Chris Brown Still Has Eyes For Rihanna | TMZ Live

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
  • Breezy sliding in the DMs?
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Comments • 782

  • Matrix end Mano
    Matrix end Mano 11 hours ago


  • Rachelle Maroulakis
    Rachelle Maroulakis 23 days ago +4

    Who cares if he still has feelings for Rihanna. Rihanna probably still has feelings for Chris.

  • ennysanusii _
    ennysanusii _ 27 days ago

    i like chris

    OMSTV 29 days ago

    Why tf does this make him "uneasy"? As if it directly effects him? That was a decade ago! I'm SURE they have moved passed it. This ain't nothing for no one to be "uneasy" about. They can do what tf they want to do lol.

  • badriya ali
    badriya ali Month ago


  • RosaPlvg
    RosaPlvg Month ago +2

    are yall forgetting this is the same man who abused her-

  • Jadyn-Mari Neufville

    honestly this is fuckinnn dumb because he did wht he needed to do by serving his time and rihanna is ok with him however you guys listen to the artist that have done worse and y’all moving past that way quickerrrr

  • April Jackson
    April Jackson Month ago

    I wanna be the lamp 😂😂

  • Amanda Ouellet
    Amanda Ouellet Month ago +1

    Its their choice their business and their life.

  • Mulisa Muki
    Mulisa Muki 2 months ago

    Then he will crash his face

  • Lena Black
    Lena Black 2 months ago

    Hi Ri Ri

  • arabion knights
    arabion knights 2 months ago

    Every man feels some tingle for Rihanna.. If she shows it we want to see.

  • snootism
    snootism 2 months ago +5

    That crap happened 10 years ago. Media just has to have something to talk about. Move on

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 2 months ago

    Nobody cares Whay Makes YOU Uneasy
    you are a wannabe fall back white boy!!
    Van You Should of
    Stopped 💋 ASS

  • Melody Moore
    Melody Moore 3 months ago +1

    Chris n riri should get therapy n married..

  • Donna Morris
    Donna Morris 3 months ago +2

    They turn friends 🙄 life goes on

  • Yahaira Kuiperi
    Yahaira Kuiperi 3 months ago

    Listen up, we, Caribbean women do not do that whole "I'm a victim" thing hahahahahaha PS leave the real life cookie and luscious alone! 😂💯

  • Andrew Smeragulio
    Andrew Smeragulio 3 months ago

    Lets take a vote.
    Who thinks Ree should be Queen.

  • Jennifer Dukes
    Jennifer Dukes 3 months ago


  • Selina Pace
    Selina Pace 3 months ago

    He's a cocaine addict who cares and she was with Drake rbe other day for his birthday

  • Benjamin Alexis Productions

    They’re both mature now guys. Let them be. People want people to change but when they do they bring up the past like l don’t get it. And p.s I want them together 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Joan Shields Stanford
    Joan Shields Stanford 3 months ago

    Rihanna have the good Hole.

  • Katereen Johnson
    Katereen Johnson 3 months ago

    Let wat happened in the past stay in the past, it's only ever a conversation about wat he did because u jerks r constantly remindin everyone.....

  • King Brikka
    King Brikka 3 months ago +1

    People always want to be mad for other people

  • Born The King
    Born The King 3 months ago +20

    came back here after she played his song on IG just to laugh at those people who said she doesn't give a shit about him😂😂😂

    • Heaven
      Heaven Month ago

      Ghostfk688 Exactly

    • Ghostfk688
      Ghostfk688 Month ago +3

      They think they know everything smh, if she didn't fuk with Chris she would block him, they will always have love for each other, u wanna know why i can say or think that..... BECAUSE CHRIS AND RIHANNA SAID SO

  • Eugine Makale
    Eugine Makale 3 months ago +1

    grown ass men gossiping smh

  • Samukelisiwe Khulu
    Samukelisiwe Khulu 3 months ago +1

    this is just crazy, he only left emojis thats all .Why do people get concerned this much. Rihanna isn't the only woman who got beatin up by her boyfreind .There are many women out there that get beatin up by they boyfreinds but still get back with them. why is even debatable???

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze 3 months ago

    So nba youngboy gav his girl herpes and beat her on video she's still wit him and didn't press charges. And yall worried bout a fight that happen during Chris and riri puppy love days.. Fkin loser ass tmz omg can someome plz shut this damn show down plz for the sake of the future

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze 3 months ago

    Wack ass tmz thinks they matter so much. Yall really think he made a public comment on her page for yall to mak a story out of it.. wtf yall really think the ppl is that important to celebs lives.. Wtf or was he jus scrollin and commented on a pic lik any other normal person scrollin

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze 3 months ago

    Theres ppl sayin way mor sexual nasty things on her pro but yall focusing on an emoji and comment from her ex foh.. What about the harassing ass foreign men that say discussing ass shit. Smh mind yall damn business. She's tryin to promote her brand and yall wack ass worried about her damn comment section suck a fat dick Harvey. And u jus had to bring up the trouble he got in. Smh these shows are weak af im sick of it yall gossip lik lil bitches 2 weak black men and a weird ass no life havin white guy. Where is yall talent and billions of fans il wait

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze 3 months ago

    So yall sayin he jus kne wen he posted comment lik "yup this bouta piss fans off." Or was he scrollin seen riri ass and was lik mmmm yea id hit that again.. Ppl swear they so important lik this dude jus should never say anything to her publicly cuz of fans foh..

  • Cloudy Daze
    Cloudy Daze 3 months ago

    Fkin idiots so he suppose to resist commenting on a sexy pic wtf

  • Idontlikethatshit
    Idontlikethatshit 3 months ago

    Get over it..Damn

  • Marco Thomas
    Marco Thomas 3 months ago

    I think she might too, this might explain why she all of a sudden has disputes with Jay who obviously does not like Chris Brown. Don’t be surprised if they work things out

  • LeAnn Chiarelli
    LeAnn Chiarelli 3 months ago

    Is it black eyes he has for her? 👀

  • I'm Mariah
    I'm Mariah 3 months ago +4

    Yeah and now Rihanna posted Chris Brown music on her Instagram and Twitter account which shows ❤💎

  • Label Made
    Label Made 3 months ago


  • Garfield Harrison
    Garfield Harrison 3 months ago

    Chris Brown and RiRi is not making no more problems about that morbid act. But, they were both responsible for what happened. Chris unfortunately got the butt end of the deal. Chris wanted you talk about him.They did. Chris won! LOL

  • Denise Abrams
    Denise Abrams 3 months ago +6

    He still loves her and she still loves him.. Leave them alone period

    • Marilyn Mercury
      Marilyn Mercury 2 months ago +1

      Denise Abrams She loves him. He’s indifferent.

    • Saloni Verma
      Saloni Verma 2 months ago

      First love is always special

    • Label Made
      Label Made 3 months ago +1


  • Creampuff Creampuff
    Creampuff Creampuff 3 months ago

    It's Chris baby lol

  • Creampuff Creampuff
    Creampuff Creampuff 3 months ago

    So what

  • Gail Boyd
    Gail Boyd 3 months ago

    Why y'all worried about Chris Brown don't check out other things to worry about

  • rhiannonsheart76
    rhiannonsheart76 3 months ago +1

    Here’s the thing... if they are are over it and Rihanna feels safe being friends with Chris then everyone should should just trust that she is a grown woman now and that she is in full control of her own choices. I can’t imagine being famous and having to listen to all of my fans, the people who love me, opinions about what I need to be doing in MY, MY, MY,MY, life. In fear that they will get upset if I don’t listen to them they will get offended or upset by my behavior and stop being a fan. I could never live my life for a bunch of fkn people that could turn their backs and walk away so easily.

  • FactChecker
    FactChecker 3 months ago

    Don’t no body dating a billionaire and happily so... wants this lil boy.

  • Stay Up
    Stay Up 3 months ago

    Daaa. Rihanna is the best he had.

  • vcvirjuan
    vcvirjuan 3 months ago

    Wow-- now I see how petty gossip is childish for bored people -can’t believe this is a hot topic of society in this world that TMZ is presenting - TMZ you need another agenda other than seeking out daily gossip because this was scraping the bottom of the gossip bucket and showing that your getting old and fading away

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones 3 months ago

    And she had a black eye from him

    PATTYY L 3 months ago +2

    I still love them together

  • Calvin Leary
    Calvin Leary 3 months ago

    So bro she definitely not fucking with a coke Head...Get your life together..Chris doing whiteboy drugs...him & lil wayne

  • person who's real
    person who's real 3 months ago

    It's been 10 years. A lot of Ex's make flirty comments that don't mean shit. It's like an inside joke.

  • Ben Puente
    Ben Puente 3 months ago

    I dont think any of your opinions matter

  • Robert Delafuente
    Robert Delafuente 3 months ago +2

    You guys are literally so bored that you made a part for Chris brown over 2 emojis and ☝🏽very small comment crazy homie

    ITS ME REALLY ITS ME 3 months ago

    Why don't you guys keep that same energy with Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, shit Charlie Sheen was doing the most passin out hiv an all but tmz doesn't speak on that

    ITS ME REALLY ITS ME 3 months ago

    But also it's 10yrs ago I never see them do this to white celebrities but every time they speak of him at some point before the segment ends they speak on it

    ITS ME REALLY ITS ME 3 months ago

    I'm not defending domestic violence but they both were guilty of it.... She's an island girl an most fight their men... If you watch his documentary he finally speaks an says she used to beat on him an he fought back.... He sacrificed himself an protected her....

  • R2D Productions
    R2D Productions 3 months ago

    Ok and

  • Gulaid Osman
    Gulaid Osman 3 months ago

    Soo..... no one is not gonna say this was great marketing 🤷🏾‍♂️ everyone took the bait 😂🔥

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker 3 months ago

    Harvey High again

  • Tonya Irvin
    Tonya Irvin 3 months ago

    After what happen with them two. I lost all respect for him. However, Rhianna does not acknowledge him now. She is happy with who she is with and her career is growing!!!

  • Jah Senor
    Jah Senor 3 months ago

    She must've had that il na na.