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  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
  • Welcome to the official channel of comedian Russell Peters!
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  • duxe swattik
    duxe swattik 12 days ago

    Fuck u.

  • A.S.K. Air
    A.S.K. Air 21 day ago +2

    Look at when this was uploaded.

    Comedy gold.

  • ibreakkidslegs
    ibreakkidslegs 21 day ago

    You're nose is massive up close, respek

  • echo echo
    echo echo Month ago +1

    I'm a commedian too, but.....Why your armpits always smell? And you smell like a shit. Try to use deodorant, a lot of deodorant and Keep your underarms dry.🤭🤥😂

    Smellllllllllll what the rock is cooking😂😁

  • domac tangamo
    domac tangamo Month ago

    Fuck you

  • Audiolanis
    Audiolanis 2 months ago

    Okay Sandooo! 😁

  • Dothelukasz Killchain
    Dothelukasz Killchain 2 months ago

    Russell Peters can you make a joke about citizen exam in usa and canada and maybe your fathers immigration exam?
    i love listening to comedie and watching funny cartoons like south park and funny movies cant wait for the new jay and silent bob.
    If you make one reply here plz with the link or the date of the show at just for laughts if you end up doing it in Montréal because I live in Verdun

  • NaturalMystic71
    NaturalMystic71 2 months ago

    Hey Russell! B-Town gang in the house!! Big up!

  • Mary Cochrane
    Mary Cochrane 2 months ago

    Hello, Russell. It’s Knightsbridge Girl. You are such a joy to me.

  • h v
    h v 2 months ago

    mate u r full of shit..chinese do bargain!

  • Robert Ruehlmann
    Robert Ruehlmann 3 months ago +1

    I am graving for stuf from you! I live in Europe, will you come for a Show to Germany or at least Uk / Ireland in the next 12 months?

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias Reyes 3 months ago

    How about an update RUSSELL?

  • Boom Shakalakaa
    Boom Shakalakaa 4 months ago

    Come on already, upload something ....Peter hehehehehehhe

  • Brown Puppy
    Brown Puppy 4 months ago

    Russell Peters is the dumb man's comedian. When you hear Russell Peters's joke, you can see it coming from a mile away (especially with the Indian speaking Spanish part) and you go "Oh ... heh, yeah." Russell Peters's appeal is that his jokes are easy to understand, which the common pleb can relate too. Russell Peters doesn't hold a candle to Dave Chapelle or Chris Rock, who are more comedic geniuses.

  • izik doom20
    izik doom20 4 months ago

    this guys is so funney my ass is lafeing off

  • sahil sharma
    sahil sharma 4 months ago

    Stop bringing Indian content in your shows and videos. You are a piece of shit and We fucking hate you.

  • Shannon Jenkins
    Shannon Jenkins 4 months ago

    I'm not a fan anymore. (Haha ..Stole that line)

  • Cris Medina
    Cris Medina 5 months ago

    Any video for Canada winning the NBA championship?

  • Joshua Garza
    Joshua Garza 6 months ago

    I know you get this all the time but whenever I'm having a bad day I listened to your comedy and you just make my day just a little bit better it's not the best but I lost my wallet I lost my bag with all my clothes in it I'm homeless do you just you f****** you make it better thank you so much for your comedy thank you so much for everything you do just keep doing it man you might keep somebody from killing themselves just something love you Russell Peters I would love to meet you in person drink a beer with you just something anyway you take it easy brother don't work too hard

  • Gujarilal Singh
    Gujarilal Singh 7 months ago +1

    You are an asshole

  • Spider-Man Noir
    Spider-Man Noir 8 months ago +1

    *Y o u d i d n ‘ t g o n i c e l y !*

  • margono shofiyullah
    margono shofiyullah 8 months ago

    I like your perform in stage..., because my teacher give me an example how to learn an accent like Russel Petter, but you are the best speaker who I ever saw before.

  • VaV SinNichka
    VaV SinNichka 8 months ago

    Subscribed! 😂😂😂💖💖💖🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • sitaram bharadwaj
    sitaram bharadwaj 8 months ago

    Who the fuck are you r p

  • lee Lowe
    lee Lowe 9 months ago

    I love you to bits. I'm South African and told my friend after watching you that Trevor Noah copies you. Honest to God. Take him on. 👌👌👌🥂. I'm subscribed 😍

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson 9 months ago

    Hey bro throw us some content. You're hilarious

  • Sandra
    Sandra 9 months ago

    Hi Russell, whenever you need a travelling massage therapist? Contact me, I live in Oakville, Ont.

  • Gana Bold
    Gana Bold 10 months ago

    do a research in mongolia

  • ali Ghodssian
    ali Ghodssian 10 months ago

    I love you man...please do jokes of Iranian people

  • TVfridge
    TVfridge 11 months ago

    Can't get enough vids!! 👍 Hey Russell, your latest upload was already 8 months ago. It's 2019. GO makes some more... bia#ch!

  • Awaken The Greatness Within

    Better late than never I guess
    You're the best comedian
    You are on a different level compared to the rest

  • Ramkumar KS
    Ramkumar KS Year ago

    OMG you became bulgy 🙄.

  • Nelyapin LIVE
    Nelyapin LIVE Year ago

    Upload more videos please! Don't be "Mister Russell Pid..." oh that russian accent! :)))

  • Knight Templar
    Knight Templar Year ago

    Hey Peters 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻, stop being sarcastic comedian. U should learn making joke from Gab Iglesias “Fluffy “

  • Игорь Немкевич

    Your stand up about Russians is amazing ))) thank you

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama

    One of my favorite comedian

  • F F
    F F Year ago +1

    this pajeet too busy hangin out with cody garbrandt and other fighters instead of making new content. I haven't seen you write something new in 50yrs.

  • dor jjs
    dor jjs Year ago

    Please upload the deported show which you did in England.

  • Imti PONGEN
    Imti PONGEN Year ago

    U r the best mr indicanadian guy.... I love your every joke about Indians😂

  • TheProGamer
    TheProGamer Year ago

    *Take it and go, Take it and go*

  • TJRA
    TJRA Year ago

    The man that keeps saying the same shit all over again to make “funny” videos lol

  • BK Studio Live
    BK Studio Live Year ago

    Russell you're the best. Never met you in person but I will. Bless your family

  • Sergey Suvorov
    Sergey Suvorov Year ago

    Hi Russell, I have some tip for you, sugar in Kazakh Language is cunt, it is sound exactly the same.

  • James Samuel
    James Samuel Year ago

    Subscribed. Have been waiting for this so long. Thanks Rusell

  • Pouya
    Pouya Year ago

    where r u?

  • Benji
    Benji Year ago +1

    You aren’t a comedian!! You are a mean person .

  • Ricardo Francis
    Ricardo Francis Year ago

    Yes. I am a Russel Peters fan. I respect and appreciate talent. Hey, I missed the first youtube boat since my first video was in 2006. I hear you. I hope that you can return the favour by subscribing, commenting and liking my channel.The Venting Vigilante!!

  • Sa'eed ali
    Sa'eed ali Year ago

    hey dude .. we miss you in Saudi Arabia.. please come

  • Jefriyadi
    Jefriyadi Year ago

    this channel will be more big againts pewdiepie

  • ritesh roy
    ritesh roy Year ago

    I have watched all your videos multiple time.. A big fan.. So pls upload some shit soon..

  • TheFakePotato
    TheFakePotato Year ago

    i subbed

  • Kathryn Rhodes
    Kathryn Rhodes Year ago +1

    Dude you are the best standup comedian I've ever watched! You make me laugh so hard I can't think and I almost spit food everywhere!

  • gsmagesh
    gsmagesh Year ago

    Your bloody nose!!!

  • Ace
    Ace Year ago

    You were just in my crappy city June 8 th. and I couldn't make it,..It sucks..One of these days I want to eet you though, your amazing,.do you know I never thought anyone was funny in comedy,.Until I found you, your #1 Russell, and you know it, I'm proud your Canadian..My fave is ''Someone gonna get hurt'' if you re-upload again like this one...

  • sajid sid
    sajid sid Year ago


  • Big Ice
    Big Ice Year ago

    I still re enact all your best bits

  • top comment
    top comment Year ago

    we will explode from laughing!!! hes comedy is the bomb!! loool my favorite comedian russell please upload your shows after some months always when they get abit older i love your humour you the best comedian!!!!!

  • akash lama
    akash lama Year ago

    I love you man.. I wish and hope and pray to God that oneday in my life before i die i wil get to attend your show. Love you with all my heart Russell.

  • Jailam Myles
    Jailam Myles Year ago +2

    to those that post shit like, "first thing I do before watching a new video, I make sure to hit the like button first" and such
    HAH, that's nothing!
    when I see a new video up, first I go pray to my life-sized Russel Peters statue and shrine, sacrifice a firstborn virgin and proceed to chant his catchphrases wearing a hooded gown for the next 30 minutes -- 2 hours if on weekends -- AND THEN before I watch the video I unsubscribe and re-subscribe, like and comment. Then and only then do I find myself worthy of facing my unworthy and undeserving person to his godly persona on the screen.
    oh and I almost forgot to mention, I make sure to buy a new monitor every time beforehand. A filthy used old monitor has no place showing his unrivaled glory.

  • True Indian
    True Indian Year ago

    Russell.. if ur reading this... ur the funniest guy in the whole world... no one makes me laugh as much as u do... I love ur jokes on indian community....
    Mugdha Apte