Youtube is Deleting Iconic Videos - Idiotic New Policies

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • RUclip has consistently been tightening the vice when it comes to what you can and cannot say. This latest policy shift, essentially says, flat out... that they will ban creators for being critical of others. There is even a direct backdoor, to ban creators even if they literally did not violate any policies.
    RUclip is taking an authoritarian helicopter parent approach that is pathetic to see.

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  • Upper Echelon Gamers
    Upper Echelon Gamers  Month ago +192

    An alternative platform of support is Patreon, or simply following on twitter to see new video notifications without RUclips flawed bell system.

    • Brandon C
      Brandon C Month ago

      We see right through you ya fucking e-begger

    • No Where Man
      No Where Man Month ago

      Take a look at this site for your videos.
      UGETube - these guys were kicked off You Tube because they are into firearms.

    • lilalienangel
      lilalienangel Month ago

    • manicmarauder
      manicmarauder Month ago

      @ddrfr33k Absolutely this! People are saying jump from one centralized system to another, but that's just picking which monopoly you want. Decentralization is the key.

    • The Quirkitty
      The Quirkitty Month ago

      My another YT channel got shadow banned, because your fanboys didn't like that I had an unpopular opninion about your recent video. I'm pretty sure they've marked my comments as a spam. All because I wanted to make people stop falling into WE vs THEM mentality.
      Apparently your fans love censorship.

  • NihilisticEntropy
    NihilisticEntropy 2 days ago

    Yet these mega-sexualized rap videos aren't getting deleted.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 4 days ago

    Political Correctness is the most virulent form of cancerous thought ever to infect this world. If left unchecked, it will drag humanity back hundreds of years.

  • Blue Box Reven
    Blue Box Reven 6 days ago

    "History is written by the Victors" or rewritten by Tyrannts.

  • Blue Box Reven
    Blue Box Reven 6 days ago

    Once again... Go Bitchute.

  • Colin Gravon
    Colin Gravon 7 days ago

    I disagree with, "Intellectual dishonesty used by mentally inferior people." There can be a lot of reasons for intellectually superior people to implement policies that are intellectually dishonest. They could be financially compromised, like the researchers who propped up big tobacco or the current mainstream media folks, as opposed to being mentally inferior. I understand that you're being hyperbolic in support of your own ideologies but the inaccuracy bugs me.

  • TheSunMoon
    TheSunMoon 7 days ago

    RUclip Rewind harasses me greatly! Ban it, RUclip!

  • darkranger116
    darkranger116 8 days ago

    Oh great. Fantastic.

  • zach gaines
    zach gaines 10 days ago

    i am officially looking for a new video streaming platform to watch on :(

  • R Cote
    R Cote 10 days ago

    so... how do you say RUclip in Mandarin?

  • Jeremiah Blackwood
    Jeremiah Blackwood 11 days ago

    As a veteran, RUclip can fuck itself. I don't need their protection. Saying we can't talk shit about vets solely because they are vets means you can't talk shit about failed abortions like Onision and that I'll never stop doing.

  • G.G.
    G.G. 11 days ago +1

    OMG, can we please all spam the report button on late night TV shows that criticize Trump?

  • The Sparkle Zone
    The Sparkle Zone 12 days ago

    7:13: Both you and YT are wrong here. That's not sometimes what harassment is, that's EXCLUSIVELY what harassment is.

  • The Sparkle Zone
    The Sparkle Zone 12 days ago

    4:29: Noooooooo.... you're missing something: veterancy is often NOT chosen. A lot of people across the world are conscripted, and being a veteran is no more a choice than choosing to be black. Being a veteran means you MIGHT have chosen to be a soldier.

  • spongebelt
    spongebelt 12 days ago

    I’m very upset that every Shoutout Sean Ranklin Nword nword nword is gone forever and is censored. So dumb

  • Sophia Snuggles
    Sophia Snuggles 12 days ago

    What strikes me as the most harmful aspect of this mess is that a large corporation is appropriating progressive discourse and rhetoric as a means to silence anyone for any reason its capitalist machinations deem suitable. This has shaped the discourse to turn people against progressivism and perceived leftism by associating it with the actions of a large corporation. This creates pipelines for many progressive causes to extremely reactionary ideology. Anti-capitalism and consumer advocacy is driven down the edgelord-to-altright pipeline, and social justice causes are driven down a pipeline to neoliberalism and away from any productive line of discussion.

    Google's policies have shaped discourse to such a degree that genuine progressive causes are stunted, made useless to their original intentions and made to serve the ends of reaction.

  • TeeLamba
    TeeLamba 13 days ago +1

    They want turn youtube into a completly consumerist, adfriendly product placement platform made up of lifestyle videos, vlogs, top 10s and news media videos that have about the same quality as their rewinds.

  • sean hufty
    sean hufty 14 days ago

    Anyone know any website that I can check out where they let you do the same as RUclip use too

  • sean hufty
    sean hufty 14 days ago

    What’s the game name?

  • Ultimate Loser
    Ultimate Loser 15 days ago

    Accounts with confirmed comments of discrimination and hate speech will be deleted.
    The dislike button is removed. Why? Because it's a way of hate speech and discrimination.
    Videos that lack representation is automatically demonetized.

    If this ever happens, I'll really just build an underground bunker and isolate myself. Better die alone than die retarded.

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 16 days ago +1

    If i had the skill and money i would make a platform similar to youtube but advertisers could specifically approve channels for advertising or set an age rating similar to movie and video game ratings.

  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone 16 days ago

    iDubzz is an asshole, but I support his right to mock anyone he wants and to say whatever he wants. RUclip is shooting itself in the foot again. It's kicking the creators that made it good. As for their policy for hate speech policy regarding veterans, I get where they're coming and I think it's done in good principle, but it still shouldn't exist. Nobody should be protected against criticism and so-called "hate speech".

  • MilesUmbrae
    MilesUmbrae 16 days ago

    I really hope this will result in a mass-flagging campaign of all the man-hating feminist videos that LITERALLY are hate-speech...

  • Shade Collins
    Shade Collins 18 days ago

    Like how women can put literal PORN on their Facebook page and not get banned but if a guy posts a picture of underboob and get banned?

  • Wesley Brehm
    Wesley Brehm 19 days ago

    Sorry if this is somewhere else in the comments, but I couldn't find it after trolling the comments for a few minutes. Veteran status is usually a U.S. government defined protected status. RUclip is still following the party line. For example, one of my duties at work is hiring. Federal law prohibits discriminating against a candidate based on: age, gender, race, religion, veteran status, pregnancy, disability, bankruptcy, genetic information, or citizenship. There are definitely carve-outs in the laws that allow discrimination based on some of the general protected attributes (not being able to hire illegal immigrants, or not hiring someone with multiple bankruptcies to be an account manager at a bank, or not hiring an Iranian national with a green card to be head of security and weapons at your firm are a few cases where you can discriminate based on protected attributes).
    I'm not saying the YT policy isn't dumb, but it definitely isn't unique to YT. Look at any forum about HR or hiring, and you'll see all of the same attributes pop up. Even if an attribute isn't protected, most companies will play it safe when it comes to discrimination if it could be reasonably argued that the employer attacked a protected attribute. Somewhat comically, it's next to impossible to prove discrimination based on a protected attribute, so most cases filed with the EEOC side with the defendant rather than the plaintiff. Which actually does lead to a lot of employers discriminating based on protected attributes because they can reasonably argue their decision was based on something else. For example, not hiring a woman because she is pregnant, but saying you didn't hire her because there were more qualified candidates.
    Ironic anecdote time. I once interviewed for a disabled persons service coordinator position for the federal government. I was passed over for the job because my own disability would prove a minor barrier to some of the duties; in this case, they passed me over because I'm not supposed to lift more than ten pounds regularly in my daily duties. I actually appreciated the hiring manager being honest as to why I didn't get the job, but I also enjoyed pointing out to him that what he did was both a violation of federal law, and ironic since the job was for a position to help disabled people find jobs.

  • Miki Townsend
    Miki Townsend 20 days ago

    2:05 "Largely speaking they are passionately endorsed by the broader RUclip community."

    No, they're not. Stop making stuff up.

  • Miki Townsend
    Miki Townsend 20 days ago

    If iDubbbz 'Content Cop - Leafy' is "one of the more iconic videos on all of RUclip", then, for the sake of humanity, I hope RUclip deletes every video and vanishes.

  • Red Pill Vegan
    Red Pill Vegan 22 days ago +1

    You called RUclip a safe space? That's hateful harassment hate hate talk

  • Phillip Block
    Phillip Block 25 days ago

    So I think there may be some misinterpretation of "protected attributes" in this discussion. The term generally refers to the protected classes as enumerated by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its subsequent additions. All listed are already protected in the employment sphere under federal law. This does not relate, however, to the earlier list that discusses veteran status and thus, choice of profession (though the United States has ample laws protecting veterans from discrimination, these are not relevant to this discussion).
    That said, great video. I really appreciate the content you and the few creators like you produce

  • Redman Radio
    Redman Radio 26 days ago

    "Iconic" shouldn't be any kind of excuse for why rules are doled out differently to different creators. Sub count/view numbers shouldn't be any factor when this stuff is brought up. The user you highlighted uses racial slurs among other things that would get anyone below a certain sub count/view count kicked from the platform but for some reason people up in arms about the rules being rolled out with any kind of consistency when that was being called for over the past several years.

  • HighmageDerin
    HighmageDerin 27 days ago

    Next on the chopping block, Epic Rap Battles........... im sure they'll go after Foamy the Squirrel too.

  • michael cortez
    michael cortez 27 days ago

    It is all the Liberals, it is always the Liberals.

  • Josué Veguilla
    Josué Veguilla 29 days ago

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Mr Serpophaga
    Mr Serpophaga Month ago

    What's the game in this video?

  • rocketsniper
    rocketsniper Month ago

    There's a difference between "can't" and "shouldn't".

  • sn0w music
    sn0w music Month ago

    The moment you erase vomit cake is the moment it's gone too far.

  • ShowoffDZ _
    ShowoffDZ _ Month ago

    Hey RUclip.....


  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx Month ago

    1984 was yesterday; the dystopian times we live in reek of blatant fascism and censorship. This is sickening and infuriating to say the VERY LEAST. These ideologues openly practice thought-control trough policing of speech. This is NOT the “free western culture” we once were proud of. If a few much too powerful psycho- and sociopaths and ultra leftists activists can put themselves in charge of what is allowed to be said and thought, and people are brutally silenced, violent reactions are the outcome.

  • Brandon C
    Brandon C Month ago +1

    Iconic? HAHA what drugs are you on?

  • zrocks2001
    zrocks2001 Month ago

    it will be over by march. time for me to move on

  • Dreams R Lies
    Dreams R Lies Month ago

    So Seth Meyers’ A Closer Look, mostly bashing Trump for good reason, could be in violation for joking about the truth?! Lol.
    Fuck RUclip.

  • DreadNawght
    DreadNawght Month ago

    Let's not pretend criticism is 100% objective either.

  • White-RainMLP
    White-RainMLP Month ago

    what game are you playing?

  • Walgekaaren
    Walgekaaren Month ago

    So if somebody is putting up a propedophilia YT video up and people vehemently disagree with it, does that mean, the critics are involved in hatespeech? Whatever happened with rules and guidelines having to comply with common sense and Natural Law and Legislature?

  • Reel Slasher
    Reel Slasher Month ago

    I bet Carlos Maza is probably wetting his pants cause he pushed RUclip in this direction , this isn't a good thing this so bad cause instead of a line on the Sand it's an neverending obstacle course that is always shifting and changing !
    Even though he violated Twitter's guidelines by actively promoting and endorsing Assault and Battery by throwing milkshakes laced with quick drying cement at anyone who has difference in political opinion !

    • Pappysshoes
      Pappysshoes 8 days ago

      What makes you think they will sanction Maza regardless of what he says, they are on the same team.

  • Oster The Brony
    Oster The Brony Month ago

    I mean sexual orientation is kinda of a choice. That or a mental illness. But hey don’t listen I guess

    FROSTY LOVE Month ago

    excellently said

  • Weazel Beast
    Weazel Beast Month ago

    You would think after thousands of years we would have this sorted, nope, same old bullshit, different medium. o well

  • Furious D
    Furious D Month ago

    Wait until they start trawling through all the videos you have ever commented on in the past. There will certainly be punishment for wrong think, I guarantee it.

  • Drake Doragon
    Drake Doragon Month ago

    "hello... Let me introduce you two... 1984 meet A Brave New World".

  • slucarios
    slucarios Month ago +1

    Fahrenheit 451 has entered the chat

  • Vaporwave Vocap
    Vaporwave Vocap Month ago

    So we can't call out the military storm troopers huh...?

  • Critstix Darkspear
    Critstix Darkspear Month ago +1

    Susan can go stick Jack Dorsey back up her ass. RUclip’s next announcement will be google selling off the platform.

  • DavidSixSixFive
    DavidSixSixFive Month ago +3

    The fact that people claim calling them "snowflakes" damages them mentally just reinforces the appropriateness of the term as applied to them.

  • Sgt Blackworth
    Sgt Blackworth Month ago

    A soon as you find an alternative consider me on board, If RUclip needs a little boycotting to wake up, then so be it.

  • Gungho1a
    Gungho1a Month ago

    Yeh, removing content that MAY offend some viewers, but allowing factually incorrect and physically dangerous content such as diet advice, or vegan lifestyle advice, or scientifically questionable information presented by mentally ill exploited children, such as Greta Thunberg, is okay.Yep, RUclip management infiltrated by leftist propagandists...yay...

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson Month ago

    USE BITCHUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Markees Fuller
    Markees Fuller Month ago

    What game is being played here in the beginning?

  • Hystiria
    Hystiria Month ago

    this guy uses so many big fn words no idea what he even saying half the time lol

  • Skythos
    Skythos Month ago +1

    There's no way they are going to enforce this fairly... because if they did, big names like CNN and pretty much every "mainstream" news site, late night show, and other such content would have to be removed. After all, CNN's Don Lemon made a racist statement against (according to this policy) a protected group. MTV's Francessca Ramsey routinely (don't know if Decoded is still on) shows that pretty much boiled down to "F--k white people".