China Adoption: Naomi's GOTCHA DAY and Adoption Story

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • We traveled with our three boys and my mom to China to adopt our 2 year old daughter, Naomi who was born with Spina Bifida - Meningocele. She had a surgery when she was two months old and is doing really well. We adopted through CCAI and highly recommend them! We entered the adoption process in November of 2016, received her file in September 2017 and traveled in August 2018 to finally bring her home. We first traveled to Beijing to see the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, etc. We then traveled to Zhengzhou in the Henan Province to receive Naomi and then on to Guangzhou to complete the visa and immigration paperwork. We tried to include as many moments of our 18 day trip as we possibly could as well as a glimpse into how life has been since returning home. This has been a beautiful and, at times, trying journey but the joy in our lives because of this little girl can't be replaced. We love you Naomi!
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  • PandaSayhello :}
    PandaSayhello :} Hour ago +1

    Who else cried this is how many people cried

  • Athena Zhu
    Athena Zhu 8 hours ago

    I am so happy for her. Not all the those children meet such a beautiful family to adopt them. I am sure she will have a better life in the United States with her new family.

  • The Brinda Majumder
    The Brinda Majumder 14 hours ago

    I too would adopt a baby when i grow up!

  • A C
    A C Day ago

    how beautiful is this - the boys automaticly loved there little sister - MOM and DAD you did it RIGHT

  • Susanne Nielsen
    Susanne Nielsen Day ago

    Omg she’s a cutie 😍😍😍👌🏻

  • Joan Osika
    Joan Osika 2 days ago

    What a beautiful little girl. Her new brothers are such kind boys.

  • Alina America
    Alina America 2 days ago

    Best video ever shown on what adopting a child and the joy and happiness and sometimes hard times it brings but so worth it wow, that little girl is forever changed for the beautiful wow

  • Alina America
    Alina America 2 days ago

    Like ten different times I’m crying here wow

  • Alina America
    Alina America 2 days ago

    Yep I’m crying

  • Ballerina Equestrian
    Ballerina Equestrian 2 days ago +1

    Awww. I'm also adopted from China, and I wouldn't let my dad hold me unless I was sleeping

  • Aleksandar Majdanac
    Aleksandar Majdanac 3 days ago


  • Amanda Lauren
    Amanda Lauren 7 days ago

    Why's every one going to China to adopt little kids when we got literally millions of children in foster care here in America and most of whom are black kids who need your help more than these Chinese yal will bring in spy's that will end is for no reason.

    • Amanda Lauren
      Amanda Lauren 5 days ago

      @Leah Zhou Asian in general sorry to say this but you guys are boring like very boring black people are interesting funny and strong and talented but Asians nah its why here in L.A black and white students at my college get along just well who ever is racist can go fuck them selves I don't mean to be racist but please just look at holly all the talented actors are mainly black and whit Asians lack talent they try but still can they are good at math , and running restaurant and Idk why Andrew yang is running for president he's a fool nobody will vote for him its Bernie , Elizabeth or bidden who still has the Obama halo effect not some Asian guy looking for attention

    • Amanda Lauren
      Amanda Lauren 5 days ago

      @Leah Zhou if am to adopt I'll get a white baby and a Latino girl and I'll have a half black baby and also adopt a kid from Africa maybe Kenya one who can win an Olympic race and make me proud

    • Amanda Lauren
      Amanda Lauren 5 days ago

      @Leah Zhou this country has so many children in foster care so many but why do they have to travel half way across the world for an Asian baby who will never be an athletic person let alone fon nothing for this country Asian do nothing except math and math and math while black white and Latinos are doing everything

    • Amanda Lauren
      Amanda Lauren 5 days ago

      @Leah Zhou nah when they start selling country secrets to China soon hope you feel the same way about em

    • Leah Zhou
      Leah Zhou 5 days ago

      Amanda Lauren this was purely disrespectful and racist, these children in foster cares are all just children, nothing more, it doesn’t matter what race and what country they’re are from. It was also the family’s decision and no one has a say in this other than the family members themselves. Please respect their choice.

  • dennyl huynh
    dennyl huynh 7 days ago

    you guy are so amazing . god bless

  • Blue Fesler
    Blue Fesler 8 days ago +1

    She's very beautiful! Congratulations!!!! Ignore the haters please.

  • Youcan Ding
    Youcan Ding 8 days ago

    Moved to tears. Thank you for your love!

  • Youcan Ding
    Youcan Ding 8 days ago

    A family full of love. God bless you!

  • Ralia Ouarets
    Ralia Ouarets 8 days ago

    Je pense ke cette petite fille sera très heureuse dans cette famille ,les enfants sont très èpanouis ,elle aura d parents merveilleux et 3 fréres !

  • Michael YY
    Michael YY 8 days ago

    3:29 & 3:33 girlfriends for the boys!

  • Kayleigh Goodsell
    Kayleigh Goodsell 9 days ago +2

    I know she had a wonderful family that loves and takes care of her now but it was so heartbreaking seeing her reaction when the foster mom or Ayi or whoever that was handed her to her adoptive mom.

  • Andrew Duk
    Andrew Duk 10 days ago

    So cute

  • Jιѕѕo ѕυвlιмιɴαl

    Future idol :v

  • Original Zhu
    Original Zhu 11 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Nom Tub Xiong
    Nom Tub Xiong 12 days ago

    Thank you for giving her a life in America....God bless the family...

  • Kawaii Panda101
    Kawaii Panda101 12 days ago


  • Ralph Tayson
    Ralph Tayson 13 days ago

    Shes a little Koala :)

  • amy p
    amy p 13 days ago

    love you people!!!

  • Marie Streeting
    Marie Streeting 13 days ago

    Those boys are over the moon about their new sister. God bless you all now and always.

  • Fanny Liu
    Fanny Liu 14 days ago


  • Tiffany doing YouTube
    Tiffany doing YouTube 15 days ago +1

    Awwww so cute I am crying . Be a happy family you guys ☺️

  • LucyShiny
    LucyShiny 15 days ago

    She suddenly has 3 brothers haha. Hope she can live happily since then.

  • Leegacy
    Leegacy 15 days ago

    Naomi child, you have been blessed by the gods. Have a wonderful life.

  • Axelle Domie
    Axelle Domie 15 days ago

    on a envie d'être adopté!!!! sourires!!!! j'étais dans un orphelinat jusque 18 ans.en France.....

  • Mohamed firaz
    Mohamed firaz 16 days ago

    Camara movement is very fast
    Hard for eyes

  • 潘荷雷
    潘荷雷 16 days ago


  • Hope Adams
    Hope Adams 16 days ago

    A panda rocking horse.....sigh of course racial stereotypes are ever present. They have horses in China too

    • Anbre Lewis
      Anbre Lewis  16 days ago +1

      Hope Adams Please don’t bring your negativity into this space. We’re fully aware there are horses in China. We didn’t want a rocking “horse”. Her nanny told us pandas were her favorite so that’s why we got it. We are quite conscious of racial stereotypes, but we also try to bring awareness to them without being smug or haughty. Condescending comments won’t ever do you or the receiver any good.

  • Thi Yi
    Thi Yi 17 days ago

    the brothers are so sweet to naomi:’)

  • Fen Dong
    Fen Dong 18 days ago


  • qhkuai
    qhkuai 18 days ago

    Her parents probably placed her in a temple because Buddhists are normally kind hearted people

  • housing77777
    housing77777 19 days ago

    Nice loving family! God bless your family!

  • Julien J
    Julien J 19 days ago

    me what bothers... it's the fact that future parents make a selection the future baby, they will actually want to choose the child he find the most beautiful, it's very sad

  • m x
    m x 19 days ago

    beautiful girls

  • Daisy Gomez
    Daisy Gomez 19 days ago

    These two brothers are amazing brothers to her already💙💜💙

  • senthil kumar
    senthil kumar 19 days ago

    poor child .what a trauma to go through. Why do they bring children if not planned?

  • Sana Sardonyx
    Sana Sardonyx 20 days ago

    shes so beautiful

  • Arhy_amrin Arhy
    Arhy_amrin Arhy 20 days ago

    Im crying.. bless your family guys. love you so much

  • Eileen Ye
    Eileen Ye 21 day ago

    Tears, so sweet, thanks

  • Oliver Chu
    Oliver Chu 21 day ago

    I cry...

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 22 days ago

    you are so beautiful.

  • John Xu
    John Xu 22 days ago

    you are great people. my best wishes to you.

  • Claire Tang
    Claire Tang 24 days ago

    You are good people and you have sweetheat

  • Alvin Sun
    Alvin Sun 24 days ago


  • Jerry Malufau
    Jerry Malufau 26 days ago +1

    That girl was meant for you guys!! She looks just like yall!!! My goodness!!

  • Blanca Suyapa Princesita Hercules

    Ellos adoptando otros niños y ha mí me gustan los niños de ellos

  • Lin lin
    Lin lin 28 days ago

    you are so great🥰🥰a great familly with 2 greats brothers, a great mother and a great father, the best wishes to all yours. she is very lucky, hope you are happinest all the life❤❤❤

  • 白晓羲
    白晓羲 28 days ago

    God bless you

  • puer z
    puer z 29 days ago

    I am so touched when the dad said this is where you will grow up, no more changes.

  • euca 77
    euca 77 29 days ago

    this video makes me cry, thank you!Thank you for your love to this girl! ----from a Chinese woman.

  • Swiss B
    Swiss B Month ago

    She has the best older brothers

  • Luisa Tun
    Luisa Tun Month ago

    You can upload some current video to know your new adventures. Please

  • MoNa DoLL
    MoNa DoLL Month ago

    Great video ❤️