick stand is made to come off just in case. Really smart design choice in my opinion lol.

Автор trav17n ( назад)
they have rules. you didnt make it in time by their time so you missed out

Автор xXPLAYED Xx ( назад)
Last year my family drove to France for a holiday we spent over 9 hours in a car!

Автор Mudasser Ismail ( назад)
any who need subs sub to me and ill sub back

Автор Michael Choe ( назад)
Here's a trick: ask to print standby tickets, so you can go through security. once inside, ask the person at the gate for a seat, and they would usually give you the same seat.

i did this at least 3 times, and worked every time.

Автор JulieProductions ( назад)
It's funny how everyone says the song Paris By The Chainsmokers mean't Paris In France, but i saw a interview about the song and they said it was about the town Paris In Texas. Heck there is alot of Paris' towns.

Автор Adam Davis ( назад)
It's not nik e it's Nike

Автор Melissa martinez ( назад)
The San Antonio spurs

Автор N0616JC Productions ( назад)
That Captioning of the Louvre at the end...

Автор Rich Rich ( назад)
This isn't just with Delta, but pretty much any time you can make a survey feedback. Leaving any negative feedback on ANYTHING, and many companies don't let you continue unless it's 5/5 or 10/10. FEEDBACK IS A JOKE!!!!! REVIEWS MEAN NOTHING. It's been like this for years unfortunately.

Автор faze noscope op ( назад)
i feel sorry for lincon and dan

Автор Nathaniel Perkins ( назад)
Yeah delta is the worst. I got to the airport 20 mins before on American Airlines and they didn't let me on. However, they rebooked me the next day for free. Not 400$. That makes no sense.

Автор Schuyler Morales ( назад)
Not Delta's policy, but just a phone agent who's trying to avoid a bad rating for his/herself. S/he would be in mega trouble for this type of thing if found out. Also, if you don't check in at least sixty minutes prior to an international flight on Delta, the flight goes to gate control and your seat is subject to cancellation. It's as simple as that. Check-in online or on the app if you're always this late, but Delta or any other airline isn't bad for not abandoning policy when it comes to handling late customers, regardless of status. In fact, you'd think a Diamond would know better than to arrive without having checked-in later than the check-in cutoff time.

Автор KennyGr Vlogs ( назад)
Subscribe to my Channel !

Автор Ruben ( назад)
Flys to Paris just to make a point that could have been made with a simple photo... oh well i wouldn't complain and gotta get those miles haha

Автор Ruben ( назад)
60 minutes before flight? always thought that was only if you were checking in bags.

Автор Jeffrey JFilms ( назад)
Lincoln broke the switch! lol

Автор Paul dunn ( назад)
Same thing happened to me yesterday
They lost out tickets three times in a row, canceled our flight , and me and my dad saw our fl get take off when we were landing cuz we had a connection flight

Автор Harry Potter ( назад)
I love your Chanel you are the best

Автор Redwinger Steve ( назад)
"Oh Lincoln, you broke it, now we have to cut it open". Awesome idea Dan.

Автор Steve Hicks ( назад)
I ran into the same problem with my switch. You have to take off the switch controller, then turn it off, then slip it into the switch and it'll connect.

Автор Tyton's View ( назад)
I voted for link

Автор MitchDaGamer ( назад)
Cut open the Pizza Hut shoes that order pizza please like if you agree

Автор weelass ( назад)
I never knew they lived in Utah (I only know this cuz I recognize the airport)

Автор Shonduras ( назад)
ha ha ha ha love it!!

Автор Addictive Vlogger ( назад)
I herd alot of people smoke their

Автор Hugh Mungus ( назад)
Delta: don't even leave the airport

Автор Dex Hermanu ( назад)
I swear 😂 Dan is the calmest dad in the world, Lincoln just broke th switch and he's so calm about it 😂 my dad would be mad if i did that to our family picture frame 😂

Автор Otagner ( назад)
I voted for you Lincoln! Your shoe looks really awesome! I want a pair!

Автор OsesGaming ( назад)
Dan I liked the shoes that Lincoln made twice

Автор Teddy Carvis ( назад)
Awesome though

Автор Teddy Carvis ( назад)
and weird

Автор Teddy Carvis ( назад)
That's crazy

Автор sportsvids_46 ( назад)
i feel like half of the videos on this channel are just them at an airport.

Автор Ge Ni Us ( назад)

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