Does Tik Tok Chick-Fil-A HACK Really Work? (Ice Cream Sandwich)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Tested out the Tik Tok Chik-Fil-A hack, went to Ohio for thanksgiving, and shot a TIK TOK with Mean Girls Aaron Samuels!

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  • Mark Dohner
    Mark Dohner  Month ago +74

    had fun with this one! let me know your sushi order below if you made it that far in the video lol

    • Brenda
      Brenda Month ago

      The dragon 🐉 roll

      THE NIGHT SHIFT Month ago

      xlent vlog ..... got bit sad when your mom said don't leave.Also, are you guys dating?

    • Akum Jamir
      Akum Jamir Month ago

      4.20 song? Can u please recommend.sir

    • Abigail Aquino
      Abigail Aquino Month ago

      California Maki

    • Casmiro Pais
      Casmiro Pais Month ago +1

      Hvnt had one.. but all the love from India ♥️

  • Maritza Avellaneda
    Maritza Avellaneda Month ago

    I'm so glad to see your parents Mark

  • meir fischer
    meir fischer Month ago +1

    Is she really Jewish because I’m too

  • Akshit Chadha
    Akshit Chadha Month ago +1

    4:18 anyone knows the name of song please let me know

  • Jestin Ang
    Jestin Ang Month ago

    does anyone knows the song @4.19

  • ala eddine
    ala eddine Month ago

    Love uu mark Froom algeria 🇩🇿🇩🇿❤❤

  • Primel Pious
    Primel Pious Month ago

    OG vlogs

  • Tyrell Grey
    Tyrell Grey Month ago

    Happy Holidays to you and your family's & friend's 🎅😇🎄🎁

  • TheFlox93
    TheFlox93 Month ago

    Great vlog mark !

  • Riceinthefridge
    Riceinthefridge Month ago +1

    the good old cinematography

  • Kevin Black
    Kevin Black Month ago

    What's the intro song family?

  • David S
    David S Month ago

    Mark where you singing Matisyahu Hanukah song ??

  • rejoy pereira
    rejoy pereira Month ago

    I am REJOY

  • Amna Tariq
    Amna Tariq Month ago

    love you Mark :) your editing skills are awesome :)

  • moro mex
    moro mex Month ago

    I love your vlogs just like logan

  • Francis Jean
    Francis Jean Month ago +1

    Bring back the CINEMA PLEASE "Ahhh cue the cineme!"

  • Senzu Cartel'
    Senzu Cartel' Month ago

    07:58 lol😂😂😂😂

  • Markus Christoffersen

    the old mark !!!! I love this so much !!

  • LifexLessxFrightinin
    LifexLessxFrightinin Month ago +2

    That one time when his dad didnt care when mark came home

  • Hunter Salvatore
    Hunter Salvatore Month ago

    The plane flying back in reverse had me weak

  • Hunter Salvatore
    Hunter Salvatore Month ago +1

    “My father is on his way, what do you think of my art display ?” 🤣🤣

  • Fantasia Black
    Fantasia Black Month ago

    It doesnt work. I work there and we are so freakinf confused. Nice try though

  • JV
    JV Month ago

    Chicken & Shrimp Tempura Roll 🍣with White Sauce 🔥🔥

  • Jonathan Gutierrez
    Jonathan Gutierrez Month ago


  • Arnab Chakraborty
    Arnab Chakraborty Month ago

    good shit

  • Mr. ET
    Mr. ET Month ago +1

    That song tho🙌🏻

  • M_MAGGIO36
    M_MAGGIO36 Month ago

    name of song at 4:18 . thank you

  • NYC Trucker Gman
    NYC Trucker Gman Month ago

    Don’t stop 🛑 posting hi 👋 mark love the videos brooo

  • Rasmus Møller
    Rasmus Møller Month ago +1

    Mark thank you for an entertaining vlog as always.
    But also for the inspiring words in the beginning. I Will Remember it.
    Hard work beats talent!!
    Would love to see inspiring words in every video.
    Be You!

  • Kat whittle
    Kat whittle Month ago

    What an innuendo "my love sack is soaked" 😜

  • Taaha Shahid
    Taaha Shahid Month ago

    I want MOREEEEEEE!!

  • Mutton Face
    Mutton Face Month ago

    ok um the first 3 seconds tell the whole video
    It doesn't work ok

  • elen sam 25
    elen sam 25 Month ago +5

    Who is that Mrs. Claus 😍🔥

  • Finesse Kidd
    Finesse Kidd Month ago

    I love your content mark a1 the cinematic is so nice just everything’s fucking mint 😂💯

  • Gavin Despanza
    Gavin Despanza Month ago

    If the clickbait was better, this video would've pulled 100k+ views before the night was over

  • Athina Karantaki
    Athina Karantaki Month ago

    I watch many youtubers you're the best editor tho🔥 I also love your energy

  • Chloe Yeron
    Chloe Yeron Month ago

    woooow this reminded me of your videos when you started youtube I looooove it

  • Ameen 0v0
    Ameen 0v0 Month ago

    Thanks for the video👍🏽👌🏽😮

  • mad1s
    mad1s Month ago

    Glad to see you back and having fun...great vlog dude

  • Sam Rashedi
    Sam Rashedi Month ago +1

    My guilty pleasure: Whenever a cashier at Chick-fil-A says "thank you" I say "my pleasure" and watch the sheer confusion go through their head as I steal their role.

  • Dimitris Karadimos
    Dimitris Karadimos Month ago

    Your videos are very entertaining bro

  • Sashena Brown
    Sashena Brown Month ago

    Your camera slidding might be a sign. You shouldn't focus on your camera and while driving. It shifts your focus from the road to the camera, and I've learned from driving school that 4 seconds is a vehicle driving 90 meters without a driver. Please take care of yourself and others on the road.. but I love your stuff, Mark. And I've been supportive since you were Logan's roommate, so I just want to make sure you're save

  • ayush tahalramani
    ayush tahalramani Month ago

    What's the name of the song starting at 4:20???

  • Chris In Chicago
    Chris In Chicago Month ago

    Your friend who?? Why not give her name??

  • Shefali Sharma
    Shefali Sharma Month ago +1

    "People love you MARK"

  • Garin Chadwick
    Garin Chadwick Month ago

    Loved this whole thing man!

  • Alisha Kukreti
    Alisha Kukreti Month ago

    i missed you love you have you back

  • Anupama Prasaf
    Anupama Prasaf Month ago

    My boii

  • Casmiro Pais
    Casmiro Pais Month ago

    Que the cinema 😍

  • mayur sastry
    mayur sastry Month ago

    I don't say this to my girlfriend often😋, but i will say this to you " i love you mark" .. Man, can christmas get any better☃️

  • Nitro374
    Nitro374 Month ago +1

    Tarshey more like targayyyy OHHHHH

    Nah jk

  • FlexAbility
    FlexAbility Month ago

    I was literally watching my own youtube video and was thinking Im not cut out to make this and then I hear this motivation at the start of the video. Thanks mark!~

  • Luan pereira da silva

    amazing cinematics. Missed that

  • Codey Ford
    Codey Ford Month ago +1

    Your videos are top quality wish u posted more

  • Jordan Aviles
    Jordan Aviles Month ago +7


  • Scandales 2.0
    Scandales 2.0 Month ago

    we need moooooore vlogs brruh , Marrakech's watching you

  • Harut Marut
    Harut Marut Month ago

    Mark time for some werewolves and vampires to come up

  • Nimmy Kay
    Nimmy Kay Month ago +2

    Wheres my Hannukah Hang at? :P

  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim Month ago

    what song is that at 4:24?

  • Valentina Meoww
    Valentina Meoww Month ago +5

    Haha the airplane going backwards is so creative 😂😂 lol