Father John Misty - Pure Comedy [FULL ALBUM STREAM]

Full album stream of Father John Misty’s 4/7/17 release, 'Pure Comedy'
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1. Pure Comedy (0:00)
2. Total Entertainment Forever (6:23)
3. Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution (9:17)
4. Ballad of the Dying Man (13:35)
5. Birdie (18:27)
6. Leaving LA (23:45)
7. A Bigger Paper Bag (36:57)
8. When the God of Love Returns There'll Be Hell to Pay (41:39)
9. Smoochie (45:44)
10. Two Wildly Different Perspectives (49:30)
11. The Memo (52:42)
12. So I'm Growing Old on Magic Mountain (57:59)
13. In Twenty Years or So (1:07:57)

Pure Comedy Full Album Stream Playlist

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Автор J Sickels ( назад)
Great lyrics, as usual, but his worst album from a songwriting and sonic standpoint.

Автор Ricardo Gonzalez ( назад)
Please, Lord, make people hear more music like this. Amen.

Автор דוד כהן ( назад)
this artest is veriy braive in same cantris artest dont poot ameira infront of derr lesiners

Автор stpaulimdog ( назад)
I was expecting comedy and I got Elton John :)

Автор Katievlogz ( назад)
Lana sent me and im in heaven 😍

Автор John Paul ( назад)
Great music! but..Say no to nihilism it gets you nowhere

Автор abloodydistraction ( назад)
is he still in fleet foxes?

Автор Ash Cuckum ( назад)
gay drivel

Автор Somar29 ( назад)
Music can't sound more generic and uninspired.

Автор Deaf Jeff ( назад)
this sucks

Автор sean craine ( назад)
hands down masterpiece. perfectly timed release. no album better captures the zeitgeist

Автор Kassandra Dea ( назад)
Some of my absolute favorite songs of FJM's are "holy shit" "bored in the usa" and "honeybear" (and many more) and this album has the same theme as those songs... I'm so glad!! I'm absolutely in love with this album ♡

Автор Harry Dykhoff ( назад)
First time listening, and so far I LOVE the visuals, think the lyrics are outstanding and thought-provoking, the instrumentation is complex at times, and simple at others, and works either ways. The only part I'm not a big fan of is the vocals, they just sound too much like Elton John.

Автор lumburgapalooza ( назад)
"The spider spins his web, the tiger stalks his prey,
We steal fire from the heavens to try to keep the night at bay"

That may be the most heroically tragic line about humanity I've ever heard. I shed a damn tear. Makes me feel like we were beautiful once.

Автор Dave Coops ( назад)
amazing album pure comedy ths track is a little bit cynical and judgmental not knocking it just seems like something I would write two years ago.

Автор comixbrainz zzz ( назад)
"Two Wildly Different Perspectives" is a song that would be at home along side the tracks of John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, and David Bowie's Hunky Dory all at the same time. Absolutely mind-blowing album.

Also, anyone else think "Smoochie" is baby making music?

Автор Ty ( назад)
Is he a priest?

Автор Wade Rocketeye ( назад)
Such a great album. Thank you.

Автор angelo in esilio ( назад)
I'm listening to this while my father is cursing the world watching television. I hate my father but I love Father John Misty. Good work, man.

Автор jaguarsharkman ( назад)
You have to be a pretentious snob and someone who hates music to like this.

Автор The Rational ( назад)
.. Am I the only one who likes ILYHB more?

Автор Jan Kulik ( назад)
I am an atheist, but if assholes can't connect, I do NOT have time for this shit. At this age, you have to choose your battles. Just go Zen and say fuck you to Mr. Misty.

Автор Eric Felds ( назад)
Really good, nowhere near as good as honeybear tho

Автор jaguarsharkman ( назад)
Pure Comedy if you actually spent money for the vinyl.

Автор Mieke Van der Merwe ( назад)
On July 22, 2016, Tillman gained media attention after walking off stage at XPoNential Music Festival in Camden, New Jersey, after twenty minutes into his planned fifty-minute performance.[37] Instead of performing his setlist, Tillman walked out and asked, "What the fuck is going on?"[38] He then talked for six minutes about the "numbing" role entertainment plays in our lives and how "stupidity just fucking runs the world because entertainment is stupid." When the audience applauded him he asked them not to and responded by saying, "Maybe just take a moment to be really fucking profoundly sad."[39] He finally played a thirteen-minute piece from his recent album Pure Comedy called Leaving LA which references the frustrations he spoke of during his speech. Tillman then covered Leonard Cohen's "Bird on the Wire" before telling the crowd he loved them and walked off the stage, cutting his performance short.[40] The following day, Tillman explained his performance in an Instagram post, in which he called Donald Trump's speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention a "demonic clown pageant coronation of our next potential Idiot King", which took place the night before Tillman's performance.[41]

So, maybe it's completely insane and wildly inappropriate to get in front of a battleship adjacent to Camden, NJ the day after the demonic clown pageant coronation of our next potential Idiot King and publicly despair on a stage contracted specially for the purpose an afternoon of delightful folk/blues/Americana/roots music and feel real fucking deep-down-in-your guts jeembles about entertainment, its narcotic properties and horrifying efficiency in elevating madmen to the heights of influence (ironic) - KNOWING all the while it's probably better to leave this kind of commentary to the professionals at Comedy Central- after a few days of politely shrugging and shaking your head in pathetic resignation with other polite, pathetic resigned people and asking "Wait, what the fuck is going on?" into a microphone before playing a new 15 minute song that is almost obscenely vulnerable because it feels more honest to you than "Bored in the USA" but maybe it's not.

Tillman addressed his behaviour while later performing at Mo Pop Festival in Detroit on July 24, 2016, where he said he was not particularly articulate and clarified:[42]

We really need to regain some perspective on what can be entertainment and try to be conscious of the ways in which we're viewing things as if they were entertainment. Things end up becoming really passive and we become powerless because we interact with it like it's entertainment. I just feel like I would be remiss if I didn't talk about that a little bit.

Автор gabby road ( назад)
rad z😎🤙🏼

Автор sergius gregory ( назад)
Elton John's like, "I think I made this album like 45 years ago - I'm not sure, boit...I think I did"

Автор AltBren ( назад)
Sounds like Elton John, except incredibly pretentious.

Автор Clint Beastwood ( назад)
If our past has any reflection on our destination.... we all know we're in a fked up situation.

Автор Daniel Naberhaus ( назад)
so much Don mclean

Автор badfishy911 ( назад)
if Thomas paine was a singer songwriter, he would have written an album like this. kill your egos jesus freaks and nationalists. you follow the religion you were told to follow, love the country u were born in, and think the world revolves around your faith. people have been saying these things for years. it is time we all accepted that we are ONLY humans. noone knows why we are here or where we are going if anywhere. so we can either fight over what we think the answers are or come together to enjoy every minute of this tragic comedy. people are still being killed because of their beliefs and religion. people are still being discriminated against because certain religions think they have the only path to righteousness. well .... we keep waiting for these idiotic religions to die off but it doesn't happen. so I guess religions will finally destroy us all which is the irony of all ironies. but then again maybe without religion people would be even more chaotic and find some other stupid reason to divide the planet and murder people. 80s comedies like weekend at bernie's are way more refreshing than the comedy of existence and or nonexistence.

Автор Slev N ( назад)
Pure gravy on ice.

Автор Madison Bouse ( назад)
My favorite track of the album so far.

Автор gabe baldwin ( назад)
he's getting more and more Elton John-ish.

Автор JebaJebaJemeh ( назад)
There's an awful lot of 'durrr u SJW' comments in this section. You do realize you're listening to a Father John Misty album, right?

Автор Dustin Murdock ( назад)
you trolls obviously didnt hear the lines adressed to you.

Автор Dustin Murdock ( назад)
this composition is perfect post-post modernism because not only is it socially and political aware of the present it is also self aware of how the songs themselves will be recieved. "another white guy in 2017 that takes himself so damn seriously"

Автор Tallster3 ( назад)
Sorry I just don't love this one, Father. I Love You Honeybear is still my favourite, I absolutely adore it. THAT is a genius album

Автор Forward Cameras ( назад)
Pure Comedy -> Pure Genius

Автор Samuel M ( назад)
I wish Wes Anderson would direct a Father John Misty music video

Автор Dead Channel ( назад)
I got an advertisement for this album while listening to this album...

Автор Brandon Henderson ( назад)
White men get pissed off because their girlfriends have a crush on Josh Tillman.

Автор Alec Burriss ( назад)
farmer jah misery kills it yet again

Автор Sammy Taylor ( назад)

Автор tpask162 ( назад)
This sounds sooooo much like Elton John

Автор Luca Di Stefano ( назад)
Please come to Rome!!!!!

Автор Bruce Kirby ( назад)
It's refreshing to hear someone with talent. I am going to buy it today!

Автор Stu Cee ( назад)
Put this close to your prostate and massage it, with it.

Автор Will Nichols ( назад)
ahhhh ..

what have I done?
I'm on mushrooms and I just stumbled upon this and now I am laughing and crying..

Автор K. M. ( назад)
Duncan Trussell brought me here

Автор Louis Rosenthal ( назад)

Автор serbdetritus182 ( назад)
I like FJM, but it was all downhill after Fear Fun.
He should get his van, buy a shit-ton of shrooms and drive into the desert again.

Автор wisheagle ( назад)
Well, I don't know, I agree with a lot of people that this is a relevant piece of art that adresses important things. It's also kind of subversive and I think that's definitely what we need. But I can't listen to it. The music has too little substance. It just seems like random notes that suit that mood of melancholy big-time-entertainment (and that mood is crucial for FJM's persona I guess). Somehow I feel sorry but I don't like this album.

Автор iang ( назад)
I've only heard good things from this guy and I still can't quite bring myself to like it. The lyrics are amazing I admit but the rest just sounds so generic, so forgettable. I guess I'm just more into weirder, experimental stuff.

Автор c pi1 ( назад)
this isn't good.

Автор J Dem ( назад)
Such a beautiful and relevant work of art!

Автор zimzimbar ( назад)
This is cool, I'm getting Beatles and early Elton John notes...

Автор Jacob Jefferson ( назад)
what a beautiful man

Автор henri crousteau ( назад)
The world is a sad place but this record makes it less painful. It gives me a feeling of comfort. Don't know why.

Автор henri crousteau ( назад)
Album of the year.

Автор Finn McCarthy ( назад)
People keep saying he's writing like Bob Dylan. Without bringing opinions about the quality of said writing into it, they write lyrics in a completely different way. The emphasis here is on lyrics, yes, but this is very different to Dylan's music.

Автор Juan Schwartz ( назад)
It's very clever that it's called "Pure Comedy," when the first word I would use to describe it is "tragic."

Автор Kris.C ( назад)
I saw him preform this on SNL and I cried. I cried like a bitch cause you could tell at that moment, His attitude, his tone, his expression, him, you could tell he meant what he was singing, he was being so passionate and I couldn't help but to cry because you can feel the music. And at the end he cried and I was like wow, this was one of the Most intense powerful songs I have ever felt and heard. Pure comedy.

Автор Kenneth Leverett ( назад)
a little on the nose don't you think

Автор ytxnews ( назад)
This was a great listen and loved the creative but dark and realistic lyrics. It's like looking at the world as it is today and the questions that people inevitable ask themselves. At least that's my broad interpretation of it. Thanks for uploading Sub Pop records.

Автор Alfred Ahearn ( назад)
Absolutely brilliant. Does any one else here early Eton John in his vocals?

Автор MattieCooper ( назад)
I'm less than 20 minutes in and so far it's completely emotionally overwhelming!!!!

Автор Micah Dunlap ( назад)
these lyrics straight from Tool

Автор charles dick ( назад)

Автор joey hershel ( назад)
dude this comment section is filled with edge fag bois.. YOU CAN ALLL SUK MA DIK

Автор Trisha Kahler ( назад)
One thing we should all agree on...his album/digital art is very visually pleasing.

Автор The Wander ( назад)
Anyone else getting a melancholic sort of Elton John vibe on this album?

Автор Lung_Wa 12 ( назад)
a talking melon called Anthony sent me here

Автор eladbari ( назад)
*Can someone recommned the BEST 2-3 Tracks out of it all? + timing? tnx!*

Автор Chris Horton ( назад)
sounds like an Elton John imitator minus the musical talent (of a really bad imitator)

Автор Juan Schwartz ( назад)
I'm just sad now.

Автор maandanser.nl ( назад)
Buy this album folks, it's pure comedy!

Автор VendettaAllan ( назад)
such a shame he praises anarcho-capitalism in "Birdie"

Автор Agostinho Teles Jr ( назад)
I am listening thinking about Elton John's great albums from '69-'75

Автор Graham Post ( назад)
A Bigger Paper Bag is more of an Elliott Smith song than some Elliott Smith songs.

Doesn't anyone think it sounds like an early Elton John?

Автор BlackHoon ( назад)
So I'm Growing Old on Magic Mountain is my favourite song ever

Автор Jingtong Zhu ( назад)
I guess I'll be happy again after listening to this. Wonderful music&lyrics tho

Автор Geva Music ( назад)
Truly Awesome

Автор Jan Henkel ( назад)
Smoochie deserves more attention. Reminds me of the saddest, most beautiful moments of Ween's catalogue (in part b/c of the pitch-shifted vocals).

Автор David R ( назад)
Anyhow buying this album now and thank you for making and sharing it. The album is incredible.

Автор Seth Bender ( назад)
I was in a Dallas record store the other day I mistook this wonderful sound for a sudden late career resurgence from Elton John. I'm glad I stumbled across this artist.

Автор rafael fernandes ( назад)
This is one of those albums to listen once in a while when you have to clear your head and think straight again.. What a masterpiece, like "I Love You Honeybear" was and is, this one is just a masterpiece in a different kind of shape. This guy keeps throwing albums at us like he's trying to kill us of love or save us all with all his humanity. HUMANITY. JOSH.

Автор nick coachman ( назад)
amazing album..i think his voice is Elton John..but those lyrics...Harry Nillson.Leonard Cohen, Tom waits..Anyone??

Автор Axm ( назад)
I'm feeling a strong 9 on this one.

Автор Uri ol ( назад)
One of the best beautifull things I've ever heard in a lot of time !

Автор shinymetallicpurplearmor ( назад)
Overproduced. Shamelessly contrived reach for social commentary and relevance. Already outdated. But will be overhyped and hailed as an instant classic.

Автор Tao of love passion and comedy ( назад)
How trite and contrived unoriginal can you get this sure is comedy okay but where the jokes is may offend the blissful say something PC and you are in we know how the world is but usually your life is what you make it and nothing to do with government.

Автор Carlos Diaz ( назад)
*Before listening to the album*
"A new Father John Misty album! I can't wait to hear some bright and colorful love songs like the last album!"

*After listening to the album*
"We are all going to die and our stubborn greed is causing the destruction of humanity."

Автор nicole pink ( назад)
my favorite modern artist. I'm so thrilled with this album. 😁

Автор Boom Diggity ( назад)
Whizz to the nizz, I'm making some fizz in my bizz. But really, Misty, if you don't have music that moves every once in awhile, it comes off more as preachy movie music. But really good preachy movie music.

Автор Ricardo Cruz ( назад)
new favourite song: things it would have been helpful to know before the revolution ;)

Автор Kayla Jean ( назад)

Автор Nathan Patrick ( назад)
I was a little critical of his singles at first, but plain ol Josh, really pulled it off, now I think I'm learning to love these songs. at first I didn't get the overall attitude or tone of voice he was using so I think I interpreted his singles incorrectly.

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