3 riddles popular on crime (Part#4) | Murder mystery riddles | Who did it? Can you solve it?

  • Опубликовано: 26 июл 2017
  • Riddles brain teasers for adults with answers, can you solve it?
    3 riddles popular on crime | murder mystery riddles | who did it?
    Total: 3 riddles
    Riddle#1 (Loyal wife?)
    Riddle#2 (Mysterious beggar)
    Riddle#3 (Serial Killer)
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  • Nam Anh Dang
    Nam Anh Dang 4 месяца назад

    #2 was awesome!

  • Ava Eva
    Ava Eva 6 месяцев назад +1

    Who noticed for the last riddle when they had to take the pills the guy took the red pill and had red pants on the lady took the blue pill and was wearing blue

  • Paul Pavlus
    Paul Pavlus 7 месяцев назад

    1:47 The real interesting question is, how is the detective going to get out of the trap? (In all seriousness)
    and not to mention, the bright happy smile on her says it all.

  • Salem Ballaith
    Salem Ballaith 8 месяцев назад

    Gotem all right but thought of another possibility for last one both pills could be poisoned and there could be an antedote in killers glass

    A P PANDEY 9 месяцев назад

    Got the second and the thrid corret good vedio

    INDRADEEP HALDER 9 месяцев назад

    Solve the 1st one and the 3rd one..
    Wow wonderful riddles

  • Reaper 3000
    Reaper 3000 10 месяцев назад


  • stan chaekura aka the best friendship of all time
    stan chaekura aka the best friendship of all time 11 месяцев назад +1

    Yay I got all of them correct 😀😀😀

  • sonal jain
    sonal jain 11 месяцев назад +1

    No new ridlle

  • kumar v rajesh
    kumar v rajesh 11 месяцев назад +1

    2/3 i did it😂😂😁

  • Margrete Will
    Margrete Will 11 месяцев назад +1

    These are so simple that it is boring

  • Celt C
    Celt C 11 месяцев назад


    Fat man Keeps killing pigs
    Smart man is cannibal
    woman: kill chick
    man with tattoo is drunk
    lady with book: Kill Sheep
    Days later
    Roy eats bananas for breakfast

  • Nguyen Hanh
    Nguyen Hanh 11 месяцев назад +1

    Got all three

  • your not average girl
    your not average girl 11 месяцев назад +3

    What animation places do you use? Do you use PowToon or something?

  • Frozen Falls_YT
    Frozen Falls_YT 11 месяцев назад +1

    why was the beggar brown????

  • LoneStar
    LoneStar Год назад +2

    That music................... IS FRICKIN CREEPY ◉‿◉

  • t kaiwai
    t kaiwai Год назад

    I've seen the third one already

  • sunanda shenoy
    sunanda shenoy Год назад +1

    plz give only question not answer we want text U answer

  • Malati Hansda
    Malati Hansda Год назад +1

    I solved 2 riddles 😁

  • Grace Jones
    Grace Jones Год назад +1

    Being completely honest i got 2 right

  • Mehmooda Pirzada
    Mehmooda Pirzada Год назад +1

    2/3.......Not bad. I think it's nice that atleast I could solve 2 of them. I really like watching riddles. Please upload more tricky riddles. Your channel is the best for riddles.(subscribed😉)

  • Amelia Johnson
    Amelia Johnson Год назад

    How is the second ones bigger a serial killer

  • Zoe Henigan
    Zoe Henigan Год назад

    I’m scared 😱

  • Zoe Henigan
    Zoe Henigan Год назад

    Just kidding

  • Zoe Henigan
    Zoe Henigan Год назад


  • Rockghostgames
    Rockghostgames Год назад

    You can't eat coffee

  • Anina C V
    Anina C V Год назад

    Got all three... they were quite easy😊

  • debayan nath
    debayan nath Год назад +1

    2 out of three

  • happy days
    happy days Год назад +1

    Wow got all three correct

  • * Galaxy_Gamer *
    * Galaxy_Gamer * Год назад +1

    3/3 ALL CORRECT!!!

  • wOOmygirla
    wOOmygirla Год назад +1

    3/3 omg i got them right!!

  • Dante Wu
    Dante Wu Год назад

    I got 2/3 the second one was cool but a little gross

  • bugatha Naga laxmi
    bugatha Naga laxmi Год назад +1

    I solve all

  • XxAlySavagexX
    XxAlySavagexX Год назад

    Got them all right 👍👍👍

  • Suhana Singh
    Suhana Singh Год назад +1

    All of them were easy 😎 I solved all of them 😏😎

  • Neeta Sharma
    Neeta Sharma Год назад

    i give 2answer

  • LoneStar
    LoneStar Год назад


  • Asbar Imam
    Asbar Imam Год назад +1

    Awesome riddles 2nd one was superb mind blowing fantastic.....

  • Niru Lingayat
    Niru Lingayat Год назад

    Cool huh!

  • Raprista the Stronghold Seer
    Raprista the Stronghold Seer Год назад

    I got all 3 yay

  • Dazzling Girl 'Nusrat'
    Dazzling Girl 'Nusrat' Год назад +1

    wow they were talking so long nd she gave him the address also...she invite him....heard noise....it was trap....LOL...SOMETHING..........
    (got the last one)

  • Air Jordan21
    Air Jordan21 Год назад

    I watched the same video and then I clicked this one and it was the same thing

  • Signscave
    Signscave Год назад

    1st riddle- It said detective Bourne heard a noise UPSTAIRS

    • Signscave
      Signscave Год назад

      So..... He was lying?

  • Joel Garcia Gasca
    Joel Garcia Gasca Год назад +1

    I got 3/3 and the 2nd I have not heard I just guessed to be honest

  • FlyingWings
    FlyingWings Год назад

    3/3 lol i’m getting better with this :D

  • Coolyowly
    Coolyowly Год назад

    Riddle last there was poison in the water
    The lady has good water
    Victims die
    Like if same answer

  • Coolyowly
    Coolyowly Год назад

    One person was a cannibal cause he said human
    That's why people are missing

  • Coolyowly
    Coolyowly Год назад

    Riddle two beggar knows what the person eats last

  • Coolyowly
    Coolyowly Год назад +1

    1st riddle detective
    The maid can't be cleaning upstairs
    It's a one story house
    Like if same answer

  • Brady Brooks
    Brady Brooks Год назад


  • LegalThoughts
    LegalThoughts Год назад

    Detective Jason Bourne?

  • Beauty Blushes
    Beauty Blushes Год назад

    I am niyah fan I have just changed the name to beauty blushes

  • bindya knair
    bindya knair Год назад +1

    in the last riddle's question, " this was the lady's eighteenth kill" the same in other video ( I don't know the episode's part no:)😆😝😝😝😛

  • Melodies GAMEZ
    Melodies GAMEZ Год назад

    the second one was INTERESTING

  • Melodies GAMEZ
    Melodies GAMEZ Год назад

    i dont understand the first.

  • Ms. Maggius
    Ms. Maggius Год назад

    Late but 3/3

  • GamesBond 007
    GamesBond 007 Год назад +1

    The 2ⁿᵈ riddle was awesome.
    Those who agree Hit the like 👍 button.

    • Coralie Menard
      Coralie Menard Год назад

      Games Bond Yes,it's a good one,but it shocked me😦😂

  • TR II YT
    TR II YT Год назад +1

    3/3 in 10s each I swear

    RACER CHARGE Год назад

    I didnt get the first riddle

  • hxppytexrs
    hxppytexrs Год назад

    3/3 :D

  • Your Onee-chan
    Your Onee-chan Год назад


  • peter neunteufel
    peter neunteufel Год назад

    I got the last riddle correct.

  • Jai Shree
    Jai Shree Год назад

    i have solved 4/4 hurray

  • sheik macrohon
    sheik macrohon Год назад

    too easy

  • Kyoutarou Shuzenji
    Kyoutarou Shuzenji Год назад

    i got all three😊

  • Claire W
    Claire W Год назад


  • Trixian Apdol
    Trixian Apdol Год назад

    The Lady Dies Too By Eating So Many Pills

  • Anita Singh
    Anita Singh Год назад

    All 3

  • rayne cheong
    rayne cheong Год назад

    I love bananas

  • Noelle
    Noelle Год назад

    I got riddle 2 exactly right, and when I was going over the names I gasped ao hard when I said human.

  • Camille Roberts
    Camille Roberts Год назад

    This was easy

  • Camille Roberts
    Camille Roberts Год назад

    Number 2 was the easiest

  • ughdaisy
    ughdaisy Год назад

    #2 was actually smart asf

  • anish narula
    anish narula Год назад

    i got 2

  • Dia Vaswani
    Dia Vaswani Год назад

    I solved riddles 3 and 4

    UNDEROOS Год назад

    2 & 1/2 . 2 one is what I say is 'The Riddle' . too hard to solve but did solve half .

  • Black Master
    Black Master Год назад

    I got all three

  • Yanella Garcia
    Yanella Garcia Год назад

    All three right

  • Unicorn poop 426
    Unicorn poop 426 Год назад

    These were easy but fun

  • Ahzam Haroon
    Ahzam Haroon Год назад

    i got all 3

  • Siblings Channel
    Siblings Channel Год назад

    my point 3 of 3

  • Christine Jewel
    Christine Jewel Год назад

    2nd riddle is so easy goodjob!

  • Beth Applegate
    Beth Applegate Год назад

    I got the all of them right

  • Gedi Pallanguli
    Gedi Pallanguli Год назад

    Very easy
    Plz , make difficult ones.

  • Harry Lifestyle
    Harry Lifestyle Год назад

    Eazy peezy lemon squizy... jay z daisy Kanye's yeezy...

  • Sai Tuazon
    Sai Tuazon Год назад

    i only got 2 because i didnt know the 2nd

  • Coco twinsanity
    Coco twinsanity Год назад

    I got All Correct and I loved The 3rd riddle!thank you so much Make more riddles like that buddy!

  • Bridget Fang
    Bridget Fang Год назад +1

    I got all 3 riddles correct. They were tricky but really good riddles.

  • Brave Soul
    Brave Soul Год назад +1

    Awesome thx

  • Siddhanth Talukder
    Siddhanth Talukder Год назад

    Got three out of three, the last one I heard in another riddle

  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Год назад

    3 out of 3

  • KARRPI d
    KARRPI d Год назад

    Youre in pub and someone give you pills that will kill you...

  • KitCosplay
    KitCosplay Год назад

    3/3 yay!


    I got the last one right

  • Dat Little MLG potato
    Dat Little MLG potato Год назад

    oh don't worry that must be the maid on the *FIRST* floor the answer says different

  • Gacha Alise_San
    Gacha Alise_San Год назад +1

    Hey You I Like Your Riddles
    But Make More Keep Challenge Us With Your Riddles End I’m A Big Fan :)

  • Jessica Delgado
    Jessica Delgado Год назад

    the first riddle is wrong, because the woman said the maid was on the first floor, not on the second. they wrote it incorrectly.

  • Nuk3ular 4
    Nuk3ular 4 Год назад

    The second one is bases off a creepypasta btw

  • Vee Rodz
    Vee Rodz Год назад

    I love your riddles so much

  • kourosh sharif
    kourosh sharif Год назад

    Jason Bourne a detective? Something is horribly wrong with this case.