The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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  • grace lynn
    grace lynn 2 minutes ago

    anyone else think that jeffree should do a review on florence by millie

  • grace lynn
    grace lynn 2 minutes ago


  • le barzellette divertenti
    le barzellette divertenti 10 minutes ago

    we don't forget ... tati/charles thing how you behaved ... we remember

    • ho's tinkywinky
      ho's tinkywinky 5 minutes ago

      le barzellette divertenti say that to jamie chihuahua, ask him to nvr forgot how those "victims" unfollowed & ignored him but still follows & support JS😂 even did collab with JS👍😂
      Try harder!

  • Sara Zagrabska
    Sara Zagrabska 15 minutes ago

    Wmawiasz h nieeeee

  • rednekcowgal
    rednekcowgal 47 minutes ago

    You should review ofra cosmetics, I love their liquid lip!

  • Lindsay Pez
    Lindsay Pez 58 minutes ago

    I have a random question if anyone happens to see this and knows: do the Jeffree Star track suits get restocked? I really, really want the pink and black jacket but it's sold out in my size. I'm so sad. I want to know what the odds are of more becoming available!

    • ho's tinkywinky
      ho's tinkywinky 4 minutes ago

      Lindsay Pez try go to beautylish, beautybay if they were sold out in his official website (i think he restock alr)

  • Michele Lindstrom
    Michele Lindstrom Hour ago +1

    Today I was On (Famouse birthdays) and Realized that me and Jeffree star have the same birthday OMG

  • Elis Beeman
    Elis Beeman Hour ago

    Anyone else live in Michigan too?

  • Reserix Gven
    Reserix Gven Hour ago

    Who wants more one color palette? (Like blue blood)

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am 2 hours ago

    Shane and Jeffrey should do a merch mystery box, one with makeup products one without for those of us who don’t wear make up but are obsessed with them anyway.

  • natalie_marie13
    natalie_marie13 2 hours ago +1

    *Does anyone else feel like the packaging looks really cheap?*

  • kayne entwistle
    kayne entwistle 2 hours ago

    I really think that u should bring out a advent calendar plzzzz

    RAQUEL CASILLAS 2 hours ago

    Wait who thinks that jeffree star and Abby Roberts should do a collaboration together :)

  • Likeable Stranger
    Likeable Stranger 3 hours ago

    ily jeffree ur amazing work queen yass

  • Angie Pitini
    Angie Pitini 3 hours ago +2


  • Count Olaf
    Count Olaf 3 hours ago +1

    Straight white man here. I don’t wear makeup but I fucks with this man lady! (No disrespect) He’s a beautiful spirit and the world is better with this guy in it!! You’re a Star in my eyes! Keep rockin

  • Autumn Williams
    Autumn Williams 4 hours ago

    We are getting an Ulta in my hometown!
    I know we are to small for you to come to our opening, but it would be super cool

  • Herg Hdbdyd
    Herg Hdbdyd 4 hours ago

    Isn’t jefree star racist

    • ho's tinkywinky
      ho's tinkywinky 2 minutes ago

      Herg Hdbdyd watch his 1st docuseries with shane

  • Polie
    Polie 4 hours ago

    Jeffree will you ever add all of your other collections to your online store because I was just wanting the year old thirsty palatte and the collection that come with it same with the alien holiday one or will thirsty collection come back in the summer and alien collection in the holiday season
    Someone tell me I’m new to this just want to know

  • Michelle Dambrosio
    Michelle Dambrosio 4 hours ago


  • Grant Owen
    Grant Owen 4 hours ago

    Jeffree, halo how're ya? hehe I just want to say how much I love you and your channel. I'm gay (obvi) but don't do makeup, but I still wait for all your videos and I'm in love omg. Anyways, I want to come out as HIV positive. I've just known this year, and my status is already undetectable, but the fear/hype of HIV is still crazy. I know you've dealt with crazy hype/shit in your life already, and I'm hoping you can help people like me, who just want to be healthy and have a normal life without the stigma. Anyways, love you, hope you can can see this message... love forever XXX vinny

  • Celeste
    Celeste 4 hours ago

    Comment on the Ace Family scandal 😬🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy 5 hours ago +1

    Florence by mills.

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy 5 hours ago +1

    Florence by mills

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy 5 hours ago +1

    Florence by mills

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy 5 hours ago +1

    Florence by mills

  • Izzy Bizzy
    Izzy Bizzy 5 hours ago +1

    Florence by mills please

  • Estella & Bree
    Estella & Bree 5 hours ago

    if we get this to 20 likes, jefree will get eyebrows in 2020

  • Skyrider1590
    Skyrider1590 6 hours ago

    Sweetie, please do not drink too much “Red Bull” cause inside their formula something which will makes you unable concentrate much like “focus” while using your brain to “think”. A can a day should be sufficient but not too much.
    Pls do drink something else ok.....

  • elaine nano
    elaine nano 7 hours ago

    jeffree can you review the juvias pallets?

  • Through Alyssa’s Eye’s

    Jeffrey make a new video this was from a month ago we miss you babes 💗☺️😚🤧 your energy gives me the best vibes I love your videos and when I’m a depressed mess I watch you and it’s like I’m in fricking makeup land I’m always in good mood after and during watching your videos !!!!! :D

  • Skull_Ninja
    Skull_Ninja 7 hours ago +1

    Se can't see her true look

  • Julie Marylin
    Julie Marylin 8 hours ago

    After years of watching your videos, I just bought my first JSC product ! So happy that I found a distributor in France. I will finally get my hands on the Magic Star concealer and powder in a few days. Funny that it will serve to replace my old KVD Lock it concealer xD
    Love your work Jeffree, you deserve every bit of success you have ! Bisous de France.

  • Ena N
    Ena N 8 hours ago +1

    Try Roxi x Revolution pallets

  • Harlom Mcqueen
    Harlom Mcqueen 9 hours ago


  • tic tok famous
    tic tok famous 11 hours ago +1

    U look like a beautiful godesss

  • EnchantedEther
    EnchantedEther 11 hours ago

    I'm having so much fun watching this!! 💄🍹💜

  • Destini Price
    Destini Price 11 hours ago

    Jeffree can you review Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore next??

  • jasmine cote
    jasmine cote 11 hours ago

    Oh you fancy Huh? 🥰😍

  • DissAstro
    DissAstro 12 hours ago

    wtf going on here

  • Alyssa Murphy
    Alyssa Murphy 12 hours ago +1

    *Rest in Peace Diamond & Daddy. Forever in our hearts, you adorable little furry angel's. I hope you're in doggy Heaven running free with an all you can eat doggo buffet. You two made Jeffree & Nate so unbelievably happy. You two were & always will be their babies.*
    I hope Jeffrey & Nate are both hanging in there as best as they can be with their recent loss of Daddy. Not too long after they lost Jeffree's first fur baby, Diamond, & I feel so bad for the two of them. I really hope that they're taking this time to focus on themselves & taking care of their mental wellbeing & just taking a much needed break away from their hectic lives and just being there for each other after such a huge loss in their family. I know Jeffree & Nate absolutely love and adore each and every single one of their dogs and they treat them like they are their actual children. Jeffree does literally think of his fur babies as him and Nate's actual kids, so I really hope they're doing okay with their recent loss of 2 of their beloved babies in such a close timespan of each other. Jeffree's dogs mean the absolute world to him and it breaks my heart to see him lose such an important part of his everyday life & such a loved one close to him & Nate. I really hope they're doing alright and I hope to see Jeffree come back soon! I really freaking miss watching his videos. But I understand completely that his family & Nate come first and that he needs to make sure they're all okay before anything else. So I'll wait forever if i have too. If that's how long Jeffree needs, I'll be here for however long he needs to make sure he and his family are okay. I'll always support Jeffree & Nate, and I hope they know that we will all be right here patiently waiting for their return to RUclip! 💕💎❤🐶🐾🐶

  • Alyssa Murphy
    Alyssa Murphy 12 hours ago +2

    I keep finding myself coming back to Jeffree's channel like every other hour checking to see if he's uploaded a new video yet. But I sadly, keep finding myself highly disappointed with my findings lol. It's been weeks since we have gotten a new Jeffree Star video upload, & I never really knew how much I relied on watching his videos to keep me satisfied every week until now since he hasn't uploaded anything at all for a little while. Lol, I'm like definitely having serious Jeffree Star withdrawals over here & I'm panicking.
    I hope he's doing alright since one of his beloved dogs just recently passed away from complications from a surgery his dog needed. I know that Jeffree & Nate both absolutely love and adore all of their fur babies & they treat them like their actual children & even call them their kids. So, I can't even imagine how hard this must be for Jeffree & Nate with losing 2 of their fur babies within a years timespan. I really hope they're both handling everything alright & are hanging in there as good as they can with the sad situation they are both in right now. I feel so bad for the both of them, literally losing 2 of their babies so close to each others passing must be really hard for them to deal with. Diamond was Jeffree's first fur baby and was there with him thru everything, all of his ups and his downs and was there til the end thru his massive success & got to live a long and amazing 10 year little doggy life with both Nate & Jeffree taking amazing care of him. & I know that Diamonds passing was extremely difficult for them both, & now with them losing Daddy, I cant even imagine what pain they're going thru. Losing a pet you've had for years and years is never an easy thing to go thru, especially if you've had it happen to you personally then you know and understand just how devastating that loss can be for you. So, I really hope Jeffree & Nate are doing alright & hanging in there. They're both unbelievably tough as hell, and I know they can get thru anything together.
    We love & miss you, Jeffree! Please come back soon! I'm going crazy without your weekly uploads over here. But I hope this time you've taken off has helped you deal with your sudden loss of Daddy & Diamond both, and I hope you're taking this time to focus on yourself, your health & your mental wellbeing. We will all still be here waiting for your return whenever you do decide to come back to RUclip. I dont have any other social media other than RUclip, so forgive me if Jeffree has said why he's not been uploading recently! I love you Jeffree! Can't wait til you come back to RUclip! 💕
    *Rest in Peace Diamond & Daddy. Forever in our hearts, you adorable little furry angel's. I hope you're in doggy Heaven running free with an all you can eat doggo buffet. You two made Jeffree & Nate so unbelievably happy. You two were & always will be their babies.* 🐶💎👑🐕🌹🍗🐶❤🐾

  • Xee Arrr
    Xee Arrr 12 hours ago

    I'm obsessed with her videos.
    I'm a new viewer and being viewing her videos since a month now.
    And I watch her atleast 1 video everyday
    Damn 💅👏

  • Jackie Gust
    Jackie Gust 12 hours ago

    Babe you should do a review on melt cosmetics smoke session pallet. I think you would think it’s cool and I’d love to see what you think before I decide to purchase. They are sold in Sephora. 😘

  • Kaley Perez
    Kaley Perez 12 hours ago

    You should do millie Bobby browns skin care line next

  • klenG klenG
    klenG klenG 13 hours ago

    Hi Jeffree 💕💖
    Sending love from Philippines.

  • Jae Cae
    Jae Cae 13 hours ago

    Does he read are comments 👀🤔🥺

  • Amunet18
    Amunet18 14 hours ago

    I would love to see Jeffree review Truly Organic products , I found them at ulta and they smell Delish want to know if they are worth my money XD Has anyone ever tried them before?

  • Marley Jasper
    Marley Jasper 14 hours ago +1

    Literally a straight 13 yr old guy and i couldnt care about makeup but jeffree can still make me sit through a 30 minute makeup review

  • LoveSick Blossom
    LoveSick Blossom 14 hours ago

    something that would fun and unique if a bunch of beauty gurus/ makeup artist do a kind of prank wars thing but makeup like there could be teams and challenges time limits sabotage and just in general fun and laughs i honestly would think that would be epic and worth watching also

  • Bum52887
    Bum52887 14 hours ago

    Oh my gosh, please do a funny ,ale up challenge with Rich Lux!

  • iam gremliana_69
    iam gremliana_69 15 hours ago

    Omg it's only been four days since I last checked and still no new video. Jeffree I hope you didn't die. I could use another one of your videos right now my life is stressful this week.

  • Onyx Rose Vlogs
    Onyx Rose Vlogs 15 hours ago

    Jeffree I had gotten done with waching the “The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star” video that Shane had uploaded on 10/18/2019 I wanted to share with you the comment that I had made on that video. I had stated Shane and you should collaborate on a new line of makeup that suits the needs for the Goth community for in which I am a part of. Also, I am willing to work with the both of you to make sure that the color scheme is good that it would attract other Goths out there.

  • Imogen Prins
    Imogen Prins 15 hours ago

    Madonna should create a make up brand... feel like the potential is endless....

  • Allie Hughes
    Allie Hughes 15 hours ago

    “If you’re not a packaging whore” fucking hell jeffree I love you lmao

  • Julie Mosher
    Julie Mosher 17 hours ago

    I just subscribed to your channel & Shane's as well. I'm loving this❣️💄💋

  • Chy Chy
    Chy Chy 17 hours ago

    Jefree please can you do a full face of Spirit Halloween makeup?!?!

  • Enji Curtindale
    Enji Curtindale 17 hours ago

    jeffrey should review k-beauty :(

  • Pasha Mulyk
    Pasha Mulyk 17 hours ago

    Gay ass nigga

  • Lucdreams21
    Lucdreams21 17 hours ago

    Those colors on your lips, girrrl. Simply, Divine💖