FaZe Clan: Official Movie (Fortnite World Cup)

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019
  • The Full Length Motion Picture.
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Comments • 2 576

  • LeftyBear
    LeftyBear 16 hours ago

    *Cizzorz wins creative world cup* FaZe: Good job Jack!
    *FaZe Dubs wins a game* FaZe: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Dylan Savoie
    Dylan Savoie Day ago +1

    Anyone got a “Faze up” count? Lol

  • FaZe mguig
    FaZe mguig Day ago

    im love you clan faze

  • retro letro
    retro letro 6 days ago

    another vid about world cup ok. money hunger

  • Young Finnesse Kids Vlogs

    Crazy to see how far FaZe has came from a small
    House in NY. To the clout house etc. FaZe is one of THE best gaming/Comp teams in the WORLD. FaZe up baby 🤙🏼

  • LeftyBear
    LeftyBear 8 days ago

    I saw ewok at the pop up I thought she joined after the pop up

  • Blanca Paredes
    Blanca Paredes 15 days ago +1

    Faze rug wasn’t threre

  • Joep Springintveld
    Joep Springintveld 19 days ago +1

    Ewok be talking 17:09

  • Reaperr™
    Reaperr™ 22 days ago

    A FaZe Armada with a Rutherford County license plate on it? I have a feeling the people at my work put this together for you. I work at Nissan Smyrna and it's cool to see this done, especially for a team I have been watching growing up.

  • Sumir Balakrishnan
    Sumir Balakrishnan 23 days ago


  • Voyd X
    Voyd X 23 days ago

  • Bramptonthebum 1212
    Bramptonthebum 1212 26 days ago +1

    Didn’t even talk about cizzorz winning what a joke

  • Lisa McNamara
    Lisa McNamara 26 days ago

    I wish I was there man

  • TNS _Blitzz'ar
    TNS _Blitzz'ar 26 days ago

    I will win the worl cup if I get recruited to faze

  • Tee Trinker
    Tee Trinker 26 days ago +2

    From kids to the biggest clan in history💙❤️

  • Tee Trinker
    Tee Trinker 26 days ago +3

    Adapt : We are taking this dub
    Bugha: Am I a joke to you?

  • FadeZ Is Sweat
    FadeZ Is Sweat 27 days ago

    Sway XD 3:56

  • Jay jay 20
    Jay jay 20 27 days ago

    Why is rug not there

  • SoonToBlow
    SoonToBlow 27 days ago +1

    Were not that different. Your short and I'm short.

  • SoonToBlow
    SoonToBlow 27 days ago +2

    Why does Sway always look depressed. Lol

  • ViZe Sus
    ViZe Sus 28 days ago

    Song? 5:42

    XXXTMEK64XXX 28 days ago +1

    She just wants his money

  • ItzTomato ツ
    ItzTomato ツ 28 days ago +2

    Bruh i wish i was in faze clan for my switch skills! NOTICE ME :(( lol

  • Ali hadroje
    Ali hadroje 29 days ago

    can't stop tearing up I'm so proud of u guys faze up been, watching since the ny house BANANA

  • JaMMiN4DaYz
    JaMMiN4DaYz 29 days ago


  • byLaGuNn4 -_-
    byLaGuNn4 -_- 29 days ago +1

    Puñetaaaaaaaaa FaZe Sway Es Boricuaaaaaa

  • Jinx Vieer
    Jinx Vieer 29 days ago

    Was the security guard at 4:35 yelling at faze banks😂😂

  • Caden Park
    Caden Park 29 days ago


  • Jerrod Batallones
    Jerrod Batallones Month ago +2

    “I wanna now take creative mode irl and make a irl death run”
    next day:
    “cizzors fbi open up”

  • Utkarsh Buddaraju
    Utkarsh Buddaraju Month ago

    What’s the outro sonf

  • probadgamer
    probadgamer Month ago


  • Wyxca
    Wyxca Month ago

    imagine bugha joining FaZe

  • fsg gaming
    fsg gaming Month ago

    loved this movie kinda wish rug was here too

  • LegendsTheFriends LegendsTheFriends

    get batuhan buyukakkan

  • Dylan bragg
    Dylan bragg Month ago

    Where’s FaZe Quoc?

  • Hamilcea Silva
    Hamilcea Silva Month ago


  • Remster Kouniali
    Remster Kouniali Month ago +4

    Probs the best video i have ever seen such an inspiration thank you faze clan

  • Kreepy Pasta
    Kreepy Pasta Month ago

    Optic wishes they *could* put out a mini doc this cool.

  • JTBase35
    JTBase35 Month ago

    I just love this group of guys

  • Xd Error
    Xd Error Month ago

    4:36 the cop arrested them lol

  • TheCrownOfLiam __
    TheCrownOfLiam __ Month ago +1

    FaZe Clan Or No Clan! FaZe TF UPPPP! We run these streets!

  • Code Alan M
    Code Alan M Month ago


  • Alex Jaramillo
    Alex Jaramillo Month ago

    I still remember when FaZe was celebrating 1 mill by Faze MinK! that was huge for me growing up. felt like I hit 1 mill too with them. Crazy

  • stupidkillz
    stupidkillz Month ago


  • Nova Tecszz
    Nova Tecszz Month ago

    Even sway is there faze up baby

  • Smash 98
    Smash 98 Month ago

    All fanstastic but nutella is better 🤗😅🤗😅🤗😅🤗😅🤗 🤗😅🤗😅🤗 🤗😅🤗😅🤗 🤗😅🤗😅🤗 🤗😅🤗😅🤗 🤗😅🤗😅🤗

  • Anaih Reynoso
    Anaih Reynoso Month ago

    I wish to meet one of you

  • Chri5 Ten TFF
    Chri5 Ten TFF Month ago

    I'm a bit late only by 6 days lol great video guys the Fortnite tournament was epic I have just uploaded my first couple of Fortnite videos on my channel you lot have inspired me so much

  • Im Cubba
    Im Cubba Month ago

    I mean bugha whould be good for faze

  • SquigglyVlogs
    SquigglyVlogs Month ago

    This needs 50milkion views

  • Abdulrahman Al
    Abdulrahman Al Month ago

    This is why we love faze

  • Jayden Maire
    Jayden Maire Month ago

    I was there

    TOXIC_WOLF Month ago

    Love FaZe Clan since bo2

  • ImortalpT 2016
    ImortalpT 2016 Month ago

    Mongrall is 6th not 16th

  • Im Cubba
    Im Cubba Month ago

    He so go good and I think he is ready for. Faze and all the challenges

  • Im Cubba
    Im Cubba Month ago

    Recruit buhga plz

  • Lyz
    Lyz Month ago

    really good fucking video

  • FBI ReaL
    FBI ReaL Month ago

    Dont call that shit fort tie creative world cup if it ai t 1v1s 2v2s and 3v3s come on epic come the fuck on

  • Megan Bruno
    Megan Bruno Month ago

    What a family