The Dangerous Substance In Space That Can Destroy Our Planet With One Blow

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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  • LIL Bottom Text
    LIL Bottom Text 21 hour ago

    Dumplings are Japanese

  • Kuro Mul
    Kuro Mul Day ago

    When he was talking about the Italian food, I got an Olive Garden ad

  • Wolfdog370
    Wolfdog370 Day ago

    Blah blah blah .. theories, assumptions, speculation .. and zero facts

  • Bissniz Sweden
    Bissniz Sweden 4 days ago

    Pease of shit videos

  • Yoboydivine
    Yoboydivine 6 days ago

    I like this voice better

  • 30 Thrasher
    30 Thrasher 7 days ago

    Wait ok don’t call me stupid but how did the Big Bang happen I’ll something must have created the energy and scientifically proven that energy can’t create itself and can’t be destroyed

  • GrassHopper 420
    GrassHopper 420 7 days ago +3

    Big Bang didn’t happen. Because energy can not create it self. God created the universe. 🙏🏽🙌🏾💯

    • Spacey Bunny
      Spacey Bunny 4 days ago

      But, how did God make himself?

    • Bill Yost
      Bill Yost 6 days ago

      True, but you left out much. I'll assist....
      Four elemental forces, NOT THREE were used to finally create the big bang after billions of simulator failures.
      The first three elemental forces were... High-energy, Low-energy and Gravity. All simulations failed using this model. They either expanded to infinity in the first hundred minutes or so... or they just simply collapsed back into itself.
      Then they added the 'GOD PARTICLE' to the model and were then able to have a self contained universe as as stable as the one that exist today.
      Just thought you'd like to know... God did help, no one denies that.
      However, you suggest that God is NOT the elemental forces that helped to create the universe by saying those three elemental forces did not exist.
      If God exists, so too does all elemental forces. Otherwise, God couldn't exist without being all forces and of all elements.

  • Bruce K
    Bruce K 7 days ago

    Protons and neutrons are not elementary particles.

  • Darryl Dix
    Darryl Dix 8 days ago

    Nuclear pasta bro I'm done

  • Darryl Dix
    Darryl Dix 8 days ago

    In theory not fact

  • black knight
    black knight 8 days ago

    Hey Arnold?

  • Lori Jean
    Lori Jean 9 days ago

    Thank you for not having 15 commercials in the video

  • Haunted Asylum
    Haunted Asylum 12 days ago

    So was there a loud high pitched donald trump like scream at the start of the Big Bang? With so much helium going around, its a wonder there isn't a HA, Heliums Anonymous.

  • Tyion Official
    Tyion Official 13 days ago

    It took him 7 minutes to get to the point

  • Christine Battaglia
    Christine Battaglia 14 days ago

    Bright side: you will be so into the game that you won’t know that the earth is exploding

    Me: I know but I have taken my death

  • Joe Schmole
    Joe Schmole 18 days ago

    Tellurium-128 has an even *longer* half-life at 2.2x10²⁴ years, or 2.2 septillion years. It has a longer half-life than that isotope of Xenon by a factor of 100. Xenon-124 is *not* the longest lasting radioisotope known to man.

  • Ms a
    Ms a 21 day ago

    Garlic Gun???

  • Sanja Trifunovic
    Sanja Trifunovic 23 days ago

    This is such a waste of time. I’m a huge science lover but this is just ,,...a drag.....

  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez 25 days ago

    So just looking at something they think they know what it is

  • Epic Troll
    Epic Troll 25 days ago

    Aw I can’t get crossout😿😿😿

  • Anthony Umana-Paniagua

    *Mom yells* son, get off that game, the earth is disintegrating, but im playing shootout, oh can I play

  • K. Bittala
    K. Bittala Month ago

    Video idea: How could humans travel the multiverse. Assuming the multiverse exists, of course.

  • Foreyan
    Foreyan Month ago

    What the heck is a nuclear pasta?!

  • Silvery Blue
    Silvery Blue Month ago

    Yeah but... How long should I boil that extraterrestrial pasta

  • Lucas Mayo
    Lucas Mayo Month ago +1


  • Avalanche
    Avalanche Month ago +1

    What if universe is giant galaxy

  • David Wilcox
    David Wilcox Month ago

    if xenon last trillions of years you could bath in it eat it and sleep in it and it wouldn't hurt you.

  • Ronaldo Killergod
    Ronaldo Killergod Month ago +1

    So apparently the helium hydride molecule was formed by a crossout game?

  • Zoltán Both
    Zoltán Both Month ago

    Where do you get the images of such a high quality?

  • Zion Thomas-Harmon
    Zion Thomas-Harmon Month ago

    3,000 light years away but the star collapsed 600 years ago. Anyone wanna tell me how that math works?

  • TFD DakotazJr
    TFD DakotazJr Month ago

    Chemical that can destroy our planet in one blow:hahaha im the strongest destroyer!
    Zeno:im about to end this whole man career

  • Billy Baitsalot
    Billy Baitsalot Month ago

    does anyone have any podcast suggestions that are similar to videos like these? (looking for something to listen t while driving)

  • Zainab Harake
    Zainab Harake Month ago

    *imagine you where born in 18 SXN years*
    "imagine it"

  • Haru Has
    Haru Has Month ago

    Hahahaha I played crossout b4 and tbh it's actually really good The customization is just as shown in the vid tbh

  • Uhgene Ignorian
    Uhgene Ignorian Month ago

    *The dangerous substance in space that can destroy our planet in one blow*
    Freeza: "hold my death ball..........

    for five minutes."

  • Aqua Blaze
    Aqua Blaze Month ago +2

    I would Natuto run from that stuff so it would catch me yea take that pasta stuff that can destroy the earth but you ain't destroying I'm Naruto running!

  • Aqua Blaze
    Aqua Blaze Month ago +2

    Wow I learned so much in one video think of this we learned years of knowledge in just one video and this stuff took scientists years to discover how fascinating is that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Romanian Productions

    That transition

  • zellious Bp
    zellious Bp Month ago

    A star collapsed 600 years ago while it being 3000 light years away? Wtf you smoking my good sir?

  • U4Eye
    U4Eye Month ago

    why are we using all of humanity's brain power to look thousands of light years ago when us scientists Should be using our brains to help solve our Most Basic Human issues. What and Why do we waste our time, energy and money on something we can't control? lets start using our brains for humans on Earth fix our problems here

  • Kaizer V.G
    Kaizer V.G Month ago

    Big bang did not create our galaxy GOD DID

    • Spacey Bunny
      Spacey Bunny 4 days ago

      The big bang made the universe, not the galaxies.

  • ツXPLOD
    ツXPLOD Month ago

    3:51 that’s how close is the closes black hole tours us so y’all going to where a black hole is at but depends what direction y’all go.

  • Marq Mac
    Marq Mac Month ago

    10 billion Fahrenheit...... slightly hotter than the hottest day in hell.

  • Xtreme Sport
    Xtreme Sport Month ago

    Yeah, you pay monthly fee to youtube in order to escape those fkin commercials just to see integrated commercials by the content creators, nice.

  • Iker Orian Olea Munoz

    wow i never knew that, your vidios are awsome

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas Month ago

    Wait so I learned about dark matter in school for no reason?

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas Month ago +1

    short answer :- we die

    Long answer:- WE DIE!!

  • Richard Sweaney
    Richard Sweaney Month ago


  • Viryl Lucas
    Viryl Lucas Month ago

    Is it helium hydride?
    Edit: Oh the ion part

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma Month ago

    Only electrons are elementary! Neutrons and protons are composite i.e., a system of particles made up of elementary particles called quarks!

  • Meme Consumer
    Meme Consumer Month ago

    Oh shit it's an infinity stone.

  • White Gacha
    White Gacha Month ago +1


    that should do the trick 😎😎😎
    -sincerely Goku

  • FixMaster
    FixMaster Month ago

    God is powerful

  • Travon Kirk
    Travon Kirk Month ago

    We dead

  • Tegjwok John
    Tegjwok John Month ago +5

    6:32 "Your battlecar will look cooler than the explosion of a neutron star."
    *When you try so hard to make your sponsor fit the theme of your video*

  • Graphik Dezigns
    Graphik Dezigns Month ago +1

    When you listen carefully, you can hear all of the terms like "speculation", "theory", "mathematical equations", "believe", with no observation, experimentation, or verification. This is not science. This is science fiction.

  • Graphik Dezigns
    Graphik Dezigns Month ago +1

    "We found the first molecule in the Universe. Only, we can't see it, because it's been dead for billions of years and what we saw is a wholly different molecule that probably has nothing to do with the early Universe.".


  • jeevan kishore
    jeevan kishore Month ago

    One plate nuclear pasta please 😋

  • Sathvik Devireddy
    Sathvik Devireddy Month ago

    the necular pasta is strange matter

  • Adroited Nick
    Adroited Nick Month ago

    I always get fascinated by space