The Spiders and the Bees

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 148 054

  • killerSIN05
    killerSIN05 Day ago

    7:56 tell me why when the bees was rushing out of their hive sounded like something scary was going to happen in a horror movie

  • Lance Davis
    Lance Davis Day ago

    My grandpa got bitten by a brown recuse and almost died and when it happened he was healthy good diet and almost died.And I’m allergic to bee stings and have arachnid phobia

  • Poppity Corn
    Poppity Corn Day ago +1

    Honestly wasps are so mean. Like, is the whole point of their existence just to be an asshole?

  • c’s art
    c’s art Day ago

    the quality content i subscribed for

  • Furret Furret
    Furret Furret Day ago

    Ok, say that a star-nosed mole isn't dangerous. Is this (Do not look at if you get easily creeped out) not worrying or scary in any way?:

  • Ant- _ -Turkey84

    4:18 this made me laugh hard

  • Did you see my swag ?

    Hornets tho... They won't stop stinging till they are satisfied XD

  • wayward unicorn
    wayward unicorn Day ago

    I live in Australia 😢😢😢😢

  • Did you see my swag ?

    Whenever I fall asleep I always seem to get bite by a

  • Shayla Magday
    Shayla Magday Day ago

    NUUUUUU! DA most poisons spider in the world it the daddy long leg, but their fangs are to small to bite is. I'm smert. 😏

  • The Real Phoenix

    I was outside once doing typical kid stuff and a wasp landed on my face, and it crawled up my face and onto my closed eye lid. There I was frozen solid with a wasp on my eye lid. My eye with the wasp on it twitched, and the wasp stung me twice on my eye lid. Tru story tho I still think I have the scars on my eye lid.

  • halo lazer dude 77

    Saddest anime betrayals

  • Aly Desserts
    Aly Desserts Day ago

    Actually the spider would win in the wrestling because the shark can’t breathe with out water JAMES!

  • Bec Mckeever
    Bec Mckeever Day ago

    Who pollenates the rest 👀

  • meller belles
    meller belles Day ago

    I have a allergy to pollen sooo..

    GO DIE BEES >:(

  • Liz The Siamese Cat

    I have a severe phobia of spiders and I have had two spiders crawl in my bed and when I watched this video I just realized a few hours ago there was a spider in my house that could have laid eggs (don't worry we yeeted it back into nature)

  • Ri K
    Ri K Day ago

    I have Arachnophobia

  • The Ultimatememe69666

    Ohhhh I thought this video was going to be different to say the least...

  • Kenziescoolstuff Tv

    To spatters

  • ChaoticMew75
    ChaoticMew75 Day ago

    Everyone was so afraid of Ariados when what we should have been fearing is Beedrill.

  • Jaded and Empty
    Jaded and Empty Day ago +1

    I spent 2 years in a spider infested house where I had over 30 spider bites on my body and couldn't sleep because that's when they'd crawl on you and bite you.
    But y'know, glad you have no reason to care, I guess.
    Without bees, you wouldn't have food. Without spiders, you wouldn't have nightmares, or horrible itchy painful welts. I've been stung by bees as well, but at least bees don't WAIT UNTIL I LAY DOWN AT NIGHT AND AM HELPLESS AND PRONE TO FUCKING STING ME. EVERY NIGHT. FOR YEARS.

  • Dr.Black
    Dr.Black Day ago

    i mess with be hive a lot but i never got stun

  • Melanie Schoers
    Melanie Schoers Day ago

    i’ve been stung by wasps twice, one time when i was like 7 or 8 i was rolling around on the grass and a black paper wasp stung my arm and i was at my friends house at the time and i was really shy so i screamed (we were at the park) and ran back and hid inside her house silently crying. the second time, i was 11 and me and my best friend were about to go on the trampoline but we saw a wasp just chillin on the rim of the trampoline, my friend freaked but i was like, just dont annoy it. so i was getting on the trampoline and my arm was right next to the wasp and it stung me. i screamed and sat at the pool putting water on it while my friend got me some ice and them after like 5minutes we went back on the trampoline

  • Kookie Monster
    Kookie Monster Day ago

    I found a spider while watching this

  • Cruz Patino
    Cruz Patino Day ago

    Is that matpat

  • DeadInside Reaction

    Why is James guilt tripping me with a spider?!

  • Noodle action
    Noodle action Day ago

    Hello I am trying to make a good channel like his so pleas check out my brief intro!

  • Ria Malik
    Ria Malik Day ago

    Damn I live in Australia......

  • Neil Fluit
    Neil Fluit Day ago

    Only the honey bee is bad the rest can live. I am sorry if you are trrigared because you like honey.😅😅😆😄😅😴

  • fat Fuck
    fat Fuck Day ago

    0:40 and 2:54 got me laugh in so hard

  • Megan Wang
    Megan Wang Day ago

    There was one time where a bee landed on my arm and the flew into my face. It was scary

  • Gold Gamer
    Gold Gamer Day ago

    Steph and Mat/Stephanie and MatPat at the beginning

  • bored lol
    bored lol Day ago

    we learn dont throw rocks at wasps. RIP james

  • Tiltigo
    Tiltigo Day ago

    What have we learned?
    Wasps are the worst.

  • life uncensored
    life uncensored Day ago

    Our brains are hardwired to not like crawly things, and the more legs the worse. Like its mostly the 8 legs and the way it moves that freaks us out.

    MINGRUN WU Day ago

    no bees=no plants=no animals=no food=famine=extinction
    also if u say ther r aquatic creatures....welp they will all be dead in a short amount of time cuz the whole world would be huntin them so.....go back to fearing global warming and stuff

  • Yeetboi7935
    Yeetboi7935 Day ago

    The spiders and the bitches

  • Kid Gavin
    Kid Gavin Day ago

    7:34 When a flying cockroach lands on your leg

  • Lincoln Hurley
    Lincoln Hurley Day ago

    I live in the aus

  • Shadow Toxic Magic

    Uhhh dogs kill 10000 people a year ago SO DONT SAY THERE THE 1st FREINDLY ANIMAL

  • Emma Krancich
    Emma Krancich Day ago

    I have seen a spider bigger the my head and I have a big head

  • MėłłøwPíłłœ

    I Mena I killed a wasp

  • Bugandbear
    Bugandbear Day ago


  • pro Defalt
    pro Defalt Day ago

    So you saying if get in a fight you will choose a spiderweb vest over a bullet proof vest

  • Kaylee Lovitt
    Kaylee Lovitt Day ago

    My favorite part of this episode

  • Liam Baker
    Liam Baker Day ago

    not that smart huh

  • Andrew Peck
    Andrew Peck Day ago +1

    Says in the beginning that you can easily brake out of the web and yet says that it can be used as a bulletproof vest

  • 0riginal _CircusQueen

    Tbh tho, I am just not ok with how they look. Anything with eight eyes should diie 😂😂

  • Alex Farnum
    Alex Farnum Day ago

    0:28 that’s matpat!!!

  • dangerous place
    dangerous place Day ago

    I don't like spiders because my mum almost died of them
    Because she didn't do nothing to them

  • Fish Biscuit
    Fish Biscuit Day ago

    Give me that video where the bees suck the blood out of the guy so I’ll panic like you

  • •ŁunarMøon _14•

    *And yeet it back into the wild*

    *me with my future child*
    >cough cough< joke >cough

  • Wrink
    Wrink Day ago +1

    this is why i leave em alone

  • Sweet Girl
    Sweet Girl Day ago

    I tried to save a bee just exploring my house at my front door on the bottom of my shoe rack, and, oh boy, did that feel like fricking crap. I got stung in the middle of my right thumb.

  • crikey killer
    crikey killer Day ago

    He said 1 eye's

  • Rosie Bailey
    Rosie Bailey Day ago

    I wanna see James making the voice over of this 🤣

  • Crazy Fluffle Fox

    Oh and for other arachnophobias try fighting a frostbite spider on skyrim.
    That's a real nightmare

  • Īts’ Alexis
    Īts’ Alexis Day ago

    Pause at 3:35 ok we cool

  • Crazy Fluffle Fox

    Wasps need to be afraid of me

  • Pinkamena Diane Pie

    2:14 thank me later

  • Dajus Porter
    Dajus Porter Day ago

    I was stung by a hornet 11 times

  • gage night
    gage night Day ago +1

    #team spider

  • Eevee does youtube

    *Mosquito hawks are perverts too*
    I once was going to the bathroom and I felt something crawling on my butt I grabbed it and it was a mosquito hawk I threw it and I heard a small buzz as it slammed against the wall and died

  • sad cat-girl
    sad cat-girl Day ago

    I love spiders🕷 but I despise bees🐝

  • Joanus Benchelle

    I learnd not to hit wapat with rocks

  • Faye Brown
    Faye Brown Day ago

    Spider Man spider Man does what ever


  • Forget me not
    Forget me not Day ago

    I don’t see why people are *IRRATIONALLY* afraid of spiders. Y’know, eight eyed, eight legged, venomous, and freak spiders.
    Y’know what people should be afraid of though?
    yes James. Because Bees are 10x more threatening than spiders.

  • Parallel Fake
    Parallel Fake Day ago +1

    Rip me I live in Australia

  • Hazel The dog
    Hazel The dog Day ago

    Thicc James 1:13

  • Swag Boi
    Swag Boi Day ago

    "I just harmlessly immobilize spiders, hehe"

  • Arty Paulos
    Arty Paulos Day ago

    i have a fear of spiders but i dont know why, James i feel you with the bees they scery

  • Bunny Bunnie
    Bunny Bunnie Day ago

    3:58 the spider web AGAIN I have watched this video like 5 TIMES and I have NEVER noticed that! How?!?!

  • Bunny Bunnie
    Bunny Bunnie Day ago

    3:54 did no one catch that?!?!? Look at the spider web!

  • Doug Foster
    Doug Foster Day ago

    Do hate bees like
    Spider comment

  • STAR1518jb
    STAR1518jb Day ago

    James, you've reached a new level.
    I had to pause this video on multiple occasions because I honestly could not stop laughing.

  • Gaming Victoria Chicken Nugget

    3:03 The face when you know what 2 + 2 is in 20 years but you notice you are stupid and you still haven’t known

  • Nora Chen
    Nora Chen Day ago

    HONEYBEES SUCK!!! AND I CAN EXPLAIN WHY THEY SHOULD BE DYING!!! ok, when people first came to america they brought honeybees for their own benefit. The original pollinators that lived in America didn’t sting, or at least most of them didn’t. But when honeybees came, they drove all those pollinators to extinction because people supported them more. Anyways bai

  • Cat Animations
    Cat Animations Day ago

    I love u

  • Theandermany 03
    Theandermany 03 Day ago

    I love spiders

  • Allen Wrench
    Allen Wrench Day ago

    bees are one of my greatest fears lol

  • Laarnie Harris
    Laarnie Harris Day ago

    shrlits web i love wilbrt #shrlits web

  • Wolf the fluffy
    Wolf the fluffy Day ago

    That spider was unnecessarily sexy. James.. what do you have to say for your actions!?

  • Michael Kirk
    Michael Kirk Day ago

    Who voiced the mom spider at the beginning of the video?

  • FearlesskingBazz

    Jame made a pun without knowing it you said that what the world will bee like without them

  • ya boii
    ya boii Day ago

    A wolf spider is the most deadliest to

  • Modoc2002
    Modoc2002 Day ago

    that was kinda fucked up for blind people

  • Tracey Rivers Swartz

    They can climb under the door dumb ass.

  • Gaming4life Guys

    Wasp do have a Purpose
    They eat all the insects that crops and they do help gardens grow
    Don't ask me how I didn't look that deep into it

  • Rilley Mantey
    Rilley Mantey Day ago

    James:their webs are to weak to trap you

    Also James:spider webs are better than bullet proof vest

  • Darren Hinds
    Darren Hinds Day ago

    But do u know what u should be scared of BIGFOOT MOTHER FRICKIN BIGFOOT

  • Darren Hinds
    Darren Hinds Day ago

    We learnt like right at the end DON’T THROW FRICKING ROCKS AT A WASP NEST OR BEE NEST

  • Belle B
    Belle B Day ago

    I'm alorgic to bees lol

  • Yogurt pug
    Yogurt pug Day ago

    At 1:22 who else kinda thought he looked like a circle toons hd drawing

  • Destiny Ramos
    Destiny Ramos Day ago

    I hate bees

  • Ben Fisher
    Ben Fisher Day ago

    Bees always land on my hands, and on my forehead.... but I luv bees

  • Drizzled Cake
    Drizzled Cake Day ago

    Why do we teach our kids to fear things like spiders and rats even though they're harmless 99% of the time when geese and swans exist

  • Bizerk Flipper
    Bizerk Flipper Day ago

    Try watching this without sound and try to take it seriously

  • Thirty Games
    Thirty Games Day ago

    7:55 o my god that scared me