SOUNDTRACK AT 13:50.

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  • rachel rose
    rachel rose 9 months ago +102

    @ Rachellacroix should be @ Rachelllacroix with 3 L's, in case anyone in the universe wants to find me. Thank you for filming my Magikarp though!!

    • sjonnie playfull
      sjonnie playfull 2 months ago

      @rachel rose while a lot of costumes remind us of the character by color of the bikini mostly, you leave no room for doubt with a complete magicarp. The only doubt we have is why such a pretty girl should hide her face 😉 luckily we see it in your profile pic now. In case anyone in the universe should want to find you... Well, im sure a lot of us would want that...

    • timm white
      timm white 5 months ago

      ...and what an Outstanding fish you are/were @ Anime Con/Colossal Con!! I had to back it up and frame by frame as I wasn't believing what I was seeing at first....Lacroix is a very familiar sounding name, Canadian or Cajun?? 3 L's, we got it!! p.s. The fish scale shorts, carp (MagiKarp) whiskers, your top half of bikini dangling in defiance of gravity, and the perfect monochrome Phoenix Rising tattoo didn't go unnoticed....Like I Said previously >>>> Outstanding miss rachel rose

    • Freddy Jose Bonilla
      Freddy Jose Bonilla 8 months ago +1

      @rachel rose hey idk u I love u tho

    • Johnny Weasl
      Johnny Weasl 8 months ago +1

      So beautiful people. Awesome work

    • cavv0667
      cavv0667 8 months ago +1

      I really liked the costume and appreciated your effort in its creation.

  • ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    4:51 back left

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 days ago


  • Jhon Adam Amilano
    Jhon Adam Amilano 7 days ago

    Thank mineralblu! I love #cosplayer (cinder, mercy, Daenerys) love you all 😘

  • God rugal
    God rugal 7 days ago +1

    Girls like this feel so good when there laying face down on the bed.

  • TheoneGodfather
    TheoneGodfather 9 days ago

    I feel light headed. Like I’ve lost blood flow to my brain.

  • InsaneMossMan44
    InsaneMossMan44 10 days ago

    I need to go again, I miss these

  • Uriel Valencia-Guzman
    Uriel Valencia-Guzman 10 days ago

    3:55 PEWDIEPIE

  • World Peace
    World Peace 10 days ago

    I wouldn’t mind to throw some poke balls ...

  • Tokyo Dragon master lee

    Sexy 😋

  • Peter Fitzwell
    Peter Fitzwell 11 days ago

    How you supposed to breastfeed ma you ain't got no tits??

  • Bunny cake C
    Bunny cake C 12 days ago +1

    OMG I love that chi chi cosplay

  • 25ehn
    25ehn 13 days ago +1

    Thank you for naming the characters

  • Emo Flamingo
    Emo Flamingo 13 days ago

    Most of the people watching this (veiwers) are basically pervs

  • Fiaw1
    Fiaw1 13 days ago

    7:18 Who is this cosplayer?!

  • James Arkell
    James Arkell 14 days ago

    8:58 maybe that's a lil to thin on her undys I mean shows all of the down under area lol (girl on left side )

  • Milena Bahamondes Pizarro


  • Bry Romano
    Bry Romano 14 days ago


  • Fアンディー
    Fアンディー 14 days ago +1

    So sexy loki

  • Matthew Doughty
    Matthew Doughty 18 days ago +1

    Betcha the Super Troopers had more fun than anyone there.

  • 废青扑街啦
    废青扑街啦 20 days ago


  • t s u k i悪
    t s u k i悪 21 day ago

    6:27 100/10

  • Tyler Rusciano
    Tyler Rusciano 23 days ago

    Something extended

  • Christopher Bowers
    Christopher Bowers 25 days ago

    Amazing 😍!

    ODDBALL SOK 25 days ago +2

    12:20 these are real..

  • Paul Fahy
    Paul Fahy 28 days ago

    Brock looks at Pikachu then looks at Ash and says " are you smashin that"

  • Steve G
    Steve G 29 days ago

    when are women going to wake up and realize tattoos are for men so stop fucking up your beautiful bodies PLEASE

  • boomerhgt
    boomerhgt Month ago

    Hubba hubba

    XO HSIAO Month ago +1

    I hope adult film companies can do the same project

  • The_Arctic_Fox
    The_Arctic_Fox Month ago


  • Lue Her
    Lue Her Month ago +1

    I'm sure you've been this for years but great job on tagging the cosplayers!!!

  • TikTok Panda Luver
    TikTok Panda Luver Month ago

    Omg I luv Elizabeth Liones

  • David Avalse
    David Avalse Month ago +1

    Did anybody feel the need to ..choke the bishop/ tame the snake/ the low five lmao 🤣

  • Faustine Blain
    Faustine Blain Month ago

    Where are league of legend cosplays?

  • jchappy 1
    jchappy 1 Month ago

    god this is just making me depressed lol

  • Nigwards Hoes
    Nigwards Hoes Month ago

    So nobody thought of Yoko and Kamina from gurren lagann

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Month ago

    as usual thumbnail was 10 better than the actual video.....

    M P AQUINO Month ago

    OMG!! this video me feel like my anime video is shit. 😂 👉🏽 😅

  • Jon Francois
    Jon Francois Month ago


  • KlicxOfficial
    KlicxOfficial 2 months ago +1

    No words needed.

    • Paul Fahy
      Paul Fahy 28 days ago

      I dont remember San having massive tits but who the fuck doesnt like massive tits eh

  • nordattack
    nordattack 2 months ago

    My Favorites: 1:31 and 1:59

  • Viral Stigma
    Viral Stigma 2 months ago +7

    5:18 that pool noodle Genji is legendary! 🤣

  • Troy Kent
    Troy Kent 2 months ago

    Succubus 👍

  • ronyboy40
    ronyboy40 2 months ago

    Scarey world when not sure if its a chic or a d

  • belaireguy411
    belaireguy411 2 months ago

    Sinbad at 6:38, absolutely gorgeous but all are in the entire video, the guys sure made a great showing as well. Love it.

  • Joshua Havice
    Joshua Havice 2 months ago +1

    At 8:55 you can see her cameltoe

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 2 months ago

    A huge collection of swimwear that will never touch the water because none of these people is going to do hair and makeup for 6 hours and then jump in a pool

  • MrX XxX
    MrX XxX 2 months ago

    I need sex with females

  • Retro Wolf 13
    Retro Wolf 13 2 months ago


  • Shalsin Silos
    Shalsin Silos 2 months ago

    Шлюхкон 2019

  • shermdeazy
    shermdeazy 2 months ago +3

    7:53 Rufio shes badd

  • Mark Lou
    Mark Lou 2 months ago +2

    Who’s the lady Pikachu??! I need it for a experiment 😏😏😏😏😒

  • Gerardo Calvillo
    Gerardo Calvillo 2 months ago boobs...some realy ugly girls

  • Thierry Jaunet
    Thierry Jaunet 2 months ago

    Je kiff toujours autant les cosplay

  • Juan Jose Luis Anaquin
    Juan Jose Luis Anaquin 2 months ago

    Por qué todas las cosplayers son lindas ? Imposible elegir una sola 😏😏😏😏😏

  • Southside Richie Rich
    Southside Richie Rich 2 months ago

    Love Pikachu! Beautiful!

    MIGUEL OLIDAN 2 months ago

    I paused accidently on 13:20

  • yardmansurfer
    yardmansurfer 2 months ago

    The video is clean and sharp. What camera and lens are you using for this???

  • 野良コレクション

    奇麗にコスぷて撮影できていますね いいね

    OTTSEL 2 months ago

    5:25 Rey!

  • Andy Huynh
    Andy Huynh 2 months ago

    WTF COOCHIE @8:58

  • Split Dimension
    Split Dimension 2 months ago

    love these videos. keep them coming. I really should hit up these conventions. I would love to do video/photography for all the amazing cosplay.

  • Evilbob33
    Evilbob33 2 months ago +1

    This is almost porn.

    Well done!

  • ⸂G_D⸃ ࿙Ⲁꇜґ༑Ꝇ࿚ㇱ

    2:27 WTF GASAI!!

  • Nazmul Huda
    Nazmul Huda 2 months ago

    pervy Sensei is alive :v 6:15

  • Rob Johns
    Rob Johns 2 months ago

    D.VA IS IT

  • Brayan Cedeno
    Brayan Cedeno 3 months ago

    That’s an amazing start to the video with that Pikachu cosplay 👍

  • Shatterstar _
    Shatterstar _ 3 months ago +1

    Wait, so who's brilliant idea was it to put Cammy in a dark arcade, seated in a fucking Cruise'n the U.S.A game er some shit, she's literally sitting on her best ASSet!

  • bob down
    bob down 3 months ago +2

    3.36 damn she's hot!!!!!

  • Sachith Chandula
    Sachith Chandula 3 months ago

    Wow awesome Cosplayers❤️
    Hey everyone Get a glimpse of How Sri Lankan Comic Con too happened this year😍🔥.

  • Francisco Souza
    Francisco Souza 3 months ago +10

    0:37 Perereka chu
    2:03 Que delícia
    2:16 Eu amo a natureza!
    7:38 Delícia
    7:52 Ai
    10:25 Delícia
    13:36 Perereka chu

  • anonymous1hahaa
    anonymous1hahaa 3 months ago +2

    The lifegaurds failed their jobs....

    they stopped my heart! 💔💀

  • CENネル
    CENネル 3 months ago


  • Jey marti
    Jey marti 3 months ago +1

    Awesome video

  • Rustam S
    Rustam S 3 months ago

    Одела купальник и всё?! Ебать хуем достижение сука. Дно Лондон

  • Matthew Brunner
    Matthew Brunner 3 months ago

    How many of these cosplayers watch the anime? The conventions I went to most of them did not looks like models like they do here

  • Turbo Force
    Turbo Force 3 months ago

    1.25 anybody?

  • Pollus Emanuel Zhudarak

    1:58 best bum bum bah!

  • M.A M
    M.A M 3 months ago

    Hold on, is froppy naked?! 9:01

  • M.A M
    M.A M 3 months ago +1

    Alright, not gonna lie this is absolutely amazing in every way! Such a simple costume but it works so well. 5:15