LaVar's relationship with Lonzo is 'going down the wrong path' - Wiley | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Cuttino Mobley joins Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley to weigh in on reports surrounding LaVar Ball and the Big Baller Brand. Hear what they had to say about Lonzo and LaVar’s relationship.
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    LaVar's relationship with Lonzo is 'going down the wrong path' - Wiley | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself
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  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself  Month ago +10

    What are your thoughts on Lonzo and LaVar’s relationship?

      COREY T. ROGERS Month ago

      Not our business. Lonzo is a point gaurd.

    • Jahkari Grant
      Jahkari Grant Month ago

      I was all for it at first don’t see enough of dads going hard for there kids like this but now they grown he should step back a lil bit

    • DD2F Free
      DD2F Free Month ago

      I'm rooting for Zo.

    • Juan Martell
      Juan Martell Month ago

      @Morris Whitaker lmao you're kidding right?

    • Eric Smith
      Eric Smith Month ago

      Stay in your lane lmao

  • Morgan Glory
    Morgan Glory 27 days ago

    The media eploits everything, the media says the relationship is going down the wrong path, all the media does is SPECULATE, and in turn that influences peoples thoughts, all this lavar vs lonzo media bs might turn lonzo against his father, what a shame

  • Kyng Symba
    Kyng Symba Month ago

    Lavar selfish needs to get out his kids why and stop talking so much.. Sounds like lavar tryna destroy his kids future!!👀

  • Doug Allen
    Doug Allen Month ago

    0:32 Lindsay Lowhaun

  • Jafar Martin
    Jafar Martin Month ago

    Nobody would give a FFFRU*K about Lonzo had it not been for Lavar...that boy got torched in the tourney & played like garbage truck juice once drafted. It was lavar who kept promoting his boys...talking them up...fighting for them. The media would've crucified that man & wrote him off. Im not w/ people having so much input in child-parent relationships. Lonzo doesnt even have the p personality to promote himself. Why anyone would want to see a black father separated from his sons is beyond me.

  • Dom the Dom
    Dom the Dom Month ago

    If it wasnt for Wiley and the Cat i wouldnt have watched this. Cant stand lavar or fat a** witlock

  • Phalon Owens
    Phalon Owens Month ago

    Eye disagree totally. Lavar made 1 mistake and that was putting Alan totally in charge. Every 1 wants his sons to hate Lavar because they don’t like him. He has been right about a lot more than wrong. HERE ME WELL NONE OF THESE BOYS WOULD BE ANYTHING without Lavar. If they turn on him. Years later they will regret it!!! Long Live BBB!!!!!!!

  • kaferrat
    kaferrat Month ago

    Once it's time for Lamelo to enter the NBA...he should just shut LaVar out of everything to do with it. If he's stupid enough to allow him seeing what happened to Lonzo...then that's on Lamelo.

  • Myron Peyton
    Myron Peyton Month ago +1

    lamelo can do literally nothin and people going to say he killing it in Australia...convinced they dnt watch lamelo games either

  • Andrew Bullard
    Andrew Bullard Month ago +5

    All they have to do is just make BBB solely a clothing line so that all the kids can still get their footwear deals. Maybe do footwear down the line

  • This Is Us
    This Is Us Month ago


  • Puleng Rantekane
    Puleng Rantekane Month ago

    The same people who are telling him to ditch his father are the same people who are going to ditch him after the corporations are done pimping him. No matter what..Blood is thicker than water.

  • Michael Sease
    Michael Sease Month ago

    Wish nothing but the worst for this whole ignant family.

  • AAron
    AAron Month ago +5

    They are going into off limits territory, their relationship is no ones business

    • TIA228
      TIA228 Month ago


    • Worrior Lord
      Worrior Lord Month ago +1

      They put their relationship on blast with the tv show. It’s fair game.

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson Month ago

    Good job getting them ready but that does not he is a good businessman. He, in fact is a horrible businessman. Now he is going to become a horrible parent. You don't call your child damaged goods.

  • Stephen Sutton
    Stephen Sutton Month ago

    Marcellus just can't fix his lips to say what needs to be said about Lavar. That's why he keeps pointing out his closeness to Lavar's brother's. I been said this dude was exploiting his kids from the very beginning with all that yelling and foolish talk about him beating MJ.
    The dude wanted to be in the lime light when it was his son's moment to shine. Lavar wanted to be seen and wanted to use his kids to get him rich. His kids were going to make it big and rich off the NBA and other endorsements, he was too quick to try and get his shine.
    All that talk of competing with NIKE, bruh anybody can talk big. But to get to where Nike is you gotta have more than a big mouth, your money ain't that long bruh.
    Now he calling his son damaged goods because the young man has lost faith in your failed attempt to get rich quick. As a father this dude took all he did do that was good and just blew that all up. He is a complete disgrace to what real fatherhood is about.

  • Hugo-G12
    Hugo-G12 Month ago +4

    I just hope Melo doesn't take the same path. U can see on ball in family that Melo clearly doesn't want to be part of BBB, yet he's being forced to take meetings with them. Hope he can stand up for himself.

  • Robert Fung
    Robert Fung Month ago

    Lavar always wanted to be the star, not the kid

  • JDM Cesar
    JDM Cesar Month ago +3

    The problem with Lavar is........... Lavar!

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird Month ago

    When it was on the right path everyone was calling him the worst dad.

  • Anthony Pierre
    Anthony Pierre Month ago

    If it wasn't for LaVar.. there would be no conversation at all. He did what he thought was best for the boys and family. Does anyone think Lonzo would have gone so early in the draft if it wasn't for Lavar? No. Lavar's business skills aren't as great as he thinks they are. But how many did he get to buy those terrible $500 sneakers? And he didn't seem to be that much upset over all that money his "friend" ripped them off for. Now, they are in the news for the wrong reasons... sad.

  • jgomillion1984
    jgomillion1984 Month ago

    Sometimes what happens is that you start to believe other peoples accomplishments are yours. The father started to believe it was all him but in reality it was his son's

  • Trak Team
    Trak Team Month ago

    Crazy how people will down play family dynamics and discredit a person who raised his sons made something positive with them. Leave them folks alone they are a family and it ain't none of our business

  • Louis Ayangu Mah
    Louis Ayangu Mah Month ago

    SFY stay outta tha family business!

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. Month ago +1

    Lonzo just has to grow some balls and cut his dad out of his business affairs. Tiger did it. Serena did it. Happens all the time.

  • Rocco Casazza
    Rocco Casazza Month ago

    Is Mobley ill? He doesn’t look well...

  • John Flemming
    John Flemming Month ago

    Lavar May push his sons, but he’s been a father to them which is more than some men seem to have in them. I’d rather have an overbearing father who pushed me to my full potential than have a deadbeat Dad.

  • Jahmier Quayson
    Jahmier Quayson Month ago

    Y’all be giving big bro too much pressure

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Month ago

    Whitlock is annoying

  • Xnathious Crisillian

    kobe was 17...1st nba game?

  • OverOpinionatedTV
    OverOpinionatedTV Month ago

    All is see is bigen n wigs lol

  • The Real Donald Trump
    The Real Donald Trump Month ago +1

    The BBB is done. who wants to buy shoes that come 6 months late and fall apart within a week.

  • cricket wireless
    cricket wireless Month ago

    What's up with the earring Whitlock

  • Dstorm 2.0
    Dstorm 2.0 Month ago +1

    Lavar Ball, need to steps back and let his son learn and make their growth

  • Mr. America
    Mr. America Month ago +4

    Remember when the Lavar Ball fanboys were calling him a business genius and saying what a great father he is???? Me too.

    • Worrior Lord
      Worrior Lord Month ago

      Brent Foster over in Australia looking at melo and saying
      “See? Lavar made this possible!”.

    • Brent Foster
      Brent Foster Month ago

      Mr. America Yeah, where they at now? Somewhere looking foolish now.

  • Mr. America
    Mr. America Month ago +2

    Foster and Ball were blowing all of Lonzo’s money thinking BBB would be a success and they would pay off their extravagances but it was a big dud and they blew MILLIONS

    • 7 Shadows
      7 Shadows Month ago

      Merikkka owes 7 superiors over 20 Trillion dollars & that's a great reason to nuke them right 🤔

  • Mr. America
    Mr. America Month ago +7

    LaVar Ball and Alan Foster were both stealing money

    • xYouthAttackx
      xYouthAttackx Month ago +1

      I believe they were in cahoots. they both knew what they were doing.

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    Yeeaahh, their relationship went down the wrong path a loooong time ago.

  • Thabani Dube
    Thabani Dube Month ago

    these guys are jealous of lavar

  • jason lock
    jason lock Month ago +1

    i bet nun of these guys even grew up with fathers in there life

  • Ninjamzki
    Ninjamzki Month ago

    I wonder where are those guys that used to said that lavar is a genius?

  • Big C
    Big C Month ago

    Lavar was living threw his kids we all knew that

  • Lawrence Alexander
    Lawrence Alexander Month ago +1

    This man should not say anything about a man and his child get a life

  • Wilson Television
    Wilson Television Month ago

    Lol Lonzo needs this

  • Isreal Soulsay
    Isreal Soulsay Month ago

    That fat dude don't know nothing I'm tired of his contact hate lavar is a leach

  • Clifford Driver
    Clifford Driver Month ago

    Can anyone say exploitation, that's what it sounds like to me, an extension of slavery with a different flavor same dish.

  • Gregory Vierra
    Gregory Vierra Month ago

    I don’t care about this drama but LaVar is toxic.

  • Ernesto Garcia
    Ernesto Garcia Month ago

    Have you heard the Show keeping up with the Balls. Mo drama mo money.

  • meehyz78
    meehyz78 Month ago

    I've never saw the media medal in A white Father and son relationship! Why do the media try to trash Black Fathers! Why is this big news??🤔

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    @3:34 “I slept with that person to have children.....”

    Could cuttino Mobley found a better way to say that???? First of all Lavar was married. It’s not like he slept with a random girl.
    He could have said “Me and my wife had children....” and then made his point

  • Ekim Reinal
    Ekim Reinal Month ago

    I feel what they are saying......but that’s Lavar’s son... This is why Pro sports look for great players with broken families... It’s easy to control the narrative..

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia Month ago

    Lavar want to get rich off his kids want control doesn't want to take the back sit want to be in celebrity spotlight too with business and reality show. Didn't have the talent himself for NBA

  • angelo collins
    angelo collins Month ago

    If ur talking about the ball yall made them relevant folks like negativity they understand the business long as ur talking about me i am making money. If this show was all positive it will be cancelled in a week.

  • Him Bike
    Him Bike Month ago

    Lavar needs to get a life.
    So sad.

  • jonathan lopez
    jonathan lopez Month ago +1

    You are not fully grown till 25 maybe. You guys dont say nothing about james harden and his mom agent.

    • jonathan lopez
      jonathan lopez Month ago

      seekers interfere in his life like run his business or going over contracts of the team and sponsors, no wonder he is unmarried she wont let any woman stick around for too long.

    • truth seeker
      truth seeker Month ago +2

      Because she don't interfere in his life like Lavar does with his sons

  • jonathan lopez
    jonathan lopez Month ago +1

    That's how every media spin family buissnes. Everything is wrong if is not how media want's it.

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister Month ago

    That trap house carpet on Whitlock's head bothers tf outta me, you can see the shinyness of his bald head right under that faux hairline

  • Go Hard
    Go Hard Month ago +4

    Most dudes usually fall out a little with their dad at his age this aint a story

  • Ezell Washington
    Ezell Washington Month ago

    So taking control of your brand means signing with industry acceptable agency that have been taking advantage of athletes for years. Has CAA ever been sued??? In sure !!

  • cuatro cinco
    cuatro cinco Month ago

    This is why family should not be in business together. Usually daddy builds the empire while lining the children's pockets. Then when daddy gets ready to retire he either gives the company to children or sells company and splits money with children.