Optimizing Stealth Builds

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
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    Kara a German Shepherd Adventure: ruclip.com/video/FJkSZpHE1YQ/video.html
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  • TierZoo
    TierZoo  10 months ago +1795

    btw guys I made some merch check it out! standard.tv/collections/tierzoo

    • Dr Duckwing
      Dr Duckwing 2 months ago

      TierZoo what are salamanders ranked as

    • 1 sub without videos
      1 sub without videos 7 months ago

      I wish sloth didn't get nerfed i had so many days on sloth I use to use sloth but nerf ruined it

    • nevmon
      nevmon 7 months ago

      How did you get your own cosmetics into the game? Do you know the developers or something?

    • Saltseeker
      Saltseeker 7 months ago

      When u play tf2 and spy egdelord kils u and u gonna use de microphone skill but u dont have 1 and see whole team get wiped by the sphee

    • cool channel
      cool channel 9 months ago

      Wait a minute, is there actually a game for this? If not, there should be..

  • Patrick Jacobs
    Patrick Jacobs 12 hours ago

    What is this creature at 3:48?

  • Houwtt
    Houwtt 23 hours ago

    Just seems like easy exp

  • Oshe Shango
    Oshe Shango Day ago

    Humans master stealth too by literally putting bushes on their body.

  • ian long
    ian long Day ago

    What if there is a creature that has perfected stealth so much so that it is impossible to detect them.

  • dAe WhAle
    dAe WhAle Day ago

    Girl: I like flat guys
    Me: 5:49

  • phantom operative
    phantom operative 2 days ago

    What's the name of that song at the beginning

  • Cheren Tee
    Cheren Tee 3 days ago

    Seriously I can your vids all day. Learning is fun this way 😂

  • KittoO
    KittoO 3 days ago

    Pls tell me the name of that Outro, it's bugging me for sometime now coz I feel I've heard this as a kid from some game

  • Alexandre Krystkowiak

    What is this amazing fish at 3:48 please ?
    Google : a Leptocephali eel
    Me : thanks !

    • Alexandre Krystkowiak
      Alexandre Krystkowiak 3 days ago

      @Colley Winfrey
      I'm just a casual human player ;p btw I got an unanswered question :
      What is the bird name at 1:20, using this beautiful camouflage move ?

    • Colley Winfrey
      Colley Winfrey 3 days ago

      you're awesome

  • PoorManatee 6197
    PoorManatee 6197 4 days ago

    1:20 wow whats the name of that bird?

  • James Daubert
    James Daubert 5 days ago

    It’s so cute and so very very scared 2:38 oooooo so pretty 4:55

  • Silaevan
    Silaevan 6 days ago

    whats the name of this nice octopus?

  • Ezra Kainz
    Ezra Kainz 6 days ago

    Why isn't perception a base stat?

  • InciniumVGC
    InciniumVGC 6 days ago

    There are species of moths that have specced into specialized hairs that can mess with echolocation abilities so that they don't get completely bodied by bats. You missed that

  • Mastered Ultra WrongThink

    0:45 ...... *Must've been nothing.*

    (Calebcity fans will get the reference)

  • SuperVillian Battle
    SuperVillian Battle 6 days ago

    I want to play this game

  • Sondre Eikaas Birkeland

    According to some human dataminers, the tyrannosaurus rex build actually specked into a stealth ability despite their massive size. It made the tremors that their footsteps produced remain constant, making it difficult for other players to tell which direction it was moving.

  • TheDarkOne
    TheDarkOne 7 days ago

    Can you make a game like this

  • Durema D
    Durema D 7 days ago

    0:40. Dude... Your respawn parther just got eaten alive...

  • UndeadCollector
    UndeadCollector 7 days ago

    After seeing the Video you only think: "Real Live is not a Videogame!"

  • Noobie Cheese
    Noobie Cheese 7 days ago +3

    You should make a game about this and have an actual player base

  • Jojo Johnson
    Jojo Johnson 8 days ago

    What's the name of that bird at 1:19?

  • Zepp Ron
    Zepp Ron 9 days ago

    Jellyfish build is only good depending on your species, I did box jellyfish and survive surprisingly long

  • Meme boi 2
    Meme boi 2 11 days ago +1

    And what kid of stealth ability does the the mimic octopus use?

  • Fecó Virág
    Fecó Virág 12 days ago

    The 3
    Animals that have 1000 stealth : Tiger , indominus rex , Crocodiles | Irex is unlockable by defeating the indominus rex Boss | if you defeat the indominus rex you can unlock all dinos

  • stinna malea nielsen
    stinna malea nielsen 12 days ago


  • saar levin
    saar levin 13 days ago

    What is this build in 3:49

  • Jennifer Funk
    Jennifer Funk 13 days ago


  • Goji Mation
    Goji Mation 14 days ago

    Well. Looks like it's time to ditch the years of effort put into my human build and go full cephalopod.

  • john nazareth araneta
    john nazareth araneta 14 days ago

    Octopuses uses shapeshift SNEAK 100

  • catty cat queen
    catty cat queen 15 days ago

    Hmm i know a certain snake with good stealth to bad he is only unlockable in the mini games

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 15 days ago

    Some of the best possible public education videos. Wish i had this during public school.

  • EmperorSmug Andsome
    EmperorSmug Andsome 15 days ago

    Animals with good stealth builds haven’t been found yet

  • Jer
    Jer 15 days ago

    Tierzoo should do a video like this on intelligence

  • Mr. Cheese Stick
    Mr. Cheese Stick 15 days ago

    I’ll stick to bulbasaur

  • 胡友裕
    胡友裕 15 days ago

    I was wondering if you can make an episode on A.I.(I know this is not your side but just an idea you don't have to do it)

  • DasherVIP
    DasherVIP 16 days ago +1

    I think the old human subclass: "ninja" had sneak 100

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide 17 days ago +1

    Guys I know the answer to this video.
    Its gotta be snek or sneak.
    Cus if you take "a" from sneak you get snek.
    And snake can be made by switching letters in sneak.
    Bam. In a genius.

  • Salted Fish
    Salted Fish 18 days ago

    Okay but can the cephalopods hide from echo detection by changing their form?

  • Phi Dương
    Phi Dương 18 days ago

    Chameleon guilds were just like: fuck dis stealth

  • Phi Dương
    Phi Dương 18 days ago

    But human mains with another human mains near them doing the maturbating actions can achieve an absolute non-existence for a short time

  • Lucian The Yeeterson
    Lucian The Yeeterson 19 days ago

    one of my favorite post-MA (mass extinction) builds are the Dolphins. they work very well in teams, also they are some of the smartest aquatic builds if not THE smartest.

  • Mark Tommaz Panghulan
    Mark Tommaz Panghulan 20 days ago +15

    This is the name of the animal who has sneak 100:

    This animal is not discovered yet

  • Draugo
    Draugo 20 days ago +4

    3:48 Seriously what is this class, it has to be some sort of exclusive joke dlc

    • Alexandre Krystkowiak
      Alexandre Krystkowiak 3 days ago

      Leptocephali eel ;)
      It's so sneaky, even in character selection, that there are not lot of players choosing this build

  • SonofRiggnarok
    SonofRiggnarok 20 days ago +1

    2:46 I remember that amazing video, the shark just kept coming back to the person.

    • Memoria Lux
      Memoria Lux 4 days ago

      The filmer probably didn’t think it was so amazing at the time lol

  • Aczept Gili
    Aczept Gili 23 days ago +1

    I just unlocked invisibility

  • DynamicDagger
    DynamicDagger 24 days ago

    Can u do the other stats because in mine new play threw I want a smart defensive character

  • 1cetea
    1cetea 25 days ago

    You need more respect than a Subscribe button and a bell.

  • Elvis Sanchez
    Elvis Sanchez 25 days ago

    0:42 those birds don't see any problems anywhere.

  • Steve the Pirate
    Steve the Pirate 27 days ago

    @:40 Where the fuck did frank go?

  • Richard Garner
    Richard Garner Month ago

    as a potential upcoming upgrade, players who have a combo of the high intelligence and dexterity, as well as an ability to use or abuse the in game physics. a player as par of a group may unlock technological stealth. Humans are already experimenting with this, but advances such as meta-material cloaking may render all known forms of detection useless.

  • Dickless Mic
    Dickless Mic Month ago

    Why are humans able to find certain camouflaged creatures that other animals don't see?

  • FrostDrogo
    FrostDrogo Month ago

    That's it, in my next playthrough I'm selecting a cetacean

  • soham das
    soham das Month ago

    Man love this channel... This is like 90s animal planet soo awesome

  • Mildly Triggering
    Mildly Triggering Month ago

    you should add a stamina and tracker stat

  • Oviraptor Fan
    Oviraptor Fan Month ago

    Wait, did a leopard or a lion main take down that Giraffe main.
    And what was the game footage that you got that from?

  • Danny Coleman
    Danny Coleman Month ago

    Fun fact: in the WW1 event of the game, human players that were in the USA faction realized the power of camaflogue and used it on their cargo ships to avoid torpedo hits from subs.

  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark Month ago

    I know a real problem if a player maxed their stealth (somehow), and max their mobility, and got the GLIDE and CLIMB ability, OH GOSH NO a meta breaking creature.

  • Langston Phan
    Langston Phan Month ago

    Do the run throughs for all the stats already you magnificent gibbon

  • StickGuy
    StickGuy Month ago

    Dont mosquitos also have infared vision?

  • GhostlyWonder
    GhostlyWonder Month ago

    What are other stats then?

  • tudu2001
    tudu2001 Month ago

    Just being annoying here but wouldnt there only be a semi global stealth buff as its only half the globe at a time

  • Shark Boy1210
    Shark Boy1210 Month ago +1

    What game is he talking about?

  • Pancake Mix
    Pancake Mix Month ago

    2:28 "Melee Players"

  • senk
    senk Month ago

    what is the bird at 1:20?

  • Player 2
    Player 2 Month ago

    Not the best transition

  • jules 03
    jules 03 Month ago

    *sneak 100*

  • Skiv4a V
    Skiv4a V Month ago +1

    How to be the spy of tf2

  • Nyikili
    Nyikili 2 months ago

    That intro though!!!

  • Moonwatcher 92
    Moonwatcher 92 2 months ago

    1:05 That’s almost impossible to see wow

  • Cárter_Bruh
    Cárter_Bruh 2 months ago

    But this is real live not game

  • Collector678 I like fish
    Collector678 I like fish 2 months ago +1

    @TierZoo the best one has Stealth 1,000 and it is called...
    The Indominus Rex
    Unlockable by...
    No player has unlocked it

  • Ahmad Qadir
    Ahmad Qadir 2 months ago

    Octopus probably the only build that have close to maxed out stealth stat

  • Victoria Gullo
    Victoria Gullo 2 months ago

    i was so fucking sad for the bird at the start, his friend got swooped right by him ;-;